Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gay Marriage

The standard secular view is that this “preference” is benign and a “personal choice”, yet fails to look at the societal consequences.

The Church teaches that marriage is between a man and woman. The fructification of this Holy Matrimony is children, with the loving father and mother mirroring the sacramental archetype of the Holy Trinity, the Father, son and the Holy Spirit.

But “short circuiting” the sacramental nature of marriage with contraception, degrades marriage to a a serial mutual sexual gratification contract. And if sexual gratification is the main object, (and not children as intended), why limit marriage to a man and a woman?

This is the impetus of same sex marriage. The partners only wish to cash in on the marriage benefits that society has historically bestowed on married couples in exchange for raising the next generation of upstanding tax-paying citizens. But what benefits does society glean from childless sexual gratification contracts( other than divorce attorneys cashing in on same-sex divorces!)

And if sexual gratification remains the central reason for “marriage”, why limit it to other human beings? Why not sheep and goats? One can see the tangled mess the issue quickly becomes!

The Biblical proscription against homosexuality is there for a reason. It’s been in place for 4000 years, minimum. Today’s ephemeral progressives think they can overturn this four millennia of Judeo-Christian heritage by pressuring a legislature or two to pass laws “making homosexuality OK.” But is it really OK? Does the name “Sodom and Gomorra” ring a bell with anyone anymore?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Threat to America

The basic threat to America is Islamic Doctrine. All Americans need to be aware of what it is. Islamic Doctrine is best exemplified in the Shari’ah Law.

Why are Americans so “in the dark” about the Shari’ah? Owing to the extensive Information Operation conducted against us by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and its front organizations.

Scenario: as a Defense Intelligence or Law Enforcement Official, I have taken an Oath to defend the US Constitution. I also have a duty to know and understand the hostile Doctrines that threaten our society. Therefore, I should learn about Islamic Doctrine, because it IS a Hostile Doctrine! But what happens if I try?

As part of the MB Information Operation, our institutions have been penetrated by Muslim “Community Advisors”, lest these institutions “offend” Muslims!  (Has anyone thought to ask why Islam is the only one making these demands?)

If I try to read Islamic Doctrine, and if I ask my Muslim Community Advisor, he will say “Oh, it’s far too complicated! Whatever you want to know, just ask me!”

Unfortunately, too many of our Officials are doing just that: outsourcing their knowledge of the enemy TO the enemy!

But let’s say I persist! First, the Advisor will try to provide me with literature watered down and tailored for “The Kuffar”(their word for the ‘hated unbeliever’). Material written by Dhimmi apologists, such as John Esposito or Moghed Dahlia. If you buy into what they say, you’re getting a half truth at best. (A Dhimmi is one who is non-Muslim but apologizes for Islam: those whom Winston Churchill said “fed their friends to the alligator hoping it would eat them last.”)

To continue, let us say I insist that I read literature by Muslims written for Muslims. After all, Islamic Doctrine forbids Muslims misleading each other, but NOT “The Kuffar”. By the way: key Islamic literature is available in English, much of it certified the true meaning by Al Azhar University in Cairo, the preeminent Islamic Jurisprudence (al Fiq) Institution in the world.

As I read, I discover the vicious Medinan Sura, such as Q9:5. I go to my “Advisor” and say “what about this?” He may say the following:

  • “Now now, that’s an old-time verse no one believes anymore.” This is NOT true! Sura 9 was one of the final revelations, which means it is the most current. The Islamic concept of ‘abrogation’ means the later verses ‘abrogate’ the earlier ones, although BOTH are still true, because they BOTH came from Allah.
  • Or the Advisor may say “there’s a thousand ways to translate this verse, and it doesn’t really mean what it says”. Again, not TRUE! Islamic scholars have studied the Qur’an for 1200 years. Most verses have been codified by “Scholarly Consensus” (ijma) by the four schools of al Fiq in Sunni Islam. As far as Q9:5 is concerned, it DOES mean what it says! You can check any Qur’anic Commentary (a Tafsir).
  • Or the Advisor may say “Oh, you have to be able to read classical Arabic to understand it.” NOT true! This is like saying you can’t understand the Bible unless you can read it in the original Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew. Eighty percent of Muslims in the world don’t even speak modern Arabic, let alone Classical Arabic. Yet, they seem to be able to practice their faith successfully. This is obviously a ruse to discourage us from reading and understanding what they are saying.
  • If you still persist on reading Islamic Doctrine and begin sharing the alarming facts you are discovering for the first time, the Advisor will then go to your boss, and say “you are a Bigot and  Islamophobe who is spreading hate and fear about Islam the peaceful religion"!”. He will get you fired!  But understand, the only “hate” is in the Islamic content. If we are alarmed by the butchery, enslavement and second-class status of non-Muslims  that Islamic Doctrine calls  for, I would call this  an instinct of self-preservation, not misbehavior!

Now you understand why the American public is so “in the dark” about Islam. I can only recommend you read Islamic Doctrine on your own and quietly. And stop checking with these “Muslim Community Advisors” who for the most part are from MB front groups, such as ISNA, CAIR, IIIT.

And by the way, don’t be intimidated by the gratuates of these “Centers for Islamic Studies” we find at most major American Universities. These institutions are funded by hostile Middle Eastern Countries and staffed by Jihadist apologists. They teach a half truth about the true nature of Islam: no Jihad, no Dhimmitude, and no mention of the 270 million people killed in Jihad.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Double Dip Recession or Depression?

The financial news this morning noted that even the Obama apologist economist Robert Reich is finally acknowledging that the Keynesian stimulus is not working.  His solution?  He frantically is calling for more government spending!

I believe one definition of insanity is doing the same thing yet expecting a different outcome. If the “investment” in State Bureaucracy and pork barrel projects hasn’t “stimulated” the economy in three years, why would another dose be any different?

What the Lefties fail to grasp is that government spending is the problem, not the solution! Government spending has to to either borrow or print the money it spends. Both avenues are exhausted: The debt is being downgraded and the currency is being devalued.

The only hope is to reduce the debt and the government footprint on the economy and let the healing begin! And that means removing the onerous tax burden of the Socialized Medicine and allowing the foreclosures to work their way through the system!  Every government program to date has done nothing but retard the process and prolong the agony.


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