Saturday, October 27, 2018

Food in Abundance and Security

Leviticus 26: 3-5 promises the Israelites "food in abundance and security" if they will but live by His precepts. Is this not true for us today?

We have had "food in abundance and security" in America since World War Two. We see scantily clad young women running on the streets and grocery stores filled with provisions and take it completely for granted. This is what "food in abundance and security" looks like.  But are we living by His Precepts?

We see the worship of false idols, like entertainment personalities and things like expensive sports cars. We see advertisements for vacations, always depicting handsome couples fondling one another, implying one goes to these resorts to enjoy lavish foods and sexual intimacy. And we see Marxism rear its ugly head with its massive sexual perversions!

"His precepts" includes happy stable families for the nurturing of children, not "Heather's Other Mommy" or "gender fluidity". Suicide rates of gender confused teenagers is above normal, and I suspect it has nothing to do with "societal rejection" or President Trump. It has everything to do with this Marxist destabilization attack on the family. The concept that 6 year old children can choose their gender and be subjected to powerful hormone injections is no more than child abuse!

The results:  security is fading. In Europe Hate Speech laws are curtailing freedom of speech and assembly. Gangs of Muslims are making the streets unsafe. "White chicks running on the streets mean it's a good neighborhood" holds true. You don't see this in London and Paris anymore.

Food in abundance is next. Consider Venezuela where Marxists hold total control. Land redistribution destroyed food production. Food prices skyrocketed. The Marxist Government scapegoated hapless grocers, hastening the food distribution collapse.  Now there's mass starvation, chaos.  People are fleeing to neighboring countries by the thousands. No more food in abundance owing to the Marxists.

We;'re next. When the President says "The left wants to turn us into Venezuela" this is literally true. They will say "something must be done about the homeless" as an excuse to confiscate all the big homes for party officials. They will say "Something must be done about  hunger" as an excuse to nationalize the food industry. Food rationing will be used as a control mechanism. Scarcity and starvation will be the byproduct.

Stalin collectivized the farms of the Ukraine in the early 1930's. Food production collapsed and millions starved to death. Stalin's answer was to liquidate millions of farmers for "hording food". And when that did not revive food production, the next year he liquidated the Ukrainian Communist Party members responsible for liquidating the farmers.

And as the millennials and the snowflakes vote for the Marxists, as they have been taught in our Marxist controlled public schools, they will pave the way for the same scenario here in the United States. Certainly not living by "His Precepts" is having consequences for us as it did for the ancient Israelites!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Desperate Deep State Measures

The "mysterious parcel" sender evidently has been apprehended. You know, the one with the Trump stickers on his van but he only follows Left wing Democrats on Twitter?   We can anticipate the cutout that was paying him will turn up dead to make sure the path to the real culprits is severed.

We also can't discount the Deep Staters present in the investigative Agencies. I am sure they are being put in charge so they can shut down the investigation if things are getting too close to the truth or they can manufacture evidence to misdirect the investigation to fit the narrative of  #MAGABomber right?

We can also expect MORE Deep State False Flags!  It would be in order for them to kill one of their own, (a minor enough figure to not really damage the hierarchy but big enough to trigger a media furor). Probably only Brennan, the False Flag veteran , would be able to make such a judgment. We will see. Maybe a guy like Booker or an annoying California Democrat somewhere.

ABC has embedded reporters in the Caravan headed north to invade the US. They call it "voices of the Caravan".  The reporter would have to find a woman who speaks English who can recite the narrative of "families seeking a better life" (oh sob! sob!). The camera man would have to be cautious to NOT capture the predominance of military aged young men in the Caravan, (80%) and those who cluster to themselves and  speak Arabic.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Belgian Family Immigrates to Hungary where there are NO MUSLIMS! NO DANGER! NO INSECURITY!

"Suspicious Packages"?

This smells so strongly of a Deep State False Flag that it's hard to listen to what anyone is saying!
  • The cast of characters are the same individuals who are involved in the Russian Collusion attempt to frame the President and have him impeached.  Certainly John Brennan is the past master of false flags.
  • The timing is suspicious: it smells like an operation to change the media focus AWAY from the Caravan (which has grown to supposedly 15 thousand people) and AWAY from the Grand Jury hearings that are implicating the aforementioned individuals in the Email scandals and security breaches TO  victimhood and implied persecution by "right wing radicals" and the Trump Administration.
  • Only the Communist Democrat Party Faithful will go along with this scam: certainly the method used to "threaten" the principals was the least threatening imaginable. Explosive devices in the mail that is known to be filtered by the Secret Service?  This in itself is a good indicator of the FF (False Flag).
The real question is whether of not there will be an honest investigation!  With Deep State Operatives in the investigative agencies, evidence can be manufactured to lead wherever they want it to go! Envision this:
  • Jeff Sessions recuses himself (as usual)
  • Rod Rosenstein, acting head of the DOJ appoints James Comey and Peter Strok as the lead investigators. The investigation leads directly to President Trump! The evidence?
  • "We found Trump's hairs in the boxes that contained the bombs!" (obtained by bribed house keepers in the White House)!
  • "There were WH return mail address stickers on the bomb packages! What further proof could you want?"
It would be sufficient proof for the mainstream media for sure!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Proposed Scenario to Deal With the "Caravan"

The Globalist Left is setting a trap for the President.  If he uses military force to stop the Caravan, they will try to brand him a war criminal!  That's why General Kelly is correct in his argument with John Bolton: if you deploy the military, they will kill people and break things. That's what a military does!

A better solution: stay within the current law. Bring ICE and thousands of busses, etc.  Arrest, document, and release as required, but hurt no one and confound George Soros and the UN.

THEN  publicize the people that are coming in: nice pictures of MS 13 tattooed thugs and other gangsters. Announce correctly this is ALL the Democrats' fault! Express frustration on how the law handicaps our ability to protect our nation!  Generate statistics on how many are military aged young men as opposed to families,  and the number of Jihadis from the Middle East, etc.  Have concrete statistics that debunk  the "it's only families seeking a better life"  Democrat meme.

It will be necessary to utilize the alternative media: the MSM will ignore all of this if done correctly. So stream with Infowars, Breitbart, Instapundit, BitChute, and Presidential addresses!

Then, if the voters respond, we can gain the margins to pass better immigration legislation. Then we can finish the wall, and spend the next 6 years hunting down and deporting every last on of these people! And thus the trap set for the President will backfire on the Globalist Left entirely.

 It will take patience to let the them "win this one" by allowing the 10,000 person caravan in. But if this enables us to win the midterms and change the laws to what we need, it might aid us in keeping the next 600 million at bay.

Monday, October 22, 2018


The Saudis probably killed this guy. Killing Journalists is not something we normally do in the West. There is a question as to how much of a "Journalist" he really was considering his ties to the Jihad groups.

But the deal is, Prince MBS is NOT a Wahhabist! We need him to keep Saudi Arabia out of the hands of the Jihad-funding infidel-beheading hard liner Wahhabists of the Alweed bin Talal branch of the Royal family. If we allow this Khashoggi business to end our alliance, far more will die than just this journalist.

Understand: we are allied with Saudi Arabia against the Jihadist Turk Erdogan and Iranian Mullahs.  If MBS is toppled, the Global Islamic Movement (GIM) that is determined to establish the world-wide Khalifia and destroy the United States will be aided and abetted.

 The Muslim Brotherhood is now sponsored by the Turks. Erdogon envisions Turkey as the seat of the re-established Khalifiah, and possibly himself as the new Khalif! Our Left is working hand in glove with the Muslim Brotherhood to undermine and destroy us. So it is in our National interest to keep MBS in power.

As for the "moral principle" of working with a murderer, name me one Middle Eastern potentate that is NOT!  As far as the press and its self-righteous sanctimonious outrage, we need to ask them why they are not outraged at the Turks and the Iranians imprisoning and killing journalists? Or the Palestinian Authority for that matter?

Another aspect: the Wahhabists,when they were in power in Saudi Arabia, gave tons of money to the Clinton Foundation, the Bush family and other Deep State entities. If  Prince MBS were toppled maybe the laregess would resume? Maybe that's why the Deep State Media is so "outraged" about Khashoggi and give scarcely  one sh** about the Journalists in Turkey and Iran!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Mexico Caravan: the Start of a UN Sponsored 600 Million Illegal Alien Invasion to Erase America?

The caravan of illegal aliens is scheduled to arrive ON ELECTION DAY! The dilemma in which the Left is scheming to place President Trump is the following:

  • If he fails to stop the invasion of illegal aliens, his base will be furious! 
  • If he does stop them, the Media will show pictures of children being fire-hosed or whatever by what is used to stop the invaders! They will howl how brutal the President is towards innocent women and children! Standard false flag scenario!
The fact is: our country will be erased by 600 million invaders over the next 10 years the globalist Communist Democrats are planning to bring in.. It will destroy our culture, our infrastructure and our people!

To the Christians: the Left will try to con you by saying "oh, there's no such thing as an illegal person! Your Christian ethic demands you extend your hospitality, or you're not living up to your own principles!" (standard Alinsky tactic of "shaming them to live up to their own impossible standards!")

But the fact that we love "all creatures great and small", as the hymn says,  does not mean we have to allow animal rights activists to place rattle snakes in our child's nursery!

To the Clergy;  You are suffering from the delusion that the invading illegal aliens will be from Latin American Catholic countries and will somehow strengthen the church. The fact is, most of the invaders will be MUSLIMS!   They will  impose the Shari'a, burn your churches (except for the majestic ones they will convert to Mosques) and behead all of you!

The Left's response to reading this will be "Oh you're spreading hate and fear!"   Well, justifiably so! I don't want the country I love to be overwhelmed and destroyed by scheming globalists who wish to take us down indirectly so that China can be the "seat of global governance"!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Hate Speech

The whole idea of hate speech is that the so-called "protected groups" need to be protected from insult and hurt feelings. Absurd!  Even left leaning law schools are coming out for restrictions to free speech in the grounds that "free speech allows insult and hurt feelings!"  Well, yes it does! So what?  "Sticks and stones" and all that!

But the ultimate goal here is to criminalize criticism of government officials once the Left is in power. It's the old Communist "slandering the Soviet Union" charge that sent all Soviet dissidents to mental institutions and the gulags. After all, criticizing the Commissar "hurts his feelings", which is now against the law.

The Jesuits

The Jesuits have never met an enemy of the United States that they didn't like. (Think the Berrigan brothers).  Yet they approach with the extended palms for funds "for God's work".  Now we have a Jesuit Pope who espouses the Communist economics of redistribution!

Has anyone of them thought through to the end game? Where it would lead if they were successful? Mass starvation and societal collapse? Probably not. I wonder what St. Ignatius would think of his Order today?

The Khashoggi Business

What's all the fuss about Khashoggi? Why is the MSM so interested? Especially when they don't seem to care when Iran, Turkey and the Palestinian Authority kill journalists with abandon?
The answer lies in who has been receiving Saudi money!

When the Wahhabists were in power in Saudi Arabia, they sent ample funds to the Deep State: the Clinton Foundation,  the Bush family to name a couple. But with Trump's deal with Prince MBS, it all came to a halt. So with Khashoggi, the opportunity to undermine the non-Wahhabist regime presented itself. If the Deep State can reinstall the Alweed bin-Talal Wahhabists, maybe the largesse will resume!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Voting to "Teach Trump a Lesson?"

Sunrise at the desert FEMA camp is breathtaking! Glorious gleaming rays cut through the hills and illuminate the desert floor with its purple scrub brush. But here we are in a wire pen 50 yards by 50 yards.  There's maybe 1500 of us, all jammed in. There are hundreds of these squares laid out on the desert valley floor. There must be tens of thousands of people here! We've been standing all night: no place to lay down. The ground is spongy with urine and we're ankle deep in turds. The stench is unimaginable! There's no food, water or shade. We arrived by bus last night after a bumpy 20 hour drive. We've been herded and prodded by men with guns. (I remember when mine were confiscated to "make our society safer").

We were photographed, fingerprinted and walked under the FEMA signs to this compound. I'm still in my pajamas, what I was wearing when they kicked in my door and pulled me out of bed three days ago. Who would have thought Republican voter rolls would be used like this? Outside the barbed wire I can see the desert creatures going about their business: lizards, insects, flowers opening to the sun. But inside the wire, much suffering. So many unshaven faces, looks of shock and disbelief. "But this is America! How can this be?" I hear that a lot!

The guards empty the wire compounds one at a time by marching those in them out of the compound, down the dusty thoroughfare, around the hill to what's hidden behind it. All we can hear is backhoes digging and bulldozers filling and an occasional flurry of gunfire. The guards come back alone to empty the next square filled with dazed hungry and tired people. We can see the previously emptied wire squares  slowly refilling with people as they are herded off the newly arrived busses.

How could this happen? Why are we here? This is America right?   I only voted to teach Trump a lesson! Why am I one of the 60 million "undesirables" to be "processed" at this camp and the dozen others like it? Our square is next: the guards are coming.........

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

1st and 2nd Amendment Scenario:


A Republican/Conservative event is scheduled and publicized.  ANTIFA announces the event is cancelled and notifies the public they will surround the venue with armed men. What will our Party Officials do?

  • Appeals for police protection are met with either silence (so they can deny they received "stand down orders") or a revoking of the permit to hold the event "owing to the threats of violence".
  • Legal appeals by the Mountain States Legal Foundation would probably succeed, but it would take three years, long after the cancelled events and lost elections and be of no avail.
  • Would patriots arm themselves, using their 2nd Amendment to defend their 1st  Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of assembly?
  • And if they did, and there were an armed clash, would not the Mainstream Media decry the "violence of conservatives", call for confiscation of all guns (except those of ANTIFA of course) and purposefully omit any mention of the ANTIFA threats?
  • And what would our "relational" female party leaders do?  Would they be like Margaret Thatcher and stand up for liberty? Or would they waffle with their usual "the safety of our staff is the most important thing" (and abandon our Constitutional Rights in the face of the threats of violence)?
It's time to think about such scenarios.  Conservatives are being systematically silenced on the Social  and Mainstream Media by design. Certainly public meetings are next.

Monday, October 8, 2018


The toxic nature of American politics is owing to the fact that the Democratic Party has been taken over by Communists. Gone is the day when the election was over, all parties shook hands and resumed working for the greater good of the American Republic. Now it's "resist" and threaten!

Once must understand Communist goals for our country. They will put our democratic process on a one way street to seize power and establish a Communist State. They need absolute political power to exterminate the "undesirables" that do not embrace their Communist utopia!

This is what must be understood: Communists believe in the perfectibility of mankind, and therefore with absolute State Power they believe they can build heaven on earth Today! The only thing getting in the way is "undesirables", the millions of Christians, conservatives, and other free thinkers. There is no individual worth! There are no individual rights! The State is EVERYTHING! They will day and do anything to achieve absolute political power, and once they have it they will NEVER give it up! That's why they cannnot be trusted in our political process! They don't respect the rights of others nor do they accept the will of the people as expressed by the ballot box! This is the source of the "resistance" we see today.

Part of the process is to destroy the existing order. They will use Antifa to commit violence, illegal aliens and the Cloward-Piven strategy to overwhelm the welfare system, censorship to shut down free speech in the social media, voter fraud and lies as to their intentions.

In my opinion, the only solution is to resurrect the anti-Communist laws from the cold war era and drive Communists out of our schools, universities, government, and media.


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