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Geert Wilders Greeting to PEGIDA


Geert Wilders'Greeting to PEGIDA in Germany

Thoughts on American Sniper

The film made me think of my time on active duty during the Vietnam War. The professionals who wanted to stay in the military were caught in deployment after deployment with no end in sight and no hope, losing faith in the mission.

The hopelessness has been purposely engineered by our Progressive left wing Marxist leadership and the Muslim Brotherhood front groups who wish to gut and discredit our military. And it's virtually the same people now as it was then: the John Kerrys and Bill Ayres, etc., for whom Obama is the spokesperson.

The Marxist Left has always set up our troops for failure: the rules of engagement, the JAG and National Lawyers Guild agents patrolling the theatre of operations, taking "affidavits" from our enemies. We saw a nibbling of that when the hero was pulled in and grilled because "his father said he (the one shot) was only carrying a Qur'an!"  It's no accident the media  continually reports that our airstrikes only hit weddings and women and children, (even if they are throwing bombs as they did in the opening scene of the film).

Naturally the Progressive Marxist limousine liberals in their Manhattan salons will sniff platitudes like "killing women and children isn't who we are and is unacceptable under all circumstances!". ( Easy for someone to say if they've  never been in a combat environment)! 

In my own case, I talked to a Special Forces commander one time whose company was deep in bad guy country, lying in ambush, waiting for an NVA unit to move out of a particular village. ( sometimes you had to lay in ambush for days!)  Anyway, they were discovered by a village woman and her child. They had to cut their throats, lest they return to the village and give them away. His conscience bothered him, but it had to be done! 

It was the same dilemma in "Lone Survivor": an ambush team discovered by villagers. It's hard to see why the team didn't just tie them up, blind fold them, carry out the mission and evacuate. The villagers would have been discovered and freed eventually.

But the reality is: we haven't won a war since 1945. The reason is we allow our Progressive Marxist enemies free reign in the media to undermine our efforts without any response. And people say "well, we're fighting for freedom of the press."  But this is a wrong view.

  Warfare in the information battle space is no less a theatre of operations than the combat zones.  If we are to survive, we must not allow our enemies to utilize our media the way we do unanswered. Why do allow Alweed bin Talal to own a huge share of News Corporation?  If we won't allow foreign countries to own critical infrastructure, (Qatar's attempt to buy port facilities was refused a few years back) how much rather than control of the critical information flow?

If out society is to survive, we need to secure our society "inside the wire" (to use a military metaphor). Our first step needs to be to engage in the domestic media and the schools and  Universities, another source of  unopposed Marxist indoctrination.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Marxist Progressive Obsolescence

When Marx wrote "Das Kapital" in 1848, the previous treatises on economics were centered on agricultural economies: wealth was farmland, income the crops. Both fixed! And what man of good will would not support the extermination of the parasitic landowner class who did nothing in society but confiscate a lion's share of the crops without lifting a finger! Would not "justice" be served turning the land over to those who actually worked it?

And was not every bushel of crop produced by the sweat of the tenant farmer's brow? Thus, is not the foundation of wealth  labor itself?  But this does NOT apply to a modern information age economy!

If a programmer writes an App and sells hundreds of thousands of instances, how does the labor value theory apply here? And network economics: the cost of adding a node to a network is zero, yet the network becomes more valuable as a whole. How does the labor value theory apply here? Sorry Comrade, it doesn't!

To follow the metaphor, it is as if farmland itself expands or contracts with incentives. Wealth is NOT FIXED! The more wealth in society, the better off everyone is. This brings us to the concept of "equality".

The President tells us that income inequality is a problem. Is "justice" really equal outcomes, that is everyone making the same?  Even in Communist societies, the party elites took the big houses, had cars and drivers, cooks, etc.  Their justification? "We have a bigger responsibility to the people and deserve more."  Why then, is our society any different?

  Does not Steve Jobs, who created vast amounts of wealth and changed society deserve more than a welfare freeloader who is content to sleep to noon after a night of drink acquired with food stamps?

The reality is: equal outcomes is unfair because we don't have equal contributions to society. And the only true set point for "equality" is everyone at the poverty subsistence level. (and this comes as a sobering shock to all the progressives who envision income being redistributed down to THEIR level and no lower, naturally!) 

The country needs to see through the Marxist fraud of Obama's push for "income equality".

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Issue Monday with Dr Birzer

Must the Left dominate on Campus?

As the token conservative at CU Boulder, Dr. Birzer says they do. But it's uniform Left Wing mush, an enforced conformity that has resulted in Group Think and a stifling of critical thinking, preventing a real exchange of ideas, which of course is what the University is supposed to be. There is no imagination, no social capital.

Dr. Birzer mentioned Russell Kirk, the father of modern conservatism, who resigned a tenured professorship at Michigan State in 1955.  This made the national headlines at the time, since it was a violation of the tacit agreement between faculty and University: "we give you tenure, and you don't criticize us!"

Dr. Kirk was appalled by the "Mega-University" where class lectures of hundreds of students listened to the professor who told them what to think and what to believe with absolutely no exchange or discussion of ideas. Dr. Kirk objected to Universities becoming indoctrination centers.

 Dr. Birzer reminded us of what it used to be:  to get into a University, you had to demonstrate your proficiency in Greek and Latin at age 14.  Your entrance exam was a week translating the first three books of The Aeneid. Learning hinged on discussion, debate and studying the classics.

The foundational books of our civilization are; the Bible, the Aeneid, and Cicero. Roman writings and Roman thought has hugely influenced our Founding Fathers and the Church.  St Augustin quoted Roman authors. The Church's 7 virtues had their roots in Roman tradition. And it's no accident that many State Capital buildings are basically Roman!

But the whole point is to seek Truth, absolute Truth, and to challenge the God - King. To question, always question. Contrast this to the current trend of "we can't allow Fascists to speak" (Fascists being defined as anyone who disagrees with the dominant).

 The most influential people in Dr. Birzer's estimation were:
  •   Socrates: "no one has the right to harm another".  All we know of Socrates was the notes on him by two of his students. Yet we're still talking about him 2500 years later. Contrast that with Islam and their Quran Sura 9:5 where non-believers must convert or die. Islam has killed 270 million people in Jihad!
  • Cicero: Where are allegiance must be to humanity, not the soil.
  • St. Perpetua, who as a 19 year old girl was martyred for her beliefs. Some things are worth dying for!  I am reminded of a woman who was in charge of Harper Collins Publishing.When threatened for contemplating publishing a book the Muslims didn't like, she immediately caved, stating her "primary concern was for the safety of her employees".  Excuse me, but thousands have died to preserve freedom of the press! And she surrendered it without a second thought! Appalling!
The most important books are:
  • The Bible
  • The Aeneid.  And prior to 1850, every school child was familiar with the Aeneid. In Book 8 there is a passage where Aeneas is given a suit of armor by a Goddess, with the flowing description and glorious imagery.  And how close to Ephesians 6 it is!
  • Cicero on Friendship.
He told a story of Carrollton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. At 94, he was asked about his friends, since at 94 he'd outlived them all. His answer was that he read Scripture and talked to Jesus every day, and

Universities need to be looking at the bigger scheme of things. For example, in the 20th Century, 50 million died in warfare. But the States executed 205 million of their own citizens! So our principles of no harm, and allegiance to humanity and an acceptance of mystery are paramount. Unlike the collectivist totalitarians who demand purity, conformity and certainty.

The Oak Tree was the symbol of Thor, the god of thunder. English King Alfred sat under the oaks and started to bring forth our common law: things like trial by jury, due process. He was the first one to come up with the idea that Kings do not make law, that they only enforce the law that has its roots in community and tradition. Something President Obama has forgotten.

Issue Monday with Dr Birzer, the Token Conservative at CU Boulder


They do right now, but it's a uniform Left Wing mush that everyone conforms to. A severe "Group Think" has set in, stifling real learning and critical thinking.

In 1955, Russell Kirk resigned a tenured position from Michigan State University in protest of what he called the "Mega University".  He questioned how any learning can take place in classes of 150 or more, where the professor merely tells people what to think and the students regurgitate it at finals time and forget it, moving on to the next subject.  It made the national news at the time. Kirk's action violated the tacit agreement between the faculty and their university of "we give you tenure and you don't criticize us".


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