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Iran's simple message for AmericaWATCH: Iran has a simple message for America. ---> Don't let Iran go nuclear. Take action at
Posted by The Israel Project on Friday, July 24, 2015

Sunday, July 19, 2015

"Depressed" in Chattanooga?

The mainstream media is coming up with the tale that the Chattanooga shooter was dealing with "depression". Whew! Now we can all say "it had nothing to do with Islam!"  It was getting close. He'd said things on social media, he'd travelled to Jordan for 9 months, and it was beginning to look like he was a Jihadi!  Thank goodness we've been able to lay that to rest!

We'd asked Jordanian Intelligence to follow up to see what the shooter had been doing there for 9 months.  But we can forget about that now. We have our narrative, and we wouldn't want any uncomfortable facts that didn't fit now would we? So we'll tell the Jordanians to stand down and forget about it. And if some other bigoted hater Islamophobe digs out  information on his own that also doesn't fit, we'll give him the usual treatment: we'll do an IRS audit, a search warrant to ransack his house, and file charges for hate speech and slander.  That'll teach him to seek the truth....

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


At best the Administration believes that a nuclear armed Iran would be no different than the Soviet Union was during the cold war: to wit, manageable.. They appear either completely ignorant of  Shi'ia Islamic Doctrine or worse, actively siding with our enemies to destroy Israel, (and eventually ourselves) for the sake of a deal.

Iran has announced that destroying Israel is non-negotiable, yet we still have signed!  But then the Administration assumes that Israel will not act without us, or worse, we would aid Iran if Israel has to defend itself. 

What the Administration fails to grasp is that "existential threat" means Israel has nothing to lose, and is unlikely to go quietly to the Islamic chopping block to preserve John Kerry's Nobel Peace Prize.

One scenario: if Israel does defend itself, that all the dormant latent Jihad groups in the West would be activated to create mayhem in dozens of cities across the globe. Sadly, the press would blame Israel for the destruction caused by Islamic Jihad, in the same way the press blamed Pam Geller for the Garland Texas shootings.  It is the "battered wife syndrome" on an international scale. "Step out of line and I'll thump you, and it will be your fault!"

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Low Income Housing in Wealthy Neighborhoods In The Interest of "Diversity"

The Administration has threatened to file suit against thousands of municipalities unless they change the zoning laws to allow low income housing in wealthy neighborhoods in the interest of ending "discriminatory barriers" .  The assumption is that all black people are poor, and will remain so if the Progressives have anything to day about it.  Anyone who opposes these changes in zoning laws will be labeled "racist" and "bigoted"!  This is the tried and true Progressive technique for shutting down debate on the subject.

On closer inspection, the real motive is clear: we can see a long term project to place dependency voters in Red State areas to eliminate political opposition to the Progressive agenda!  One strategically placed housing project can disenfranchise vast areas of single family dwellings! And with Federal mandates, the communities themselves will be forced to fund their own disenfranchisement!

Envision this: previously pristine neighborhoods now have a ready source of burglars, armed robbers, rapists and murderers right in their own front door!  When I lived in Palos Verdes California in the 1970's, the Progressives pressured the City Council to bring in bus service.  Once instituted, the burglaries and home break ins quadrupled!  All the felons had to do was hop on the bus to access rich pickings.

All this to provide "greater harmony in diversity"?  The bumper sticker that says "Diversity is our Strength" is counterfactual!  Harping on race and gender is divisive and destructive, (and increasingly meaningless now that people are free to cross racial and gender boundaries with "self identification" and surgery).

Prediction: as you drive around and see young women jogging alone, you can count on that disappearing as soon as the first female jogger gets grabbed, pulled into a van, and gang banged!

Soon, we will be telling our grandchildren from inside our fortified homes about the time long ago when you could walk the clean streets and neighborhoods  without fear and no one had bars on their windows and razor wire on their walls.

Reparations For Slavery: Capitalizing on White Guilt One More Time

Slavery was the norm in society for millennia. And it still is in Islam.  It was only through the efforts of Wilberforce in the early 19th Century that it was outlawed to conform to his Christian ethic. Yet, the blacks and their Progressive mentors want to punish the very people responsible for their liberation!

As if a cash payment would change anything. There are historical precedents: Indian tribes gaining settlements from the Federal Government. In such events, there was a flurry of consumer spending. But then things returned to the way they were before, except the rusting automobile hulks up on blocks in front of the house trailers are later models.

The article last year in the Atlantic "The Case For Reparations" exemplifies the Progressive need to have victims they can patronize.  The assumption is that blacks REALLY ARE INFERIOR and must be made wards of our Welfare State forever!  That's REAL RACISM that condemns blacks to the bottom of the economic ladder forever.

Certainly the ADC has destroyed the black family and rendered generations of young black men fatherless and dysfunctional, (and this dependency  is spreading destruction to the whole of society).

A moral regeneration from the black community itself is what is needed. (The same can be said about much of the rest of society as well).  Continual demanding of rights and dwelling on perceived victimhood needs to be replaced with self reliance and determination to succeed.  This is the path to a sustainable lasting success, not marching on the capital demanding a handout.

So what should we do with blacks? Thomas Sowell quoted Fredrick Douglas in a recent article (IBD July 8, 2015 "Path to Justice Has Led To Barbarism"): "I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us. Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us."

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ISIS Fighters and Iftar Meal

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We Are Americans

How to Insult a Progressive by Pat Condell



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