Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Covington Catholic

Mr Nathan Phillips was the aggressor: he walked more than 30 yards into the midst of the Covington Catholic boys beating his drum aggressively within a few centimeters of their faces. He was undoubtedly trying to provoke them to violence!

His four associates followed him, hurling racial insults, obviously to provide the muscle had the voilent altercation they were trying to manufacture come to fruition.

His interview with the media, stating that HE was surrounded and taunted by the boys, that they were chanting "build that wall" was all counterfactual. The resulting media frenzy that was caused by this lie has caused great jeopardy, pain ,suffering and threats to the very lives of the Covington Catholic boys. CNN and the rest of the left wing media has slandered their reputations, and that of the school itself. The media and Mr. Phillips need to be held accountable.

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