Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bill Gates Killing the American Dream

Bill Gates is soliciting fellow billionaires to "give away" their fortunes. Why? Because they are buying into the Marxist view that wealth is exploitation, therefore "unjust"! Thus, if they give it away, or use it to support Marxist causes, (as George Soros is doing) then they can appease their "guilt" of being successful!

Even the President, in one of his speeches, encouraged the young NOT to go into business, but into social work, (as this would be a less "selfish" and reprehensible career).

But what happens when America's best and brightest go into bureaucracy or NGO's, and the entrepreneurial spirit for business and wealth formation dies? Wealth that Bill Gates is so intent on giving away, or that the bureaucrats want to redistribute GOES AWAY!

How much better it would be were these billionaires to spend their resources strengthening our entrepreneurial system by venture capital in the third world, as opposed to funding corrupt NGO's who spend most of the resources bribing local officials to do their work, or enriching themselves?

Or what if they funded business schools that would help unleash the wealth building creativity that would end poverty for real? As it stands now, Bill Gates is validating the Marxist notion that success is a crime to be punished.


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