Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Section 8 Vouchers: Tip of the Spear to Destroy White Civilization

Here is the process;
  • People armed with Section 8 Vouchers move into a community, trying to escape "the bad neighborhoods" (that they themselves create with their behavior).
  • They trash the properties.  In once instance I witnessed, the tenants stole the toilets to sell them and proceeded to urinate and defecate on the floors of the apartments, wiping their butts with newspapers and just leaving them there! This is a perfect example of the impulsive short term thinking by the Section 8 people: $30 now, not thinking of the consequence for how they will live in the immediate future.
  • They trash the neighborhood with refuse and litter
  • They create a "food desert": with repeated robberies of grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations and small businesses:  They all close.
  • The home invasions and armed robberies and "pick out knock out" game means the neighborhoods are no longer safe. The whites move out for the safety of themselves and their families. (The Left howls "racism"!)
  • Property values plummet. All the mortgages become "under water". Property becomes unsalable and owners take massive capital losses as they walk away from their properties. It becomes unsafe for white owners to collect past due rents, which is another reason for them to walk away. And no one can or will maintain the properties.  The destruction is rapid and complete!

The Federal Government's myth of harmonious multi-racial and multi-cultural neighborhoods is just that! a myth! The only integrated neighborhood is from the time the first Section 8 people move in until the last white family moves out.  In 1970 Ferguson MO was 100% white. Now it is 90% Section 8 people.
Undeterred in it's War on "systemic racism" (that is, white families fleeing the Section 8 violence) there is a new campaign of "Furthering Affirmative Fair Housing" which will place massive Section 8 projects in every neighborhood in America.

This is, of course, why disarming America is so important to the Progressives. They can't have white racists defending themselves against the muggers , "pick out knock out" game, and home invaders and carjackers.

White people want to give Section 8 people "equal opportunity": that is, education, training, and opportunity to achieve a decent life. (And  are some that have done so and are criticized as having "gone white"!) But as a whole, Section 8 people are told by their leaders (like Obama and Eric Holder) that since this is such a prosperous society, why shouldn't they just be given their "fair share"?  And further, if they are NOT given their fair share, they are going to take it!

And so the Destruction Continues


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