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Time:                    08:15-09:45

 Venue:                  Belvedere

Title:                     The consequences of Islamophobic discourse in the European political parties

Convenor:             European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion - EMISCO  

 Working language:    English  

Notes on the presentation of Dr Büllent Şenay, a professor at a Turkish University. He is also the OSCE Chairman on “Intolerance and Discrimination Against Muslims”.

The main theme of the Muslim groups was the “dramatic increase in Islamophobia, and laws must be passed in Western nations to fight it”!

He was adroit at casting criticism of Islam or the Shari’a into “hatred against Muslims”.  He espoused the OIC line that “Islamophobia” is a new form of racism.  When asked to define “Islamophobia”, he said “I won’t define it, because ‘everybody knows what it is”.

He went on to call it “attacks against adherents of the Islamic faith” and laws were necessary for the protection of people and institutions. He tacitly accepted criticism of Islam but not demonizing Muslims. “We all know that intolerance and distrust of Muslims is a form of racism”.  He attributed the “rise in Islamophobia” to the influx of immigrants. He had recommendations:

·         Make “Islamophobia” a punishable “hate crime”

·         Collect “evidence” of hate crimes

·         Legislation implemented on the findings

·         Eliminate so called Counter Terrorism programs: they violate the Civil Rights of Muslims and “radicalize” the youth

·         “De-radicalization” programs where youth are taken from their homes is counterproductive, thus Quixotic, as it causes “radicalization”.

·         The right wing media has made “Islamophobia” mainstream, breeding racism and intolerance.

·         The silence of their friends is an outrage and threatens multiculturalism

·         That the separation of church and state is impossible! What is needed is an “even-handed State” that treats all religions appropriately

·         Islamophobia must be fought by educational programs in the schools

·         These issues must be separated from immigration

·         Violence linked to Islam must be rejected

·         That Muslims are partners in fighting terrorism, and their critical voices must be heard

·         That Europe is a continent of peace, human rights, and the rule of law, and we need to work to keep it that way.




We note that at no time has he mentioned any of the attacks committed by Muslim Jihad groups!  They would have you believe that the “rise in Islamophobia” came out of the blue for no reason. Dr. Şenay adheres to the false narrative that violence and Islam are not linked, and that only a small percentage are violent Jihadists. But how can you make that case in light of the Qur’anic passages that say otherwise?[1]

After the attacks in France, there was a demand that Muslim groups denounce them.  Such demands were dismissed as irrelevant since Jihadists make such a small percentage of the Muslim population.[2]

Dr. Şenay’s proposal to document hate crimes and implement legislation is well underway.  There is a proposal in the UK to allow Muslims to report hate crimes directly instead of having to go through the police.[3]  This would go a long way to establishing Islamic Supremacy and make Muslims above the law. Looking at a Muslim sideways would generate a “hate crime report”!  Such a procedure would codify Muslim victimhood and lead to laws that would make them untouchable.

In absolute terms, the Muslims wish to make “Islamophobia” a punishable crime. And with no definition of the term, they can persecute their enemies by defining Islamophobia in any way that suits their purpose.  Don’t want Muslims to institute “Islam week” at your local public school?  Don’t want the Muslims to build a 10,000 square foot Mosque in your neighborhood? Don’t like the idea of Muslims butchering live sheep and goats on your neighborhood streets?  All severe cases of Islamophobia that will be punishable by law.

[1] See Q9:5, 29, Q2:191-196, 216 for starters
[2] European Islamophobia Report 2015, Bayrakli, Hafez, SETA 2016 p.172

Monday, September 26, 2016

OSCE Conference, Warsaw PL 26 Sept 2016

Attended EMISCO event.  They decry the "increase in Islamophobia" in Europe, but refuse to link the rise with the vicious Jihad attacks such as NICE and Paris or Bruxelles airport as having anything to do with it!

In fact, they propose laws against "Islamophobia" with fines and imprisonment yet refuse to define it "because everyone knows what it is!"  They define it as "attacks against adherents of the Islamic faith", and are trying to expand the concept of "racism" from a biological attribute to a belief attribute by calling it "religious racism". This would piggy back on the Progressive Left's political correctness bandwagon of "homophobia racism, xenophobia discrimination meme".

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

09/06/2016 ACT Conference 2016

Series of speakers today.  But the enemy has wormed its way in. Raheel Raza, supposedly a "moderate Muslim" gave a talk that followed to a T the Muslim Brotherhood line. We're puzzled that BG was taken in by it.

Steve Coghlin talked about our Government's inability to see the enemy in a coherent fashion. Phil Haney gave some real information on how the DHS has aided and abetted the Jihadi entry into the US. Everyone needs to read his book "See Something, Say Nothing".

Tomorrow we're all going to Capital Hill to call on our Congress persons and urge them to NOT vote to fund the 200,000 refugees for 2017,

Monday, September 5, 2016

09/05/2016 Act Conference

Dinner tonight with Chapter Mentors. Act is putting together a video series for ACT Chapters and Chapter Leaders as a starting point on Islamic Doctrine, Vital to counter the False Muslim Brotherhood narrative that is so ingrained in our society. We viewed a couple of them. Excellent!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Black Lives matter


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