Thursday, December 31, 2015

Steps to the Loss of Liberty

I listened to a "Great Courses" audio course on the founding of the National Socialist government in Germany in the early 1930's.   People ask "how could an advanced country like Germany, the country of Goethe and Beethoven, produce a "monster" like Adolph Hitler?

When you follow the steps of the National Socialist consolidation of power, it is the same thing the Communists that control the Democratic Party in the US are doing today. If you want to preserve liberty, you have to be confrontational!  You have to realize that football isn't the most important thing in the world.

The worst offenders are the weak sister Christian pastors who want to "go along to get along". They should read Dietrich Bonhoeffer's biography of standing up against the subordination of the Lutheran church in Germany by the National Socialists.

In that move, the National Socialists tried to assert that Jesus wasn't a Jew, and that it was a religious duty to support the "New Order".  The government threatens the churches with loss of their 501c(3) status if they don't tow the line. Pastors need to fight for their religious liberty by testing this in court! More than likely, the government would do nothing, knowing that religious liberty is enshrined in the Constitution, not in the IRS.

 Political Correctness is Stalinist oppression come to the United States.  We have freedom of speech. Period! No exceptions!  There is no "right" to no hurt feelings, no "right" to a "safe space", which is really an island of intimidation and Marxist tyranny that they want to roll out to the rest of society.

Hitler had his brown shirts, the Marxists have their "Black Lives Matter" and the "Occupy Wall Street" or whatever. It all boils down to silencing opposition and intimidation.  The meek "go along to get along" will lose their liberties sure as hell if they don't develop some back bone.

Sunday, December 20, 2015



The purpose of immigration in both Europe and the United States is to destroy the nation states and the national identities to pave the way for the Globalist Soros World Government, run by the EU and the UN. It's not clear how they fit together right now, but there's got to be an arrangement of some sort.

The function of Jihad that's being initiated by the Administration in the United States is to destroy the 2nd Amendment, which is the key obstacle to the world government plan. Think of that!  As the violence and blood in the streets grows, the media and the government will raise the howl for gun control as a solution! Eventually it will mean kicking in every door in the United States to take them!

Once that's accomplished, American sovereignty will be suborned to the UN, eventually even the Armed Forces. Once this is accomplished, Agenda 21 can be executed. I need only remind that Agenda 21 calls for a "sustainable" population on earth of less than a billion people.  There are seven billion now.

When you ask a "globalist" about this, and how they plan to get down to the one billion figure, they grow very quiet and won't look you in the eye. This is a tell that they believe THEY are in the one billion, but YOU and YOUR FAMILY are NOT! The Globalists will do it in the name of "saving the planet".

It's no accident that all the old KGB operatives like Gorbachev have gone into "Green" organizations. Even the Pope is taken up in all this. Does he believe his flock will be spared? Or is he willing to sacrifice them, the shepherd feeding his flock to the Globalist wolves?
Take  a look at this:


Thursday, December 3, 2015

San Bernadino

The shootings in San Bernardino were another attack of ISLAMIC Jihad, just like Paris and Chattanooga (to mention the most recent).  The Progressive Left tries to explain away these attacks  to deflect the obvious conclusion that "Islam has anything to do with it" (which of course it does). Their excuses are wearing thin after dozens of attacks.

The President's call for more Gun Control as a remedy is bizarre!  Pipe bombs were found in the apartment of the attackers, home made according the recipe found in Al Qaeda's INSPIRE Magazine. How would Gun Control legislation prevent pipe bombs?  If anything, the American people need to be armed to protect themselves from these mass shooter Jihadists, not  further disarmed and more helpless.

There's this: France and California already have stringent gun control laws. What good did they do? International Jihad organizations supported by the Global Islamic Movement have access to arms and equipment independent of local sources. 

  If the President really wanted to stop these attacks, he would shut down the Mosques, the Muslim Brotherhood front organizations, and deport the Jihadists, not import more of them by the hundreds of thousands.


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