Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tommy Robinson, speaking at a PEGIDA rally, on Cologne



Which brings me to the 40 minute video that got Glenn fired from FOX.


World Governance: Is it a Good Thing?

The thinking goes like this: since nation states are the ones who declare war against one another, if we have a world government, there will be no war!

The downside is this: with power resting in one spot, run by human beings, the wealthy elite can swoop in and buy off the leadership and set the agenda for the WHOLE WORLD! And that would not be a good thing.

Take a look at the recent Paris Conference on Global warming, with hundreds of 747's and private jets of the wealthy elite showing up for this climate change fuck fest: the bottom line purpose is to give the UN a source of income so they can fund an army to subordinate the entire world to its will: some sort of carbon tax, purportedly to "save the world".  But Climate Change is bull shit!

The Hartland Institute and another European think tank had alternate presentations to the establishment Climate Change, but were completely ignored by the press. (Any reporter seen visiting them would probably lose his job!)  So much for an honest press corps.

Then we read about the horrifying "Agenda 21" whereby they start talking about "sustainability". You find out about their "Gaia Project" which considers mankind a "virus upon the earth that needs to be exterminated", and their plans to kill 6 billion people in the name of "saving planet earth".  Maybe the Bilderberger Group and Elon Musk thinks this is a good idea. I, and 6 billion others do not.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Coming Demise of the United States

Progressives take American security and prosperity for granted. They assume it will last forever, and nothing has to be done to nurture and protect the nation. The conservatives are in disarray and will have trouble coming to power in 2016, split as they are between the patriots and the rinos, (who are content to sit in Washington as the "loyal opposition" and kick the can down the road in terms of actually dealing with the issues).  When Hillary Clinton is elected:
  • she will appoint progressive Supreme Court Judges who will end free speech and gun rights
  • she will continue the flood of immigrants that will destroy the country. Let's address this more fully:
  • Massive tax increases will transfer middle class wealth to the millions of immigrants, reducing the entire population to the subsistence level, absolutely dependent on the government and its control.
Immigrants are 99% Muslims, and of the Muslims 70% are young military age young men.  The mass rapes we see in Europe is no more than Shari'a norms being imposed on European society.  One Imam commented that "if these women had been accompanied by male family members, it never would have happened".  Thus, the Western tradition of women's freedoms will be replaced by women being bundled up in burkas and not venturing outside the home unless accompanied by an armed male family member, which is called for in Islamic law!

In July 2011 Mrs. Clinton signed onto the UN Resolution 16/18,  the "Istanbul Process", which basically agrees that the United States will co-operate with the OIC's efforts to criminalize our First Amendment and make even talking about Islam in the West a punishable crime by using "peer pressure and shaming". (since it's unconstitutional and Court enforcement is unavailable, at least for now). In speculating about motivations, this is the only thing I can come up with:
  • The Soros elitist type UN and EU globalists envision a Europe and America with the populations melded with Muslims to destroy Western civilization and its national identities, paving with way for "world government" (with the unelected UN and EU officials finally obtaining the power of life and death over the world's populations).

  • The OIC, who's paying for all the immigration, envisions a Europe and North America Islamized and added to their Seventh Century Caliphate.  Even now, they are salivating to behead millions of "Kuffar" in their quest to "rid the world of Kufr (unbelief).

  • People in the West choose to remain ignorant, preoccupied with "rights" and sports events. One recent post was by a woman asking "German Men! Where are you? Why are you not defending your women and children?"   The fashion for German men these days is heels and tight leather pants, and carrying purses. Having been emasculated by the feminists over the last 50 years, there is no masculine strength anymore. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Right to Life March

Knights at the Rally

Titus and Gary

The Crowd getting ready to march

Sir Knights carrying the Banner

Arch Bishop Aquilla speaks

Alan Keys Speaks

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Brian Domotrivik @ Centennial Institute "Issue Monday" Jan 11, 2016

Dr. Domotrivik is the token conservative visiting professor at CU Boulder. He said some interesting things:
  • Historically, America has had 4% growth and a large middle class. But our economy has been on its ass for so long, that many of the "millennials" don't know anything different, and have no idea what a healthy economy is supposed to look like. They are mistakenly accepting the "Obama new norm" of 1.9% economic growth!
  • Bernie Sanders is talking about a 91% tax rate to "soak the rich in the name of justice", and all the leftie college kids say "yeah! yeah! " But what really happens is this: "Gucci Gulch" grows! Gucci Gulch are the lobbyists in the halls of congress that lobby for exemptions in their $10,000 suits for their clients. So the tax code winds up the first 4 pages laying out the rates, and the next 60,000 pages are the exemptions put in for the lobbyists. So, members of congress get rich from the lobbyists, the rich stay untouched, and you and I get forked!
  • Government bureaucracies and Unions LIKE an economy that's on its ass! The welfare bureaucrats LOVE the mobs of clients and the power they have over them, and the Unions have more power when jobs are scarce! It's no accident that the most powerful unions are the Government employee unions!
  • Side note: Martin Luther King's march on Washington in the early 1960's was to the AF of L CIO HQ because the Unions were keeping blacks out of jobs to preserve them for whites. When the economy grows, segregation and discrimination are undermined. If there are enough jobs for everyone, you don't have to worry about blacks taking white guy's jobs!
  • If the government would cut the tax rate to 25%, the economy would explode! We'd create 40 million jobs very quickly. Do you realize there are trillions of dollars sitting offshore, just waiting for sanity to return to Washington? The funds would pour into the economy!
  •  Meanwhile, under Obama,  Pfizer is moving to Ireland, and Ford is building a plant in Mexico and tens of thousands of jobs are being lost. Yet Obama says a corporate tax cut would be "only benefit the fat cats" (and the thousands of their employees!)
  • There are other benefits:
  • Government spending goes down because the welfare rolls shrink
  • The size of government shrinks because the ambitious people leave for the more exciting private sector. Who the hell wants to put in 8 to 5 at the Bureau of Standards in Boulder when they can go to a hi tech startup across the street that pays twice as much and has stock options?
My own comment:
  • It's only the risk-adverse academics who cling to tenure who snarl at the free market. They can't stand the fact that their students who go into the private sector get rich! The professors believe that "since I'm smarter than they are, I should be rich! So I'm going to do what I can do to punish them!"
All for now

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Jim Joneses of the West

It's astounding to me that people seem to have forgotten about Jim Jones. He was a "religious" leader in the early 1980's that lined up his followers at gunpoint and forced them all to drink cyanide laced kool-aide, killing some 1000 or so men, women and children. "Taking the kool-aide" went into the vernacular to represent leaders who were destructive to their followers.

This is what's going on now.  Angela Merkel is the Jim Jones of Germany, forcing the German people to accept millions of young Jihadists who are destroying German society with rape, plunder and violence. Jim Jones taped the entire mass suicide. At one point he's exhorting his followers to "get on with it!".  Merkel says "We have to accept that the immigrants are more violent". At one protest of the "rapefugees" she deployed 1500 policemen with water cannons as opposed to 148 officers to defend the population against the roving rape gangs.  That's a 10 to 1 ratio, aimed at suppressing the locals defending themselves!  It's the equivalent of Jim Jones and his armed guards forcing the people to drink the kool-aide at gunpoint.

Hollende and Cameron are no better! They continually whine at each Muslim outrage "Islam had nothing to do with it".  the moron Mayor of Philadelphia is the latest example. Here a Jihadi, dressed in Muslim Shari'a compliant garb, tried to shoot a policeman dead. He told the arresting officers that he had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State and committed the violence in the name of Allah. Yet the Mayor said "no one believes Islam had anything to do with this"! No Mr. Mayor, I don't think so.

 And look how anti-immigrant leaders, such as Tommy Robinson are persecuted, whereas these outrageous Imams who preach death to the West remain untouched.

What do we have from President Obama?  In spite of overwhelming evidence of the destructiveness of such actions, he's ramming though a program to bring in hundreds of thousands of the same young Jihadists into the United States to do the same thing! San Bernardino was only a start!  Yet he continually brays "Muslims are your friends and neighbors"!  We have CAIR members wearing yellow stars (reminiscent of Jewish persecution by Muslims, by the way) trying to play victim, saying "we come in peace", yet in the Mosques the Imams are exhorting the young men to "go forth and conquer the West for Allah"!   Always, the dual message: one for the Kuffar in the public press, the other for their own in the Mosques (usually in Arabic).

The reality is, Islam is the "religion of peace" only after dar al-Harb has been destroyed by Jihad. And that's a  Qur'anic religious mandate for ALL Muslims!

So you have to wonder: what is this higher agenda all the Western leaders seem to be following? Why are they following this undeniably societal destructive path for their countries?  Alex Jones goes on and on about a "globalist conspiracy". If there isn't one, why are the Western leaders doing what they're doing?


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