Sunday, April 26, 2015

Abrahamic Initiative at Denver University, April 26, 2015

The premise of the Abrahamic Initiative is that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all stem from Abraham (Ibrahim), and that all the Old Testament prophets were actually Muslim.  But now Judaism and Christianity have been superseded by Islam, and if Christians and Jews had any sense they would all revert to Islam immediately.

The presenter was Haroon Moghul, a smooth and articulate young American Muslim. He painted a picture of a benign integrated Muslim American community who was searching for their own identity, implying all the overseas violence didn't apply to American Muslims.  He sprinkled his  slides with pictures of bunnies and puppies, trying to impart subconscious messages of harmlessness.

Mr. Moghul's references to the Muslim Student Associations that he'd been affiliated with would bring to mind the Muslim Brotherhood, as does his association with the Islamic Center of NYU.  We know from the Grand Memorandum that most of these organizations are part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mr. Moghul attributed many of the problems in the Middle East to Colonialism and the aftermath.  He finessed the question of the Shari'a treatment of women by quoting statistics of  the educational levels  American Muslim women.  He addressed questions about ISIS labeling them a remnant of the  Iraqi Baath party.

He implied that our concern with Iran is absurd,  and our reaction to the attack on Sept 11, 2001 was overblown.  People that are concerned are "haters" and "extremists".

Certainly, his message was that of comfort and assurance to the American public.  Don't worry! Go back to sleep! Nothing to worry about here!  But when you study the Grand Memorandum, one can see that the event followed their playbook to the tee.

Abrahamic Initiative at Denver University, Apr 26, 2015

The Presentor was Haroon Moghul, a smooth credentialed and what I suspect an up and coming  Muslim Brother. He spoke extensively of his time at the Muslim Student Associations on the various campuses.

To those who have read the Grand Memorandum, it talks about infiltrating all the aspects of the target society.


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