Thursday, October 18, 2018

Voting to "Teach Trump a Lesson?"

Sunrise at the desert FEMA camp is breathtaking! Glorious gleaming rays cut through the hills and illuminate the desert floor with its purple scrub brush. But here we are in a wire pen 50 yards by 50 yards.  There's maybe 1500 of us, all jammed in. There are hundreds of these squares laid out on the desert valley floor. There must be tens of thousands of people here! We've been standing all night: no place to lay down. The ground is spongy with urine and we're ankle deep in turds. The stench is unimaginable! There's no food, water or shade. We arrived by bus last night after a bumpy 20 hour drive. We've been herded and prodded by men with guns. (I remember when mine were confiscated to "make our society safer").

We were photographed, fingerprinted and walked under the FEMA signs to this compound. I'm still in my pajamas, what I was wearing when they kicked in my door and pulled me out of bed three days ago. Who would have thought Republican voter rolls would be used like this? Outside the barbed wire I can see the desert creatures going about their business: lizards, insects, flowers opening to the sun. But inside the wire, much suffering. So many unshaven faces, looks of shock and disbelief. "But this is America! How can this be?" I hear that a lot!

The guards empty the wire compounds one at a time by marching those in them out of the compound, down the dusty thoroughfare, around the hill to what's hidden behind it. All we can hear is backhoes digging and bulldozers filling and an occasional flurry of gunfire. The guards come back alone to empty the next square filled with dazed hungry and tired people. We can see the previously emptied wire squares  slowly refilling with people as they are herded off the newly arrived busses.

How could this happen? Why are we here? This is America right?   I only voted to teach Trump a lesson! Why am I one of the 60 million "undesirables" to be "processed" at this camp and the dozen others like it? Our square is next: the guards are coming.........

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

1st and 2nd Amendment Scenario:


A Republican/Conservative event is scheduled and publicized.  ANTIFA announces the event is cancelled and notifies the public they will surround the venue with armed men. What will our Party Officials do?

  • Appeals for police protection are met with either silence (so they can deny they received "stand down orders") or a revoking of the permit to hold the event "owing to the threats of violence".
  • Legal appeals by the Mountain States Legal Foundation would probably succeed, but it would take three years, long after the cancelled events and lost elections and be of no avail.
  • Would patriots arm themselves, using their 2nd Amendment to defend their 1st  Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of assembly?
  • And if they did, and there were an armed clash, would not the Mainstream Media decry the "violence of conservatives", call for confiscation of all guns (except those of ANTIFA of course) and purposefully omit any mention of the ANTIFA threats?
  • And what would our "relational" female party leaders do?  Would they be like Margaret Thatcher and stand up for liberty? Or would they waffle with their usual "the safety of our staff is the most important thing" (and abandon our Constitutional Rights in the face of the threats of violence)?
It's time to think about such scenarios.  Conservatives are being systematically silenced on the Social  and Mainstream Media by design. Certainly public meetings are next.

Monday, October 8, 2018


The toxic nature of American politics is owing to the fact that the Democratic Party has been taken over by Communists. Gone is the day when the election was over, all parties shook hands and resumed working for the greater good of the American Republic. Now it's "resist" and threaten!

Once must understand Communist goals for our country. They will put our democratic process on a one way street to seize power and establish a Communist State. They need absolute political power to exterminate the "undesirables" that do not embrace their Communist utopia!

This is what must be understood: Communists believe in the perfectibility of mankind, and therefore with absolute State Power they believe they can build heaven on earth Today! The only thing getting in the way is "undesirables", the millions of Christians, conservatives, and other free thinkers. There is no individual worth! There are no individual rights! The State is EVERYTHING! They will day and do anything to achieve absolute political power, and once they have it they will NEVER give it up! That's why they cannnot be trusted in our political process! They don't respect the rights of others nor do they accept the will of the people as expressed by the ballot box! This is the source of the "resistance" we see today.

Part of the process is to destroy the existing order. They will use Antifa to commit violence, illegal aliens and the Cloward-Piven strategy to overwhelm the welfare system, censorship to shut down free speech in the social media, voter fraud and lies as to their intentions.

In my opinion, the only solution is to resurrect the anti-Communist laws from the cold war era and drive Communists out of our schools, universities, government, and media.


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