Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hatred, Discrimination and Tolerance

When the Muslims howl how we must "fight hatred, intolerance and discrimination", here is the essence of what they want:  when they wage Jihad against us, we do not have permission to object!
To disapprove of beheadings, honor killings, rapes, assaults  or suicide bombings is to be "hateful, intolerant and discriminatory against Muslims"!  And it's working!

The police turn a blind eye to the grooming gangs, and the courts release the offenders, citing "cultural differences",  In other words, only the Shari'a applies to Muslims, even when they reside in the West!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the end result: if only the Shari'a applies to Muslims, and we allow 50 million of them into the United States, they will gain plurality and impose the Shari'a on all of us!  We will be enslaved in our own country as the Muslim leaders predict.

Americans enslaved.


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