Thursday, November 19, 2009

Itmar Marcus address @ Temple Sinai

Itmar Marcus of the Israeli NGO "Palestine Media Watch" (PMW) gave a revealing presentation! He has shown that the Palestinians say one thing in English to their lap dog Western Media, and another to their own people in Arabic on their internal media institutions.

The PMW's thesis is that Peace process has to start with the truth, which is sadly lacking. The continual lies and demonizing of Israel and Jews by the Palestinians to their children is creating another generation in which peace will not be possible. The Palestinians have turned extermination of Israel and its people into a religious obligation that needs to be accomplished before mankind can be redeemed.

Monday, November 16, 2009

NY Trials

16 November 2009

Further thoughts on the New York trials of Islamic terrorists:

The administration and its left wing base have never acknowledged the struggle with Islamic Jihad. The struggle has always been characterized as some sort of evil conspiracy by Vice President Cheney to benefit oil companies.
Now that Obama is in office, he can “correct” this by shutting down the military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and apologizing to Muslims at home and abroad, showing that America is NOT hostile to Islam.
The attack of Sept 11, 2001 is problematic. Even though the administration buys the Islamic assertion that it was America’s fault, it still must do something to affect “closure” and END the confrontation with Islam. The trials will be the answer!
The show trials will please the Islamic world as “Blame America First” is given full coverage. The administration hopes this self-flagellation should be sufficient to purge the nation of its sins and reset America’s moral position.
Unfortunately, such a policy hinges on ignorance of Islamic doctrine, of which there is plenty not only in the administration, but in the nation as well.
In the 1960’s, there was a bumper sticker that read “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?” Presently, it can be interpreted thus: “Suppose the Jihadists declared war on us and we refused to respond?” Not acknowledging the declaration of war does not mean it will go away! The attacks will continue!
Part of this refusal to respond has been a change of lexicon concerning the threat. No longer is it “Islamic Jihad” but “instances of violent extremists”. But there are no markers for violent extremism! We can no longer monitor the Jihadist groups in the Mosques (where they are recruited and trained) lest we cause “hurt and offense” in the Muslim community!
This inability to define the threat as it matches the facts on the ground increases the danger. At some point, the damage will be so severe, that the Islamic apology machine, (which even now incredibly alleges the shootings at Ft Hood had “nothing to do with Islam”) will be unable to keep up! Sadly, hundreds of thousands will have to die before the nation awakens to and acknowledges the threat of Islamic Jihad!

Delta Mike 67

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In 1993, a secret meeting of the Muslim Brotherhood Palestine Committee—mostly senior Hamas leaders--was held in a Philadelphia Marriott. The group discussed new ways to secretly funnel money to Hamas and of creating a new public relations organization...

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Economic Recovery

The main barrier to economic recovery is the Keynesian philosophy used by the Obama administration. The concept of demand stimulation in the face of rising taxes and unemployment is preposterous! People, if they are sent $500, are going to save it if they feel their job is threatened.

Programs such as new home buyer credit or "Cash for Klunkers" generates an unsustainable bump in home and car sales. But as soon as the government money runs out, all the indicators resume going south.

Naturally, the administration will say "we need another stimulus". But the dilemma here is that as the government continues to borrow money from foreigners or runs the printing presses (the Fed buying its own bonds flooding the economy with more dollars), inflation becomes inevitable and the buyers of government instruments will demand higher and higher interest rates.

When the zero risk interest rate (such as on T-bills) goes to 12% (as it did in 1974 under Carter), other interest rates add to this, meaning that the economy is quashed by increasingly expensive and increasingly unavailable loans. It makes no sense for a business to borrow at 15% if the return on assets is only 6%.

Thus, it is safe to say there will BE NO RECOVERY as long as the present administration is in control.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ft Hood shooting

The shooter shouted "Allau Akbar" and then opened fire on a graduation formation,killing 13 and wounding 30. This is obviously an Islamic Jihad attack!

What's amazing is the contortions the Mainstream Media and the Federal Government are going though so as not to offend the Muslims. According to the "narrative" it is the "hurt and offense" that CAUSES the violence! Therefore, if we hold Muslims responsible for the continual Jihad that is blossoming all around us, it might cause more!

If this "Alice in Wonderland" logic makes any sense to anyone, maybe they could explain it.



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