Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jobs and the Economy

It’s amusing to see the Fed and the Administration thrash around, talking about “doing all they can to create jobs”.  What nonsense!

  • First, tinkering with the monetary policy cannot undo the bad fiscal policy of the Marxists in the White House.
  • Housing recovery is linked to a jobs recovery. Jobs aren’t going to recover until: they lower taxes, lift the regulatory burden and the threat of the crushing health care mandates that are in place.
  • Currently, the administration tinkers with mortgage rates, measly  tax breaks for hiring and other band-aid measures. Good luck. But I think this is all beside the point.

The real goal of the Administration is to create a health care dependency of every man, woman and child on the Federal Government. This will pave the way to the Marxist Socialist States of America (SSA) they are working to establish in the United States! 

It is clear they realize they are ruining the economy. But in their eyes, it’s only the “breaking of eggs to make the omelet of Socialism” and they are willing to pay the price. The Marxists are convinced a subsequent Republican Administration will NOT BE ABLE TO UNDO their first-step toehold into the Marxist SSA. And eventually, they will be able to come back and continue with more steps.

Speaking of housing, this manufactured “crisis” may in reality be a  paving of the way to a Federal take over of housing in America!  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac holding title to thousands of homes could be the harbinger of a “National Housing Authority” that would eventually own everything.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Movie About taking down OBL

The producer is being given unprecedented access to the Pentagon and all the high officials, obviously at the direction of the Administration. The Movie is being released Oct 12, 2012, obviously at a crucial time in the Presidential campaign. Thus, the President is abusing his authority to utilize DoD assets to aid his reelection campaign!  Yet another extra-Constitutional outrage!

Chevrolet Volt

So far, they’ve only sold 3500 of them. Yet, at the order of the Government, GM is ramping up for a production of 16,000 in 2012!   Who are they going to sell them to?

Understand, these are shitty little electric cars, and they cost $40,000! (They actually cost $173,000, but Government Motors knows it’ll never sell for that price, so the Government is eating the difference!)

This is your typical Socialist corporate Statist project! They have big government, big labor, big business all sit around a table and decide how to divvy up the pot and screw the taxpayers and destroy capital!  All in the name of “green jobs” and “save the earth”.  What a crock!

It needs to be shut down, dismantled, and the persons responsible locked up!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friendly Atheists?

Arguing with atheists about the existence of God is like arguing with a blind man about the beauty of a sunrise and sunset.

What amazes me is how angry the atheists become! As if believers were some sort of threat. The reality is, that faith is something that just happens to you. It’s nothing that you study and decide upon.  It is a personal relationship with God and the way He reveals himself to you.

The difficulty atheists have is coming up with a moral system without reference to our Christian traditions. The “isms” of the 20th Century demonstrate that reason is not necessarily moral. Both secular utopian schemes felt the rational need to “purify” their body politic and murder millions of people: one owing to ethnicity, the other owing to economic class. But the piles of bodies looked pretty much the same.

Another thing the atheists don’t get is how deeply our Western Civilization has been affected by Christianity and its values. Rational thought, critical thinking, scientific progress, the idea that elected officials are servants of the people and should be honest are all concepts indebted to Christianity, and the atheists know it not.

If the Atheists take over society, are they going to “purify” society by killing millions of believers ?   But they just said “more people have been killed in the name of religion than anything else”? The hypocrisy becomes clear.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bachman vs. Perry

My guess is that once the Democratic “Opposition Research” gets a hold of Perry, he will be dead meat. With his "Texas Crony Capitalism” and having been in office for  eleven years, they are going to find tons of stuff!

Of course, if they find anything juicy, they will wait until a crucial time just before the election to reveal it.  Correlations between State contracts and campaign contributions, hidden girlfriends, etc. Even false accusations at the right time can do the job. You have false headlines for several days, and publish the withdrawal and apology on page 40 two days after Perry’s lost the election.

As for Michelle Bachman, the  Democratic'”Opposition Research” has already done what it can to trash her and ruin her re-election prospects. Yet the dirt digging gnomes seem to have failed.  Pelosi targeted her specifically last time around, yet Bachman survived. That is an achievement!

Argentine Parallels

Argentina was one of the most prosperous countries in the world right after World War II. But it was bankrupted by military dictator Juan Peron and his consort Eva.  He came to power by forming a populist movement and a cult of personality, taking as his example Mussolini and Hitler.  He’d seen them both as a young Army Officer in Europe in the 1930’s.

He squandered the national wealth by setting up unaffordable social entitlements to solidify his powerbase. Yet the economy failed to generate the wealth to pay for them, preoccupied as Peron was with his legal plundering.  These policies ruined Argentina, which  has still not recovered over fifty years later.

The similarities with our situation in the United States are striking: a charismatic President bankrupting the nation with social entitlements intended to solidify his powerbase, and hoping to run the country forever.

Neither Peron nor our President seems to care about the effects on the country itself, as long as it gives them power. Saul Alinsky supposedly once said “it is better to rule in hell than serve in Heaven”. This seems to be our Administration’s present motivation.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Iowa Debates

Ron Paul is a flake: he doesn't understand the Iranian threat. Thinking that Iran having nuclear weapons is no big deal, (after all, China and Russia have it, why would Iran be any different?) He doesn't understand Islamic Doctrine and the difference that makes.
 Ahmedinejad considers himself playing a key role in ushering in the "End Times" including the return of the 12th Imam. They would have no compunction in actually using nuclear weapons!  Ron Paul hasn't a clue.

Mitt Romney was smooth and knowledgable. He also understands Islam.

 Newt Gingrich had good ideas and has had unquestionable experience with the workings of Washington DC.  But he supported Ali Hasan in his run for Colorado Treasurer in 2008. I don't know if he understands the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood and the degree to which it has infiltrated our institutions through its front groups like CAIR, ISNA, MPAC.

As much as I like Herman Cain, he seemed out of his element.

Rick Santorum was consistent and stuck to his principles. But he won't get much support, unfortunately.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pat Condells Latest

Pat Condell's latest

QE 3 Idiocy

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again, but hoping to get a different result. The QE III will be such an exercise.

The flawed theory is as follows: the government expands the money supply, the sheep spend it, and the economy revives. Well, the sheep AREN”T spending! Or hiring! Why?

  • Massive cost increases coming  from the Obama Care
  • Burgeoning regulations from a government hostile to business! 
  • Massive tax increases and continual threats for more, the so called “fair share for the ‘rich’ “.

Yet the President says publically “we’re doing all we can to create jobs”! Well, he could start with the aforementioned items. But ideologically, he won’t go there.

The only result of a QEIII will be price increases and further debasement of our currency.

Most Left wing people from local governments and NGO’s consider businesses only something to shake down for contributions or taxes, or for giving jobs to your constituents. It never occurs to these same people that businesses need to make money to stay in business. The problem is that those on the Left consider profits “exploitation” of the workers, holding as they do to the Marxist labor value theory. So, profits are NOT OK! And that’s the rub! “We want you to hire and contribute, but NOT make money!” See the problem?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Most who are opposed to the current administration are counting the days to the next election. But what if there were no elections?

When hard Left ideologues grasp the levers of power, they are not likely to relinquish them in obedience to mere Constitutional niceties. It is not hard to imagine their determination to retain power and pursue their agenda at all costs!

There is historical precedent for other democracies being ended in similar situations. The technique is for the party in power to manufacture a “crisis” and then “solve” it by garnering more power “until the crisis is past”.  They assure one and all such a move is “only temporary”. 

When you read the Soviet Constitution, it has all the personal liberties and civil rights as the US Constitution. But these provisions were suspended “temporarily” in 1917 during the war. They were never reinstituted for the entire 80 years of the Soviet regime.

Then of course there was Hitler’s “Enabling Act” in 1933, which paved the way to the blood bath of World War II.

Thus, it is not hard to imagine some sort of “crisis” that would trigger Marshal Law and a suspension of elections, “temporarily” or course. Maybe a Terrorist nuclear attack on a US City?  Carter appealed to the Russians for help in the elections of 1980. Maybe the administration would help arrange such an attack with the Jihad groups? They certainly have enough Muslim Brotherhood operatives advising in the White House.

Another piece of the puzzle: Army units home from Iraq are being deployed in the US for the purpose of “helping local officials in case of civil disorder”.  Maybe the “disorder” the Administration is preparing for is the reaction to their coming seizure of power and the termination of our form of government?


Monday, August 8, 2011

More on the Afghanistan Tragedy

Is it not interesting that 30 special operators were on  one helicopter? That violates operational procedures to avoid exactly what took place. Were they ordered to violate proper procedure by the State Department higher ups?

Then there’s the fact that the White House leaked  that members of Seal Team 6 were lost. Was this leak intentional to give satisfaction to our Jihadist enemies?  Was the leak from the Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the White House who advise the President?

As I have said before, we are in dire need of revamping our strategy to recognize the enemy as Islamic Jihadists. Jihad is an obligation for ALL Muslims! We can argue ad nauseum if “moderate” Muslims are on our side or if they  can be trusted: but there is NO “moderate” Islamic Doctrine.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Disaster in Afghanistan

The recent loss of a CH 47D with 30 Special Ops troops was the State Department’s revenge on the military for their success in getting Osama Bin Laden!
It’s not hard to imagine the State Department admonishing the military that from now on “you will notify our Pakistani allies of any operations! We cannot jeopardize our relations with them!”
The absurdity that the Pakistanis would ever be our true allies, helping a Kafir nation kill their fellow Muslim  Jihadi co-religionists, seems to be totally lost on the US Government. “We don’t do the religious thing” they will say.  Is it any wonder the security of the mission was compromised and a Taliban ambush awaited the assault force?
The essence of this conflict is Islamic Jihad, which is religiously motivated. Our intentional neglect of this point renders us blind and impotent. It is also a violation of the oath to defend the Constitution and criminal  negligence in what Intelligence and Defense Professionals have an obligation to “know or should have known”. 
Yet, this intentional and willful blindness starts from the very top: the “Muslim community advisors” present at every level of decision making, are from Muslim Brotherhood front groups. Owing to Political Correctness, we are allowing these advisors to intentionally mislead us. And we are reaping the results in defeat and disaster.  Admiral Mullins, right after the Ft Hood shooting, remarked that the main goal of the Armed Services was “diversity”. Gee, Admiral, what happened to defending the American People and defending  the Constitution?


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