Saturday, November 17, 2018

Totalitarian "Universal Health Care"

When the Democrat Marxist Totalitarians talk of "Universal Health Care", the morons think "oh great! Now the State will pick up the cost of grandma in the nursing home that's costing me $5000 a month!"  No, grandma will be exterminated!

It is the collective health of the body politic that is important now. What it means is the elimination of the marginalized. The National Socialists did it in the nineteen thirties: they cleaned out the nursing homes and the homes of the mentally handicapped as "burdens on the people".  the Democrat Marxists will do the same.

It will also apply to the terminally ill, the mongoloids, and those severely injured in accidents. No more warehousing motorcyclists with long term head injuries: it'll be off to the death camps, which will be in the Southwest deserts run by FEMA.

The wide desert valleys have ample room for trenches 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep and miles long to accommodate the twenty five to fifty million "undesirables" who would resist Marxist rule. The only question is the method: should they have shooters?  But that's long and tedious. Maybe they should adopt the SS gas chambers where the "undesirables" can be processed in batches. No matter: the Soviets have vast experience in such things and will advise the American Marxists when the time comes.

The main requirement will be access by rail head as the people are brought in by the thousands. In Treblinka the SS could kill 1400 a day. Auschwitz was more. I'm sure larger camps with more lines  and chambers could raise that number to ten thousand a day. And with 50 million to "process", they'll need the capacity.

California Fires: Reap What You Sow

The Democrats, who have run California for decades now, have spent their resources on consolidating their power by importing illegal aliens and enfranchising them.One statistic I have heard is the cost of $8000 per American family. As the numbers grow, the cost will grow to the point that all white Christian residents will be bankrupted, (which is the Cloward-Piven plan, by the way). And yes, I said "white Christian residents" since identity politics is dominant these days. This is the identity group that has been targeted for destruction.

The State government has neglected the fire mitigation plans, the upgrading of fire fighting facilities and the continual plowing of the fire break trails, etc. It is a cut that doesn't show until disaster strikes, (which it has!).

Now Governor Brown (Governor Moonbeam) is blaming "global warming". They have to scapegoat something!  I'm surprised it isn't Trump! They need to blame anything and anyone but themselves, who are the real cause.

Interesting is that the residents who are suffering the most are the high roller media and Hollywood elites who had big homes overlooking the ocean. Their unflagging support for the Lefties in Sacramento has been rewarded by having their asses burned out!  Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch!

This is only the beginning!  The 600 million illegal aliens are being brought in to make the United States a one party state.  The fires in Malibu is what the erasure of America will look like as infrastructure is ignored and our capital stock is transferred to the illegals and transformed into sewage..

Friday, November 16, 2018

She Said "Don't You Want Someone To Be There For You"?

The trouble is, she didn't say where the "there" is? My background investigation of her revealed a series of marriages that ended in unusual and mysterious ways or in divorce courts. The "there" could be in front of a judge in a Family Law Court or at the edge of a grave in the "Celestial Memorial Gardens".  Or I might just disappear over the side of a cruise ship!

In reality, after 40 years of marriage and having survived to be independent, I don't want in-laws again. I don't want  cosmetic bottles, brushes and kotex all over the bathrooms. I don't want underwear drying on every towel rack. I don't want to have to tip toe around saying "yes dear" trying to keep the lid on.

I don't want pictures of her folks, (dead for decades) over my fireplace.  I don't want her changing all the furniture and having interior decorators working their way through the house time and again costing tens of thousands of my retirement dollars. And I want to play the music I want any time I want.

 I don't want her fresh out of rehab sister with two kids, 7 and 9, moving in and running rampant through the house destroying the peace and quiet. And no, I don't want her schizophrenic brother, just our of a mental institution, living with us either! And I know all about "oh, but they have no place else to go!" (Please, you're breaking my heart!)

I want the entire house my "man cave", no longer just a tolerated corner of the downstairs unfinished basement.   I want granite tops, stainless steel appliances, wet bars and wine storage. I want my Marine Corps memorabilia up everywhere!   Recruiting posters, calendars, paintings of Chesty Puller, fighter aircraft, and maps of combat zones prominent. I want massive flat screens and high speed internet and luxuriant leather arm chairs that the house cleaners lexol weekly!

I want lamps that allow me to read in bed and backstops that prop me up when I do so. I want to have silk plants that look great and need no care. If I go to Israel I can just GO! No arranging for the cat and watering the plants!  I want a fish tank loop video on a flat screen where the fish never die and the tank never needs cleaning.  I'll have several desks, each equipped for a specific task: politics for one, and investments for another to start with.

So, madame, no thank you. You can take your estrogen and your outstanding credit card bills  equivalent to a year's salary somewhere else.

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Open Borders Soros Orders
People start to die.

Grooming groping knife and raping
Decent women cry

O who has brought this to our land
The Patriots do ask.

What hater and Islamophobe
Would dare to breach the task?

Black is white and good now evil
Do not be afraid

The barbed wire only protects you
Ovens for the bread.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Hungary Supports Families and NOT Immigrants

Geert Wilders on the ECHR Ruling

Let the Venezuela-izing of Colorado Begin!

Election 2018! Elections have consequences!

  • This will mean massive tax increases in Colorado, both income and property.
  • The oil and gas industry will be crippled. The failure of Proposition 112 to shut down the industry will have only delayed its closure by only a matter of months. This eliminates a $24 billion industry and a billion in tax revenue, which will be replaced by a staggering increase in property and income taxes.
  • We can count on sweeping gun confiscation legislation. Sadly, there will be a Deep State false flag school shooting to justify it, sacrificing the lives of innocent youngsters.
  • We can count on hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens being brought in, which will make the Democrat majority permanent.  The Muslims especially will infiltrate city councils, police departments, legislatures.
  • Along with this will come hate speech legislation and the shutting down of alternative media. It will pattern itself after Europe whereby anyone who comments on the coming  outrages will be prosecuted. This includes immigrant crime, Jihad attacks and  Muslim grooming gangs who systematically rape teen aged girls.
  • The sight of young women running on the streets alone as a workout will be a thing of the past.
  • The Exodus of Jews to Israel will include increasing numbers from Colorado as attacks on their community increase.
  • With President Trump unable to fund the wall, millions of illegals will flood in between now and 2020 sealing the doom of the Republican Party nationally..
  •  The "16 Year Plan" will recommence. 600 million illegal aliens flooded in will destroy our culture and infrastructure and bankrupt the American middle class. 
  • All the leftie soccer moms who voted with compassion for the "immigrants in need" will find themselves and their families reduced to the same subsistence level as these illegal aliens!They find husbands laid off,  their daughters raped, their homes foreclosed upon owing to the crippling rise property taxes.  IRAs and 401k's will confiscated to provide for the illegal aliens.  This is what transferring middle class wealth to the illegals looks like.
  • I've always speculated that a 5 to 10 fold increase in property taxes would lead to massive foreclosures.  A family paying $5000 a year in property taxes,is bad enough: but $50,000 a year? Impossible!
  • With massive numbers of foreclosures,it would make sense that the local  "housing authorities" would take title and modify the properties to house multi-families. The two story homes we see in middle class neighborhoods will house one family per floor, three families in each. And with no one owning the property,most neighborhoods will become trashed third world, complete with crime and gang violence. The pristine neighborhoods with lawns, well maintained homes and clean streets will be a distant memory. 
  • The only well appointed homes will be the most expensive, having been confiscated and assigned to house local officials. Cooks, maintenance inside and out, cars and drivers and concubines all provided by the government.
  • Housing Authorities will provide a massive opportunity for graft and patronage. Local politicians will scramble and kill to have appointive power of the managers. They in turn will be in a position to take lucrative bribes from residents who wish to move higher on the 7 year waiting list for a bigger apartment.
Fr Ripperger was asked about all this, and his comment was that he thought God was setting us up to "be spanked".  Certainly looks like it.  When I looked at all the middle class homes in our neighborhood with yard signs supporting Democrats, I couldn't help but wonder if these people really understood that they were voting for their own destruction.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Big Picture in Taking Down the United States

1 Who would want to do such a thing as "take down the United States" and why?

The Marxists in league with the Global Islamic Movement (GIM).  The Marxists see Christian white America as the last obstacle to the globalist takeover with Communist China as the "Seat of World Governance". The Muslims want to convert America to an Islamic State and add us to their world-wide Khalifia.

2. What is the plan?

  • Overwhelm the United States with 600 million immigrants which will destroy the welfare system and the infrastructure.  The Globalist Democrats will place the illegals into key States to give them plurality and make the United States a One Party State, enabling them to do what they want: to execute their "16 Year Plan".   The Globalists will guilt trip decent Americans into allowing their own destruction by accusing opponents of "racism" and using the argument that  "Christian Hospitality" demands we allow in these millions of Illegal aliens.
  • The next step is to exterminate the white Christian population.  The Left is already preparing the way. Left Wing Universities are demonizing white people with courses on "Whitness". Newspaper articles are doing the same. The mainstream media is also joining in the demonizing chorus, preparing the way intellectually for nothing less than white genocide. Does anyone think this is all an accident?  Is anyone paying attention?  I remember an anecdotal story of a Rabbi in a Hungarian village in 1943 urging his flock to cooperate with Fascist authorities: "We've got to get along! What can they do? They can't kill us all!"
3. What Can Be Done About It?
  • An essential prerequisite fot destroying the United States and the white Christian American people is to disarm them.  The gun controllers continually arrange school shooting outrages to induce Americans to disarm, floating the notion that we will be "safer". The Democrat candidates all say they are for "gun safety", meaning safety for the Muslim Jihadis going door to door killing the white occupants or Antifa rampaging through a downtown with the Police ordered to "stand down" by the Muslim City Commissioners and Police Chief as the carnage spreads!
  • Americans are kind decent people. We haven't had real conflict on our land since the Civil War.  For most "soccer moms" in their SUV's, the notion of armed men going door to door, kicking them in and killing their occupants and looting the homes doesn't even register on their radar. Yet that's what will happen as it did in Mosul in June 2014. Americans think of themselves as "good persons" and they can't believe there are people out there working diligently every day to destroy them!
  • In this divisive world of Identity Politics created by the Communist Left, we have lots of young white people who support their own destruction. They think that siding with their enemies will save them.  They don't understand the "useful idiots" concept articulated by Lenin at the beginning of the 20th Century. They need to ask themselves what happened to the Lebanon Left who helped Hezbollah in the 1980's?
  •  Has it ever occurred to such "SJW Snowflakes" that a system of identity politics that defines every group BUT white people is suspect? Why do we have Black Lives Matter, La Raza and that's OK. But if whites gather on a racial basis, it's condemned as "white supremacist racist"? Certainly even mentioning this subject, as I am in this article, will earn howls of "racism"! But it is a worn charge that's been used so many times against so many different people, that it's meaningless.
  • The obvious solution is to shut down the Globalists and their plans to set up dozens of pipelines that intend to pump MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of illegal aliens into the country. We need to ignore the Globalist Media's howls of racism and bigotry and understand what their long term game plan actually is. We need to see through the articles on the women and children suffering as a consequence. We need to bare in mind that 80% of these caravans are military aged young men, many of which are undesirables. They are the rapists and felons who plan to commit depredations on the people of our country.
  • building the wall to strengthen the border would help as verified by the Border Patrol Agents who say so.  And we need to  shut down the scams of "Birth Tourism" and "Birth Citizenship" that has cost this country countless billions over the decades that would be better spent elsewhere.
  • There needs to be severe punishment to traffickers and smugglers. Those who organize and fund this invasion of illegal aliens need to be apprehended and imprisoned.  The immigration organizations that profit from this need to be shut down and put out of business
  • We need also to root out the Soros infiltrators in the State Department who are part of this immigration scam, and who will defy the Administration's change in policy. 
Maybe the Republic will survive if we do some or all of these things. Oh, there's a game on you say? And you've got to go now?  Besides the grand children are coming in this afternoon?  So you'll have to get back to me on all this?  I understand all too well...(I see you're yawning)

Friday, November 2, 2018

Illegal Aliens vs. Citizens

It is clear that the Democcrats are strategically placing illegal aliens in communities they wish to turn Blue to disenfranchise American Citizens.  This is why they care more about THEM than they do Americans. Since their non-program doesn't sell they have to import voters to seize power.

Trump a Racist?


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