Saturday, December 31, 2011

Judeo-Christian Heritage

When we turn our backs on our Judeo-Christian heritage,for which the Muslims and the Marxists are striving, what takes its place?

1. The law: this explains why all the homosexual groups wish to have their life-styles “validated” by a Legislature. This would somehow “make it OK” in spite of the 3500 year old Biblical Proscription.

2. Moral relativism and cultural equivalency: this means we believe in nothing, we stand for nothing, there is no right or wrong, good or evil: only “tolerance”.  And certainly, nothing is worth fighting for….

a) Thus, anyone who actually believes in anything and is (horrors) willing to fight for it is labeled an “extremist”.

b) With the DHS run by the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s no accident they define as potential terrorists Veterans, people who carry copies of the constitution, those that  frequent gun shops, and those who complain about the Government depriving them of their “rights” and people who go to church, (Mosques excepted of  course).

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Father dressed as Santa who killed his family was a Muslim doing an ‘honor killing’!

You won’t hear this in the media


If this turns out to be an honor killing(s) (which we may never be certain of), Texas will then have 9 people dead because of Islam; the highest # in any state, and they all took place in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. We also have the highest # of jihadi attacks (one successful: Nidal Hasan at Ft. Hood) of any state, with 4. I will also be so bold as to point out that Colleyville is the home of Mohamed Elibiary's Freedom and Justice Foundation . . . . Just the most active of the Muslim Brotherhood centers in Texas. Seems to me there's a likely connection between these 9 deaths and the "word" going out to the men in the mosques around Dallas/Ft. Worth to keep their women in line.

Islamic honor killing in Texas: "Santa" who murdered family on Christmas morning was Muslim who didn't like his daughter dating a non-Muslim

Aziz Yazdanpanah, a Muslim, didn't like his daughter's non-Muslim boyfriend and was exhibiting stalker behavior. "She couldn't date at all until she was a certain age, but when he was going to let her date she couldn't date anyone outside of their race or religion."

Again and again we have seen honor killings in which fathers kill daughters who are dating non-Muslims or have supposedly besmirched the family honor by some sexual indiscretion. Lt. Todd Dearing says that motive isn't important -- which is generally only the case when Islam is involved.

"Neighbors horrified at news of family's slayings in Grapevine," by Gloria Salinas and Scott Goldstein for the Dallas Morning News, December 26 (thanks to Steve):

GRAPEVINE - Aziz Yazdanpanah seemed to be losing control of his life in recent months - his wife left him, his house was in foreclosure, and his 19-year-old daughter was dating a young man he didn't like.

Even so, the 58-year-old former real estate agent from Colleyville seemed to be holding it together. Neighbors say he would smile and wave as he drove through his middle-class neighborhood. Recently, he was seen raking leaves in his yard.

"He was very friendly, a very good neighbor," said Carrie Stewart, who lives across the street. "He was out here often doing yard work and he even watched our house for us when we went to Colorado."

A decent fellow indeed. (Robert Spencer remark.)

Yazdanpanah, a volunteer high school debate coach described as a doting father, is the focus of suspicion a day after a Christmas morning massacre in which a man dressed as Santa Claus killed six relatives and then committed suicide.

Grapevine police arrived at the Lincoln Vineyard Apartment Homes a few minutes before noon and discovered bodies sprawled among opened presents and wrapping paper. The victims were ages 15 to 58....

Citing public records and interviews with friends and neighbors, media reports Monday identified Yazdanpanah and others who had died: his estranged 55-year-old wife, Fatemeh Rahmati, their 19-year-old daughter, Nona Narges Yazdanpanah, and 15-year-old son, Ali Yazdanpanah.

Friends of the family said Fatemeh Rahmati's 58-year-old sister, Zohreh Rahmaty, and her husband, Hossein Zarei, 59, and daughter Sahra Zarei, a 22-year-old pre-med student at the University of Texas at Arlington, also were killed.

Grapevine police Lt. Todd Dearing said investigators were working to piece together a timeline of the murders, but they may never know exactly what set off the gunman [Islamic law, perhaps? --- Dorrie].

"Motive is not really the primary point right now," Dearing said. "It's more along the lines of what happened, how it transpired and making sure that who we believe to be the shooter is the shooter. Motive is what comes afterward for us if we can get it."

He said a neighbor at the apartment complex saw the suspected shooter get out of his white sport utility vehicle dressed in a Santa outfit, including a full coat, pants, boots and belt. Based in part on that witness account, police believe the shootings occurred about the time a 911 call rang into the station at 11:34 a.m. Sunday.

The line was silent....

Grapevine police also searched the Colleyville home where Aziz Yazdanpanah had been living since he separated from his wife last spring. Public records show that the couple had filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and that the property was in foreclosure....

Yazdanpanah said he bought a gun after expressing concern that his daughter's boyfriend was stalking him. He also insisted on picking up his daughter from her job at a phone kiosk inside Sam's Club in Grapevine because of concerns about the alleged stalker.

The boyfriend has not been publicly identified.

Neighbors said the family was Muslim but had always hung Christmas lights on their home - except this year.

Terri Baum, who lives three homes down from Yazdanpanah, said she had seen him around the neighborhood in the last couple of weeks. "They were pretty quiet, but kind, very kind," Baum said. "They were sweet, good parents, and they loved their kids very much."

Baum's daughter, Allison, attended Colleyville Heritage High School with Nona, where the girls were part of an academic team focused on developing business leaders. They graduated together in May. "Allison would take her to school from here, and then when they moved out she would pick her up from the apartments," Baum said. "It's unbelievable because of the people we knew them to be, and their children were good kids, very focused."

Baum said she was horrified at the possibility the killings had been a murder-suicide. "All I want to say is, it is so unbelievably shocking because they loved their kids," Baum said.

Yes, loved them to death. [Robert Spencer remark.]

But a more ominous portrait emerged of Yazdanpanah in interviews with some of his daughter's other classmates.

"She would come to school crying and telling us her dad was crazy," said Lacie Reed, 18. "He wouldn't let her wear certain things. He was always taking her phone away, checking her call history and checking her text messages."

Friends said Nona's father had installed cameras all around the home so he could watch the family's comings and goings. Others said he nailed her bedroom window shut so she could not sneak out at night and see her boyfriend. "She couldn't date at all until she was a certain age, but when he was going to let her date she couldn't date anyone outside of their race or religion," Reed said.

Yiselle Alvarenga, 18, said Nona's mother and brother seemed to come to her aid when her father punished her.

"He would take her phone away and her mother would give it back to her and her brother would let her use his phone," Alvarenga said. "She was doing good. She was just excited that her life was going to start and she was going to have control of it."...

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Occupy Arseholes


People monitoring the Occupy D.C. movement tell Inside the Ring that the two encampments are fast becoming health hazards. Numerous protesters also recently were sickened with unusual respiratory illnesses.

The major emerging problem for the leftists camped out in tents at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza is rats. The rodents appear to be moving into the area by the hundreds, and their numbers are increasing daily.

The McPherson camp appears be where more radical leftists are based. An observer familiar with the McPherson camp said one distinctive smell coming from the park area is that of methamphetamine being smoked.

Among the flags being flown by some protesters are those from the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, the Iranian-backed Hezbollah and al Qaeda.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


“Islamophobia”is a phony word conjured up by British Muslims in the 1980’s. It sounds like “homophobia”. It would imply that concern about Islam is irrational bigotry.

However, the Muslims themselves will insist there is NO DIVISION between religion and politics! Therefore, you CANNOT  give Islam a “free pass” owing to our traditions of religious liberty. You have to treat Islam as a political ideology.

It is a vicious political ideology that calls for the death or enslavement of “the Kuffar” (hated non-believers), that brutalizes women, that has killed 270 million people in Jihad, and that would roll mankind’s standard of living back to the seventh century. Therefore, there are rational reasons to be concerned about Islam.

And as far as “bigotry” is concerned, the best example of authentic bigotry is by Muslims for Jews and Christians. For Muslims, it’s theological: nothing anyone has done.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Spreading “hate and intolerance”?

This is what the Muslims accuse those of us in the “Counter Jihad” movement. But look at it this way:

If an arsonist is trying to burn your house down, and you are trying to awaken the occupants to save the house and their lives, would you listen to the arsonist who is saying “you’re spreading hate and intolerance toward the fire, which is not an American value”.  Or would you say “oh, the fire in the back is just a little one, and nothing to worry about”?  Of course not! But this is a precise metaphor!

Islamic Doctrine would destroy our Democracy, or prosperity and our liberties. It is NOT a “religion” that deserves a “free pass” owing to our traditions of religious tolerance. The Muslims themselves emphasize the oneness of politics and religion in Islam. Thus, we CANNOT TREAT ISALM AS ONLY A RELIGION!

Islam is a vicious political doctrine that:

  • Calls for the death or enslavement of all Kuffar (hated non'-believers. See Q9:5, Q9:29 to start)
  • That brutalizes women
  • That has killed 270 million people in Jihad
  • That would roll mankind’s standard of living back to the Seventh Century.

We have a very good reason to be concerned about Islam, and it is not a matter of “hate” or “intolerance”.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

True Purpose of the Second Amendment.

Suzanna Gratia-Hupp

The Fix Is In

These “Republican Presidential Debates” only give the Progressive news anchors an opportunity to get the candidates to trash one another or to commit self destructing Gaffes, as Gov. Perry did yesterday evening (Nov 9th).

All the while, Obama cruises around on Air Force One, plays golf, and climbs steadily in the polls! What’s the matter with the RNC Strategists?

The East Coast Republican establishment has already decided “it’s Romney’s turn”.  But Obama is already beating him in the polls!  And the Tea Party recognizes him as a “business as usual” big government RINO, and won’t work enthusiastically for him.

So the smart money sees Romney getting the nomination and losing in 2012, paving the way for President Obama to be the American Hugo Chavez!  God Help us!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Colorado’s Proposition 103

The school teacher’s Union is howling that Proposition 103 is “for the children, the K-12 education!”  But the essence of the Proposition is to raise the income tax from 4.65 to 5%, and the sales tax from 2.9% to 3.5%.

The proceeds go into the general fund, and there is no mechanism to segregate the funds and ear mark them for education!  The whole pitch is counter-factual! It’s merely the Democrats trying to raise taxes by hiding behind the children!

Raising taxes in a down economy will do economic damage. The Common Sense Roundtable estimates that 11,000 jobs will be destroyed outright, and 30,000 jobs that would have been created won’t be. This is a bad proposition! Shame on the Teacher’s Union and the rest of the Public Sector leeches feeding at the public trough!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

“Breach of the Peace” or First Amendment rights?

A Christian Minister was passing out pamphlets at an “Arabic Festival” in Dearborn Michigan. He was arrested for “Breach of the Peace”.  An ACT Chapter had an event scheduled at a Public Library. But local Muslim Groups threatened retaliation if the event went forward.  Timid Library officials canceled the event to “prevent potential violence”. 

The common thread: if you threaten violence, you can negate First Amendment rights, owing to the cowardice of local officials.

It seems to me if  a group is threatened with violence if it expresses its First Amendment free speech rights, the organs of government should protect these groups and crack down on those that threaten them, NOT suppress those who wish to exercise these rights in order to “keep the peace”.

As it stands now, our Constitution is NOT being defended by public officials who have taken oaths to uphold it. Instead, they are aiding our enemies in its destruction.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fallujah 2004

Palestinian Lie by Pat Condell:

Debunking the Marxist “labor value theory”

Marxists say the only value in anything is the labor that goes into it.  This is incorrect: the only value is what someone is willing to pay. Let us draw a hypothetical scenario to prove it.

Let us say the “Obama business-government partnership” has decided to establish a turd polishing factory. A few big donors to the Presidential campaign get a massive government loan to establish the facility. It’s touted as a “green” industry, utilizing waste to raise our standard of living.

The Government insists the labor force be unionized, its leaders determined that the workers be paid “a living wage”! And so it’s done.

Each box polished turds, set forth in tidy boxes of 12, has allocated to it $50 of labor costs, plus profit and overhead. The price has been set at $75. But who will pay?

There would be a Presidential executive order requiring each government employee to consume at least a box a month, or possibly the SEIU would push its members to “buy Union “ to support production.  The DNC would buy thousands of boxes for consumption by the “Occupy Wall Street” rabble. Or a special halal version, consisting of polished camel turds would be provided to the Mosques.

Bottom line: just because some moron is paid to produce something, is that amount really what it’s worth?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wall Street Protests

To the Editor:

The "Wall Street Protests" are a stark testimony to our country allowing the Marxists to take over the schools and Universities. The abiding conviction of the protestors is that the concentration of wealth and income distribution is "unjust". They have been taught this by their envious left wing professors and teachers ever since middle school! "After all", these Professors and reason, "I got better grades than these entrepreneurs! I have a PhD and they do not! I am smarter than they are! I SHOULD be as wealthy as they are!"

If you ask any protester what system he would institute, he would immediately say "a system based on Justice!" Justice is defined as equal outcomes, wealth redistribution. But they fail to understand that redistribution of wealth destroys wealth! The only set point for "equal" is everyone at the subsistence level, (except for the Politbureau leadership who'd live quietly and hypocritically in the large confiscated homes behind the large hedges. And in a "People's Republic", any investigative journalist trying to publicize this leadership hypocrisy would be shot for "anti-revolutionary activity".)

Marxist economic theory is a "zero sum game". They teach that if you make a six figure income, this necessitates three hundred people in the third world making $25 a month! This might be true in an agrarian society where the "wealth" is fixed farmland and the "income" is the limited crops.

But in a twenty-first century information economy, to stick with the agrarian metaphor, it is as if entrepreneurs can create and expand farmland! Entrepreneurs expand wealth for everyone, and everyone lives better. You only have to compare the "poor" in America, most of whom have flat screen TV's and housing, as opposed to other parts of the world where the poor are living in garbage dumps scavenging for food.

It's time our society took the time to counter the economic Marxist nonsense that's being presented as fact in our school systems, and hold the Marxist-Leninist professors and teachers accountable.

Warning: the Marxists are willing to ruin our economy if they can gain power. As Saul Alinksy once said: “It is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven”

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Progressive Tax Demagoguery

Published on on October 1, 2011

When President Obama says that the rich don't pay their share of taxes, he is lying, distorting, and demagoging.
Here are the facts according to the IRS:
• Those making more than $1 million pay 24% of income in  taxes
• Those making $200,000 to $300,000 pay 17.5%
• Those making $100,000 to $125,000 pay 9.9%
• Those making $50,000 to $60,000 pay 6.3%
• Those making $20,000 to $30,000 pay 2.5%
And what of millionaires who pay no taxes?
There are 1,470 of them.  They represent six-tenths of one percent of all those with million dollar incomes in the U.S.  If we assume that they make an average income of $2 million a year each, taxing them at the same rate as other millionaires (24.4%) would yield $367 million, which would increase Treasury income tax revenues by 30 one-hundredths of one percent or one-third of one-tenth of one percent!
Overall, the IRS reports that the revenues from the income tax are sharply skewed toward taxes on the rich:
• The top 1% pays 39%
• The top 5% pays 60%
• The top 10% pays 72%
• The bottom half pays 3%
So who does Obama think he is kidding?


Monday, September 26, 2011

Debating my Fellow Knights of Columbus on Islam

The question was “Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?”  The question, in my opinion, can only be answered by a familiarity with Islamic Doctrine. But to my amazement, this was not the case as far as my fellow Knights were concerned!

    The discussion swirled around Biblical issues, or pronouncements from the Vatican, (which were,from what I could see, exhortations for understanding and dialogue, not teaching).

Although the Holy Father is infallible on issues of faith and morals, that doesn’t mean he’s infallible on other issues.  Pope John Paul II’s apology for the Crusades, for example, was historically unwarranted in my opinion.  The Crusades were defensive in nature, and commenced only after 450 years of depredation and conquest of Christian lands by Muslim armies.

Most debaters continually cited pronouncements by their Muslim “friends” as authorities on Islam. The emphasis was on “moral equivalency” in the Old Testament, and pointedly ignored mentioning Islamic Doctrine altogether.

The Taqiyya was apparent. Proximity to Muslims flagged these posters as “deceived”, not better informed. They would come up with statements like “CAIR is run by a Progressive Muslim”. This “Progressive Muslim” is none other than Nihad Awad, an Hamas member! And so it went.

When you ask if they’ve read the Qur’an and the Sunna, usually the answer is no. But they still have strong opinions on what Islam is, and how we should deal with it.

I was finally kicked off the blog for “causing disunity”. Evidently “unity” is preferred to truth: comfort in deception and ignorance.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

GOP Presidential Debates 22 Sept 2011

Romney won the debate, and was the sharpest and the most agile. Perry seemed to stumble and be uncertain. Ron Paul got a lot of applause but his foreign policy positions are bizarre.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fair Share?

The President has proposed to drain another 1.5 Trillion dollars out of the economy. He thinks this is a path to recovery?   Economics 101:

  • Taxes take money from the productive private sector and place it in the non-productive public sector.
  • The Public Sector, by definition can spend 120% of every dollar it takes in, (called the “Federal Drunken Sailor Management and Budgeting” or FDSMB).
  • Any “public sector jobs” created are actually contractive to the economy!  Public Sector jobs need continual government outlays to keep them going, which means a continual drain on the private sector, or a continuation of monetary expansion, (ie, government printing presses). Either way, it’s bad for the economy!

Comments: If the Congress is going to run deficits as a result of their FSDMB, the public has no “solemn responsibility to pay their Fair Share” to make up the deficits  The solemn responsibility of the public is to throw the rascals out and replace them with responsible representatives.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Analysis of the Jobs Plan

The President wants to repair schools, and give grants to states to prevent public sector layoffs.  But:

  • Public sector jobs require constant government spending, which is detrimental to job creation
  • Public Sector spending repairing schools will take months and years to make any difference
  • Obviously, all the President is looking for is to be able to say “Republicans hurt children” if they vote against his boondoggle.

The President’s plan will be paid for by eliminating the tax deduction on Mortgages, increase in taxes on “the wealthy” and eliminating the deductibility of charitable contributions.  Think of the effect!

  • Eliminating Tax deductibility of mortgages will be another mortal blow to the housing sector. And additional taxes on people making over $200,000 a year, who are responsible for 1/3 of homebuyers, will add to the housing misery! It will destroy thousands of jobs in the Real Estate Industry: brokers, appraisers, construction workers, inspectors, lenders, etc.
  • Additional taxes on the “wealthy” will cripple further small business, who are responsible for 90% of the job creation.
  • Elimination of the Charitable Deduction will wipe out the thousands of charitable foundations and work done by the churches. Cynically, one can see the President’s motives:to drive all welfare to the State! Grow the welfare bureaucracy beyond his wildest dreams!  But understand this: a State bureaucracy consumes 70% of the funds earmarked for “the poor”, whereas, charities like CNEWA only consume 3%!  It’s easy to see how much worse off the needy will be under such a plan!

This is in addition to the recent tripling of Federal regulations on business in the name of “protecting the consumer”.  Bank of America announced the layoff of 30,000 employees owing to burdensome regulations!

  Ahhh, “progressive job creation” at its finest!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Obama Jobs Program (Failed Stimulus II)

The President’s plan takes resources from the productive private sector of the economy and diverts it to the less productive public sector. He’s emphasizing “schools and teachers” because he wants to hide behind “the children” and accuse the Republicans of hurting them when they vote against the “Failed Stimulus II ” (as they will need to do).

But building schools and grants to states to prevent teacher layoffs is NOT STIMULATIVE!  Government jobs and projects require continual government payments and do not generate sustainable economic growth.

Public sector spending should be subordinated to developing the private sector if “jobs” is the issue.

If the President REALLY wanted to stimulate Jobs, all he would have to do is cut the taxes on offshore earnings, and lift the virtual moratorium on domestic energy development. But that would be “giving tax breaks to evil corporations and the fat cats” and “continuing our addiction to oil, which we at Green Peace are out to stop!”

The only thing we can do to revive the economy is to hold the line until we can change administrations.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 Political Correctness

If there were another Islamic Jihad attack, the NY Times would headline “Oh Dear, new man-made disaster stresses Muslims for fear of backlash!” (Not a word about who mounted the attack or even a mention of the lives of Americans lost!)

The sub-articles would be stories of police being deployed around Mosques, and interviews of Imams telling one and all that “Islam doesn’t condone the killing of innocent civilians!” and that “Islam had nothing to do with it! Just more victimized young men shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ “!

Of course, what the Imams are purposefully omitting is this: once the Nation has been invited to Islam (and we were by Osama Bin Laden in November 1998), and if the Nation REFUSES, then no one is “innocent”!

The Obama Administration’s response to the attack would be to hold hearings to investigate the “intelligence failure”, crucify a few scapegoats, and that would be it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The President’s “Jobs Speech” Sept 8, 2011

I listened to the President intently. I also had my laptop in my lap and watched Dick Morris blog as the speech progressed. Couple of things stood out:

· Though the President admitted excessive regulation, he said he wouldn't sacrifice the "safety, health and security of the American people". That's code for no regulatory relief. Mr Goolesby, the President's former economic advisor, in speaking about oil drilling, said " we need drilling, but only 'safe' drilling". More code for no drilling. Just recently:

o The FHCA filed suit against the big banks for $33Bn to recover the bad loans for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (but the bad loan melt down was the fault of the Government! They gutted lending standards in 1995 for a politically correct reason: more minority home ownership).

o The Feds raided Gibson Guitar over the wood they used in making the guitars.

o The NLRB issued a massive blanket demand from all home builders for the employment records for the last two years. It will cost the companies hundreds of thousands of dollars to comply! It's a witch hunt instigated by Unions because home builders use non-union subcontractors.

o The NLRB shut down a new Boeing Factory in North Carolina at the behest of the Unions in Seattle, alleging the company was "fleeing their union contract".

o The Feds just established the "consumer protection agency", which means another layer of reporting for all businesses, along with OSHA, IRS, FDA, FCC, FTC, DOT, FAA and EPA, to say nothing of the State equivalents of these agencies.

o I have heard that Federal Regulation has TRIPLED in the last couple of years!! Can you imagine? Is it any wonder the economy is stagnating?

· The President talked about infrastructure. But I thought that's what he started two years ago! What happened? Even so, most projects are done with limited numbers of people. A construction crew descends on a community for a few weeks or months. They depart leaving a fresh bridge or a stretch of repaved highway. Immediately, the economic activity dwindles to its previous level of stagnation, because nothing has changed significantly in the local economy.

· Then we can imagine someone trying to start a business in the town, but the Democratic City Government badgers and harasses them over licenses and permits, and the local bank won't give them a loan because they don't have five years worth of Financial Statements, required by Federal Banking supervisory agencies.

· The Government always talks about "Business Government Investment Partnerships" to enable "growth and innovation". But think of this: Venture Capitalists, techies in their own right who study the stuff 18 hours a day, maybe can hit one in 10 or 20. What do you think will be the success rate of a political hack who decides on the basis of political correctness and the size of the contribution to his re-election fund? Note also the solar panel factories funded by the Stimulus two years ago have recently all gone under, the jobs moving to China.

· Repairing schools and paying teachers doesn't necessarily mean good schools, especially if the expectations and standards are in the toilet as they are now, dwelling as they do on social engineering and political indoctrination instead of usable skills for the children. Charter schools with local control and vouchers are a better way to improve schools. The strangle hold of the Teacher's Unions needs to be broken. "One Size Fits All" dictates from the Department Of Education should be eliminated.

Time for a change

Sunday, September 4, 2011


There are two aspects to contend with in the “Counter-Jihad “ effort: accusations of “Islamophobia”, “bigotry” and “Hater”, and academic rank-pulling. This latter phenomenon is why the Muslims have thoroughly co-opted academia.

First: the accusations.

“Islamophobia”: sounds like “homophobia”, a phony word conjured by British Muslims in the 1980’s. They are trying to imply that concern for Islam is irrational bigotry.

But the only real bigotry is by the Muslims for the Jews! When you consider that Islam is a vicious totalitarian political doctrine that butchers and enslaves non-believers, that brutalizes women, that has killed 270 million people in Jihad, that would roll mankind’s standard of living back to the seventh century, then you realize we have a very rational reason to be concerned about Islam!

Next: the academic “rank-pulling”

PhD’s believe they are special: above the hoi polloi, smarter than you and me. When I, as a “greasy Islamophobe” point out the vicious Suras in the Qur’an to a Professor, he will go to his fellow colleague who is on the staff in the Department of Islamic Studies. He will ask this colleague “what about this Q9:5, the ‘Aya Saif’” (the Verse of the Sword)?  The Muslim colleague will tell the Professor one or more of the following:

  • It doesn’t really mean what it says, and since I don’t speak Classical Arabic (as he does) I couldn’t possibly interpret the verses correctly.
  • It’s an ‘old-time’ verse no one believes anymore

Who will the Professor believe?  Me, the “greasy Islamophobe” or his colleague with the Doctorate from al –Azhar University?  The Professor can’t doubt his fellow PhD without discrediting his own academic authority.

But what the Professor can’t grasp is that the Islamic Studies Departments throughout the United States are funded by the Wahhabis Saudis.  They hire the staff and approve the Curricula! At best, these Departments teach half truths about Islam: no Dhimmitude, no Jihad, no Medinan Suras, and no mention of the 270 millions killed!  Thus, owing to academic intimidation, these Muslim academics suppress knowledge of the true nature of Islamic Doctrine!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jobs and the Economy

It’s amusing to see the Fed and the Administration thrash around, talking about “doing all they can to create jobs”.  What nonsense!

  • First, tinkering with the monetary policy cannot undo the bad fiscal policy of the Marxists in the White House.
  • Housing recovery is linked to a jobs recovery. Jobs aren’t going to recover until: they lower taxes, lift the regulatory burden and the threat of the crushing health care mandates that are in place.
  • Currently, the administration tinkers with mortgage rates, measly  tax breaks for hiring and other band-aid measures. Good luck. But I think this is all beside the point.

The real goal of the Administration is to create a health care dependency of every man, woman and child on the Federal Government. This will pave the way to the Marxist Socialist States of America (SSA) they are working to establish in the United States! 

It is clear they realize they are ruining the economy. But in their eyes, it’s only the “breaking of eggs to make the omelet of Socialism” and they are willing to pay the price. The Marxists are convinced a subsequent Republican Administration will NOT BE ABLE TO UNDO their first-step toehold into the Marxist SSA. And eventually, they will be able to come back and continue with more steps.

Speaking of housing, this manufactured “crisis” may in reality be a  paving of the way to a Federal take over of housing in America!  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac holding title to thousands of homes could be the harbinger of a “National Housing Authority” that would eventually own everything.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Movie About taking down OBL

The producer is being given unprecedented access to the Pentagon and all the high officials, obviously at the direction of the Administration. The Movie is being released Oct 12, 2012, obviously at a crucial time in the Presidential campaign. Thus, the President is abusing his authority to utilize DoD assets to aid his reelection campaign!  Yet another extra-Constitutional outrage!

Chevrolet Volt

So far, they’ve only sold 3500 of them. Yet, at the order of the Government, GM is ramping up for a production of 16,000 in 2012!   Who are they going to sell them to?

Understand, these are shitty little electric cars, and they cost $40,000! (They actually cost $173,000, but Government Motors knows it’ll never sell for that price, so the Government is eating the difference!)

This is your typical Socialist corporate Statist project! They have big government, big labor, big business all sit around a table and decide how to divvy up the pot and screw the taxpayers and destroy capital!  All in the name of “green jobs” and “save the earth”.  What a crock!

It needs to be shut down, dismantled, and the persons responsible locked up!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friendly Atheists?

Arguing with atheists about the existence of God is like arguing with a blind man about the beauty of a sunrise and sunset.

What amazes me is how angry the atheists become! As if believers were some sort of threat. The reality is, that faith is something that just happens to you. It’s nothing that you study and decide upon.  It is a personal relationship with God and the way He reveals himself to you.

The difficulty atheists have is coming up with a moral system without reference to our Christian traditions. The “isms” of the 20th Century demonstrate that reason is not necessarily moral. Both secular utopian schemes felt the rational need to “purify” their body politic and murder millions of people: one owing to ethnicity, the other owing to economic class. But the piles of bodies looked pretty much the same.

Another thing the atheists don’t get is how deeply our Western Civilization has been affected by Christianity and its values. Rational thought, critical thinking, scientific progress, the idea that elected officials are servants of the people and should be honest are all concepts indebted to Christianity, and the atheists know it not.

If the Atheists take over society, are they going to “purify” society by killing millions of believers ?   But they just said “more people have been killed in the name of religion than anything else”? The hypocrisy becomes clear.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bachman vs. Perry

My guess is that once the Democratic “Opposition Research” gets a hold of Perry, he will be dead meat. With his "Texas Crony Capitalism” and having been in office for  eleven years, they are going to find tons of stuff!

Of course, if they find anything juicy, they will wait until a crucial time just before the election to reveal it.  Correlations between State contracts and campaign contributions, hidden girlfriends, etc. Even false accusations at the right time can do the job. You have false headlines for several days, and publish the withdrawal and apology on page 40 two days after Perry’s lost the election.

As for Michelle Bachman, the  Democratic'”Opposition Research” has already done what it can to trash her and ruin her re-election prospects. Yet the dirt digging gnomes seem to have failed.  Pelosi targeted her specifically last time around, yet Bachman survived. That is an achievement!

Argentine Parallels

Argentina was one of the most prosperous countries in the world right after World War II. But it was bankrupted by military dictator Juan Peron and his consort Eva.  He came to power by forming a populist movement and a cult of personality, taking as his example Mussolini and Hitler.  He’d seen them both as a young Army Officer in Europe in the 1930’s.

He squandered the national wealth by setting up unaffordable social entitlements to solidify his powerbase. Yet the economy failed to generate the wealth to pay for them, preoccupied as Peron was with his legal plundering.  These policies ruined Argentina, which  has still not recovered over fifty years later.

The similarities with our situation in the United States are striking: a charismatic President bankrupting the nation with social entitlements intended to solidify his powerbase, and hoping to run the country forever.

Neither Peron nor our President seems to care about the effects on the country itself, as long as it gives them power. Saul Alinsky supposedly once said “it is better to rule in hell than serve in Heaven”. This seems to be our Administration’s present motivation.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Iowa Debates

Ron Paul is a flake: he doesn't understand the Iranian threat. Thinking that Iran having nuclear weapons is no big deal, (after all, China and Russia have it, why would Iran be any different?) He doesn't understand Islamic Doctrine and the difference that makes.
 Ahmedinejad considers himself playing a key role in ushering in the "End Times" including the return of the 12th Imam. They would have no compunction in actually using nuclear weapons!  Ron Paul hasn't a clue.

Mitt Romney was smooth and knowledgable. He also understands Islam.

 Newt Gingrich had good ideas and has had unquestionable experience with the workings of Washington DC.  But he supported Ali Hasan in his run for Colorado Treasurer in 2008. I don't know if he understands the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood and the degree to which it has infiltrated our institutions through its front groups like CAIR, ISNA, MPAC.

As much as I like Herman Cain, he seemed out of his element.

Rick Santorum was consistent and stuck to his principles. But he won't get much support, unfortunately.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pat Condells Latest

Pat Condell's latest

QE 3 Idiocy

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again, but hoping to get a different result. The QE III will be such an exercise.

The flawed theory is as follows: the government expands the money supply, the sheep spend it, and the economy revives. Well, the sheep AREN”T spending! Or hiring! Why?

  • Massive cost increases coming  from the Obama Care
  • Burgeoning regulations from a government hostile to business! 
  • Massive tax increases and continual threats for more, the so called “fair share for the ‘rich’ “.

Yet the President says publically “we’re doing all we can to create jobs”! Well, he could start with the aforementioned items. But ideologically, he won’t go there.

The only result of a QEIII will be price increases and further debasement of our currency.

Most Left wing people from local governments and NGO’s consider businesses only something to shake down for contributions or taxes, or for giving jobs to your constituents. It never occurs to these same people that businesses need to make money to stay in business. The problem is that those on the Left consider profits “exploitation” of the workers, holding as they do to the Marxist labor value theory. So, profits are NOT OK! And that’s the rub! “We want you to hire and contribute, but NOT make money!” See the problem?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Most who are opposed to the current administration are counting the days to the next election. But what if there were no elections?

When hard Left ideologues grasp the levers of power, they are not likely to relinquish them in obedience to mere Constitutional niceties. It is not hard to imagine their determination to retain power and pursue their agenda at all costs!

There is historical precedent for other democracies being ended in similar situations. The technique is for the party in power to manufacture a “crisis” and then “solve” it by garnering more power “until the crisis is past”.  They assure one and all such a move is “only temporary”. 

When you read the Soviet Constitution, it has all the personal liberties and civil rights as the US Constitution. But these provisions were suspended “temporarily” in 1917 during the war. They were never reinstituted for the entire 80 years of the Soviet regime.

Then of course there was Hitler’s “Enabling Act” in 1933, which paved the way to the blood bath of World War II.

Thus, it is not hard to imagine some sort of “crisis” that would trigger Marshal Law and a suspension of elections, “temporarily” or course. Maybe a Terrorist nuclear attack on a US City?  Carter appealed to the Russians for help in the elections of 1980. Maybe the administration would help arrange such an attack with the Jihad groups? They certainly have enough Muslim Brotherhood operatives advising in the White House.

Another piece of the puzzle: Army units home from Iraq are being deployed in the US for the purpose of “helping local officials in case of civil disorder”.  Maybe the “disorder” the Administration is preparing for is the reaction to their coming seizure of power and the termination of our form of government?


Monday, August 8, 2011

More on the Afghanistan Tragedy

Is it not interesting that 30 special operators were on  one helicopter? That violates operational procedures to avoid exactly what took place. Were they ordered to violate proper procedure by the State Department higher ups?

Then there’s the fact that the White House leaked  that members of Seal Team 6 were lost. Was this leak intentional to give satisfaction to our Jihadist enemies?  Was the leak from the Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the White House who advise the President?

As I have said before, we are in dire need of revamping our strategy to recognize the enemy as Islamic Jihadists. Jihad is an obligation for ALL Muslims! We can argue ad nauseum if “moderate” Muslims are on our side or if they  can be trusted: but there is NO “moderate” Islamic Doctrine.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Disaster in Afghanistan

The recent loss of a CH 47D with 30 Special Ops troops was the State Department’s revenge on the military for their success in getting Osama Bin Laden!
It’s not hard to imagine the State Department admonishing the military that from now on “you will notify our Pakistani allies of any operations! We cannot jeopardize our relations with them!”
The absurdity that the Pakistanis would ever be our true allies, helping a Kafir nation kill their fellow Muslim  Jihadi co-religionists, seems to be totally lost on the US Government. “We don’t do the religious thing” they will say.  Is it any wonder the security of the mission was compromised and a Taliban ambush awaited the assault force?
The essence of this conflict is Islamic Jihad, which is religiously motivated. Our intentional neglect of this point renders us blind and impotent. It is also a violation of the oath to defend the Constitution and criminal  negligence in what Intelligence and Defense Professionals have an obligation to “know or should have known”. 
Yet, this intentional and willful blindness starts from the very top: the “Muslim community advisors” present at every level of decision making, are from Muslim Brotherhood front groups. Owing to Political Correctness, we are allowing these advisors to intentionally mislead us. And we are reaping the results in defeat and disaster.  Admiral Mullins, right after the Ft Hood shooting, remarked that the main goal of the Armed Services was “diversity”. Gee, Admiral, what happened to defending the American People and defending  the Constitution?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vision for America

The traditional American values that have made America exceptional is the concept of “inalienable rights granted by our creator”, something scorned by the Progressives (another name for Marxist-Leninists who have changed their name hoping to shed responsibility for the hundred million bodies of the 20th Century).

The critical tipping point will be Obama-Care. The Progressives must re-elect Obama such that Obama-Care can take root. Then, every individual in America will be dependent on the Federal Government. No more limited government of the people, by the people, and for the people: but a people subject to and DEPENDENT upon an ever-growing dominance from Washington DC.

American exceptionalism would not survive, but be extinguished by the heavy hand of taxation and  regulation by a Nanny State who “knows best how you should live your life”.

Jefferson said our form of Government only works for a religious and moral people. This is precisely why the Progressives are working  diligently to destroy the family, moral values and the Church in our society. The Progressives want to pave the way for the “New Socialist citizen”.

They don’t want strong families raising educated children who are self-reliant critical thinkers. They want the utterly dependent semi-literate welfare single moms living in the Projects, scraping by from one welfare check to the next. They want the gangs of fatherless young men who can be harnessed into the armed  “Obama Civil Defense Corps” who will look to Obama as their father-figure in the same way the Soviet Young Pioneers looked to their “Uncle Joe” in the 1950’s.

Naturally, all Socialist Utopias have to be “purified of undesirables”. The purges, mass arrests and death camps will certainly follow.

Another thing: the wealth the Progressives take for granted will disappear. Poverty and starvation will spread across the land, turning America into a third world country: that is, a “Socialist Paradise”. It will be the Party hacks who live in excess in the confiscated big houses surrounded by a sea of misery.

One big difference: anyone reporting on this hypocrisy will be labeled a “social deviationist” and disappear.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Is it “Racism” to have questions about Islamic Doctrine?

For one thing, Islam is a “belief” attribute, NOT a biological one. Thus, an accusation of “racism” is meaningless name calling. It is also part of the tactical responses devised by the Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups to deflect questions about Islamic Doctrine.

If I say, “Let us look at the more vicious Suras Q9 and Q5.” I am immediately drowned out by howls of “Racist! Bigot! Islamophobe! Hater!”  What the Muslim Brotherhood is counting on at this point is for everyone to start arguing whether or not I am all these things, and hoping that we never will get back to Q9 and Q5.

The premise of the “counter-jihad” movement is for everyone to read and understand the harsh reality of Islamic Doctrine for themselves. People need to recognize the butchery and enslavement of non-Muslims called for in the Qur’an and Sunna. 


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Counter-Jihad and the Norway Carnage

The Left is trying to blame the carnage in Norway on the Counter-Jihadists “stirring up hatred and Islamophobia”, CAUSING the mass-murder! But this doesn’t follow when one thinks it through.

For one thing, Muslims were NOT the targets of the attack. For another, let us define “Islamophobia”. The word sounds like “homophobia”, implying that concern for Islam is irrational bigotry. But Islam is a vicious totalitarian political ideology that enslaves women, has killed 270 million people and would roll mankind back to the Seventh Century. Mankind has EXCELLENT reasons to be concerned about Islam!  Nothing irrational here!

But drilling deeper into the Theology, “Islamophobia” is a word for their concept of “Fitna”, the tumult and disturbance caused by non-Muslims resisting the Islamization process!  But resisting the destruction of our society by Islam is what we need to do if we wish to preserve our liberties and our prosperity.

The foundational plank of the Counter-Jihad  Movement is for Western Society to become familiar with the reality of Islamic Doctrine.  Once aware of the enslavement and butchery of non-Muslims called for by Qur’anic Doctrine, our hope is that the survival instinct of Western Civilization will kick in, and the political will to resist Islamization will develop.

Right now, by ignorantly accommodating Muslim “religious” demands, we are in fact surrendering our liberties and our culture slice by slice.  Each demand eliminates our culture and insinuates theirs. I can provide dozens of examples.

Resisting Muslim “Religious” demands, such as for prayer rooms, foot washing stations, halal foods in public schools, is not religious discrimination, as the Muslims imply. Islamic Doctrine allows for Muslims living in non-Muslim countries to pray later, wash later, or whatever they need to do. Allah is kind and merciful.

The demands are, in fact,a subtle strategy of forcing us to submit to the Shari’ah Law, bit by bit.  Awakening the public to this Islamic strategy is not “stirring up hatred” against Muslims: it is defending our culture. Period!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Impending Collapse

Our enemies are sweeping us from the battlefield in the Middle East. We are abandoning our allies in Israel. Our economy is in shambles. The alliance of Marxists and Islamic Jihadists in the Federal government are doing irreparable harm to our nation. Yet the media gives them a free pass, owing to their “advocacy Journalism” that aids and abets this destruction of our liberties and prosperity.

It simply cannot go on. the nation’s preoccupation with frivolity and entertainment, the taking for granted the wealth, comfort, security, adequate food for the children, will come to a destructive and. There are just too many enemies out there salivating to butcher, burn and blow up everything we hold dear. And our response? “ Oh, what is the spiritual significance of Harry Potter?”

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Attack on the American Family

Have you ever stopped to consider the following:

  • why the Media concentrates on Sex as no more than “scratching an itch”
  • Why the NEA shows porn movies to the middle school kids under the guise of “sex education” and then passes out condoms? Basically, a “Go forth and fornicate with our blessing!” (And if you tell a pubescent 14 year old boy with a permanent erection that screwing is OK, you don’t have to tell him twice! “Aw c’mon! Everyone’s doing it! Are you some sorta prude?”)
  • Why Parents are barred from schools at this level? (we don’t want parental influence interfering with our agenda).

The reason is, the Left wants to build their “socialist man” to inhabit the “New World Order” they have in mind. They don’t want healthy kids with a sense of values getting an education, being critical thinkers, having happy stable families as young adults! They want something else!

They want semi-educated welfare moms inhabiting the projects, living from one welfare check to the next! They want gangs of fatherless violent young men who can be enlisted into the “Civilian Defense Corps” to become their “enforcers”.

The Progressives consider the destruction of the black family as “mission accomplished”. Now, they are starting on the whites and are  right on track!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Debt Ceiling Dilemma

The Democrats and their allies in the media are making the case that it would be “irresponsible” to NOT raise the debt ceiling. In other words, kick the can down the road and continue with business as usual. This would only defer this same confrontation to a later time when the debt ceiling would have to be raised again.

If the debt ceiling is NOT raised, we can count on the Democrats to hurt the largest number of people and utilize their advocate journalists to blame Republicans. Can’t you see the “grandma in the street without her social security check” interviews?

The RIGHT THING TO DO is cut spending! We don’t have a revenue problem, but a spending problem. The Hard Left design to destroy this country through its economy is the underlying motive of all we see. It is the “fundamental Change” that the President promised. If we wish to survive we have no choice but to thwart the Hard Left designs!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Satanic Operations, July 12, 2011

To the secularists and Christian Scientists, Satan does not exist. Thus, he has a field day with these people! He likes nothing better than when people say “Satan is unreal and the problem is you!”

Here’s the way it works (on a man): you’re on a church committee or at a business in the presence of other women. Out of the blue, you find yourself attracted to a woman on the committee, at work or whatever. If it turns out to be a “two way street” and this woman reciprocates, you find yourself in a full blown extra-marital affair that destroys two families: hers and yours! Satan and his minions are shrieking with laughter and “high-fiving” one another over their success !

The key here is to understand that the first thoughts of attraction are NOT YOUR OWN, but planted by Satan!  This happens throughout our society at every walk of life: from the VP of Focus on the Family caught screwing one of the other staff members, or John Edwards having a child with a staff member of his Election campaign! Christian Pastors and organizations are especially targeted! The aforementioned Focus on the Family debacle made national headlines! The World loves to smear the Church and the body of Christ and delights in discovering “hypocrisy”.

But it’s a mistake to think such people are “weak” and “fallen”: they have been picked off!

The key to defending against such intrusions is to recognize them immediately for what they are and from whom they have come. Unmask these thoughts and they are 90% disarmed. Daily prayer and meditation, invoking the Holy Spirit to reveal Satan’s designs on you and your family and friends is a must!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Economic Recovery? National Survival?

The right course of action to recover the economy has seldom been so obvious! Yet the Progressive ideological impediment to recovery glares to the forefront! Let us examine them!

  1. An energy policy that would develop domestic energy resources! It would create thousands of jobs, decrease our dependence on Middle Eastern oil from hostile countries and help defund the Jihad against us.  Yet the Progressives whine such a policy would “prolong our dependence on oil and harm the environment”!  Secretary of Energy Salazar is busily cancelling permits in every corner of the country, crippling our production on every front! Yet the Obama Administration funds offshore drilling off Brazil! Progressives also want to continue to further the Jihadist aim of increased reliance on Saudi and Qatar oil so they may fund Jihad!
  2. Repeal Obama-Care! The expense and penalties for businesses casts a chill on hiring like nothing else! In spite of what Mme. Pelosi said, the Health Care bill has NOT been simulative. Yet the Progressives howl “You’re throwing Grandma under the bus”.  They fail to mention the whole enterprise will be bankrupt for everyone if nothing is done!
  3. Eliminate the mountains of rules and regulations on businesses. Shut down entire agencies, such as the EPA, the Dept of Education, OSHA, the FTC and others. Most of these agencies have duplicative functions and no real goal except to self-perpetuate.  They strive garner and own tax revenue, yet mandate responsibility and blame on someone else, (usually business)! But all you hear from the Progressives is how the Agencies “protect the public from evil greedy businesses”. They fail to mention that the Public Sector bureaucrats can be as evil, greedy and heartless as any business! Look at how the EPA has deprived the San Joaquin valley farmers of water, turning the Nation’s most productive farmland into a wasteland!
  4. Stop interfering in the housing market. Cease using housing policy for “Social Engineering”, such as minority housing, which was the key element in the housing melt down in the first place. A key goal of Progressives (Marxist Leninists in all but name) is to turn ALL housing into Government Housing! Then they will be in a position to staff vast housing bureaucracies and shake down the public to garner favorable treatment for better apartments, etc. You want to move up on the three year wait for a bigger apartment? Well, a $2000 contribution to Representative De Gette’s campaign will move you up 6 months!
  5. Eliminate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and hold lenders responsible for the loans they make.  Only in this way will the back log of foreclosures and unsold homes begin to clear! Unless the Progressives can use these Agencies to destroy the housing market, they will never be able to nationalize Housing!
  6. Withdraw our military forces from the Middle East and deploy them on our Southern Border. Rethink our strategy to that of “Fighting Islamic Jihad” not an ill-defined “violent extremism”. This means our allies should be India and Japan, not Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The Progressives WANT us to waste our blood and treasure on unwinnable wars in the same way a Matador weakens a bull with the picadors, and for the same reason: to weaken us for the kill.

Mumbai-Style Attack Consequences

A “Mumbai-style” Jihadist attack in the US would be:

  • Easy to do
  • Inexpensive
  • Would trigger massive costs as every mall and shopping center in America spent billions to increase security! (whereas, the Jihadist spent four our five lives, as many AK 47’s and duffel bags, fifty magazines and  $1,000 in 7.62 ammunition.)

But how would an Obama Administration respond?  My guess would be to try to pass “emergency gun legislation” to confiscate every firearm from the hands of the public! 

The Progressive “Alice in Wonderland” reasoning is “removing guns from the hands of the public makes the public safer” (as if this would deprive arms and explosives from reaching the hands of Jihadists, who could be supplied by Pakistani diplomatic pouch!)


“Carlos the Jackal” once said that “only a coalition of Islamists and Marxists can take down America.” A prerequisite is to disarm the American public at all costs! They know they can’t prevail if there are a hundred million Americans with firearms!

The reality is, that the more the citizenry is armed, the safer it becomes! If the Mumbai shooters encountered return fire at every turn, the death toll would have been far less. Remember the Jihad attack in a Utah shopping mall that was thwarted by an off-duty policeman who happened to be there and was able to take down the shooter.

In short, the Constitution and the rest of all our liberties primarily depend on the Second Amendment!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Jobs and Employment

July 8, 2011

The President spoke today,and implied that the failure to raise the debt ceiling was causing uncertainty with small businesses, and that is why they are not hiring. But this isn’t true!

What is causing uncertainty and killing jobs and employment growth are as follows:

  • Health care costs owing to Obama-Care
  • Energy Costs (with no energy policy in sight)
  • Continual avalanche of new business rules and regulations

I doubt if the President even believes what he said: more than likely, he is hoping that over time, the economy will somehow fix itself.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gay Marriage

The standard secular view is that this “preference” is benign and a “personal choice”, yet fails to look at the societal consequences.

The Church teaches that marriage is between a man and woman. The fructification of this Holy Matrimony is children, with the loving father and mother mirroring the sacramental archetype of the Holy Trinity, the Father, son and the Holy Spirit.

But “short circuiting” the sacramental nature of marriage with contraception, degrades marriage to a a serial mutual sexual gratification contract. And if sexual gratification is the main object, (and not children as intended), why limit marriage to a man and a woman?

This is the impetus of same sex marriage. The partners only wish to cash in on the marriage benefits that society has historically bestowed on married couples in exchange for raising the next generation of upstanding tax-paying citizens. But what benefits does society glean from childless sexual gratification contracts( other than divorce attorneys cashing in on same-sex divorces!)

And if sexual gratification remains the central reason for “marriage”, why limit it to other human beings? Why not sheep and goats? One can see the tangled mess the issue quickly becomes!

The Biblical proscription against homosexuality is there for a reason. It’s been in place for 4000 years, minimum. Today’s ephemeral progressives think they can overturn this four millennia of Judeo-Christian heritage by pressuring a legislature or two to pass laws “making homosexuality OK.” But is it really OK? Does the name “Sodom and Gomorra” ring a bell with anyone anymore?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Threat to America

The basic threat to America is Islamic Doctrine. All Americans need to be aware of what it is. Islamic Doctrine is best exemplified in the Shari’ah Law.

Why are Americans so “in the dark” about the Shari’ah? Owing to the extensive Information Operation conducted against us by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and its front organizations.

Scenario: as a Defense Intelligence or Law Enforcement Official, I have taken an Oath to defend the US Constitution. I also have a duty to know and understand the hostile Doctrines that threaten our society. Therefore, I should learn about Islamic Doctrine, because it IS a Hostile Doctrine! But what happens if I try?

As part of the MB Information Operation, our institutions have been penetrated by Muslim “Community Advisors”, lest these institutions “offend” Muslims!  (Has anyone thought to ask why Islam is the only one making these demands?)

If I try to read Islamic Doctrine, and if I ask my Muslim Community Advisor, he will say “Oh, it’s far too complicated! Whatever you want to know, just ask me!”

Unfortunately, too many of our Officials are doing just that: outsourcing their knowledge of the enemy TO the enemy!

But let’s say I persist! First, the Advisor will try to provide me with literature watered down and tailored for “The Kuffar”(their word for the ‘hated unbeliever’). Material written by Dhimmi apologists, such as John Esposito or Moghed Dahlia. If you buy into what they say, you’re getting a half truth at best. (A Dhimmi is one who is non-Muslim but apologizes for Islam: those whom Winston Churchill said “fed their friends to the alligator hoping it would eat them last.”)

To continue, let us say I insist that I read literature by Muslims written for Muslims. After all, Islamic Doctrine forbids Muslims misleading each other, but NOT “The Kuffar”. By the way: key Islamic literature is available in English, much of it certified the true meaning by Al Azhar University in Cairo, the preeminent Islamic Jurisprudence (al Fiq) Institution in the world.

As I read, I discover the vicious Medinan Sura, such as Q9:5. I go to my “Advisor” and say “what about this?” He may say the following:

  • “Now now, that’s an old-time verse no one believes anymore.” This is NOT true! Sura 9 was one of the final revelations, which means it is the most current. The Islamic concept of ‘abrogation’ means the later verses ‘abrogate’ the earlier ones, although BOTH are still true, because they BOTH came from Allah.
  • Or the Advisor may say “there’s a thousand ways to translate this verse, and it doesn’t really mean what it says”. Again, not TRUE! Islamic scholars have studied the Qur’an for 1200 years. Most verses have been codified by “Scholarly Consensus” (ijma) by the four schools of al Fiq in Sunni Islam. As far as Q9:5 is concerned, it DOES mean what it says! You can check any Qur’anic Commentary (a Tafsir).
  • Or the Advisor may say “Oh, you have to be able to read classical Arabic to understand it.” NOT true! This is like saying you can’t understand the Bible unless you can read it in the original Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew. Eighty percent of Muslims in the world don’t even speak modern Arabic, let alone Classical Arabic. Yet, they seem to be able to practice their faith successfully. This is obviously a ruse to discourage us from reading and understanding what they are saying.
  • If you still persist on reading Islamic Doctrine and begin sharing the alarming facts you are discovering for the first time, the Advisor will then go to your boss, and say “you are a Bigot and  Islamophobe who is spreading hate and fear about Islam the peaceful religion"!”. He will get you fired!  But understand, the only “hate” is in the Islamic content. If we are alarmed by the butchery, enslavement and second-class status of non-Muslims  that Islamic Doctrine calls  for, I would call this  an instinct of self-preservation, not misbehavior!

Now you understand why the American public is so “in the dark” about Islam. I can only recommend you read Islamic Doctrine on your own and quietly. And stop checking with these “Muslim Community Advisors” who for the most part are from MB front groups, such as ISNA, CAIR, IIIT.

And by the way, don’t be intimidated by the gratuates of these “Centers for Islamic Studies” we find at most major American Universities. These institutions are funded by hostile Middle Eastern Countries and staffed by Jihadist apologists. They teach a half truth about the true nature of Islam: no Jihad, no Dhimmitude, and no mention of the 270 million people killed in Jihad.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Double Dip Recession or Depression?

The financial news this morning noted that even the Obama apologist economist Robert Reich is finally acknowledging that the Keynesian stimulus is not working.  His solution?  He frantically is calling for more government spending!

I believe one definition of insanity is doing the same thing yet expecting a different outcome. If the “investment” in State Bureaucracy and pork barrel projects hasn’t “stimulated” the economy in three years, why would another dose be any different?

What the Lefties fail to grasp is that government spending is the problem, not the solution! Government spending has to to either borrow or print the money it spends. Both avenues are exhausted: The debt is being downgraded and the currency is being devalued.

The only hope is to reduce the debt and the government footprint on the economy and let the healing begin! And that means removing the onerous tax burden of the Socialized Medicine and allowing the foreclosures to work their way through the system!  Every government program to date has done nothing but retard the process and prolong the agony.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

UA Theatres “No Firearms” Policy

UA Management is under the delusion that their "Mickey Mouse Resolution" will keep their theatres "gun free": how so? I see no metal detectors or screeners! How can they guarantee their theatres will be safe places?

The answer is "they can't!" Any determined shooter(s), either Virginia Tech style, or Jihad Mumbai style, have easy access!

But screening all the patrons through metal detectors like an airport will be too inconvenient and expensive, management will say. And they're right! So let me propose a solution by making the following change to the resolution:

"No firearms on the premises EXCEPT for those who hold valid conceal carry permits!" This does a couple of things:

· Potential shooters don't like the possibility of return fire. With this policy in place, the shooters will pick another venue.

· Law Abiding citizens that have been screened and trained to be Conceal Carry Permit holders are never the problem: they are part of the solution as has been demonstrated time and time again. (Incidents of which are purposefully ignored by the pro-gun control media).

Another common objection is "Oh, this is a police function! Let them do their job!" But consider these facts:

· In some cities, the queue to answer the 911 call line is as long as 30 minutes. It may take an additional 45 minutes before the SWAT team can deploy to the scene.

· Any shooter(s) will have a semiautomatic pistol(s) and a duffel filled with loaded magazines. How many rounds could a shooter(s) expend in an hour? I know it's possible to expend 16 rounds, release the empty magazine, slam a fresh one in place, rack the slide and be ready to resume shooting in less than 20 seconds. Quite a few cowering and weeping teen age girls could be struck with .40 caliber copper-clad full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets before any Law Enforcement could arrive.

· Of course the "peace at any price" secularists and clergy prefer to hold candle light vigils and funerals for grief-stricken families rather than take common-sense steps that would save lives. After all, we don't want to be "insensitive" or "intolerant", right?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Open Message to Dr. Ron Paul

If you think the United States has caused Jihad owing to “it’s policies of interference”, you are buying into the Muslim Brotherhood’s false narrative of “blame the victim”.  In reality, the Muslims have been waging Jihad against “The Kuffar” (us hated non-belivers) for 1400 years!

And if you think we “shouldn’t wage war except on Nation-States”, you are leaving us vulnerable to stateless Jihad groups such as Al Qaeda, Jamaa’t al Islamiyya, and dozens of others. Considering the possibility of these groups getting their hands on nuclear weapons, do not delude yourself into believing they could not do our nation damage.

True, these groups need State sponsors, such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran. But are you willing to go after these countries with military force?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Inflation Coming

Bernake of the Fed tells us “the fight against deflation is succeeding”. But since when is deflation the problem? In 2008 the money supply was increased by 13%.  It takes about two years for the increase in money supply to be reflected in rising prices. And now the real inflation rate is about just that! 13%.

But the Feds are saying the “core inflation rate” is only 2 or 3%! And herein lies the fraud: the government gets to pick the items in the “core inflation rate”. They already say they are excluding food and fuel, (probably the most essential items)!  Who knows? Maybe this quarter it is the prices of grand pianos, anvils and Swiss coo coo clocks that’s being used as the “core inflation rate”!

In 2009, the money supply was increased an unprecedented 125%! It would follow that prices will go up this amount very soon! This means $8.00 per gallon gasoline, and $8.00 loaves of bread!

The usual response of government will be to scape goat someone else! During Stalin’s farm collectivization, which triggered massive food shortages, he scape goated “The Krulaks”, mythical wealthy greedy farmers in the Ukraine that were “hiding grain” to create the shortages. Stalin then sent legions of party activists to terrorize Ukrainian peasants by confiscating every scrap of food, livestock and grain supplies they could lay their hands on. As a result, 3.4 million Ukrainians were intentionally starved to death in 1933!

A scenario: as food prices soar, the President scape goats farmers and food distributors in the Midwest. He unleashes legions of “Obama self defense corps” volunteers to fan out and confiscate food in the Midwest, as Stalin’s henchmen did in 1933. Would the result be any different?  Yes: instead of 3.4 million people starving, the figure would be closer to 30 million! But who cares? Rural farmers vote Republican anyway.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Right Wing Christian Militias"

The Mainstream Media latch on to any example of 'right wing' militants, because their narrative is that "right wing militias" and Islamic Jihad groups are six of one and half a dozen of the other: the moral equivalency whitewash.

This is why they continually ignore attack after attack of Jihad as "yet another disturbed young man", and just because he was shouting "allahu Akbar" doesn't mean Islam had nothing to do with it.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Egyptian Riots

Many of the liberal pundits assume this is Democracy breaking out all over.  It is true students on Face Book can put people into the streets. But it takes resources and organization to form a government. Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood have both.

Once the dust settles, we will see Islamic regimes emerging not only in Egypt and Tunisia, but Turkey cannot be far behind. Emboldened by their success, the Islamists in Turkey will follow suit.

The naive power vacuum in Washington is allowing our interests to crumble world-wide.


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