Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Who is the OIC?

Who is the OIC - Lyrics video from Dagobert Gimel on Vimeo.


why is it that the Leftist media glorifies "La Raza" (Spanish for "the Race" ) and "Black Lives Matter" then goes ballistic if we talk about Anglo-European racial identity? That suddenly becomes "racist" and people lose their jobs and are ostracized?

The Indo-European Judaeo-Christian culture (Western Civilization) is superior:
  • How else could less than a billion of us dominate the planet?
  • Why does the majesty of Western music, art and culture dominate? 
  • Why does our science, technology and innovation dominate?
  • Why else does every other group want to come to the societies we built to enjoy our wealth and prosperity?
The Marxists and the Muslims want to destroy  our society, and we are letting them owing to a mistaken sense of "fairness".   We are so prosperous and everyone else is so poor!  The Leftist professors tell our naive University students that the only way to "remedy" the situation is for us to join them in poverty and ignorance!

The kids that march on the capital to destroy the very society that nurtured them have no idea of what it means to live in a third world country, taking the potable drinking water, power and the internet, health care, and full refrigerators for granted!  Nor have they been to an Islamic shit hole country where the news crews wander around interviewing quaint villagers and say "these people are living exactly the way their ancestors did a thousand years ago" without it registering?

 What was Western society like a thousand years ago?  The Muslims say music and art are "haram": what happens to the iPhone music and videos?  Do the college students really want to start wiping their butts with their left hand? Do they really want the only subject available for University study the memorization of the Qur'an and the sunnah?  (So much for spending a quarter of a million dollars of mommie and daddy's money majoring in "The History of Rock and Roll").

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Progressive Plan:

TPP & NAFTA:  to destroy the American middle class by exporting all the jobs that pay from $50K to $150K......to CHINA where the jobs will be done by Chinese slave labor in facilities owned by the Chinese Army.

Immigrants: to destroy American culture, the family, prosperity and ultimately American power. Why? America is the only force that stands in the way of globalist domination of the earth.
If America can be bankrupted with welfare costs and destroyed by violence with Muslim jihadists, at some point the Progressive government will invite in UN "peace keepers" to restore order.

These "peace keepers" would be 10 million blue helmeted Chinese military personnel who would waste no time exterminating all the "undesirables", (Muslims and patriots) leaving only those suitable for slavery: passive obedient "I'm With Her" types dumbed down with sex, drugs, rock and roll and football.

Russian Hacking? (John Paul Watson of Infowars)


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Diversity our Strength?

"Diversity" is a con game to destroy white people and the prosperity that follows from their Judeo-Christian culture. South Africa is exhibit #1.

Prosperous South Africa has been turned over to the kleptocratic incompetent blacks and has become the archetypal African shit hole.  Detroit, at one time a beautiful and one of the most wealthy cities in America has been transformed by blacks and their Progressive supporters back into a depopulated weed-infested vacant lots and dilapidated and abandoned houses.

Image result for detroit slums
Detroit neighborhoods

The Flems and the Walloons have been fighting for hundreds of years in Belgium, the Catholics and Protestants have been fighting in Northern Ireland for hundreds of years. Where's the strength in diversity there?

Obama has tried to Federalize local zoning laws in order to allow HUD to place housing projects of black welfare recipients into white neighborhoods in the interest of "diversity". What were once safe and prosperous neighborhoods will sprout walls and bars on windows to keep the home invaders and burglars out and "white flight", turning all America into Detroit! "The neighborhoods are too white and too prosperous!" stated one of the HUD officials.

And then there's the Muslims and their civilization Jihad. The plan is to move in enough Muslims to take over the communities and institute the dar al-Islam, claiming the land for Allah and instituting the Shari'a law. If you preach "diversity is good" to the locals, they won't be allowed to complain about the refusal of Muslims to assimilate lest they be accused of "racist bigotry". Once there are sufficient numbers the Muslims practice racism against the locals by forcing them out, as they are now doing now in Dearborn.

Obama tells us that welfare to these people is "extending a temporary helping hand".  The Muslims consider it "jizyah", or payments due them from the Kafir owing to their Islamic Supremacy.

The reality is, race matters. There is no reason that white people should be denied their "race consciousness". Why is it "racism" if white people speak of such things, but if any other group does, it's considered "ethnic consciousness"?

It is a Marxist dictum that "only the dominant group can be racist". If we use the "n-word", it's racism. But if a black person goes by in a car and shouts at me "I'm gonna kill your white ass, you honkie cracker mother-fu*ker!" this is NOT racism?  Excuse me, I don't think so.

In a broader perspective, there are only about 800 million white people on the face of the earth. There are 7 billion people who are not. Who's really the minority here? Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-styled Caliph of the Islamic State has stated seriously the necessity to kill 500 million people to establish his Caliphate. Who do you think he's talking about?  You and me in Europe and North America, that's who?  How's that for diversity?

Martin Luthur King's vision was of a color blind society. We either all strive for it or it will never happen. If the Progressives try to induce white people to abandon their racial identity yet encourage all other groups to assert theirs, it's a recipe for the extermination of whites all together.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Why Denver's "The Cell" Is Useless!

Upon attending one of their briefings, emphasizing "see something, say something", it became clear that the Muslims had gotten to them and had defanged their program of anything useful.  They kept harping on "the civil rights of citizens", (which for all intents and purposes means the Muslims).  One of the things you CANNOT REPORT AS SUSPICIOUS  is clothing!  This of course means Shari'a compliant clothing, to wit, burkas, robes, beards, caps, etc.

In talking with my FBI friends, prior to the purge of 2008 which removed all intelligence information "insulting to Muslims", it was clear that Shari'a compliant clothing is directly correlated to  attacks of violent Jihad.  So "The Cell" has just disabled the one clue that would save lives! 

My friend Phil Haney's book "See Something Say Nothing" goes into this in a big way! The whole border security was shut down in favor of the civil rights of Muslim Jihadis!

So don't bother with "The Cell": it's another defanged bastion of political correctness that is prohibited from properly naming the enemy, which is ISLAMIC JIHAD!

Thursday, November 17, 2016


The ECRI[1] Definition of Hate Speech

In June of 2016, a young Muslim walked into a gay bar in Orlando Florida, shouted “Allahu Akbar” and killed 49 people and injured 53 others[2]. Prior to the attack, he called the Orlando Police Department and proclaimed his allegiance to the Islamic State.  But to report these facts is “hate speech” as per the European Union. How can this be?


The EU starts out by reaffirming the right to free speech and freedom of expression from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as follows:

Article 19.

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.[3]

But then comes the “however”:

On page 124 of the ECRI General Policy Recommendation NO. 15 on combatting Hate Speech:[4]

Hate speech is of a more “serious character” when it “……can be reasonably expected to incite acts of violence, intimidation, hostility or discrimination.”

This means if the public is told the Orland attacker was Muslim, it might generate hostility toward Muslims, the prevention of which is more important to the EU than the piled-up bodies.  Also, the desire to remove killers from society is considered “discrimination”, or “fear of the other” and thus illegal.

 The Muslim groups always howl about the potential of “backlash” after a Jihad attack, and demand police protection for the very Mosques that send the killers into the community.[5] 

So, where does this Orwellian suicidal logic come from?  Answer: the Shari’a!

“Yusuf Ali: And slay them wherever ye catch them, and turn them out from where they have Turned you out; for tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter; but fight them not at the Sacred Mosque, unless they (first) fight you there; but if they fight you, slay them. Such is the reward of those who suppress faith.”[6]

Resistance to Islamization by the host society is the “tumult”. “Oppression” is defined by Muslims as not living in a society where the Shari’a is dominant. Suppressing resistance to Islamization is more important to Muslims than stopping the killing, (and of course the Muslims are the ones doing the killing!)

This EU definition of “hate speech” is incompatible with the American concept of “Free Speech” as well as common sense.  The Global Islamic Movement is using the concept it to paralyze the response to the Jihad it is waging against the West. The EU pamphlet goes on to say:

 “Recalling, however, that freedom of expression and opinion is not an unqualified right and that it must not be exercised in a manner inconsistent with the rights of others:”[7]

The document goes on to expand “the rights of others” to include protection from “racism, racial discrimination, gender-based discrimination, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, islamophobia, anti-Gypsysim, and intolerance, as well as of crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes and the public denial, trivialization, justification or condonation of such crimes.”[8]

The authors never make a good case as to WHY such restrictions are necessary. It is presented as an uncontestable fact. The premise seems to be that people in the OSCE Area are so fragile emotionally that they would have complete nervous breakdowns if someone were to speak to them unkindly.  But no one in the EU bureaucracy seems concerned if EU citizens are murdered in Jihad attacks.


 “Islamophobia” is the main issue that the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has been working to criminalize in the West since 2005. The ECRI now defines Islamophobia as such:

“Islamophobia” shall mean prejudice against, hatred towards or fear of the religion of Islam or Muslims.[9]

Note carefully the definition doesn’t reference an “irrational fear”, the normal definition of a “phobia”:  It criminalizes fear of Muslims outright in and of itself. The definition actually criminalizes a human emotion, in this case the the instinct for self-preservation.

The OSCE’s problem is that fear of Islam is rational!  Attacks of Islamic Jihad take place on a daily basis and kill thousands.  Yet the OSCE strives to make it a punishable crime, which is absurd!

 Concerning non-believers, the Qur’an says:

“Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom God doth know.”[10]

Jihad is meant to “strike terror into the hearts of unbelievers”. Not only are we unbelievers to be terrorized, we are to be punished by the OSCE for being so.  What is a poor non-believer to do?  Evidently, just keep smiling while the Jihadists take off our heads!

 Therefore, using this warped logic, the EU demanded that the British Press stop naming the Jihad attackers as Muslims with a straight face, even though it’s true![11]  The EU’s concern is that the naming of Islam in the articles will increase “Xenophobia” and cause a “backlash” worse than the attacks themselves.  But there have been over 1200 Muslim Jihad attacks in 2016 [12] which have killed over 11,000 people with very few “backlashes”. Howling “backlash” appears to be a calculated diversion to transform the aggressors into victims.

Let us see how the Muslim groups would use this. At a Conference in Vienna May 22, 2015 entitled OSCE Security Days a correspondent from a Moroccan TV Show named Leila Ghandi was asked if truth could be hate speech. Her response:

“I believe that the truth can be, not always, truth can constitute hate speech, because sometimes truth is difficult, horrible in itself. …………….. Sometimes when you report on facts and these facts point (to) a community, then it can be the source of hateful speech. So, your question was does that mean that hiding the truth would be a mean (way) to tackle the hate speech. I would answer, sometimes it is. And sometimes we do. By not saying the entire truth.”[13]

From the hadith: Muslim’s version recording that Umm Kulthum added,

“I did not hear him permit untruth in anything people say, except for three things: war, settling disagreements, and a man talking with his wife or she with him (A: in smoothing over differences).”[14]

If Jihad is defined as “war against unbelievers”[15] then suppressing the truth about Jihad would further their cause against the West and be permitted under Islamic Law.

But why should the West go along with this suicidal meme?   The purpose of a free press is to bring the needed truth to the public!  To suppress it is dangerous! In this case, the reality of the existential threat of Islamic Jihad must not be hidden from the public if our civilization is to formulate steps to protect itself and survive.  Society might well investigate why these vital facts ARE being suppressed.

 What is the relationship between the Muslim Groups in the West and the so-called “free press”?  Is there intimidation? Infiltration? Black mail?  Financial payoffs?  The public needs answers, and quickly.

[1] European Court Against Racism and Intolerance
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

America's Moment of Truth! (Pat Condell )


Democratic Gramsci-Marxist Plan for Dismantling America

Maintain control by having the captive Mainstream Media (MSM) trash and demonize Trump 24/7 with the hope voters will vote AGAINST Trump and not think about WHAT THEY ARE VOTING FOR! Which is:
  • Continuing the dismantling of the American industrial base by exporting manufacturing to China with their slave labor, and acquisition of American companies by Chinese ones.
  • Continuing destruction of the fabric of American life with the identity politics: Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, gay vs. straight, men vs. women, young vs. old, religious vs. secular, or any other divisive strategy the Marxists can come up with to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.
  • Inundation of the land with millions of Islamic Jihadis to destroy the culture and infrastructure, daily attacks that will cause the deaths of thousands of Americans and knock our water supply, power grids, food distribution.
  • Continual burdensome regulations to discourage any entrepreneurial spirit that would develop new industries.
  • Continual transfer of American sovereignty to the UN in regard to treaties, gun control, family law, blasphemy and hate speech.
Once the chaos and suffering are sufficient, the UN will be called upon to "restore order", which will manifest itself in 10 million blue helmeted Chinese Army personnel taking control of the land. The global ruling elite will relocate to China, making it the Center of the Universe once more.

All the Islamic Jihadi settlers who existed under the umbrella of political correctness will be exterminated by the politically incorrect and unfettered Chinese Army, now that the Jihadis have served their purpose and are now a nuisance.

Another envisioned corollary will be a lien on all farmland by the Chinese government as payment for the national debt. American highways and byways will be littered with emaciated corpses of those who have starved to death while the abundant food production is harvested and shipped to China.

Anyone caught with a vegetable garden of their own will be shot on sight: government food distribution must be "fair", and gardens are "unfair"!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Coming One Party State and What It Will Look Like

Here's what America of the near future will look like:
  • The Gramsci Marxists will celebrate the seizure of the country, and will only have to decide the placement of the immigrants to eliminate the last vestige of  Republican local control.
  • The wealth of the middle class will be transferred to the immigrants with income and property taxes: justice and equality don't you know....
  • Those whose only concern was for "Dem Broncos" and continually obsessed about Quarterback performance will find Officers barging into their homes to assess whether or not an immigrant family can be placed in your home at your expense. Extra bedroom? Bingo! Five smelly Arabic speakers living downstairs who will soon kick you out of your own home.
  • You will join your former friends and neighbors in he streets, to become a filthy homeless white person whose lost  home and job, who will drift from town to town, camp to camp in search of food. It will be reminiscent of the hobo culture of the 1930's but much worse.
  • The Muslim Marxist political elites will live in their armed compounds, whisked from one place to another through the mean streets by armored limousine convoys.
  • Highways and byways will be littered with garbage and the smell of corpses.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Maybe we NEED an A**Hole!

Dear America:  Please STOP obsessing about Mr. Trump's personality!  It is NOT relevant to the key issues at stake!  It is a Diversion by the DNC to get you to forget about Mrs. Clinton and her crimes:
  • The e-mail deletions and the compromising of national security with her personal server
  • The utilization of the public office of Secretary of State for influence peddling and personal enrichment using the Clinton Foundation
  • The cover-up of then President Clinton's sexual predatory behavior including intimidation of the victims to keep them silent
Then, the siding with our enemies by 
  • Letting our people die in Benghazi during the false flag operation to justify the passing blasphemy laws in contravention of our First Amendment (asserting the violence was caused by a Muhammad video) and lying about it face to face with the families of those slain!
  • pledging in July 2011 to the then OIC  Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu to undermine our Constitutional First Amendment by complying with UN Resolution 16/18  and implementing the "Istanbul Process" by "shame and peer pressure".[1].
  • Failing to recognize the existential threat to our civilization in allowing millions of Muslim Civilizational Jihadist settlers to enter the United States and build a parallel and hostile society that intends to destroy us.
These issues are far more important than the nature of Mr. Trumps's personality. Maybe be NEED an a**hole to take on the Globalist establishment and the special interest lobbyists that are bribing our Congress-persons to sell off our country and our National Security piece by piece!

[1] http://vladtepesblog.com/2016/07/09/un-resolution-1618-and-hillary-clinton/

Monday, October 3, 2016

Side Event OSCE 26 Sept 2016 ORIW

OSCE Side Event Sept 26, 2017

Time:                    18:00-19:45

 Venue:                  Meeting Room 2

Title:                     Announcement of annual report of ORIW in French Country in Europe

 Convenor:             Organisation Racism and Islamophobia Watch (ORIW) 

 Working languages:   English, French  


ORIW defined “Islamophobia” as “Intolerance motivated by fear, hate speech and acts of violence”. The fear is “fear of the other”. In 2014, 33 acts of violence. In 2015, 429. Examples of hate were objection to halal meat and Islamic clothing. One anecdote was a man who feared eating halal meat would make him Muslim! But shouldn’t a free people have a right to choose instead of a “racist” response?


It’s Islamophobic to fight the “flood of immigrants coming into the country”. It’s an outrage for Europeans to say they prefer Christian immigrants.  It is not true that there is criminality and danger in immigrant camps. It is the European failure to help the immigrants properly that is causing the aggression.  The solution is interfaith dialogue and education to overcome fear, (the root of the problem).

Every time “something happens” the adverse reaction against Muslims is like “pouring oil on the fire”. The fires of xenophobia are fanned by the right wing press. They publish stories that reinforce prejudice and hostility to Muslims: such as stories that the immigrants threaten the identity of France.


The French state cannot be secular. It needs to treat all religions “even -handedly”.  A completely secular state is impossible. The Secular state stigmatizes Muslims. This stigmatization must be fought at three levels:

·         Legal

·         Non-racist forms of legislation

·         Muslim organizations to fight Islamophobia


Any tie between Islam and terrorism is rejected. Counter terrorism such as “de-radicalizing” programs or searches only leads to further radicalization.  Muslims are your allies to fight extremism. To fight Islamophobia is to fight terrorism. We will help you marginalize the Extremists, and after all, Muslims are the victims of extremist attacks as well. Muslims are a permanent part of French society

Terrorism can be understood and fought. Bad schools lead to terrorism. Injustice to Muslims and denial of human rights means the terrorists “win”



Intolerance against Muslims is generic. Societies must respect Islam. The mandate of the 57 States is consensus based.

1.       Hate crimes and discrimination

a.       Training police and prosecutors

b.       Recognizing hate speech

c.       Examining freedom of criticism

2.       Tolerance and non-discrimination

ODHIR   Hate crime reporting

·         Data

·         Website (Nov 16th)


·         Attacks in countries spike trends against Muslims

·         Security policies in relation to Muslim Human Rights

·         Political narratives that demonize Muslims/Faith in the media. One sided views

·         Muslim Communities don’t feel safe

Europe must reject racism and xenophobia which goes against the principles of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.


Intolerance and discrimination against Muslims: guides actions of specific states. Muslims must participate.

All forms of terrorism linked to Islam must be rejected.  We must build democratic societies where Muslims feel safe.

The concept that there is an “immigrant invasion of Europe” and the attack in Nice are being used to justify violations against Muslim human rights. This “radicalizes” the youth and is “pouring oil on the fire”.

Society says we can’t be anti-Semitic but maintains structural Islamophobia or denies it exists.

·         Authorities create it

·         Anti-burkini creates radicalization

·         To say “Islam is a Trojan horse” fuels racism amongst low knowledge people. It is a new form of racism

·         Intolerance is grounded in freedom of expression

A hate crime is something that’s already a crime that has a hateful motive attached: a bias having to do with race, religion or sexual preference.

Comment: Steve once again tried to pin them for a definition of Islamophobia and this time got a sociological definition that alluded to irrational fear of Islamic clothing.


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Islamophobia and the Instinct for Self-Preservation: A Metaphor

Currently, anyone who brings to light documents and speeches disclosing Muslim intentions to destroy Western Civilization is accused of "Islamophobia, spreading hate and fear of Muslims": documents such as "The Grand Memorandum"[1] or the captured Muslim Brotherhood document "The Project" [2].

The Muslim groups also assert that "saying Islamophobic things is an abuse of free speech and should be made a punishable crime".  Excuse me, but these Muslim entities are planning our destruction. Certainly bringing them to the public's attention is necessary for our survival.

Here's the metaphor: if you're standing in the middle of a highway, and see an 18 wheeler truck approaching, it would be appropriate to get out of the middle of the road to avoid being run over! Anyone  who says getting out of the way is committing "truckophobia, and spreading hate and fear of 18 wheeler trucks" would be labeled a suicidal moron!   And so it is with Islam.

When you review these documents, they are explicit in what the Muslim groups wish to do to us. How does it further our interests to ignore these facts? It isn't a "phobia" when they are really trying to kill you.

[1] http://www.investigativeproject.org/documents/20-an-explanatory-memorandum-on-the-general.pdf
[2] http://www.billionbibles.org/sharia/muslim-brotherhood-project.html

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Clare Lopez Intervention, OSCE Conference

Working Session No. 12
Specifically Selected Topic:
Freedom of Thought, Conscience, Religion & Belief
Clare M. Lopez, B.A., M.A.
Warsaw, Poland
27 September 2016

Thank you Madam Moderator, ladies and gentlemen,
There can be no more fundamental human right than the freedom to believe, to not believe, or to change belief according to one’s conscience in safety and security, knowing that your person, property and livelihood will not be endangered as a consequence.
The United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights states unequivocally that “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief…”
And yet, we know that under Islamic Law, the decision to leave Islam is considered treason and carries the death penalty. Sahih Bukhari records that Muhammad said, “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.” So, how do we reconcile such doctrine with the ideals of the United Nations and this Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe?
What should be our response when heroes of our time - a Magdi Allam, a Rifka Bari, a Nonie Darwish, an Ayan Hirsi Ali – are pronounced apostates and live with death threats for their courage?
If we are true to the ideals and principles that come to us through natural law, we stand with Muslims, former Muslims, and all people who yearn to live free.
I urge us all to unite in defense of the right of all people everywhere to live in security no matter their decisions in matters of belief and faith.
Thank You.

Friday, September 30, 2016




Time:                    08:15-09:45

 Venue:                  Belvedere

Title:                     The consequences of Islamophobic discourse in the European political parties

Convenor:             European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion - EMISCO  

 Working language:    English  

Notes on the presentation of Dr Büllent Şenay, a professor at a Turkish University. He is also the OSCE Chairman on “Intolerance and Discrimination Against Muslims”.

The main theme of the Muslim groups was the “dramatic increase in Islamophobia, and laws must be passed in Western nations to fight it”!

He was adroit at casting criticism of Islam or the Shari’a into “hatred against Muslims”.  He espoused the OIC line that “Islamophobia” is a new form of racism.  When asked to define “Islamophobia”, he said “I won’t define it, because ‘everybody knows what it is”.

He went on to call it “attacks against adherents of the Islamic faith” and laws were necessary for the protection of people and institutions. He tacitly accepted criticism of Islam but not demonizing Muslims. “We all know that intolerance and distrust of Muslims is a form of racism”.  He attributed the “rise in Islamophobia” to the influx of immigrants. He had recommendations:

·         Make “Islamophobia” a punishable “hate crime”

·         Collect “evidence” of hate crimes

·         Legislation implemented on the findings

·         Eliminate so called Counter Terrorism programs: they violate the Civil Rights of Muslims and “radicalize” the youth

·         “De-radicalization” programs where youth are taken from their homes is counterproductive, thus Quixotic, as it causes “radicalization”.

·         The right wing media has made “Islamophobia” mainstream, breeding racism and intolerance.

·         The silence of their friends is an outrage and threatens multiculturalism

·         That the separation of church and state is impossible! What is needed is an “even-handed State” that treats all religions appropriately

·         Islamophobia must be fought by educational programs in the schools

·         These issues must be separated from immigration

·         Violence linked to Islam must be rejected

·         That Muslims are partners in fighting terrorism, and their critical voices must be heard

·         That Europe is a continent of peace, human rights, and the rule of law, and we need to work to keep it that way.




We note that at no time has he mentioned any of the attacks committed by Muslim Jihad groups!  They would have you believe that the “rise in Islamophobia” came out of the blue for no reason. Dr. Şenay adheres to the false narrative that violence and Islam are not linked, and that only a small percentage are violent Jihadists. But how can you make that case in light of the Qur’anic passages that say otherwise?[1]

After the attacks in France, there was a demand that Muslim groups denounce them.  Such demands were dismissed as irrelevant since Jihadists make such a small percentage of the Muslim population.[2]

Dr. Şenay’s proposal to document hate crimes and implement legislation is well underway.  There is a proposal in the UK to allow Muslims to report hate crimes directly instead of having to go through the police.[3]  This would go a long way to establishing Islamic Supremacy and make Muslims above the law. Looking at a Muslim sideways would generate a “hate crime report”!  Such a procedure would codify Muslim victimhood and lead to laws that would make them untouchable.

In absolute terms, the Muslims wish to make “Islamophobia” a punishable crime. And with no definition of the term, they can persecute their enemies by defining Islamophobia in any way that suits their purpose.  Don’t want Muslims to institute “Islam week” at your local public school?  Don’t want the Muslims to build a 10,000 square foot Mosque in your neighborhood? Don’t like the idea of Muslims butchering live sheep and goats on your neighborhood streets?  All severe cases of Islamophobia that will be punishable by law.

[1] See Q9:5, 29, Q2:191-196, 216 for starters
[2] European Islamophobia Report 2015, Bayrakli, Hafez, SETA 2016 p.172
[3] http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/prevent-anti-extremism-strategy-legitimising-islamophobic-hate-attacks-andy-burnham-warns-a7330951.html

Monday, September 26, 2016

OSCE Conference, Warsaw PL 26 Sept 2016

Attended EMISCO event.  They decry the "increase in Islamophobia" in Europe, but refuse to link the rise with the vicious Jihad attacks such as NICE and Paris or Bruxelles airport as having anything to do with it!

In fact, they propose laws against "Islamophobia" with fines and imprisonment yet refuse to define it "because everyone knows what it is!"  They define it as "attacks against adherents of the Islamic faith", and are trying to expand the concept of "racism" from a biological attribute to a belief attribute by calling it "religious racism". This would piggy back on the Progressive Left's political correctness bandwagon of "homophobia racism, xenophobia discrimination meme".

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

09/06/2016 ACT Conference 2016

Series of speakers today.  But the enemy has wormed its way in. Raheel Raza, supposedly a "moderate Muslim" gave a talk that followed to a T the Muslim Brotherhood line. We're puzzled that BG was taken in by it.

Steve Coghlin talked about our Government's inability to see the enemy in a coherent fashion. Phil Haney gave some real information on how the DHS has aided and abetted the Jihadi entry into the US. Everyone needs to read his book "See Something, Say Nothing".

Tomorrow we're all going to Capital Hill to call on our Congress persons and urge them to NOT vote to fund the 200,000 refugees for 2017,

Monday, September 5, 2016

09/05/2016 Act Conference

Dinner tonight with Chapter Mentors. Act is putting together a video series for ACT Chapters and Chapter Leaders as a starting point on Islamic Doctrine, Vital to counter the False Muslim Brotherhood narrative that is so ingrained in our society. We viewed a couple of them. Excellent!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Black Lives matter


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The UN The OIC and European "Immigration"


It's becoming clear that what we've long suspected is now confirmed by information leaking out to the public:
  • The UN, the Organization of Islamic Co-operation have colluded to bring in 5 million young Muslim males to overthrow the governments of Western Europe, and that the United States is next!
  • That the operation is being financed by global multinational corporations and their billionaire owners, such as George Soros and his "Open Borders" organization.
  • The Globalist corporations believe they can create a world government that they can control from behind the scenes, optimizing tax laws for their own tax exempt benefit. (Better to own one set of politicians at the UN and the EU instead of having to buy off different sets in different countries).
  • The Muslims in the OIC believe this helps them Islamize the West, following the example of Muhammad and his "Hijra" from Mecca to Medina by migration to Western Europe leading to its conquest.
  • Certainly current Western leaders are in on it. These leaders are paying the "bribe price" of betraying their people in exchange for being allowed to retain the perks and privileges of office they currently enjoy.
But the reason such a plan will fail is that the Globalists are underestimating the Muslims.  A destroyed Europe will be Islamized, not taken over by the UN.  The bureaucrats that inhabit the UN are no match for murderous Jihadis who are willing to walk into a UN meeting with all the leaders present and detonate themselves, shredding the George Soros's of the world with explosive vests lined with ball bearings.

As we pick our way through the rubble, bodies and broken glass, have a nice day!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Why Monetary Stimulation is Ineffective

The Central Banks lower interest rates in the hope that it will stimulate the economy; that companies will borrow to expand, buy goods and services and hire more workers.  But companies have not!

They have completed stock buybacks or done Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). I might add that M&A usually results in layoffs and cost cutting, which shrinks the economy. There is little Capital Expenditure (CapEx) and hiring owing to the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) and the plethora of Federal, State and local regulations heaped upon businesses in the name of "protecting the consumer" (which is in reality "justifying the bureaucracy").  This means that businesses cannot afford to hire full time employees (and why many full time employees have been cut back to 28 hours a week and shifted to part time to avoid the onerous health care coverage mandate).  Thus, all the monetary easing in the world isn't doing what it would usually do.

Metaphor:  if monetary stimulus is "filling the monetary punch bowl" in the hope that the economic participants would partake, ObamaCare and excessive regulations are the floating turds spoiling the party. The pundits and academics, astoundingly, ignore this and continue to call for more punch!

In Europe, the analysts, central bankers and government leadership ignore the effect of the millions of Jihadists flooding in at the invitation of the Globalists. Even with the infrastructure and the population being attacked and destroyed on a daily basis, they still can't understand why businesses aren't responding to the monetary easing!!!

The Globalists are exporting American jobs and production capabilities.  Massive factories going up in Monterrey Mexico, R&D facilities moved India: yet the Fed can't understand why "hiring has not returned to pre-recession levels".

Opening the monetary spigot isn't going to remedy the structural dismantling of the nation. Nor will the efficiency of Globalism continue to glean support when the beneficiaries narrow to a thin crust of elite multinational corporations and their owners and the government bureaucrats they buy off.  I heard an OSCE Official talking about NAFTA: he said "we can take Canadian raw materials, American capital and Mexican labor and build an economic powerhouse." But who benefits?  Not the Mexican workers enslaved by the Patron labor contractors, not the millions of Americans laid off as factories move to Mexico. Maybe a few Canadian commodities employees and shareholders, and of course Wall Street . And that's it!

The Progressive solution is to raise the minimum wage and mandate employer provided health care, which only accelerates the job losses. Progressives seem immune to the concept of price elasticity of labor.

The answer is to stop relying on Government to revive the economy. Eight years of Obama left wing central planning has failed. Time to unleash the private sector. We could start by lowering taxes and allow the trillions being held offshore. That's trillions of "stimulus", far better than the Keynesian "infrastructure projects" like Obama's Solyndra.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Western Governments and Jihad Attacks

The approach of Western governments is based on the false Muslim Brotherhood narrative that's been pushed in the West since the 1960's. It is as follows:
  • All Muslims are "moderate"
  • The only Muslims that are violent are a fringe that" misunderstands" the true Doctrine of the "peaceful Islam" and are upset with our policies toward Israel and the Middle East
  • That there is a "war for the soul of Islam" between this fringe and the mainstream
  • Therefore, to reinforce the "moderate" Muslims the West must not say anything that links Islam to violence. We must make our policies "less offensive to Muslims".   We must accommodate Muslim sensibilities and give Muslims a "special status" lest the "violent fringe win".
The trouble is, none of this is true. There is no war for the "soul of Islam": the Doctrine has been settled since the 12th century.  The Global Islamic Movement has been conducting Jihad against the West for 1400 years, long before Israel or even Western nation states existed.  And Jihad can be waged by the mouth, the pen, the money and the sword.

Sadly, our "war on terror" only addresses the "Jihad by the sword" and ignores the other just as important 3/4 of the Jihad being waged against us. The whole purpose of Jihad is to impose the Shari'a on non-Muslim societies, transferring them from the "dar al-Harb" to the "dar al-Islam" and establishing the world-wide Caliphate. So it is just as much of a loss when the Muslims working at a meat packing plant win concessions for prayer time off, or a school system adopts halal meals for the students and eliminates pork, etc. It all comes under the classification of imposing the Shari'a and eliminating our own Western Judeo-Christian culture.

Another aspect: the officials dealing with the issue have bought into the false Narrative for most of their career. When fact after fact comes to them that doesn't fit the narrative, their tendency is to "shoot the messenger" rather than face the truth they have been wrong for the last 15 to 20 years.

Thus, when there is a Jihad attack in a Western city, like recently in London, or Paris, or San Bernardino or Orlando, the government and their lap dog media MUST break the link between violence and Islam to maintain the narrative. Call the man a Norwegian, suppress his Islamic name, scrub the evidence of the shouts of "Allahu Akbar" and imply "mental illness". (Of course, maybe all of Islamic Doctrine pertaining to Jihad IS mental Illness, but that's another debate.) 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Foundation Of Progressive Misperceptions Concerning Islam

Secularists who worship human intellect and rationality instead of God believe that they control everything. Thus, when the Jihadists create mayhem throughout Western societies, "it must be something we're doing: therefore, if we change our behavior we can STOP IT!"

Right now, they believe we are "triggering the attacks by offending the Muslims".  Therefore, if we accommodate them, if we bend over backwards to appease them, if we "treat them properly" the Jihad will stop! Nothing could be further from the truth!

Jihad is a Qur'anic mandate to "wage war on unbelievers to establish the religion until the submit to the Shari'a, pay the jizya, and feel themselves humiliated"  (Q9:5).  It has NOTHING TO DO with what we do! it has only to do with our being unbelievers, (Kuffar).

To stop the attacks, we need to shut down the Mosques, imprison the Imams and deport the Muslims! Period! The current strategy of persecuting patriots that speak out against Islamic Jihad will do nothing, since the "triggering" model is incorrect.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Oh, But America Was Built By Immigrants!

This is the justification for opening the sea cocks of Muslim Civilizational Jihadist Immigrants that will soon sink our civilization.  But in the 19th Century, the immigrants that came through Ellis Island in many cases got on trains and went to the empty Midwest, were given a parcel of land and were given the opportunity to carve a life for themselves out of the land. Many died: Starvation from crop failures or Indian attacks.

Today's immigrants do NOT come to build a better life. They come to destroy us. They come to climb onto welfare and march in the streets to make demands that we shut down our civilization and adopt theres!   Halal foods in the schools, Islamic holidays instead of Christian ones. These people are invaders in every sense of the term and should be treated as such!

The stated goal of the government for immigrants is that they assimilate, that they become self sufficient and that they learn English.  Do Muslims to any of those? Is there any rationality for bringing in a million Somalis with no intention of ever assimilating or becoming self-sufficient or learning English?

Their only purpose is to vote Democratic and wage Jihad against us.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Response To Islamic Jihad

I saw a post that cautioned against a "harsh response lest we drive the local Muslims into the arms of ISIS".  This devious ploy to keep us from defending ourselves stems from the well thought out false Muslim Brotherhood narrative, which is as follows:
  • All Muslims are moderate
  • only a "fringe" is violent, being upset with our policies in the Middle East or Israel or toward Muslims in general
  • And there's a struggle for the "soul of Islam" between these two factions
Therefore we must
  • Not say Islam is violent because then the "violent faction" wins
  • We must have more Muslims in the DoD, CIA, DHS, FBI, etc, so Muslims won't be "alienated" and will feel more a "part of American society"(and not turn to the violent faction).
The problem with all this is, IT ISN'T TRUE! Jihad against unbelievers (the Kuffar) has been underway for 1400 years. It has nothing to do with Israel or the policies of the United States! It has only to do with our being unbelievers!

There are not two factions in Islam, only one!  All Muslims are on board with Jihad because it's part of the Islamic Doctrine. Jihad is considered an act of the HIGHEST PIETY! This is why the so-called "moderate Muslims" are always silent after an attack!  (And those that have bought into this false narrative are the only ones mystified by this silence!).

Therefore, the proper response to an attack of Islamic Jihad is to burn the Mosques and deport the Muslims. Period!  We have no necessity or mandate to let the United Nations (which is controlled by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation) jam us with 40 million Muslim Jihadists who will destroy our civilization!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Niece: the Clash of Civilizations

The Globalist Elites have misinterpreted the propensity of the populations of the West to respect the rule of law to believe they could pass a lot of chicken shit laws and expect them to march to the Islamic Chopping blocks quietly.

Now that survival is at stake, the people will rise up against these Globalist manipulators and their Islamic pawn butchers and rightly so. To say that our common decency and tolerance means we have to let the Jihadis kill us or we're violating our principles is Bull Shit!

Time to eliminate the threats to our civilization: the Civilizational Jihadists, their fortress Mosques, and the traitor Globalists who would send us to the chopping blocks while they hide in their walled off compounds on Maui guarded by armed commandos.  Let us appeal to the commandos to turn on their slave masters to give them what they deserve: and abundance of .556 perforations in their miserable carcasses.

Niece: the Clash of Civilizations

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Black Lives Matter False Flag

The whole purpose of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is to discredit the police and justify either the Federalization of the police or the transfer of authority to the UN under the "Strong Cities Initiative". 

In a recent interview with the Japanese Press, Obama referred to racism in the Police Departments as a matter of fact. It isn't. But this is the purpose. Obama wants to put in place a national police force under Federal Control like Franco's "Guardia Civil" or the French Gendarmerie, where the local police are unknown and hostile to the locals as a matter of design.

Obama knows if he orders gun confiscation now, the local police would not enforce it. But if the police were Federalized, these people WOULD!

Think about such a scenario! You are ordered to turn in your firearms. And when you don't, you have Federal Police who are deputized thugs from the BLM Chicago kicking in your door!  These are the ones who will cart you off to the FEMA camps in the desert!

This is why the paramount issue is to wrest control of the government from Progressive hands! Pining for your "true conservative" will be a moot point when we have the Federal Government digging our mass graves with bulldozers near Tonopah NV.  If you don't think they are not planning such a thing, think again!


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