Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sept 30, 2015 OSCE Conference, Warsaw

Session 14 today on  Tolerance and freedom of religion.

We have a consistent effort to change the language and the definition of terms to enable the Progressive governments can shut down freedoms.

Lots of reference to "combating extremism", another undefinable term.  It's very important that everyone understand Islamic Doctrine. If one doesn't understand the Doctrine, any effort to oppose their Jihad against the dar al-Harb seems like "religious oppression".  That's by design.

Astounded by the large number of young single women at the Conference. No wonder the 40 some married diplomats get in trouble. Having to go to Conference to Conference, away from home, bored and lonely, the temptation to "make friends" would be substantial.

Anti Immigration Tyranny

It shows how desperate and alienated the elitist German government is from the people it claims to represent.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

29 Sept 2015 OSCE Conference in Warsaw

Things we've learned:  At Fredrick Chopin Airport here in Warsaw, Muslims are flying in and paying cabs to drive them to Germany for 4000 euros.  It doesn't sound like penniless war refugees to me.

The German government is persecuting people for questioning Angela Merkel's policies.  Jail time, confiscation of homes and pensions, the works. Also, German citizens being evicted from public housing to make room for immigrants.

At the EMISCO side event, hardly anyone showed. I counted 20 people or so. But when you subtract all the members of the Muslim groups and the press, there was only us and a couple of others. When I was here two years ago, it was standing room only at their side event.

Bashi Quarashi's main EMISCO plan is to work with the Universities to instill "universal values" instead of "European values" by indoctrinating the next generation of students. What values are those? Not hard to imagine:

The push to fight "Islamophobia, Xenophobia, Racism, discrimination, LGBT rights" etc.It really boils down to destabilizing Judeo-Christian values and the right to define yourself.  If:
You are a Patriot, you're a "nationalist"
If you are a believing Christian, you're a "fundamentalist"
If you believe in marriage between one man and one woman, you "hate LGBT" people and are thus a "hater"!
If you are a veteran, you are a "violent extremist" because you believed in the old "Red White and Blue", enlisted and deployed overseas to "fight"! Remember: in the Soros moral relativist cultural equivalent world, anyone who believes in ANYTHING is suspect! Remember: there is no truth, no right or wrong, it's only a matter of subjective interpretation. No borders, no nationalities, no middle class, just one big world community living in Stalinist block house rabbit warrens by train stations,  (with Soros in charge behind the scenes, of course!)

The name of the game is: the more vague the definition of the Laws, the wider the latitude of the bureaucrats to deprive the population of their liberties! Take a look at how "Speech codes" on University campuses have metastasized into Orwellian monsters!  People are persecuted for asking someone "what time is it?"  (if they were underprivileged and didn't have a watch, they'd be offended!)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Afternoon of Sept 28th

Went to the Sofitel to get our OSCE Credentials. Then we adjourned for dinner. It seems this is the key:  All this blather about "Fighting against racism, xeniohobia fascism and nationalism" is to erase national identities and remove people's ability to define themselves. Thus

Anyone who is outraged by the excesses Muslim settlers in Europe, such as rape, trashing the countryside, brutalizing the locals and other Christian refugees is a "racist and xenophobe".

If you call yourself an American or Pole, you're a "nationalist nativist".  What the EU elites and the George Soros backers want is a "new international order, "open borders" where European culture is obliterated and a new Progressive society, (with the Elites in charge of course) can built from scratch.

The sad thing is the Pope is going along with it.  When he says "Jesus" what comes out is Karl.

More Immigration Consequences to rape white women-europe

Monday Sept 28 Arrival

Sunday, September 27, 2015

First Leg to Poland: DIA 0700

DIA 0700:
First leg of the journey always starts at DIA. Sitting patiently at B43 awaiting the departure of UA 939 to Dulles International.  So far, there are 7 seats available and I'm #4. I should get on. If not, I have a backup ticket on Southwest that departs at 0950.  If I DO get on, I'll be sure to cancel the Southwest ticket and get a refund.

On the way to the airport, NPR had a program about the Iranian Iraq war that started in 1980 and how it is still shaping what's going on in the region to this day. The destruction of Iraq, the militarization of society, and the tug of war between the Shi'ite ruling minority in Iraq with the Sunnis. Still, however, I believe it is a mistake to think any Shi'ite Sunni rivalry would help us as Kuffar. The Muslim groups won't start killing each other until we are long in our graves.

But it does explain why Iran is defending its interest with Assad in Syria. The Russian intervention is interesting. My guess is that all the Muslims in the area will unite against them as "Kafir invaders". If Putin didn't have such absolute power, he never could have intervened. Certainly the Russian experience in Afghanistan should portend to an unpleasant and unpredictable outcome.  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fr Andrew @ Arapahoe GOP Meeting

Fr Andrew, Pastor St Vincent de Paul Parish

IRS routinely threatens churches to be silent on political issues, threatening them with "loss of IRS tax exempt status". This is the "Johnson Amendment": Lyndon Johnson was thwarted by Pastors in Texas at some point. So he introduced this amendment in retaliation.  Thus, the churches have been silenced by money! Shame on them! And our church leaders have shown remarkable cowardice!

 But the law is virtually not in effect. There have been zero cases. And should it be tested in court, it would almost certainly be thrown out. Not taxing churches was built into our Constitution at its foundation. And by the way, many of our Founding Fathers were ordained Ministers. The Founding documents are profoundly religious! But the Universities today teach them in a manner that bleached out religion to appease the Liberal agenda. Universities are LYING to their students!

Thus, Pastors have gotten together to institute "Pulpit Freedom Sunday" in which Pastors preach politics from the pulpit defiantly and video tape it!  Last time they sent 2100 video tapes to the IRS! They are salivating for the IRS to move against their Tax Exempt Status so as to test it in court.

This means  Lois Lerner of the IRS, in targeting Churches and conservative groups, has been engaged in criminal activity!

As for Gay Marriage, these are God given rights and principles that man should not tamper with. This will not be put right without massive disruptive dislocation.

Comment:  The ancient Israelites went against God's law in spite of the prophetic warnings. There was eventually a reckoning in 586BC when the Assyrians sacked Jerusalem and carried off the Israelites into slavery.  The Europeans have turned their backs on their Christian heritage: look at what's happening there! Their  self-loathing multiculturalism and political correctness has rendered them incapable of  even seeing a reason to defend themselves against the Muslim hordes!

The religious nature of our founding documents is the essence of "American Exceptionalism". We must boldly speak out!  In today's environment, our Founding Fathers would be considered "Religious Extremists"!  All Pastors must be willing to develop a little backbone!

Comment: in the Progressive world view, anyone that believes anything and is willing to stand up for it is a "Violent Extremist"! This definition includes veterans who believe in the Red White and Blue and fought on deployments!  

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Guandolo on Ahmed's Clock in Irving TX

As John says, this is an Intelligence preparation of the battlefield. What this does is make Law Enforcement hesitant to disarm IED's, lest the Muslims be "offended" . This is why no one was willing to call out Maj. Hasan at Ft Hood. The fact that the President is so deeply involved in this operation lets us know whose side he is on: not ours!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Germany's Suicide Note

In this video, German Prime Minister Angela Merkel basically says "yes, she knows the Muslim immigrants will overwhelm and destroy Germany, that they will do bad things to the German people, but since Germany has a Nazi past, they have no right to defend themselves and deserve destruction.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Celebrating Self-Destruction

I noticed a video of immigrants arriving at a town in Germany and the population were smiling and applauding their arrival. They don't seem to grasp that these people intend to destroy them. Ninety percent of the arrivals are Muslim, seventy percent are young military aged young men. The Muslims will strike quickly. They will not wait generations. These young trained Jihadis will be used.  The Dhimmis who take comfort in "oh well, it won't happen in my lifetime" will be sadly mistaken.

I have heard of such behavior before. What comes to mind are the cheering throngs at the start of World War One.  They were impervious to the warnings of the mass destruction of life and property, failing to grasp the fact that the technology of war, (artillery and the maxim gun) rendered obsolete the prevailing infantry tactic of assault with "courage, determination and the bayonet". Millions died.

Then there was the 1980 example of the striking mechanics of Eastern Airlines cheering their Pyrrhic "victory" when the airline shut down and declared bankruptcy, taking their jobs and their retirements with it.

Then there is the smiling clergy, deluding themselves into thinking they are doing their Christian duty of caring for "the poor".  Most of these people come to sponge off the welfare system and to conduct "civilizational Jihad". These "immigrants" will not assimilate but swell the Muslim enclaves. They will demand submission to the Shari'a Law. They will eventually burn the churches and kill the Priests that had recently welcomed them.

Welcome to multiculturalism.  The Progressives have taught that all cultures are equivalent and that the prosperity and freedoms of Western civilization are the norm that we can take for granted. Wrong! The default norm for mankind are shit holes like Nigeria and Sudan. Brutality, bloodshed, and slavery are what's coming for the smiling fat progressives in the West.

Monday, September 14, 2015


Scenario to consider:
  • "Black Lives Matter" has been organized by Progressive forces in the Obama Administration hostile to the United States. Its purpose is to place Police Officers in a no win situation. Human nature would cause them to abandon the black areas of their cities.
  • As lawlessness grows in the areas, the Federal Government would then say "There's been a failure in local law enforcement, (and isn't government adroit at 'solving' problems it created). Therefore, by executive order, the Federal Government will assume responsibility for policing these areas." 
  • The Feds would then deputize the Mosques in these areas to assume the policing of these inner city areas. They WOULD clean up the communities!  The Dhimmi press would run glowing stories of the neighborhood soup kitchens, the clean up brigades scrubbing the place, painting shabby homes, and the streets would be safe.  The perception that "Islamic rule is wonderful! " would be carefully cultivated in the press.
  • What the media would NOT be emphasizing is that the employed security forces,  paid and armed by the Federal Government, would consist of thousands of  Jihadis newly immigrated from the Middle  East!
  • The Media would ignore the fact that these "Security Forces" are basically the same Sunni Jihad groups we have been fighting, and in some cases the same individuals!
  • The Media would quietly omit that the inner cities are now "no go zones" in which Shari'a Law has been imposed. Persecution and expulsion from these areas of non-Muslim residents and businesses would be ignored.
  • The thugs who were recently howling about "police brutality" would now be disciplined under the Shari'a complete with whippings, amputations, beheadings, and tossing off of buildings. 
The bottom line: large areas of American inner cities would be Islamized without firing a shot. All the armed patriots who wave their M-16s, chanting "these colors don't run" would be finessed.


Simple, really. Support the police, and do not the Press and Black Lives Matter isolate them. And keep the "Civilizational Jihadis " out of the country. Young men from Turkey, Tunisia and Pakistan who have purchased illegal Syrian passports are NOT "refugees" but invaders.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Capitol Hill, Sept 9th

ACT had a string of Congress persons speak to us. I was happy to see Mike Coffman there as one of our speakers and one of our ACT supporters in Congress. Interesting: CAIR threatened every speaker that spoke to us, writing a letter promising retaliation by all Muslims in their district if they spoke. Once we allow 40 million Jihadi Settlers in the country, placed strategically to take control of Congress, we will lose our country.

The Democrats are saying that when the Iranians chant "Death To America, and Death to the Jews", it's only a cultural thing, and that they don't really mean it. 

Congressman Jim Brightenstein from OK 1st CD

He reported that since we don't control our borders, the cartels do. The refugees have to pay the Cartels an extra $5000 to $10,000 to get across the border. When they can't pay, the illegal aliens are enslaved, forced into prostitution and slave labor, or killed. There are over 100,000 dead bodies on the border with Mexico, and our allowing the Drug cartel to control the border is giving them so much money and power, it's turning northern Mexico into a failed state. In places like Nicaragua, you're either on the Cartel payroll or you're dead.

We aren't helping these Central American countries, but the Russians are in exchange for bomber bases and intelligence gathering stations in our Western Hemisphere. So to say we can just build a fence and ignore the rest of it is inadequate.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

ACT for America Conference Sept 8th. Afternoon

We are on the ground in DC to make a difference. Passed 42 laws at State level .
American Training Camps Al Fukra. Sheik Guillani  Red House in VA.  30 some camps in rural areas.
Sounds of automatic weapons at night
Lots of ex cons
Radicalized young Muslims
Elijah on run in cave.  God said "I have 7000 men in Israel that haven't bent their knee to ba'al.
ISIS: so it's hope for us.
sex slavery and beheadings still taking place. Obama is a radical left wing revolutionary. transform America. Huma Abuden direct her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Frank Gaffney and Andy McCarthy.
But Muslim Brotherhood is "moderate". But direct line to AQ and ISIS.
Majority of attacks by young Middle Eastern men. Sorry about that!

Stakelback interviewed a Muslim in Boston who still couldn't reveal his identity and be filmed. $150 Bn sanctions money was the money that had been frozen.

Dabiq is the site of the final battle with the West and how it drives them. Name of their magazine. Never discussed in the media or the government.

Hebron: tomb of the patriarchs. Live behind barbed wire. Strong claim to the land. Shekem, Jerusalem and Hebron. places where Jews have claim to land.

Social Media. Glenn Beck in Birmingham AL. Kurds: 20% female army  US undermining Kurd efforts.  Iran is NOT a counterweight to ISIS. They are NOT our friends. They are fighting ISIS to dominate the Middle East. they both agree to "death to America, death to America". Kurds abandoned.

Eric Stakelback on ISIS.

Pro Iranian Lobby lobbying Democrates. Google for terror free mutual funds. List of States that sanction Iran?  List of companies that do business in Iran.


People of US are starting to get that things are not right. ACT has been on cutting edge on this issue. ISIS and Iran deal is waking people up.Would you rather know or not know? How can we make people care? How do we get our fellow Americans to pay attention?  Make it matter to Americans.

How do we get them involved? Real and immediate!  ISIS in our backyard.  Why should we care? In last 30 days:

  • ISIS   in FL planned to detonate a bomb
  • Couple elope from MS to IS
  • VA teen ager ISIS twitter
  • NJ Muslim ISIS in NJ to form an army
  • Mumbai attack in Nov paralyzed the city
Facts are stubborn  60 arrested in last 30 days. Chattanooga success. FBI said they can't keep track of all ISIS related activity in every state of Union.  DHS: 200 have left to join ISIS. Somali returned to Ohio with orders to conduct Jihad.  If NYTimes, WashPost are all saying ISIS is a problem, then maybe we do...

Epidemic of Jihad in the US. MSP has become Jihad central in the US. 100,000 Somali Muslims joining al Shabbab and ISIS. Incubator of Jihad right near Mall of America.  Sheriff of St Paul says "young Somali recruiters are targeting the youngsters to travel to ISIS to be 'glorious Holy Warrior to build new ISIS". Infiltrate through Turkey to transit into Syria.

Europe overwhelmed. Thousands of Jihadis returning  to Europe. No Muslim Brotherhood, no ISIS and no 9-11.  ISIS from AQ and MB.  ISIS recruiting: 90 tweets per minute, instagram, you tube and videos. Dabiq and Inspire.  Media controlled by Westerners. Culture of young people raised on ultra violent videos:  so ISIS who provides same?  

Europe abandoned Christianity and drawn to the dark side: ISIS, AQ put out 20 year plan. They're on track. ISIS controls area size of Great Britain.  Growing movement with other bayat of groups from all over.

2016 to 2020: total confrontation with the West. It's a Winston Churchill movement. Ridiculed for forecasting Nazism. Natanyahu only leader that is speaking out.  Being abandoned by weak Western leaders.

Regan led us to victory in cold war, being abandoned by weak leaders. 

Iranian Ideology: must understand ideology to defeat it.  
  • must smash the Caliphate
Why should we care about IRAN?
  • ICBM's can hit us with nuclear warheads to hit "great Satan".
  • Iranian killed thousands in war with Iraq. youngsters to clear minefields.

Multiculturalism's End Game

Western society cannot survive tens of millions of African and Central American immigrants. So who is behind the flood of immigration and why?
  • The Marxist-Progressives see it as a method of destroying white Capitalist society using its own sense of Christian decency and compassion.

  • The Global Islamic Movement see the massive influx of Muslims into the west as an invading force that will ultimately Islamize the West.

ACT Convention

Arrived without incident . Only gotcha: didn't realize the SW flight stopped in MKE. Took a cab from DCA to the Omni Shorham: didn't feel like fighting crowds in the underground.

Act Conference PM Sept 8

ACT Conference Afternoon:

Charles Nash, Gen McInerny, Admiral James Ace Lyons   Panel Discussion


Chuck Nash

Only 600 generations, 400 in caves. Our intellect interferes with our survival instincts.  Oxford Union wouldn’t fight for God and Country.  New US pledge removed fight for US. Sending airplanes in Benghazi the fault was with leadership.

3:00 AM phone calls. Diversity can’t give a free pass to Islamic intolerance. Germany takes 800,000 refugees.  Can’t offend refugees. Border sheriffs 50 miles on our side of the border unsafe. Complete Infidel’s guide to ISIS.  Daniel Greenfield: Left’s vigorous denial to fight ISIS.  England never recovered from WW I.  Sears national conscience to pacifism.  If you don’t admit to a problem, you don’t have to address it.

Iran deal in Default. Hidden side deals not turned over, the 60 day count down triggered. Turkey Edowan young men taking control of immigrants. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam.

Gen McInnerny

Know thine enemy. Radical Islam, never used by our CinC. Never identified: CVE. Qur’an Hadith and Shari’a law. W Europe being invaded by Radical Islam and being overwhelmed. Admit Christians only

ISIS: Air power and Syria and Iraq.  Caliphate. But only one road one power plant.  We need 500 sorties a day. Armed Kurds with armor and artillery.  Hearts and minds in Middle East? Infidels changing hearts and minds?

Exodus to Western Europe will destabilize Europe.


Bad treaty. Obama and Collin Powell supported it. Nuclear capability to arm Jihad group.  Gen Soulimani to Russia to buy air to air missiles and  ICBMs.  Benedict Arnold

Admiral Lyons

We got a problem.  Mess in Middle East and colonization of Europe. Obama has a strategy: fundamentally transform America. Violation of oath to “protect and defend”.. Strategy clear: anti American, pro Islamic and pro Muslim Brotherhood. Obama despises USA. Underlines Obama’s motives for arming terror state.

  • Democracy is a train we ride until we get to our objective: to make Islam dominant in the world
  • Replace Constitution with Shari’a
  • 95% Muslim civilizational Jihad influx.
  • Withdrawal from Iraq turning it over to Iran
  • FOB in Kurdistan, air power and air support for Peshmergas, carrier group in Mediterranean.
  • Sykes Picot lines erased. No Middle East boundaries, establish Caliphate.
  • Russia deploying into Syria.  We need to arm Ukraine and Baltic States. Obama won’t.
  • Obama, Kerry should be impeached.  Beiruit is Paris of Middle East in 1955.
  • Gulf Tanker war. Couldn’t get authority to take out Iran. Window of opportunity lost.

Q & A

Real target of Immigration is Germany, the industrial heartland. Immigrants are mostly military age men. Cultural suicide for Germany.  Once car is off cliff it’s too late.

We are forcing Israel into a war. We may forced to do something we wouldn’t do.  Lebanon accepted all the Palestinians and destroyed the country.

Libya:  US switched sides in the war and destabilized the country owing to the MB advisors in the White House. Hillary met with MB which resulted in a war in Libya and ISIS controlled areas. 

We have to protect Jordan, Israel and the Saudis.  ISIS will move into Jordan and Kurdistan as next step.

Will be a major war in the Middle East in the next year and a half.  WE must vote in Representatives that support our country.

Iran can develop ICBM’s, to deliver nuclear weapons to the US. Missile base in Venezuela: EMP attack would shut down the country and 12 million Americans would die.  Israel is on a war footing, we need to go there too. 

Islam is assaulting us with suit cases


Deal’s impact.  Anti-deal forces is the pro peace side!  Rafsenjani:  Israel can only take one. Realistic scenario to fight a nuclear war with Iran. Scrap it or police it.  Iranian compliance is a threat. Minimizes our ability to stop them.

  • Deal only disarms us. Russia sending S300 missiles and combat jets to protect them. Cost so high we wouldn’t do it.
  • Puts Israel in a bind. Modernizing Iranian military.  We provide training to defend against sabotage. Force local govts to stop sanctioning Iran.
  • Sanctions disarmed with deals with businesses. Pakistan upset world, but once they had them
  • Deal saves Iranian world revolution. Supporting Jihad is in the Iranian constitution.
  • Shari’a hasn’t brought wealth but poverty. With deal, Iran is rebounding with the $150 Bn. We should give it to the victims of Iran.
  • Iranian defense budget is $30 Bn a year. Taliban salary $550 a month. Deal puts Iran on steroids. Will the money undermine them?  Economy owned by government. Money will go to the secret police, not the people. 
  • Terrorism; conventional and nuclear arms races.  Yemen a taste of Shi’ite vs. Sunni conflict.  Materially responsible for 9-ll. Sectarian war will spill into the US.  Shi’ite ISIS : do the same thing.
  • Arsonist fire fighter Iran. 30 Christian leaders met with Iranians. Dhimmi leadership.
  • Failure to understand eschatological Khorisani Brigade. Civil war with ISIS, revolution and Saudi Arabia.
  • US and Israel and collapse part of end times prediction.  !2th Imam appearance. Things lining up.
  • But Iranian regime weak.
  • Sanctions on regime for human rights
  • Attendance to Mosques thinning out. 
  • Ally with Iranians that want to support freedom.
  • ryan@
  • Divestment measures on Iran at state and local level. Tell Governors sanction Iran. Choose us vs. Iran.
  • Christians in Middle East arming themselves into defense forces. End boycott of Christian groups.
  • Our generation needs to fight.

ACT Conference Sept 8th.

Islamic Terrorism is Genocide against Christians.  Check with Samantha Powers of the UN. The OIC won't allow definitions.  Israel not allowed to participate in Global Terrorism Forum.
Jewish Communities a waste of time.  Spend time with those with an open mind.

It's one war by the Global Islamic Movement. Not a war here and a war there.  Litmus test for candidates?
  • Do they believe in free speech?
  • Do they believe there is such a thing as Islamic terrorism?

ACT Conference PM, Sept 8th

Seeding America for Hijrah, to Islamize America. Contractors are Left Wing organizations who capitalize on our empathy for the poor to get grants, money and power. Cloward :Pivin strategy to destroy our civilization.  Interesting that Christians are  being excluded.

Go back to system where churches sponsor individual families, as opposed to bring in 65K hostile Syrian Muslims who want to kill us. The USCCB is bringing them in for the $$ per head.

What is good in unpopular, and what is popular is often not good.

ACT Chapter activity to deal with the local immigration issue. Checklist developed.


Freedom of speech a cornerstone of our society. Islamic groups working to control language on Islam. The OIC behind it all. Goals: caliphate and imposition of the Shari'a.. Human rights violators control HR council.
  • No concern for HR violations, permissible under shari'a.
  • speech negative on Islam is blasphemy and defamation
  • 2005 10 year plan of action.  Combat Islamophobia. 
  • anything that interferes with propagation of Islam., or associate Islam with Jihad, you are "Islamophobic" and enact legislation and punishments.
  • Res 16/18 and Instanbul Process to clamp down on speech.
  • European countries punish speech that sheds negative light on Islam. Criminalize it.
  • Common criminal law approach. incite violence or hatred
  • Belfast pastor. Offensive to Islam. Facing jail time.
  • hate speech tribunals only persecute Christians  Section 13 Human rights act
  • likely to expose a person to hatred or religion. Truth no defense. Section 13 repealed last year. Quebec bill 59 to combat speech.  Banning criticism of Islam at tax payer's expense.
  • Geert Wilders "public insult of Islam"  Brigitte Bardo convicted, criminal prosecution for
  • First Amendment doesn't protect political correctness and willful blindness, societal pressure and MB front groups threaten us into self-censorship.
  • Corporations, Hollywood, churches, elected officials and schools accommodating to the Muslims.
  • Federal Agencies reduce National Security to appease Muslims.
  • CAIR: MB Front Group. HLF co conspirator, Hamas in the USA. Propaganda wing.  1996 Nike to change logo from pressure from CAIR. Donated $$ to dar al Hijrah Mosque.
  • DKNY  had Qur'an verse on pocket CAIR pressure to remove. DKNY caved.  Many companies have caved.
  • Paul Spencer threatened for Constitutionally protected speech
  • Hollywood films about terrorism must be censored.
  • Kingdom of Heaven censored
  • CAIR wants to depict no Muslims are terrorists, but everyone else.
  • Censors on radio. Talk show hosts against Michael Savage
  • Hate Hurts America  closing down Glenn Beck, intimidating stations
  • TV censors like 24 hours, CAIR NY boycott CBS radio/TV
  • Censor training CAIR protested Third Jihad to dismantle training with "biased" information
  • Obama Administration censors language on Islam. FBI, DoD, DHS purged of Islamic information.
  • Behavior only, no ideology. ISIS. QVE vs counter jihad
  • Blinded to Islam. 2005 Jalans Posten Kurt Westegard cartoon death threats.
  • Theo Van Gough  Killed Nov 2004 on streets of Amsterdam.
  • Charlie Hebdo. 12 killed by AQAP.. But leaders denied that Islam had anything to do with it.
  • Cartoons protested not the murderers.
  • America not immune from the "Days of Rage": Garland TX event to support freedom of speech.
  • Book of Mormon play not threatened.
  • Islam and it's pressure is political in nature.
  • Definition of terrorism is murdering innocent people
  • Islam definition is only killing Muslims without right.
  • Pakistan promotes blasphemy laws. Islanoglu: OIC's goal to eliminate anti' Islam attitudes and activity.
  • We shouldn't take direction from CAIR and OIC. Multiculturalism is a failure. all values are NOT equal, not all cultures are equal. Judeo Christian values superior to Islamist values of Islamic apartheid and Shari'a.
  • Stop thinking we're bad guys from political correctness.
  • We need to tell the truth about Islamic abuses to keep America free.

ACT Conference PM: National Secuity Issue: should be a non-paritsan issue.

Islam infiltrating Indian Tribes (550 tribes)
  • Same skin color, same "displacement from our lands" appeal
  • Giving  money, propane, schools
  • recruiting amongst the young
  • setting up military training camps
Attacks against us under both Republican and Democrats
  • 1979 Iranian embassy Carter
  • 1984 Marine barracks GHW Bush
  • 1993 WTC first time Bill Clinton
  • 2000 9-11  GW Bush
Anne Corcoran  Refugee Resettlement without local input

"Refugee Resettlement watch" blog. unfunded mandates by federal government
  • we are in battle to save Western Civilization! No less!
  • Economic aspect: Feds have been doing this for 35 years
  • Europe's problem is our problem. Europe being invaded. 35,000 Syrians and no Christians
  • 95 % are Sunni Muslims : numbers and where they're coming from.
  • USRAP. Refugees chosen by UN: Secretive, complicated , Expensive and Unfair.
  • Run by Federal Contractors. Migrants, Refugees from persecution Asylum seekers. Al Jazeera wants us to use Refugee because they get benefits.
  • Architects: Kennedy, Biden and Carter the architects.
  • Antonio Guterres and Anne Richards, Socialists and Soros flunkies
  • Change America by changing the people. Seeding America with immigrants and diversity.
  • Billion a year for immigration, not including all the welfare-.
  • UN High Commissioner chooses them
  • DHS "Screens" them
  • NGO 350 contractors
  • Office of Refugee Resettlement Office, USCCB gets federal $$ to bring them in
  • World Relief
  • huge infrastructure bringing in large numbers of Muslims, none are Christians
  • Secondary moves. Like Somali's moving to MN. Forming enclaves
  • ORR maps 350 subcontractors in 190 areas
  • No refugees in WY. people need to fight the Republican Gov's plan to bring them in.
Social Services
  • Temp assistance
  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps 70% on it
  • Housing
  • SSI
  • SS Disability
What you need to know
  • UN Chooses refugees
  • Usually contractor a group that' sounds like a church group
  • Lasts 3 to 6 months
  • Town can never get out of program, and your community stuck with caring for the refugees after contract pulls out
  • Hits schools and welfare
  • Refugees loaded with AIDS and TB
  • Local gvt local for support by Clinton ex order
  • Schools have to have translators in schools (Arabic)
  • Can only do menial labor, like meat packing or farm labor
  • Ask questions in public.
David Lubell:  Welcoming America (we must change to accommodate immigrants)
  • Soros funded to tamp down pockets of resistance to immigration program.
  • BNA.  Children in school writing "allah is only god"
  • TN   Completely run by USCCB and State Dept with no local input.
  • TX and Twin Falls ID, Spartenburg NC activities
IRAQI Refugees
  • Caught for building IED's that killed American soldiers
  • Sending weapons to AQ
  • Gang banging elderly woman in COS in 2014 were brought in as friendly interpreters
  • ISIS fighter killed had family in MN
  • Guy kills his wife and tries to frame "Islamophobes"
  • Rohingya Muslims from Burma in SLC rapes and kills Burmese Christian girls
  • Social worker killed by Muslims in ME
Gaddafi's prediction:  Europe conquered by massive immigration of Muslims
  • Sam Solomon:  Al Hijrah is Jihad for sake of Allah
  • Obama to bring in  70K Syrians plus another 65K from the UN.
  • Lutheran Refugee Service petitioning for 200K  97% are Muslims!
  • Senator Jihad caucus
  • DHS testifies they can't screen them!
  • Resettlement Accountability National Security ACT.   HR3314
  • Trey Gowdy on Border Security. We need hearings and subpoenas
  • 202 225 6030
  • James Simpson: The Red Green Axis: Refugees, immigration and the agenda to erase America.
  • Serious threat to America. If they get the numbers, we're toast

ACT Conference Sept 8th Morning

Kelly Cook:

Pledge of Allegiance  Introduction of Student scholars, mentors, full time staff.

Brigitte will be speaking at Iran rally tomorrow .
Omni Shorham a world class venue. $139 room rate for next year.

Iran, ISIS, and Benghazi response by US Gvt is inept. We have a job to do. We need to work for the grandchildren.

Lisa Peranio: our lobbyist.  Master of event management

Logistics: security ramped up. Wear badges. Playing card to show.  Sit anywhere
Capital Hill: true face of ACT. Security tight CVC auditorium. What's allowed or not allowed. Two blocks of walking. Cash and carry for breakfast. Blue function room for breakfast. Water only in CVC Auditorium. Return busses. Rally at 1 PM. Go to Hill visits. 1:30 bus, 4 PM busses after the rally. 140 hill visits, see booth. Iran talking points. no recording of conference.

Brigitte Gabrielle: expert on Islam and Jihad, has briefed everyone.Speaks Arabic, French, Hebrew and English.  Act has 300,000 members  in 11 countries. Social media hits 8 million.

Great time to be in DC!  Iran rally and our Conference. ACT to mobilize patriots her dream! A patriotic family come to fruition!  America is the land where we can realize our dream, and we need to preserve it as the greatest Nation in the World.

  • Ideology is the threat, not just AQ, but any of the Jihad groups. ISIS has resurrected the Caliphate and controls territory. Muhammad's revelation to be last of the prophet. Only recruited 200 in first 13 years. He went to Medina to pitch to the Jews but they rejected him. Then he invented Jihad and turned against them and in three years annihilated them. Violent verses "revealed".  Made Dhimmis out Jews and Christians. Paid Jizyah monthly. Pact of Umar. Yellow star invented by 2nd Caliph. Belts ID'd "filth".
  • 1090 Pope called for a Crusade to liberate the Holy Land so Christians could pray in their churches.
  • Lasted 100 years until al Saladin took it.
  • 1967 liberated by Israel so all can pray at Holy sites.
  • Islamic expansion grew wealthy. Conquered portions of India, Convert or Die . 70 million Hindus massacred.
  • 1600 Islam controlled more land than the Romans.
  • But Industrialization of west pushed back. Gates of Vienna 9.11 1683
  • 1924 Caliphate eliminated by Attaturk. Secularist 1928 Muslim Brotherhood founded to reestablish the Caliphate.
  • Muslims massacred 270 million people in 1400 years. But Caliphate back with ISIS.
  • Islam took credit for all the inventions of slaves: Spain, No inventions come from Islamic world.  Our buildings, our internet,
So how did Christianity defeat Islam?
  • Muslim Brotherhood in 1928. Sayyid Qutb
  • Oil in Middle East and the nationalization
  • Export Wahhabism $70 bn a year. Wahhabism is the most authentic. Saudis blessed and used as a recruiting example
  • Iran in 1979 spiritual leadership to expand Islam, Underestimated by world. didn't take seriously.
  • 9-11 to mobilize Muslims to prepare the way to Caliphate.
  • MB networked around world, includes AQ, ISIS.
  • They all work together against us. Their differences don't matter
  • Islamic Republic of Iran. Not driven by politics, but a theocracy.
  • Bring back 12th Mahdi by introducing catastrophe in world to establish Peace and justice according to the Shari'a. Bombs and missiles  to bring back Mahdi,
  • Taqiyya: lie to protect and advance Islam.  Iran is lying to us about the Iran Deal
  • Truce of Hudabayah. 10 year max, but can break if advantageous. Example for all Muslims . So their signatures on a Treaty worthless. Arafat's peace treaty in the 1990's was like al Hudabayah. Established the PA and started the Intifada with Jews.
  • Treaty will be deception practiced against us. ICBMs will be used against US! Our grandchildren's lives are on the line.
  • We at ACT will mobilize to throw out those who support it.  If Officials hear from 40 to 50 people, it represents the 50 thousand voters.  Remember Eric Cantor!

Monday, September 7, 2015

ACT National Conference

Monday Sept 7th

Things I've learned:
  • Boehner and Obama's position on Islamic Jihad is identical.

  • Trent Gowdy's Benghazi hearings are "eyewash".  The reason? He doesn't subpoena anyone! the way it works: if you don't subpoena, you're not really serious! Members of the public think "well, why wouldn't forthright government employees come forth to testify anyway?" Without being subpoenaed, these officials, such as in Law Enforcement or in Government Agencies, would be breaking confidential agreements and could go to Jail if they DID testify! If they are subpoenaed, testifiers get an attorney and have legal protections.
  •   It makes you wonder about Mrs. Clinton's apparent casual treatment of classified material and why she seems to be immune to the severe penalties that govern all other government employees. (Of course the idea of "classified material" and hundreds of thousands of people with various levels of clearances, it's hard to see how anyone could keep any secrets at all).
  • There are also elements of Benghazi that would be evidently embarrassing to Republicans as well if the truth came out! Another reason the hearings may not be that serious.
  • We have elements of our Counter Jihad elements being invited to Egypt to train al Sisi's intelligence operatives in their struggle against the Muslim Brotherhood. In the US, Muslim Brotherhood  are in the White House setting policy!
  • Act is making headway with technology to build our movement. Lots of new ideas.
  • Brigitte Gabrielle will be speaking for 5 minutes at the Stop the Iran Rally at 3:15 EDT on Sept 9th.  (Of course most of the Media will ignore the event entirely).


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