Saturday, December 14, 2013


If we have a minority that constitutes 14% of the population, why are they depicted in 80% of the time in media ads, programs, magazines, billboards, websites?  Is their self esteem so fragile that they need continual assurance?

I had to laugh at the demand by their community leaders that "more children's TV Programs depict members of their minority for self esteem purposes".  Last I heard, self esteem is borne of real accomplishment, not school pep talks or seeing yourself on TV.  Maybe instead of watching TV for 5 hours a day, if there were more studying and completing homework and graduating from school, these children would develop some lasting self-esteem based on real accomplishment! As it stands, once they graduate as functional illiterates (social promotion so as not to damage their self esteem) and wind up unemployable, their phony pump up of self esteem quickly goes into the toilet!

But the reason that's a non-starter: it shatters the victimhood mentality.  We're at the bottom of the economic ladder because "whitey is keeping us down" they say.  Gee, I guess that means dropping out of school and getting pregnant at 13, doing drugs and gangs, getting involved in the criminal justice system  has nothing to do with your economic plight, right?  I guess that's why your leaders would have you believe you can improve your lot by marching on the capital instead of graduating from school and gaining a saleable skill.

Interesting that the "pick out knock out" game practiced by their young has become nation-wide. The ones apprehended state how much "they hate white people", yet the community leaders are silent. Only if people defend themselves, and the "pick out knock out" crew is taken down,  is there a howl about a "racist attack!"  Right! "Seventy five year old man makes racist attack on 6 young men!" As Wellington once said: "If you believe that, sir, you'll believe anything!"

Of course, the truths of what I say will trigger howls of "youze a waycist!"

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Victims of Shari'a on International Human Rights Day

The UN is such a hypocritical crock of Sh** when it comes to human rights! They have validated the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights Under Islam (1990) as a supplement to the UDHR of 1948! But under the Shari'a, women and non-believers HAVE NO RIGHTS!

The Declaration sounds all nice and flowery, but when you drill down to its exceptions pertaining to "the Shari'a", then you understand how frauduant the document really is!

Brendt Bozell's address at Centennial Institute, Dec 9th, 2013

For the first time in history, the elderly media in the United States is suppressing news on the government. Their narrative is "our first black President HAS to succeed, and we will NOT divulge information that will damage his Presidency". The elderly media has ignored the following scandals:
  • Solyndra, where one of Obamba's fund raiser bundlers was given a loan of a half a billion dollars that was stolen!
  • Fast and Furious: where weapons were sold to the Mexican Cartels, hoping to create enough death and chaos that the administration could then say "oh, we need more drastic gun control legislation"! Trouble was, whistle blowers exposed the fact that it was the government itself that was creating the death and destruction!
  • Benghazi: where American citizens under attack by Al Qaeda elements were abandoned to die, even though the firefight to save them went on for 7 hours.
  • IRS and Federal Election Commission leaking information to left wing groups with the purpose of harassing Obama's political enemies. To have anti-Obama rhetoric on your site is enough to red flag you for auditing!  This is absolutely illegal, and the IRS Officials, such as Lois Lerner, know this full well!
More ominously, we the opposition are doing NOTHING to hold the Obama Administration accountable for these flagrant violations of the law.  Rep John Bohner, purposely ignored by the elderly media, assumes that since he can't get any Press Conference traction there is no point in pressing forward with any investigations!

But the reality is, the elderly press is losing audience and influence by double digit amounts on an annual basis. We can and should muster millions in the social media on these issues!  We can muster more people than ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN combined! But Bohner hasn't a clue!  And it is jeopardizing our very democracy! We can't have an obsolescent leadership who is stuck in "wheeze wheeze, we need to get the mailings out and buy another TV ad!"

The totalitarian instinct of those in power is dangerous, especially if they feel no one is holding them accountable. When you think of how slight an infraction brought Nixon down in 1972, how much more egregious are the dozens of violations committed by the Obama Administration!   Yet nothing is being done!

The step from having the IRS audit your enemies to having the ATF arrest them an place them in concentration camps in the desert is a very small one! Maybe our progressive friends chortle "you conservative assholes deserve it since you don't care about the poor".  But if Obama is intent on becoming the first Hugo Chavez style dictator of the United States, they need to remember that dictators turn on every other center of influence other than themselves!  Review the Stalinist purges of the 1930's where the show trials eliminated all the old party faithful!

Our freedoms and democracy depend on replacing Bohner and putting in a leadership that understands the technological communications revolution that has taken place.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Notes on the Address of Uzi Landau, Minister of Tourism

Talking Points:
  • Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, the historic home of the Jewish people. The calls by the Arabs to establish a Palestinian state and make Jerusalem its capital is nonsense.
    • For one thing, for the PLO to negotiate at all makes them "traitors" to the Palestinian cause! Abu Makmood depends on IDF escorts to protect him from his own people.
    • John Kerry dragging him to the conference table (or the US would cut off the funds) puts him in an embarrassing position! The plan is to negotiate for 9 months, say to his people "The Jews don't want peace because they wouldn't give me 100% of my demands!" and start a face-saving Third Intifada. So John Kerry is making things worse.
    • For Obama to talk about returning the settlements is right out of left field. The PLO has never asked for such things! And in looking at the "settlements", which are basically attractive neighborhoods built where there was nothing before, there is no way the Israelis are going to give them back. There are thousands of people living in them now.
    • Nor should they, because the terrain is strategic high ground that would cripple Israel should it fall into Hamas hands. And the PLO is weak and discredited: were it granted concessions, Hamas would take over in a matter of days.
  • The Sunni Muslims are in the process of establishing a global Caliphate. Nation states are being eliminated. So the notion that there will ever be a peace loving good neighbor Palestinian State "if Israel would just take a chance for peace" and give up just a little more land is deception!  This was tried in Lebanon in 2000 and in Gaza in 2005. 
  • The 1967 lines that Obama calls for are the "Auschwitz Lines" as far as Israel is concerned.
  • Think about the Shari'a Law the Muslims wish to implement:
    • A collapse of human values with the abuse of women, homosexuals, Christians and Jews
    • No regard for human rights or the sanctity of life
    • Corruption and oppression
  • IRAN:
    • Developing ICBM capability to hit the US and Europe with nuclear weapons
    • //comment: the Obama administration thinks it can "live" with a nuclear Iran: after all, did we not do so with the Soviet Union?  They are failing to grasp the religious ideology of martyrdom, even at the national level! (Oh, but I forgot the secularists "don't do the God thing!")
    • Sponsor of Jihad, even of their arch enemy the Sunni Jihad groups
    • They have 18,000 centrifuges
    • Current negotiations are only to lift sanctions to take the heat off the leadership, but there will be no cessation of the nuclear program.
    • Blatant assassination attempts by IRGC outside the borders of Iran
  • Israel:
    • An island of stability, prosperity and transparent democracy in the Middle East. Israel is the best and most logical ally in the Middle East.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Settlements in Samaria

5 OCT 2013

Off to the Dead Sea with a stop at the Mt of Olives.Taking the laptop with me 5o see  how this works. So far, skype is the only thing that works.

Passing the King David Hotel: South wing blown up by Hagganah in 1946. They warned the British to minimize the loss of life, but many didn’t take it seriously. The city has basically shut down for Sabbat. All streets vacant.  No one is driving their car: all streets are vacant.

Suliman the Magnificent rebuilt the city walls of the old city in the 15th Century.  Mt Scopus where armies massed to assault Jerusalem. Home of Hebrew University and a Hospital even though they couldn’t use it fro 19 years.


Arab section of Jerusalem.  Cemeteries desecrated by Arabs.


View of Temple Mount.  Caskets on the surface, the Dome of the Rock in the background. The Eastern gate is blocked by being bricked shut and  a Muslim cemetery in front of it. The Muslims have done this to keep the Messiah from coming. The Muslims think that the Messiah cannot walk through a cemetery. But only the Priestly cannot have anything to do with the dead. They are the Cohens, and the Messiah is of the House of David. Also, getting through tomb doors and locked upper room doors, the Muslim strategy of impeding the Messiah may not be valid.


We visited this Israeli settlement in Samaria yesterday. It’s 15 miles due east of Tel Aviv,  almost 175 mm Long Tom range. Lt is a bright pleasant clean neighborhood located on several hill tops.





But you can see Natanya on the north to Ashdod on the south. Israel would only be 9 miles wide,which is undefensible. A 16 year old with a stinger could shut down the Ben Gurion air pattern. So  Israel  cannot give it back to please John Kerry and his  “take a chance for peace” land swap.

It just means John Kerry and his President either don’t understand Islamic  Doctrine, or are complicit in the “Israel Demise Process”.

View West from Alfe Maneshe


Malyl Demym:

Settlement east of Jerusalem. More than 20,000 people have lived here for over 40 years. It’s  a city with synagogues, shopping , theaters, etc.  The Israelis created this from nothing! For the Arabs to want it “back” is BS. There was nothing there when the Arabs controlled it.


Bedouin have an absolute loyalty to their tribe. The honor system is paramount, with revenge right at the top. 

300 meters below sea level.  Moses buried on Mt Nebo. Jericho located 820 feet below sea level. Hotel and casino built by Austrian interests. Aman only ½ hour away. No Jews in Aman. Petra interesting.  Jordan river dead ends in the Dead Sea.  Lots of date palms, but smell of rotten eggs.


Sunday Evening Briefing

We had an Arab Journalist who gave us a fascinating view of the situation here in Israel. He faults the UN and the West for exacerbating the problems;
  • UNWRA has created 5th generation "refugees". Their jobs depend on keeping the Palestinians in this position, so they have no real incentive to help people move on with their lives
  • The EU and the WEst have funded Arafat with Billions of dollars with no accountability. So it's no surprise that:
    •  He's funded 60 militias in Samaria
    • His widow has $2 Bn in her bank accounts
    • That corruption and bad government reign
  • When he points these sorts of things out to Western Journalists, he's accused of being in the pay of the Israeli government!
His extended family in Gaza include HAMAS members. When he told them he was going to the US to speak at Universities, his Hamas relative said "Aren't you scared? American Universities are dangerous!"
  • Most of the Palestinan support groups on campus are all these beards in cameoflage who
    •  have never been in harm's way
    • who often times are not even Muslim
    • who have never been to the Middle East
  • They go on and on about the destruction of Israel. He asked them "OK, but what are you going to do for the Palestinians? Are you going to teach the children English? Are you going to assure Palestinian Authority govens well, develops infrastructure and collects the garbage?" They look at him like he's come from the moon.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Last Day in Polska

Had a pretty good day: presented in the morning, comparing article 19 of the UDHR with the Cairo Dec Article 10, showing their absolute incompatibility. Then I recommended to the OSCE to reexamine the documents and decide how in the world they could build a North South Mediterranean culture when the values of Islam are so contrary to the European concept of Civil Rights?

Shabbat at the Wall

Saturday, September 28, 2013

OCSE Efforts noted on Secure Freedom Radio

Sept 28th

I expressed scorn concerning the President negotiating with the Iranians. But a European friend of mine said "but do you want another 500 years of war? "   

Most westerners are unaware of what a "truce" means in Islamic Doctrine: it's based on the Treaty of Hudabyah.  Muhammad made the treaty with the Qurash for 10 years because his Muslim band wasn't strong enough to take them on. But after 2 years Muhammad broke the treaty and the Qurash surrendered Makkah to him rather than fight.

Thus, the ideology of a treaty with non-Muslims is only temporary. We've spoken befor of the dar al-Salim vs. the dar al-Harb. But there's a third classification, the dar al-Sulh. This is the land under treaty with the Muslims.  Part of the deal to be in the dar al-Sulh is:
  • The treaty has to be renegotiated every 10 years
  • The non-Muslims must pay tribute
  • THe non-Muslims can do nothing to impede Islam in its own land.
  • The Treaty can be broken by Muslims when advantageous to do so for them.
Western Europe and the EU are basically "dar al-Sulh":
  • They meet with the OIC periodically to set forth agreements
  • They give billions to the "Mediterranean" countries in "development aid" (translate: Tribute)
  • Western Europe has been flooded with Muslim immigrants and Mosque building. Criticism of Islam is woefully politically incorrect .
  • The EU leaders mistakenly believe this will spare Europe the violent Jihad. They are sadly mistaken.
My European friend is sadly suffering from a severe case of ignorance of Islmic Doctrine and wishful thinking.

Stresseman Foundation Side Event at the OSCE meeting

Thursday, September 26, 2013

This was the "side event " on Islamophobia. We weren't prepared as well as we should be, and we got our "Ass Kicked" by the Turks so to speak. We talked about the OSCE "Islamophobia" book. We asserted that there is no coherent definition of the word.

The Turks argued with us that it just means "prejudice" against Muslims and applies to everyone, includeing Jews and atheists. Yet we pointed out that nowhere in the book does it say anything about any other group than Muslims.

It is a definition pushed by the OIC to criminalize criticism of Islam and to use the schools in the West to enforce the Shari'a Law.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Highlights on Tuesday at the OSCE

At the "Hate Speech" side event Monday, the British Police officer commented that "States grant rights, and the State can do what it needs to do to protect the 8 million Muslims in Britain". Thus, when Lee Rigby was beheaded by Michael Abajio, (sorry about the spelling), those who commented about the event on Face Book were arrested and jailed as "bigots and haters". Yet the comments were factually accurate.  The killer, holding the bloddy butcher knife, announced that the reason he did what he did was that he was commanded to do so by Q2:191 - 193.  But telling the truth has become "hate speech".  One can begin to appreciate our concept of "inalienable rights granted to us by the creator".

There was an American lawyer on the panel as well who kept referring to "the problem of the First Amendment". It is a fair warning to all of us that the Constitution and the rights we have enjoyed is under attack.

Another comment on the Rabat Plan of Action (RPA): one of the 6 tests was "emminence, though the violence may not have taken place".  It boils down to this: if the authorities think you MAY say something that MAY cause violence, that IS hate speech and you can be arrested! It basically is the "battered wife syndrome" becoming law: if the abusing husband says to his wife "if you say it, I will slap your face" and she DOES say it and he DOES slap her, the abusing husband will say to the wife "you caused the violence!" 

is the reasoning behind Islam threatening those who "insult Islam".  Even if I am telling the truth, and have the Constitutional right to speak, the Muslims would hold your saying such things is "incitement to violence" (their violence) and should therefore be banned as "hate speech".  Sadly, more and more Progressives are buying off on this view.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Central European University Side Event on the Rabat Plan of Action (RPA)

The 6 tests for "hate speech" includes an "imminence" provision  , which means  that saying something that "might" lead to violence is hate speech, even though the violence need not have taken place.  The OIC has had a huge input in putting this together, so they want to use it in the following way: if you criticize Islam, we will come after you. This means that your saying what you have a right to say is "inciting" violence (their violence against you). Therefore, criticizing Islam is "hate speech" and is therefore illegal.  So it's turning the definition on its head.

Tuesday 24 Sept at the OSCE

The Russian groups and the Latvians seem to be in a pissing contest. We are thinking the alleged "persecution" of minority Russian rights may be used as an excuse for the Russians to intervene and reacquire the Baltic States again for the Russian Federation.

A side event yesterday on "hate speech" yielded some scary aspects. An American attorney and a British Police official kept referring to "the problem of the American First Amendment".  Their view is that it's the State's responsibility to "protect" the 8 million Muslims in the UK.

When Lee Rigby was beheaded by Michael Abajio (I think that was his name) he announced why he beheaded the man. He referred to Q2:191 - 193, 216 on video with bloody hands holding his butcher knife. 

Yet when bloggers stated these facts on Face Book, they were arrested for "hate speech".  The British Police Official at the side event justified the arrests, saying the people were "haters and bigots" and Islam "had nothing to do with it". So the truth is now "hate speech". It was appalling to see willful blindness in action!

So much of the effort here is against "neo-Naziism", especially among the young people in Belorusse and the Ukraine. But compared to the Muslim Brotherhood's activities, I can't think the threats are equivalent. My guess is such events in the Ukraine are more like motorcycle rallies, where people like to wear black leather covered with skulls and crossbones and that's it.

The attacks in Nairobi now involve the American and Israeli Special Ops resources. Of course

Monday, September 23, 2013

Free Media

free media essential to free speech. Too many countries have imprisoned journalists.

Astrid Thors  Hi Commissioner on National Minorities

Howling microphone an obstacle.  This meeting important to review the progress on the Committments. There is a record amount of side events. Best practices important. During the working session, the right to education and participation and linguistic rights of national minorities.

Preceeding High Commissioners have built a good rapport with the Participating States. Face of change is rapid and will have impact of our work. Digital age and prioritization of the media technology.

Importance of working with young people and their attitude in diversity important. Roma and Scinti with the Jewish community, action plan to be held in November. Violation of human rights has been key to conflict. Identify roots of tension.

Kulkuloglu from Turkey. Taking back OSCE principles to our continent. Parliamentary Assembly: cooperation with not just member states but also the ODHIR. Committments to democracy and human rights.  OSCE and Parliamentary Assembly freedom of assembly. if denied the rest of the rights are lost. Freedom of Assembly and tolerance. Istambul Process to combat Islamophobia.  Make schools inclusive. Balance in history and religious studies. New educational materials to challenge intolerance. Islamophobia must be challenged.

LGBT denial of fundamental freedoms. End to discrimination. Syria crisis. Turkey will support those in need.

First Session of the OSCE Human Dimension Meeting

Opening Statements from OSCE Officers

Meetings essential to further Human Rights. NGO's  help democracy, human rights and rule of law. International Organizations are important, but so do other mechanisms of NGO's.  Discussions have NOT led to consensus. Freedom of Assembly, right to a fair trial needs to be improved.
The OSCE is helping build institutions to further

Amb Prokocopchuk of the Ukraine. Dignity of the individual a legitimate concern of all participants.
Committments to this human dimension crucil. HDIM took place in Warsaw 20 years ago. Discuss wide range of issues, emerging challenges and best practices. Civil society partricipation , NGO's enrich the discussion.

Ukraine media freedom, human trafficing, interreligious dialogue, freedom of assembly and freedom of movement. policy solutions and legal framework for discussion of media freedom.

Discussions Over Dinner at the JP Apart Hotel, PL

Discussions over dinner, Sunday Sept 22, 2013 Warsaw,

Dumbing down of American education. Today’s highschool grad couldn’t pass 8th Grade tests from 40 years ago.

Diana West:

The reason Horowitz attacked her is that he didn’t want his complicity in the damage done to America by the American communists, of which he was one. Good movie on Communism: “The Lives of Others” about the Stazi.

We noted how the Communist agenda has gone from Red to green: most of the ecogroups are run by the old hard lefties. The only reason Facists are called “right wing” was because Mussolini wanted to differentiate himself from all the Communist movements active in Italy at the time.

The financial collapse In America in 2008 was an engineered attack having to do with Arab oil money, sovereign wealth funds, black pools and naked short selling. There are books on the subject.

The QE’s have been designed to destroy the dollar. It started with the Clinton “Community Reinvestment Act which mandated lenders give home loans to minorities who could not afford them. A term : “Jedi loans”. Lenders had to lend to Mexicans who would come up from Mexico with

·         No citizenship

·         No job

·         No income

·         Then the borrower would get a “home improvement loan” for $50,000 more, buy a pickup truck, empty the new house of all appliances, furnaces, microwave ovens, load them into the pickup truck and go back to Mexico and NEVER MAKE A SINGLE  PAYMENT!

·         If the lenders refused to make such loans, community organizer lawyers like the President would sue the lenders to force them to do so.

·         Yet the government puts out the narrative that the financial crisis was caused by “greedy lenders” and omits mention of any governmental role in the fiasco.

One thing we hear is “but the people who were in charge of this are “nice men”! But “nice men” have the duty to be competent.  If you’re incompetent and making decisions, that is MALFEASANCE!

Obama’s people are “post modern leftists” for whom there are no facts or truth, so their role is only to use government power to enforce their narratives. But we are getting a “shearing action” or reality dislocation.

Frankfort school or long time Marxists wound up at Berkeley and Columbia University.

We can’t say our leaders are incompetent idiots, treasonous, Marxists or Muslims.  Printing money, NFL football and cheap food keep the populace complacent.


1979 + or – 15 months:

·         Beginning of the Muslim 15th Century

·         Heralded the takeover of the Grand Mosque, forcing Saudi Arabia to tow the Wahabbist line

·         Fall of Afghanistan to Russians and start of the Jihad

·         SI Malik’s “Qur’anic View of War” was published

·         Edward Said’s “orientalism” was published. It’s principal message is “the West cannot possibly know about Islam without being from the Middle East. You can only know about Islam what we tell you!”

·         Important book: “A Mosque in Munich”

1988 – 1991 The Lugano Document ties to the Explanatory Memorandum. What we need to look at is the  links to all these documents that all stem from the Muslim Brotherhood.  Then we should notice the different phases of implementation .

Qaradawi being kicked out of Qatar is a big deal! It shows the Muslim Brotherhood has lost favor in some quarters in the Middle East. Egypt is the main show for the Muslim Brotherhood currently.

Comment on why Junior Officers are so different from Generals in the American Army: it is the Post Modern Narrative that is being used in the Command and General Staff schools. They have convoluted scenarios where you have to base decisions on presumptions and suppositions. “If a butterfly flapping its wings in India can affect the weather in the Caribbean, how can you expect me to plan an attack on the Taliban tomorrow?”

The assumptions of commanders are becoming the Facts for subordinates: the buzz words are chaos theory. And here is where the Muslim Brotherhood is injecting itself into the picture. 

People are translating this to “complexity theory”.  You ask a question, they answer “it’s complicated!” Everyone is reading “The Black Swan”, et al.  To get your PhD in this area, you have to Invent stuff! The “Certainty of unknowability”. It started with Hegel in the 1830’s and got married to Darwinism. So people are confusing the political fiction with the science.

We have a problem with the Government taking the prejudice of the Southern Poverty Law Center against conservative groups at face value.  These days, to speak out against Islam labels you a “right wing fascist”!  Theo Van Gough, killed by Muslims in 2004 on the streets of Amsterdam, was a leftie gadfly!

When you speak out against Islam, the community will either say they need “balance” or “it’s a matter of interpretation”.  You brief an official about some vicious aspects of the Shari’a.   He says “let’s get some balance. Let’s bring in Fatima, my Muslim Community advisor”.  And she says “well, that’s not ‘my Islam’!”  So, an emotional opinion is weighed against facts!

Dialogue with Muslims:

Dialogue is an Alinskyite word designed to paralyze the opposition.  So while the Bishop is “dialoguing” with the Imam, the Imam’s enforcers are killing Christians! So rather than the dialogue making things better, it’s actually giving the Jihad groups legitimacy while they are killing you!

The OIC claims sovereignty over the Muslims living in Western countries, which violates their national sovereignty.  And if western countries enforce blasphemy laws (the Shari’a) for the benefit of the OIC, this is in fact enforcing foreign law on your own citizens. And if there is a conflict between the Shari’a and their own laws, the Western Governments SHOULD BE DEFENDING these laws and rights, NOT abrogating them to the OIC!



 out by the New English review: “Sir Walter Scotts Crusades” by Ibn Warrack ISBN 978 0 9884778 5 8

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ACT 1360 Meeting recap

Victor O gave a presentation on Nigeria and the Jihad of the Boko Haram taking place there.
First he gave a run down about Nigeria: size of Texas, 175 million people, a country of great wealth: oil, natural resources. Victor shared with us the tribal make up of the country, seven or eight different tribes, and the fact there are more than 500 local languages.

He gave a brief history of the region: colonized by the British, and how they ruled the north indirectly through the Sheiks and the Emirs, but in the south they ruled directly. Nigeria gained independenc in 1960.  There was a civil war from 1967 to 1971 when the Ibo tribe in the southeast tried to break away into their own country (Biafra).

Yet as a developing country, the wealth is concentrated in the hands of the corrupt ruling elite rather than being used to create massive wealth for the entire population. This is why Victor is here rather than in Nigria: more opportunity.

The Boko Haram consists of outsiders, financed more than likely by the Arab Sheiks. They operate  throughtout the country, but most of the attacks have been in the north eastern provinces where Muslims are predominant.

The Boko Haram are currently seeking a truce and "forgiveness": absolutely a Hudabayah style temporary truce until they can grow stronger and take down the country. This is the ONLY kind of truce available under Islamic Doctrine.

As far as Syria is concerned:

The Saudis want to run a pipeline through Syria to bring natual gas to Qatar and sell to Europe. This would be competition for the Russians, who currently are the sole suppliers of gas to Western Europe and have Western Europeans "by the balls".  The Russians also have the largest naval base in the Mediterranean in Syria, a home to 52 Russian ships.

And since the Syrians told the Saudis they would not allow the pipeline, the Saudis retaliated by starting the "Syrian Free Army" jihad revolution to take down the Assad regime.

Victor's presentation ended with a display of Pope Francis' call for Peace in Syria. His remark that "violence only begets violence" seems to forget that WW II was violent and resulted in the destruction of Nazi Germany, which would NOT have been brought down any other way.

Pope Francis's view might be understandable, since the Pope is from Argentina, which basically sat out WW II and benefitted from both sides trying to buy influence.  But it did provoke outrage with some of the meeting's attendees.

One lady expressed outrage as to how "we could allow the monsters to kill children in Syria".  The assumption here is the United States is the enforcer of Western Values around the world. This is the attitude that gets us into trouble. In this case, although without a doubt children have been killed and gas has been used, who did these things is the issue.

 It's more than likely the Syrian Rebel Jihadis, funded by the Saudis, are the ones who did. The pictures presented of the bodies, with  the "casualties" all lying in neat rows in clean sheets, no families or physicians present, seem as staged as the Gaza al Dura hoax in Sept 2000 .  But the clincher was the "crying 12 year old", absolutely designed to manipulate the Kuffar into using his own blood and treasure to jumpstart the Sunni Caliphate.

The Syrian ruling elite is a minority: as a result, they protect the OTHER minorities in Syria. This includes the various Christian sects, such as the Malakites, the Chaldeans, the Latin Rite Catholics, and all the rest. You're talking about maybe 1.5 million people here! So even if the Sunni Jihadis show you phony pictures of dead children and crying 12 year olds, the bloodshed, if they were to take over, would be ten times worse!

 They would butcher ALL the minorities as they are trying to do in Egypt. Burning 60 to 90 Coptic Churches in July, the atrocities in the Christian villages in Syria that the "Syrian Free Army" Jihadis control should be indication enough of what they would do in Syria as a whole.

My prediction is that the President will blame Congress for witholding approval for the strike, trying to say how "congress is allowing the Assad regime to get away with war crimes!"  

The main problem is the administration's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and the outrage of letting them set our policies in the Middle East. We need a change in leadership: a leader who upholds the Constitution as per the Oath of Office, NOT a leader who supports Jihad against us.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why the Muslims and the Welfare Freeloaders are full of SH*T!

St Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 4: 11-12 " Stay calm: mind your own business; do your own job. You've heard all this from us before, but a reminder never hurts. We want you living in a way that will command the respect from outsiders, not lying around sponging off your friends." (The Message) Compare this to:

  • Obama and his vision of a "Coalition of Dependency" where the majority of citizens live on Government handouts intentionally.
  • The Muslim Q9:29 "Fight those who believe not in God nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by God and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of truth, (even of they are) People of the Book until they pay the Jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued."
The Boston Bombers referred to the welfare they were receiving as "Jizya from the unbelievers" to which they were entitled under the Shari'a.  The Progressive notion of the helping hand until they get on their feet was completely discarded...permanently!

The African Village concept held by so many blacks that believe "This is such a wealthy society, why SHOULDN'T I be just given 'my fair share'?"

St. Paul goes on to say in verses 13-15 "Get along among yourselves, each of you doing your part. Our counsel is that you warn the freeloaders to get a move on."  This means that for the long term sustainability of our society, everyone must do their share! Everyone must participate in pulling on the oars to keep the ship moving forward! Any group that feels "entitled" and tries to justify this entitlement by silly notions of past injustice needs to "get over it"!   Does not everyone have some sort of injustice in the past?  I read an article of an Egyptian lawyer who was contemplating a lawsuit against Israel for damages incurred during the Exodus 3500 years ago!  Come on!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Note to SecOfState Swift Boat Kerry

To the Editors: If the Administration is so worried about saving lives, why don't they address the persecution of minority Christian groups in Islamic lands, such as Egypt, (the Copts) and Catholics in Pakistan, Caldean Christians in Iraq, etc? The Muslims have burned 60 to 90 churches in Egypt in the last month alone! As far as dead children are concerned, the Syrian rebels are perfectly capable of killing them themselves if they thought it would induce the Americans to intervene and spend blood and treasure bailing out the Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood effort to take over Syria. The Syrian rebels are already butchering Christian villages in areas of Syria they control! Just think what they would do to the 1.5 million Christians who live in Syria as a whole! It means that far from "saving lives for humanitarian purposes" our intervention would condemn to death millions of innocent Christians who would now be at the mercy of the Salafist Sunni Jihadists, whom the President supports. Dave Petteys Roxborough Park CO 720 922 9092

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Israel's Right to Exist, a new perspective

Many Dhimmi progressives in the West side with the Arabs and deny Israel's right to exist. Maybe they think the Arabs will love them if they do! Or in the case of the EU, the deal may be "if we support you against Israel, then maybe you'll take your Jihad elsewhere".  (We can see how well that's worked with the London bombings on 7/7/2007, or the Madrid bombings, etc.) There is also a view that the conflict is geographical, and "peace" can be achieved if we would but twist Israeli arms to give up just a little more land: to "take a chance for peace". (But they withdrew from Gaza in August 2005, and look what that brought them!)

Back up for a moment: understand the big picture. Muslims divide the world into dar al-Islam and dar al-Harb, the lands not ruled by Islam. This dar al-Harb triggers an obligation to wage Jihad within the Islamic community. The obligation exists just as long as dar al-Harb exists!  This is a "Jihad view of the world".

 When a land is conquered by Islam, the surviving inhabitants become "Dhimmis" a legally defined underclass, subservient to the Islamic rulers.

Jews are, basically, a rebellious Dhimmi people that have recovered their ancestral homeland that had been Islamized by Jihad in the seventh century. This is illegal under Islamic Jurisprudence, and must be punished.

Therefore, if you deny Israel's right to overthrow the Jihad and recover their sovereignty, then you validate the Jihad view of the world. And if you do that, then you deny our own right to exist, because we in  the West are just as much a part of the dar al-Harb as the Israelis!

Tolerance and Hate

It is absurd to consider either "Tolerance" or "Hate" as virtues or evils in absolute terms. You have to ask in what context they are being used.

The Muslims like to preach "Tolerance" and multiculturalism as they infiltrate our country. They use multiculturalism as an excuse for having no intention of assimilating into American society. And as they continue their outrages they try to shame us for "intolerance", as if tolerance were a virtue in and of itself!

But Honor Killings, rape gangs, treating women as chattel, all common in Islamic society, should NOT be tolerated in this country! Determined intolerance of such behavior is fully justified!  Cordoning off sections of American Cities as "Muslim Only No Go Zones", as is happening in places like Memphis TN and Dearborne MI is unacceptable! Allowing the Muslims to build a parallel society along with ours is dangerous! It destroys our equality before the law if Muslims are only subject to their own Shari'a Law, as they now claim in the UK. In fact, there are hundreds of Shari'a Courts in London and areas where British Law no longer apply!

Conflict in Egypt

Although the Progressives are bemoaning the unseating of the "Democratically Elected Government of Egypt", there was NOTHING democratic about Morsi! He and the Muslim Brotherhood, under the direction of Yusuf al Qaradawi were on the fast track to establish a Shari'a State in Egypt! They intended to exterminate every non-Muslim aspect of Egyptian society! This would include the democratic intelligencia and the 5 to 8 million Christian Copts!

In fact, much of the violence has been directed at the Christian Copts with butchery and burning of churches!

Here's the big picture: Islam divides the world into dar al-Islam (lands ruled by Muslims) and the dar al-Harb (lands not ruled by Muslims). The dar al-Harb triggers an obligation on the part of the Muslim community to wage Jihad against dar al-Harb until it no longer exists!  Hatred for dar al-Harb is theological, for a Muslim must hate what Allah hates! And Allah has cursed unbelievers! (Q33:60)

This means the "Coexist" bumper stickers are no more than Kafir wishful thinking! There is no provision in Islamic doctrine for coexistence with another religion or secularism! This also means Pastor Rick Warren and his "Chryslam" can only lead to his submission and conversion to Islam.

Rather than decry the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, we should emulate their example! We should designate the Muslim Brotherhood in America and its 4200 front groups a Terrorist Organization and close them down, incarcerate their operatives and confiscate their assets. The funds gleaned thereby should be used to finance a massive education plan to reverse the false narrative promulgated by the Muslim Brotherhood over the last 60 years.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Problem with Conservative Groups

1. There are so many groups all competing for the same limited funding, as opposed to our Muslim opponents who have a single source of Petro-Billions.

2. On the Left, if two groups agree on 3 or 4 out of 10 issues, they will work together to "move the needle to the left". On the right, however, if you don't agree with me 100%, I'm taking you to the firing squad!

3. By nature, Conservatives are conservative! They are not comfortable with confrontation and civil disobedience. And as such, they find their causes defeated by determined minorities on the other side.

4. Western Civilization is under an existential threat from the Left and from the Muslim Brotherhood. And I'd love to help save our country! But you know, the grand kids are coming in this week and besides, there's a game on: I just don't have the time. How 'Bout Dem Broncos?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sunday, Bill Whittle at the WCS July 28, 2013

Progressives stress three things:
1. All wealth is unearned:  thus tax rates can go to 120% and it's OK, because the wealthy have "stolen" the wealth anyway!  A natural extension is that people with wealth are "evil" because they "have more than their fair share"! This is why the President stresses the "good fortune" of wealthy people and why they should pay more taxes. Putting in 18 hour days for years of course has NOTHING to do with success, right?

2. Everyone's "special"....meaning NO ONE is special! Therefore, no reason to strive to excel, right? No reason to set goals or engage in hard work "to get ahead", (after all, that would make those whom you've gotten ahead of "look bad"! That makes you a "selfish" person)!
All you have to do is "show up", and everyone gets a trophy, we all waltz across the finish line at the same time, holding hands, singing "Kum Bah Yah!" After all, we don't want winners and losers, because it might "hurt someone's  feelings"....It's why the progressive women in British schools have done away with intramural sports.

3. "We're just here to help!" But it all boils down to we give YOU "free shit", and in exchange, you give us your vote and your freedom!

The Conservative answer:
1. Freedom
2. Private Property
3. Virtue

1. Freedom: do you want to be "left alone" or do you want someone "telling you what to do?" Or better yet, do YOU like "telling people what to do?" This is what "Freedom" is all about! One must NOT take it for granted!

2. Private Property: if you are a true socialist, then you subscribe to "from all according to their ability, to each according to their need", right?  Well, then, give us your smart phone. We will sell it and give the $100 to some homeless person downtown!  What? You are reluctant to give up your smart phone? You're being "greedy, selfish, and not caring for the poor!" Maybe you're more conservative than you'll admit! It's not OK to be "generous with someone else's money"!

3. Virtue:  this means "don't be a jerk"!Have respect for someone's space, property and to keep your word. Everyone hates a "Buddy fucker", do they not? Yet the Progressives teach the school kids to inform on their parents and their friends if they are "not environmentally sensitive" by not recycling the trash or if they say politically incorrect things.  Is this not akin to the Communist Young Pioneers, or the Hitler Jugend?  Totalitarianism and freedom are incompatible.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013

Egyptian Street Reaction to Obama's ties to the vicious Muslim Brotherhood.


The Radical Salafists over reached, and thought that they could pass laws that would institute an Islamic State in Egypt.  They expected the law abiding secular middle class to just roll over and accept their enslavement.  The Marxist-Salafist coalition currently in the White House believe the same thing about the American people. 

Pictures of the Egyptian street of a few days ago that were not seen in mainstream media sources.


A Proposed Definition of Islamophobia by EMISCO[1], Warsaw, 8 October 2012

We will highlight the proposed definition in Green.

Islamophobia is a form of intolerance and discrimination motivated with fear, mistrust and hatred of Islam and its adherents. It is often manifested in combination with racism, xenophobia, anti-immigrant sentiments and religious intolerance.

Religious Intolerance: the West must be “tolerant” of Islamic intolerance! The West must tip toe around Islamic “sensitivity” concerning pictures of Muhammad, the Qur’an, and other things. Yet the Muslims routinely burn churches, kill Christians and desecrate Holy sites of the religions of others. How can the Muslims accuse the West of “Intolerance” when they will not allow Christian churches built in Saudi Arabia or even allow non-Muslims in Mecca itself? What about the attacks against Christians in Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq and elsewhere that occur almost daily?

Fear, mistrust and “hatred of Islam”: there have been over 20,000 attacks[2] by Muslims since Sept 11, 2001 that have killed thousands. Can the Muslims expect people to disregard this wonton butchery? Most of the attacks have been in the name of Islam. Why would rational people NOT fear and mistrust Muslims who continually tout Islam as a “religion of peace” and then turn around and kill innocent people? Murdering non-believers in the name of Islam makes “Hatred of Islam” a rational natural step leading to self-preservation.

Another aspect of  “religious intolerance” : Islam is hardly a “religion” per se, but a vicious totalitarian political system. But the Muslim Jihad groups hide behind the veil of “religion” when it suits them.  They preach “death to America and death to the Jews” from Mosque pulpits. Yet if anyone takes exception to this overt political stance, the Muslims howl “interference with their religious practice”.

 The key: there is NO separation between religion and politics in Islam. Therefore, we need to treat Islam as the subversive political movement that it really is!

Manifestations of Islamophobia include hate speech, violent acts and discriminatory practices, which can be manifested by both non-state actors and state officials.

“Hate speech” is an amorphous term that is hard to define. The OIC is working hard to undermine our Constitution’s First Amendment by passing laws forbidding “denigration of religion”, calling this a form of “hate speech”.  The key here is understanding that “denigration”, “insult”, “demeaning” or any other such terms fall under the rubric of “slander”. The definition here is crucial.

The West defines “slander” as saying something untrue that damages someone’s reputation. But this is NOT the Shari’a definition!

 In Islam, merely to say something about Islam they don’t like is “slander[3]”! Or revealing something about Islam that Muslims don’t want revealed is “slander”. The truth or falsity of what’s being said has nothing to do with it!

By contrast, in the West truth is an absolute defense against charges of slander and liable!

 To pass such laws would take the discussion and/or criticism of Islam off the table in our society. This would render the West defenseless in this our free market place of Ideas, (which, of course, is the whole point!)

Violent Acts: considering the 20,000 attacks of Jihad by Muslims since Sept 11, 2001, who are they to complain about “violent attacks” by “Islamophobes”? For 2011, the FBI report on Hate Crime Statistics[4] classified most of the hate crimes as against Jews (63.2%) and not against Muslims (12.5%). Even at that, many of the so-called “hate crimes” against Muslims were phony, perpetrated by Muslims themselves to generate “victimhood righteous indignation”![5]

Discriminatory Practices: What the Muslims mean here is our not accommodating their demands that we discontinue our cultural practices and institute theirs! We must suspend Labor Day and replace it with “Eid al Fitr” celebrations! If Muslim women can’t wear burkas that shows only their eyes for their driver’s license photos, that’s “discrimination”! If a school system fails to celebrate Muslim holidays and to discontinue Christian ones, or fails to force halal food on everyone in the school cafeteria, that’s “discrimination” against Muslims!

Islamophobic rhetoric associates Muslims with terrorism and portrays them as an international and domestic threat. It makes stereotypical allegations about Muslims as a monolithic group of people whose culture is backward and incompatible with human rights and democracy.

The catch here again is in the definitions. What we define as “terrorism” the Muslims define as “Jihad”, which is NOT terrorism in their book! Jihad is defined as “War against non-Muslims to establish the religion…..”[6], and is a “communal obligation”[7] of all Muslims. Muslims define “terrorism” as killing Muslims without right[8].

Sura 9:5 in the Qur’an states “…then fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them and seize them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war);” Is there any reason the world should not take them at their word, judging from the 1400 years of warfare against the non-Muslim world?  Why would non-Muslims, domestic and international, NOT feel threatened?

The Muslims themselves strive to be a ‘monolithic group’! The Organization of Islamic Co-operation(OIC) continually refers to the world-wide “Ummah”, defined as “those who accept the call of the Prophet.”[9] Why would stating this fact be a sign of “Islamophobia”?

And as for “being backward and incompatible with human rights and democracy” , Muslims consider “human rights” as defined under the Shari’a.  This means non-believers and women have no rights at all. That should be enough to show its incompatibility with our Western concept of democracy. The Shari’a dates from the Seventh Century, complete with medieval barbarous punishments ( like the cutting off hands and feet as well as beheadings). So yes, we in the West DO consider such things “backward”!

Other examples of Islamophobic rhetoric in political discourse, the media, schools, work place and in the religious sphere involve, but are not limited to:

- Calling for banning and/or restricting visibility and practices of Islam in public space on the grounds that Islam is not a religion but an oppressive ideology;

Throwing acid in the faces of women who aren’t wearing Burkas is a “practice of Islam in a public space” that should be banned!

Mosques habitually shut down traffic in the middle of New York or Paris on a Friday, illegally taking over a couple of square blocks to “pray”. This is to demonstrate Islam’s dominance, not a legitimate religious practice.  This should be banned. What other “religious groups” do such things? This is an abuse of our tradition of freedom of religion.

- Accusing Muslims of not willing to integrate in the society where they live in, but imposing their own values and culture;

Yet to quote from an OIC document:[11]

“…to firmly establish the tolerant values of Islam, to coordinate all genuine efforts, and to preserve Islamic identity in the Muslim immigrant communities and minorities in the West, the Organization believes that serious cultural action can only have its objectives accomplished by constructive dialogue.”[12]

To “preserve Islamic identity” is the definition of not integrating into the Host society. This includes keeping their children in Madrassas and isolated  from non-Islamic children and non-Islamic influences.

What Muslims mean by “constructive dialogue” are threats and intimidation of the host society in their demands for accommodation!

The progressive assumption is that Muslims will integrate into Western society just as has every other immigrant community. But to quote further the same document:

“This has driven these countries to put forward certain plans relating to social, cultural and educational fields, all of which target the “integration” of immigrant communities and in the existing system with its secular options and morals. However, these plans have always been resisted, especially when they involve Muslim communities. This resistance is motivated primarily by the insistence of these Muslim communities on standing by their identity and the authentic Islamic peculiarity.”[13]

It’s clear, then, that the Muslims themselves work diligently to preserve their “authentic Islamic pecularity”, to NOT assimilate and to preserve their “values and culture”. To accuse people who state these facts as being “Islamophobes and haters” that somehow disparage the Muslim community is disingenuous and counter-factual. It’s more a case of “revealing something about Islam that Muslims don’t want revealed”, (which is the Shari’a definition of “slander”[14]).


 Describing Muslims as a demographic time-bomb which will become a numerical majority where they are minority for the time-being;

Here is a relevant article on the subject by a Western scholar:

America’s Future Belongs to Islam

by PAUL L. WILLIAMS, PHD February 6, 2013

(Author of Crescent Moon Rising)

Islam, according to newly released data from the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies, is now the fastest growing religion in America, verifying President Barack Obama's claim that the United States is "no longer a Judeo-Christian country."

How many Muslims now live within the country remains anyone's guess, since the U.S. Census Bureau neglects to collect data on religious identification. A 2008 study by Cornell University projected that the number of Muslims in America had climbed from 1.6 million in 1995 to 7 million.[i] A U.S. News and World Report survey, which was conducted at the same time, placed the figure at 5 million,[ii] while the Pew Research Center set the number at 2.35 million.

But Pew researchers admit that their survey was not thorough since it neglected to take into account immigrant and poor black Muslims.[iii] What's more, these researchers only contacted Americans with telephone landlines and failed to take into account the fact that nearly 50% of U.S. residents and age 18-35 and the nearly 100% of the illegal immigrants who communicate exclusively by cell phones.[iv]

Muslim organizations, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), supported the Cornell University projection of 7 million - - based on mosque attendance.[v]

In any case, all demographers agree that throughout the coming decades, the faith of the Prophet Mohammed will continue to impact and transform all aspects of American life: social, political, and economic. They further maintain that, save for a cataclysmic sea-change in population trends, Islam by 2050 will emerge as the nation's dominant religion.[15]

Yet in another newspaper article in the UK one of the British Jihadi leaders speaks of a “Tsunami of immigrants” that will deliver the UK to Islam:

Choudary urges fanatics to scrounge for holy war [16]

In the spotlight ... Anjem Choudary was filmed by The Sun at 3 meetings.

SCROUNGING hate preacher Anjem Choudary has told fanatics to copy him by going on benefits — urging: "Claim your Jihad Seeker's Allowance." He cruelly ridiculed non-Muslims who held down 9-to-5 jobs all their lives and said sponging off them made plotting holy war easier. The Sun secretly filmed him over three meetings also saying leaders such as David Cameron and Barack Obama should be KILLED, grinning as he branded the Queen "ugly" and predicting a "tsunami" of Islamic immigrants would sweep Europe. Father-of-four Choudary, who has praised terrorist outrages, pockets more than £25,000 a year in benefits — £8,000 more than the take-home pay of some soldiers fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. He laughed as he told supporters: … Former lawyer Choudary — twice banned from running organizations under the Terrorism Act — said some revered Islamic figures had only ever worked one or two days a year, adding: "The rest of the year they were busy with jihad (holy war) and things like that."…

This shows that Muslims assure their followers that demographics will deliver Europe and the West into their hands, yet they ridicule anyone in the West who comments on this as an “Islamophobe and hater”, spreading lies about Islam.

They even pay co-opted intellectuals to write books such as “The Myth of the Muslim Tide”[17] to assure the West, ridicule the “Islamophobes” and lull the target society back to sleep, continually beating on the “persecuted and misunderstood Muslim” false narrative.

- Charging Muslims with not being loyal to the country that they live in but to the Muslim community as a whole;

To quote Muhammad al-Sanna’ani: “We say to the Kuffār:The borderless loyalty is a religious sentiment of the people in your midst. As long as the Muslims remain in your focus, you will remain in ours. No matter the security precautions you may take, you cannot kill a borderless idea.”[18]

And Major Nadal Hasan, the Ft Hood shooter, on slide 48 of his slide show:[19]

·       If Muslim groups can convince Muslims that they are fighting for God against the injustices of the “Infidels”: ie, enemies of Islam, then Muslims can become a potent adversary ie: suicide bombing, etc.

Then on Slide 49:

·       God expects full loyalty. Promises heaven and threatens hell.

·       Muslims may be seen as moderate (compromising) but God is not.

What Westerners need to comprehend is that when Muslims say they only want to “practice their religion” this includes the Qur’anic mandate to conduct Jihad against all non-believers! There cannot be loyalty to the “Kafir” host society!

- Advocating collective expulsion of Muslims based on the accusation that they are enemies within;

Expulsion of Jihadists is societal common sense considering their mandate and intention to destroy our society as enumerated in Q9:5, Q9:29, Q8:60 to name but three Ayats of many.

- Dehumanizing and demonizing Muslims as a collective "other" defined only on religious basis, leading to the racialisation of the "Muslim category";

This is merely an attempt to accuse of “racism” those who call out Muslims for their policy of Jihad. It is also an attempt by Jihad groups to hide behind the curtain of “religion” to obscure their goals.

“Race” is a biological attribute, whereas Islam is a belief attribute. Muslims come in all races, from black Africans in Northern Nigeria to Caucasian Bosnians to Asian Indonesians. Charges of “racism” are a misdirection and red herring. To hold Muslims accountable for their murderous Jihad against a civilized world is NOT “racism” but the truth!

And yes, suicide bombing innocent civilians IS demonic and dehumanizing!  To say that objections to such Muslim attacks is ”only on a religious basis” is a twisting of definitions. Are we supposed to be prohibited from objecting to Islamic murderers because they are committing their crimes in the name of Allah?

- Accusing Muslims of being responsible for wrongdoing committed by other Muslim individuals or groups;

The Muslim leaders advocate the unity of all Muslims as the “Ummah” or a united world-wide Islamic Nation without regard to national borders. They intimidate the West with language such as “you cannot insult 1.2 billion Muslims!” Therefore, they cannot disavow Jihadist outrages committed by Jihadist groups who state these acts are committed “in defense of the Ummah”.

- Denying contributions that Muslims made and have been making to the society and World;

Islam is a raider society borne of the deserts. The Qur’an is filled with instructions concerning slaves and booty. Islamic society does not traditionally create wealth but takes it from others by force. Most Muslim immigrants climb onto welfare and consider it “Jizya from the kuffar to which they are entitled”. To quote Anwar al – Alwlaki: [20]

“The greatest form of income is that of the spoils of war and the greatest profession is being a soldier in the path of Allah. The income generated from booty taken by force from the enemies of Allah is purer and more virtuous than income generated  from being a businessman, an engineer, a physician, or a farmer, simply because that was the source of income that Allah destined for his Messenger Muhammad.”

In the UK, the main contribution of Muslims is filling the permanent burgeoning welfare roles and practicing “Civilizational Jihad” on the host society. This undercuts the Dhimmi[21] apologists that attribute Jihad to poverty and “blame the West” for not providing more economic opportunity to young Muslim men.

 According to Wikipedia, over 800 Jews have been awarded the Nobel Prize over a vast array of subjects: for Muslims, only ten. And half of this number has been awarded since 2000; and at that, only the Peace Prize.

- Rejecting any possibility of co-operation between Muslims and non-Muslims.

When the basic stance of Islam is that of Jihad against non-believers, what basis is there for co-operation?  To quote Q5:51:

“O ye who believe! Take not Jews or Christians for your protectors: they are but protectors to each other. And amongst you that turn to them is one of them.”

Acts of Islamophobia, which can be committed by non-state actors or state officials, include:

- Physical attacks, which are carried out spontaneously by individuals or organized groups, on individuals, community institutions and property that are rightly or wrongly associated with Muslims or Islam;

Again: there have been 20,000 Qur’anically inspired Jihad attacks world-wide against non-Muslims. They have all been done in the name of Islam. How can Muslims then whine about these physical attacks being associated with Islam itself?

Here is a suitable metaphor: if you have a Muslim setting fire in a theatre, shouting “fire” and trying to warn theatre goers of the growing blaze is considered “Islamophobia” and “hate speech” against the Muslim who’s setting the blaze! The Muslim will then have you arrested for “bigotry”, stating that “shouting fire in a crowded theatre” would be an abuse of free speech!

Discriminatory immigration and naturalization procedures directly or indirectly excluding Muslims or placing them in a disadvantageous situation in comparison with people of other religious origin;

This is a perfect example of Muslims hiding behind a religious cloak for political purposes!

Excluding Muslims from entering the West is entirely justified when Muslims immigrate to the West as “Civilizational Jihadists” with the intent of destroying Western society. Their writings demonstrate they have no intention of integrating and contributing to the West save to “destroy its miserable house”.[22]

Their actions show they are building enclaves of Islamic State within the body politic of Western societies which are intended to displace and destroy the Host civilization. Perfect examples are the French “Zones Urbaines Sensible”[23]. They are 751 areas in France that Muslims have occupied, and into which French authorities no longer venture. They are areas in which the Shari’a law is enforced by the local Sura Council and French law and culture no longer apply.

- Racial/religious profiling measures, including stop and search, surveillance of religious and cultural Muslim organizations, and no flight lists, which have disproportional impact on Muslims;

Profiling Muslims is neither racial nor religious: as we have said, Islam is a belief attribute, not a biological one. Islam is a vicious totalitarian political ideology that has religious aspects. The fact remains that all Jihadists are Muslim because Islamic Doctrine calls for Jihad against unbelievers,(see Q9:5, Q9:29, Q8:60 and others). Therefore, it makes perfect sense to profile Muslims at airports, and to exclude from aircraft those individuals who espouse acts of violent Jihad or have ties to Jihad organizations.

- Restrictions, by either legislative or administrative means, on the visibility of religious symbols targeting at exclusively Muslims, as in the case of prohibition of minarets.

Historically, Muslims have always built triumphalist Mosques in conquered lands. This is why the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is being converted to a Mosque, and why the Cathedral of Cordoba in Spain has gone back and forth from Church to Mosque over the centuries.

 There is an Arab word: “Tamkeen” which means “enablement or empowerment”[24]. When the Muslim groups make their demands for Halal foods in schools, or want to build a Mosque in a Western City bigger than any of the local Cathedrals, it is to further “Tamkeen” which is “empowering” the Muslims in the host society.

Mosques are a symbol of and a center for domination of the host society, a “Fortress of Faith”. Most people in the West think of a Mosque as only a “Muslim Church” in a Western context. But a Mosque in the West to us is as a US Army Frontier Fort was to the Indians..

When they are built, they are intentionally designed to be bigger than the neighboring churches and cathedrals to symbolize this domination,(tamkeen.) A good example is the huge Mosque currently under construction in Ft Collins, Colorado. Anyone opposed to this symbol of domination are accused of  “ opposing Faith, discriminating against Muslims, of hatred, Islamophobia and bigotry!”

Institutional Islamophobia is state policies and systematic practices discriminating Muslims based on their religious identity. It poses a serious threat to the security of Muslims because such policies and practices can lead to spreading bias, and therefore be a fertile ground for hate crimes.

There wouldn’t be “bias” against Muslims if they would join the world community of the twenty first century and forsake their seventh century “religious identity” that wages Jihad to impose their Shari’a on all mankind.

Note here how the Muslims twist the argument by capitalizing on the Western confusion over the concept of “religious identity”. Western thought has difficulty NOT separating church and state. If the West defends itself against violent Jihad, the Muslims howl “religious discrimination”. Apologists in the West can’t seem to grasp that the violence IS religious to the Muslims!

Anwar al-Alwaki was correct when he said “America wants an Islam according to its own taste: with no Jihad and no Shari’a!” If Muslims would treat others with respect for their lives and their traditions, they would be treated like any other religious group. But then they wouldn’t be in compliance with Islamic Doctrine.


In order to combat Islamophobia and foster tolerance and mutual understanding based on the international human rights standards, States should:

- Take all necessary measures in their legal systems to ensure a safe environment free from Islamophobic harassment, violence and discrimination in all walks of life;

This is utter nonsense: the majority of the violence, hate crimes, and discrimination is against the Jews[25]. Muslim hatred of Jews is built into Islamic Doctrine, as Q5:51 shows.

 The Muslim motive with the Courts is to conduct “lawfare” with their vast petro-billions, using our own court system to silence, cripple and bankrupt anyone who speaks the truth about Islam.

When Muslims reference “International Human Rights Standards” they mean “The Cairo Declaration of Human Rights under Islam[26]”. It is a document that codifies Islamic supremacy, and deprives women and non-believers of the Western definition human rights. For example:

ARICLE 1(b) All human beings are Allah's subjects, and the most loved by Him are those who are most beneficial to His subjects, and no one has superiority over another except on the basis of piety and good deeds.

Thus, believers are superior to non-believers, and more loved by Allah.   Out the window goes the Western concept of equal protection under the law.
- Develop and implement comprehensive educational strategies and programme for combating Islamophobia;

Translation: to use the schools to whitewash Islam and to rewrite their bloody history of conquest and enslavement of millions over the centuries.

- Create, whenever necessary, specialized bodies and initiatives in order to combat Islamophobia;

Translation: use their petro-billions to build organizations, buy influence with officials and intimidate anyone who opposes them.

- Include in their integration policies programmes and activities addressing Islamophobia and its roots causes;

The “root cause” of “Islamophobia” is Muslim behavior: to wit, Jihad against unbelievers! It is bizarre that Muslims intimidate and kill people, yet seek to label any adverse reaction as “Islamophobia” and something to be outlawed.  But even more bizarre is that the Muslim groups get a free pass from the Mainstream Media in the West and are getting away with it!

- Record, monitor and maintain reliable information and statistics about Islamophobic hate crimes committed within their territory and make such reports publically available;

As we have shown, most of the “hate crimes” are against Jews, as FBI online statistics show[27].

- Combat Islamophobic hate crimes, which can be fuelled by Islamophobic hate speech in the media and on the Internet;
Muslim groups recently put out bounties on the lives of webmasters who maintain websites that publicize Muslim threats, intimidation and other outrages[28]. Do the Muslims consider such behavior reassuring and acceptable to Western society? Is this another example of “The Religion of Peace”?

- Take all necessary measures in order to prevent racial/religious profiling and other forms of institutionalized Islamophobia;

- Conduct public awareness campaigns and specific programmes for governmental officials in order to combat Islamophobia;


Translation: sue, intimidate and harass individuals, organizations and government officials to the point that Muslims become untouchable! This strategy enabled Major Nidal Hasan, the Ft Hood shooter, to remain in his position. His obvious radicalization and disloyalty were overlooked, lest any Superior Officer mentioning the subject be accused of “Islamophobia”. Only after 13 soldiers lost their lives were authorities forced to do something.

 Even though Major Hasan shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he fired into his victims, Army authorities were STILL intimidated into silence concerning Islam. The Jihad attack was whitewashed in the Official Report as “workplace violence”[29]. Nowhere is Islam mentioned.

- Encourage and support intergovernmental human rights agencies and non-governmental organizations dealing with Islamophobia;

- Strive to develop necessary mechanisms and standards to increase international co-operation in combating Islamophobia.

One of the eight categories of those who can receive Zakat are “Those whose Hearts are to be Reconciled”[30]. Muslim groups spend a lot of time and money in the UN, the EU, the OCSE and elsewhere  holding  and attending Conferences, buying influence, and passing resolutions overriding  Western traditions of Free Speech.

 A prime example is from the 39th OIC Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers, held in Djibouti, November 2012: Resolution 1/39,  Action paragraph 7:

7. Notes with grave concern the increasing trend of Islamophobic measures in Western countries, stresses the responsibility of those States to insure full respect to Islam and all divine religions and the inadmissibility of using freedom of expression or press as a pretext to defame religion, and calls for refrain from imposing restrictions, in any form whatsoever, on cultural and religious rights and freedoms.

Translation: You can see clearly in this paragraph the blatant attack on free speech. Again, the “defamation of religion” refers to the Shari’a definition of “slander” previously defined, that of saying something about Islam Muslims don’t like, or revealing things about Islam Muslims don’t want revealed.[31] People in the West need to be attentive to the differences in definitions!


This proposal is supported by: European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion (Denmark-France), Jewish-Muslim Cooperation Platform (Belgium), Austrian Muslim Initiative, Collectif Contre l'Islamophobie en France (CCIF), JPL MONDE (France), Federation of Western Thrace Turks in Europe (ABTTF - Germany), Ethnic Debate Forum and Fair Play (Denmark), The National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP-UK), Western Thrace Minority University Graduates Association (Greece), Muslim Community of Bulgaria, Muslim Committee on Human Rights in Central Asia (Kazakhstan), Turkish Community in Germany (TGD).

A closer examination of all these groups reveals less than meets the eye. With the petro-billions the West provides them, the Salafists form many front groups.  The last figure I heard was that the Muslim Brotherhood had formed no fewer than 4100 front groups in the United States.


Muslims know they cannot risk an open debate on Islamic Doctrine and the Shari’a with the West. This appalling brutal seventh century legal system would be rejected wholesale in the twenty first century were it examined honestly in the full light of day.

 If the true nature of Islamic Doctrine and the historical treatment of non-believers were to become known, the societal instinct for survival in the West should begin to restrict the Islamic strategy of “Civilizational Jihad”, (assuming that the self-loathing suicidal multiculturalists could be overcome).

Muslim groups have no choice but to force a change in subject by attacking and intimidating those who dare mention the realities of Islamic Doctrine.



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