Saturday, June 28, 2014

What the Islamization of America is Looking Like

First comes the settlement and infiltration.  Gulen Schools, Harmony Charter Schools run by the Muslim Brotherhood, Muslims in the banks, fire departments, police departments and all branches of Federal, State and local government.

The Muslim groups play the part of a "persecuted minority" to link in with the Left wing "Victimology", but by any measure, this is absurd. Muslims will be here by the millions, settling in every area of America in hundreds  of  "no go" enclaves where "Kuffar" police and government officials dare not enter. These areas are basically cancerous "Islamic State" blotches on our body politic.

Then the bombings and killings will start in the non-Muslim areas.. Public places, public gatherings, bars, stadiums. The theme is to impose the Shari'a. Bars bombed because "alcohol is forbidden", officials and teachers who speak out about Islam silenced. And, churches burned with police and fire doing nothing, since they are all Muslims and their Imam has ruled that "burning the non-believer churches is in accordance with the Shari'a". ( Why the Muslims want the population disarmed becomes clear: they can't have the Kuffar defending themselves).

Then at some point the Shari'a State is declared and the mass killings of the non-believers and those who oppose them will commence. Millions will die.

Everything emanates from the Mosques. But their howls of "religious persecution", and accusations of "hater, bigot and Islamophobe" if anyone points out these plans will effectively neutralize any resistance.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Open Letter to Bill O'Reilly on his Iraq Talking Points




The only options in Iraq are:

1. Help the Sunni Jihadis take over iraq

2. Help the Shi'ite Jihadis take over Iraq.

3. Stay out and let them kill each other as long as possible, which means fewer Jihadis will return home  to the US to practice their murderous trade.


The Choice is obvious.


As for our "sunk costs" and to those who lost loved ones in Iraq who ask "what was it all for?"  The answer is IGNORANCE!  The tragedy started in 2003. We intervened because of a paper written in 1988 that postulated "Democracies are not aggressive: therefore, install Democracies and we'll have a more peaceful world."  The trouble is, Democracies are an Anglosphere tradition that doesn't transplant well.


In Islam, the Shari'a is "the rule of Allah", and government is considered a sacred function of Allah. Thus, to impose a legislature, where men govern and are presuming to "partner with Allah" is extreme blasphemy! Shirk! Haram! But no one in the West  seems to understand this.  I don't care how many purple thumbs there are, or how large the voter turnout is, the ideology will not permit it. And remember: the populations of Iraq and Afghanistan support the Shari'a by large margins.


And there's this: we have growing numbers of Jihadis right here in America. Why waste blood and treasure ten thousand miles away when we will soon need it here. We would be better off doing the following:

1. Declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and shutting down their 4200 front groups in the US. This would include CAIR, MSA, IIIT, ISNA, NAIT, and all the rest.

2. Confiscate all their assets, and use the funds for Counter Jihad education and operations. Take over the "Centers for Islamic Studies" at Universities which are basically Jihadi propaganda mills.

3. Arrest and imprison all the Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the front groups and those that have infiltrated the US Government, and that would include a large number of White House advisors

4. Monitor every "Fortress of Faith" and Islamic Center that serve as Jihad recruiting, training and deployment centers.

5. Arrest, deport and / or imprison any Imam or Mullah that preaches "death to America" or "Death to the Jews" and shut down the Masjid immediately, (searching it for bodies and stored weaponry).



This would be a start

Delta Mike 67

ACT for AMERICA, 5280 Coalition

Saturday, June 7, 2014

NY TIMES support for Bergdahl

The NY Times has predictably come out in support of the anti-American Taliban Muslim convert "underdog" Bergdahl as is their emotional response to most things. But support of the Taliban means the NY Times supports:
  • No education for women
  • Beheading of non-believers
  • Imposition of the Seventh Century Shari'a Law on all mankind
  • Beating and honor-killing of female family members over the vague concept of "family honor"
I think it's time for all true humanitarians to reconsider their subscriptions to the NY Times.


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