Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Report on "Issue Monday", Colorado Christian University

The Guest for "Issue Monday" was Bill Ruggio of "The Long War Journal" Here are some of the recollections of his report:

The "Imirate of Afghanistan" controlls 70% of the country. They have a parallel government, security in their areas and have set up Shari'ah Courts
  • Their fighters rest and recoup in the Sanctuary of Pakistan
  • Ours is a Counter Terrorism (CT) focus instead of the counter-insurgency strategy that controls the ground
  • We have no Afghan partner. Our attempt to build a "democracy" is a failure. Afghanistan has had a generation of war
  • We have some tactical success in Helmed Province and Kandahar, but the Taliban know all they have to do is wait us out since the administration has announced our withdrawal in July.
  • Al Qaeda has a strong presence, at least 60 different cells, information gleaned from the announced raids we've made.
  • The predator strikes have increased markedly. They put some pressure on the leadership, teaching them how to hide. But it created enormous ill -will in Pakistan. Dozens of people are turning up dead in Waziristan: some really are people we've worked with, others only accused of doing so.
  • And finally, Pakistan is the problem! The ISI shelters a collection of Jihadist groups in Waziristan, yet we just gave them $2 Bn. We think that money is the controlling factor, ignoring the more important ideology.


  • Iraq is a bright spot. Things are fairly stabilized, but they still need our presence to counter the international threat. But we will need another decade to build their armed forces. But our announced pull out in July 2011 will undermine everything we've tried to accomplish.
  • The withdrawal paves the way for a civil war funded by Sunni donors on one side and Iranian Al Quds forces and the Shi'a on the other.


  • America cannot face "religion" so we still have no coherent strategy from the mid-level on up
  • The administration's policy is driven by polls, appearances, and the administation's left wing ideology, without realizing in this day and age there is no such thing as a "domestic audience". Our enemies monitor the media very carefully, taking advantage of every bit of information.
  • Wikileaks' Asange is obscessed with "American War Crimes" and has published hundreds of names of Afghanis that have worked with us. The Taliban will merely print out the documents and update their hit lists. It also gives the enemy information on our operational techniques. There was a time when we would have done something about this.
  • General Patraeus is trying to show some progess and sell the idea of more time. But unless we do something about the overall strategy and Pakistan, nothing will change.
  • As the enemy establish their Emirates in Somalia and Pakistan, it will embolden their countrymen living in the West.


  • The goal of the administration is to remove America from its leadership positon and have it disarm, relax and become subordinate to the United Nations. In the Progressive view, war is caused by nation states. If we eliminate nation states with world government, we can have utopian peace in the world. The Progressives cannot and will not see that the UN is run by corrupt dictators.
  • Not only do the Progressives seek a redistribution of wealth within America (Justice IS equality in their lexicon) but between rich countries and poor ones. Massive international transfers of wealth established "international justice" as far as they are concerned.
  • They do not even see the threat of Salafist Islam and its goal of establishing a world-wide Caliphate through Jidad, preoccupied as they are in establishing peace and utopia with wealth re-distribution. Religion and the hereafter as a motivation is considered absurd by Progressives who believe in neither.


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