Tuesday, November 15, 2011


“Islamophobia”is a phony word conjured up by British Muslims in the 1980’s. It sounds like “homophobia”. It would imply that concern about Islam is irrational bigotry.

However, the Muslims themselves will insist there is NO DIVISION between religion and politics! Therefore, you CANNOT  give Islam a “free pass” owing to our traditions of religious liberty. You have to treat Islam as a political ideology.

It is a vicious political ideology that calls for the death or enslavement of “the Kuffar” (hated non-believers), that brutalizes women, that has killed 270 million people in Jihad, and that would roll mankind’s standard of living back to the seventh century. Therefore, there are rational reasons to be concerned about Islam.

And as far as “bigotry” is concerned, the best example of authentic bigotry is by Muslims for Jews and Christians. For Muslims, it’s theological: nothing anyone has done.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Spreading “hate and intolerance”?

This is what the Muslims accuse those of us in the “Counter Jihad” movement. But look at it this way:

If an arsonist is trying to burn your house down, and you are trying to awaken the occupants to save the house and their lives, would you listen to the arsonist who is saying “you’re spreading hate and intolerance toward the fire, which is not an American value”.  Or would you say “oh, the fire in the back is just a little one, and nothing to worry about”?  Of course not! But this is a precise metaphor!

Islamic Doctrine would destroy our Democracy, or prosperity and our liberties. It is NOT a “religion” that deserves a “free pass” owing to our traditions of religious tolerance. The Muslims themselves emphasize the oneness of politics and religion in Islam. Thus, we CANNOT TREAT ISALM AS ONLY A RELIGION!

Islam is a vicious political doctrine that:

  • Calls for the death or enslavement of all Kuffar (hated non'-believers. See Q9:5, Q9:29 to start)
  • That brutalizes women
  • That has killed 270 million people in Jihad
  • That would roll mankind’s standard of living back to the Seventh Century.

We have a very good reason to be concerned about Islam, and it is not a matter of “hate” or “intolerance”.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

True Purpose of the Second Amendment.

Suzanna Gratia-Hupp

The Fix Is In

These “Republican Presidential Debates” only give the Progressive news anchors an opportunity to get the candidates to trash one another or to commit self destructing Gaffes, as Gov. Perry did yesterday evening (Nov 9th).

All the while, Obama cruises around on Air Force One, plays golf, and climbs steadily in the polls! What’s the matter with the RNC Strategists?

The East Coast Republican establishment has already decided “it’s Romney’s turn”.  But Obama is already beating him in the polls!  And the Tea Party recognizes him as a “business as usual” big government RINO, and won’t work enthusiastically for him.

So the smart money sees Romney getting the nomination and losing in 2012, paving the way for President Obama to be the American Hugo Chavez!  God Help us!


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