Tuesday, October 25, 2016

America's Moment of Truth! (Pat Condell )


Democratic Gramsci-Marxist Plan for Dismantling America

Maintain control by having the captive Mainstream Media (MSM) trash and demonize Trump 24/7 with the hope voters will vote AGAINST Trump and not think about WHAT THEY ARE VOTING FOR! Which is:
  • Continuing the dismantling of the American industrial base by exporting manufacturing to China with their slave labor, and acquisition of American companies by Chinese ones.
  • Continuing destruction of the fabric of American life with the identity politics: Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, gay vs. straight, men vs. women, young vs. old, religious vs. secular, or any other divisive strategy the Marxists can come up with to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.
  • Inundation of the land with millions of Islamic Jihadis to destroy the culture and infrastructure, daily attacks that will cause the deaths of thousands of Americans and knock our water supply, power grids, food distribution.
  • Continual burdensome regulations to discourage any entrepreneurial spirit that would develop new industries.
  • Continual transfer of American sovereignty to the UN in regard to treaties, gun control, family law, blasphemy and hate speech.
Once the chaos and suffering are sufficient, the UN will be called upon to "restore order", which will manifest itself in 10 million blue helmeted Chinese Army personnel taking control of the land. The global ruling elite will relocate to China, making it the Center of the Universe once more.

All the Islamic Jihadi settlers who existed under the umbrella of political correctness will be exterminated by the politically incorrect and unfettered Chinese Army, now that the Jihadis have served their purpose and are now a nuisance.

Another envisioned corollary will be a lien on all farmland by the Chinese government as payment for the national debt. American highways and byways will be littered with emaciated corpses of those who have starved to death while the abundant food production is harvested and shipped to China.

Anyone caught with a vegetable garden of their own will be shot on sight: government food distribution must be "fair", and gardens are "unfair"!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Coming One Party State and What It Will Look Like

Here's what America of the near future will look like:
  • The Gramsci Marxists will celebrate the seizure of the country, and will only have to decide the placement of the immigrants to eliminate the last vestige of  Republican local control.
  • The wealth of the middle class will be transferred to the immigrants with income and property taxes: justice and equality don't you know....
  • Those whose only concern was for "Dem Broncos" and continually obsessed about Quarterback performance will find Officers barging into their homes to assess whether or not an immigrant family can be placed in your home at your expense. Extra bedroom? Bingo! Five smelly Arabic speakers living downstairs who will soon kick you out of your own home.
  • You will join your former friends and neighbors in he streets, to become a filthy homeless white person whose lost  home and job, who will drift from town to town, camp to camp in search of food. It will be reminiscent of the hobo culture of the 1930's but much worse.
  • The Muslim Marxist political elites will live in their armed compounds, whisked from one place to another through the mean streets by armored limousine convoys.
  • Highways and byways will be littered with garbage and the smell of corpses.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Maybe we NEED an A**Hole!

Dear America:  Please STOP obsessing about Mr. Trump's personality!  It is NOT relevant to the key issues at stake!  It is a Diversion by the DNC to get you to forget about Mrs. Clinton and her crimes:
  • The e-mail deletions and the compromising of national security with her personal server
  • The utilization of the public office of Secretary of State for influence peddling and personal enrichment using the Clinton Foundation
  • The cover-up of then President Clinton's sexual predatory behavior including intimidation of the victims to keep them silent
Then, the siding with our enemies by 
  • Letting our people die in Benghazi during the false flag operation to justify the passing blasphemy laws in contravention of our First Amendment (asserting the violence was caused by a Muhammad video) and lying about it face to face with the families of those slain!
  • pledging in July 2011 to the then OIC  Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu to undermine our Constitutional First Amendment by complying with UN Resolution 16/18  and implementing the "Istanbul Process" by "shame and peer pressure".[1].
  • Failing to recognize the existential threat to our civilization in allowing millions of Muslim Civilizational Jihadist settlers to enter the United States and build a parallel and hostile society that intends to destroy us.
These issues are far more important than the nature of Mr. Trumps's personality. Maybe be NEED an a**hole to take on the Globalist establishment and the special interest lobbyists that are bribing our Congress-persons to sell off our country and our National Security piece by piece!

[1] http://vladtepesblog.com/2016/07/09/un-resolution-1618-and-hillary-clinton/

Monday, October 3, 2016

Side Event OSCE 26 Sept 2016 ORIW

OSCE Side Event Sept 26, 2017

Time:                    18:00-19:45

 Venue:                  Meeting Room 2

Title:                     Announcement of annual report of ORIW in French Country in Europe

 Convenor:             Organisation Racism and Islamophobia Watch (ORIW) 

 Working languages:   English, French  


ORIW defined “Islamophobia” as “Intolerance motivated by fear, hate speech and acts of violence”. The fear is “fear of the other”. In 2014, 33 acts of violence. In 2015, 429. Examples of hate were objection to halal meat and Islamic clothing. One anecdote was a man who feared eating halal meat would make him Muslim! But shouldn’t a free people have a right to choose instead of a “racist” response?


It’s Islamophobic to fight the “flood of immigrants coming into the country”. It’s an outrage for Europeans to say they prefer Christian immigrants.  It is not true that there is criminality and danger in immigrant camps. It is the European failure to help the immigrants properly that is causing the aggression.  The solution is interfaith dialogue and education to overcome fear, (the root of the problem).

Every time “something happens” the adverse reaction against Muslims is like “pouring oil on the fire”. The fires of xenophobia are fanned by the right wing press. They publish stories that reinforce prejudice and hostility to Muslims: such as stories that the immigrants threaten the identity of France.


The French state cannot be secular. It needs to treat all religions “even -handedly”.  A completely secular state is impossible. The Secular state stigmatizes Muslims. This stigmatization must be fought at three levels:

·         Legal

·         Non-racist forms of legislation

·         Muslim organizations to fight Islamophobia


Any tie between Islam and terrorism is rejected. Counter terrorism such as “de-radicalizing” programs or searches only leads to further radicalization.  Muslims are your allies to fight extremism. To fight Islamophobia is to fight terrorism. We will help you marginalize the Extremists, and after all, Muslims are the victims of extremist attacks as well. Muslims are a permanent part of French society

Terrorism can be understood and fought. Bad schools lead to terrorism. Injustice to Muslims and denial of human rights means the terrorists “win”



Intolerance against Muslims is generic. Societies must respect Islam. The mandate of the 57 States is consensus based.

1.       Hate crimes and discrimination

a.       Training police and prosecutors

b.       Recognizing hate speech

c.       Examining freedom of criticism

2.       Tolerance and non-discrimination

ODHIR   Hate crime reporting

·         Data

·         Website (Nov 16th)


·         Attacks in countries spike trends against Muslims

·         Security policies in relation to Muslim Human Rights

·         Political narratives that demonize Muslims/Faith in the media. One sided views

·         Muslim Communities don’t feel safe

Europe must reject racism and xenophobia which goes against the principles of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.


Intolerance and discrimination against Muslims: guides actions of specific states. Muslims must participate.

All forms of terrorism linked to Islam must be rejected.  We must build democratic societies where Muslims feel safe.

The concept that there is an “immigrant invasion of Europe” and the attack in Nice are being used to justify violations against Muslim human rights. This “radicalizes” the youth and is “pouring oil on the fire”.

Society says we can’t be anti-Semitic but maintains structural Islamophobia or denies it exists.

·         Authorities create it

·         Anti-burkini creates radicalization

·         To say “Islam is a Trojan horse” fuels racism amongst low knowledge people. It is a new form of racism

·         Intolerance is grounded in freedom of expression

A hate crime is something that’s already a crime that has a hateful motive attached: a bias having to do with race, religion or sexual preference.

Comment: Steve once again tried to pin them for a definition of Islamophobia and this time got a sociological definition that alluded to irrational fear of Islamic clothing.


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Islamophobia and the Instinct for Self-Preservation: A Metaphor

Currently, anyone who brings to light documents and speeches disclosing Muslim intentions to destroy Western Civilization is accused of "Islamophobia, spreading hate and fear of Muslims": documents such as "The Grand Memorandum"[1] or the captured Muslim Brotherhood document "The Project" [2].

The Muslim groups also assert that "saying Islamophobic things is an abuse of free speech and should be made a punishable crime".  Excuse me, but these Muslim entities are planning our destruction. Certainly bringing them to the public's attention is necessary for our survival.

Here's the metaphor: if you're standing in the middle of a highway, and see an 18 wheeler truck approaching, it would be appropriate to get out of the middle of the road to avoid being run over! Anyone  who says getting out of the way is committing "truckophobia, and spreading hate and fear of 18 wheeler trucks" would be labeled a suicidal moron!   And so it is with Islam.

When you review these documents, they are explicit in what the Muslim groups wish to do to us. How does it further our interests to ignore these facts? It isn't a "phobia" when they are really trying to kill you.

[1] http://www.investigativeproject.org/documents/20-an-explanatory-memorandum-on-the-general.pdf
[2] http://www.billionbibles.org/sharia/muslim-brotherhood-project.html

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Clare Lopez Intervention, OSCE Conference

Working Session No. 12
Specifically Selected Topic:
Freedom of Thought, Conscience, Religion & Belief
Clare M. Lopez, B.A., M.A.
Warsaw, Poland
27 September 2016

Thank you Madam Moderator, ladies and gentlemen,
There can be no more fundamental human right than the freedom to believe, to not believe, or to change belief according to one’s conscience in safety and security, knowing that your person, property and livelihood will not be endangered as a consequence.
The United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights states unequivocally that “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief…”
And yet, we know that under Islamic Law, the decision to leave Islam is considered treason and carries the death penalty. Sahih Bukhari records that Muhammad said, “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.” So, how do we reconcile such doctrine with the ideals of the United Nations and this Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe?
What should be our response when heroes of our time - a Magdi Allam, a Rifka Bari, a Nonie Darwish, an Ayan Hirsi Ali – are pronounced apostates and live with death threats for their courage?
If we are true to the ideals and principles that come to us through natural law, we stand with Muslims, former Muslims, and all people who yearn to live free.
I urge us all to unite in defense of the right of all people everywhere to live in security no matter their decisions in matters of belief and faith.
Thank You.


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