Sunday, August 12, 2018

Identity Politics

It's hard for the Left to assign everyone but white people to an identity block. We have "La Raza" for Hispanics, we have "Black Lives Matter" (BLM) for blacks.  White people are the only exception. And white people are by far the majority in the United States.

If whites form any kind of group it is immediately labeled "racist white supremacist"!  But how is it more "racist" than "La Raza" or  BLM?   The answer is, IT ISN'T!  Either ALL the groups are racist or NONE of them are!

The Marxists have a stipulation that "only the dominant group can be racist", which equates power with racism such that only the white supremacists can be racist. But this is racism in reverse, and ignores  cultural competency, which is a better approach in dealing with "racism".

Jessie Jackson whined recently about "discrimination against blacks" in the tech industry by "white and brown guys".  In other words, he attributes the lack of blacks in the industry to racial discrimination.  But within the black community, large numbers of black young men drop out of high school, join gangs and wind up incarcerated or dead by the time they are 30.  Young blacks who do well in school are derided as "going white" and are beaten and ostracized. This dead end ghetto culture is glamorized in movies and music to the community's long term detriment.

But if education is discouraged in the culture of the black community, how in the world are blacks going to learn to code and get jobs in the tech industry? Mr. Jackson, far better to encourage your followers to stay in school, study the hard subjects and get an education. You and your followers will find that ignorance is the barrier to a better life, not skin color.

But getting back to "white supremacy":  the emergence of such groups is only a response to the Marxist "divide and conquer" strategy of forming other racist blocks to get Americans to fight one another. The strategy is working well. But anyone who condemns "White Supremacist" organizations MUST also condemn "La Raza" and "BLM".   If we wish to build a color-blind America free of "racism" than ALL racist organizations must be condemned!


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