Sunday, May 2, 2010

Car Bomb in New York City

The VBIED (Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device) did not detonate. But it was sitting outside the HQ of VIACOM, the home of "South Park" the series that dared talk about Muhammad. The Taliban took credit.

The message here is you "Insult Islam at your peril". It is the way Islam is imposing the Shari'ah in this country: through violence and intimidation. It is instructive to define "Insult" (or slander) as it is under the Shari'ah. It means merely saying something that the Muslims find "objectionable" or "something that should not be revealed" about Islam. The key difference is, that the truth or falsity has no bearing on the subject. Under American law, truth is an absolute defense against slander.

It should be clear the impact this will have on Constitutional 1st Amendment Rights! Tariq Ramadan mentioned in words to the effect free speech shouldn't include mocking someone's religion. But telling the truth about Islam is not mockery, (but it would be "slander" under the Shari'ah definition).

It is a travesty that the Progressives, in their zeal to paint Muslims as persecuted victims, are fast foreclosing their own First Amendment rights, upon which they have hung their hat for a generation.


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