Saturday, June 6, 2009

Obama Speaks at Normandy

The President had much to say about the Nazi view of the world: oppression, extermination and their view of people as evil. But The President is blind to the fact that Islamists have the same view:
Master Race and
Jews as Sub-human
Goal of world domination
enslave the world

Believers superior and Jews as "apes and pigs"
No common humanity: division into believers and "kafirs"
Impose the Shari'a law on all mankind
enslave all non-believers

If Naziism was evil 70 years ago, Islamism is evil today. The fashionable appeasement of Islamism must cease if freedom is to survive.


Monday, June 1, 2009

"The New GM"

The speech on MSNBC by the CEO of GM kept talking about "The New GM", and how we're all supposed to forgive and forget, and buy a GM car. Their recovery scenarios include a larger market share than they have now. But will GM be allowed to squander tax payer money on advertising?

The principal unchanging constant is the UAW. They stand, shoulder to shoulder, chins thrust out, arms folded. Their attitude is defiant, and their belief is that Obama "owes them!" There is no incentive here for a change in heart to put the buyers of the cars, whom they ultimately serve, at any higher priority. The company has been optimized to please the Union workers, not the customers.

Also, now that the Marxist progressives are now calling the shots, GM will be told to produce flimsy eco-friendly cars that are "good for the environment". Government entities will buy them, clebrities will buy them, and a program of social-intimidation will commence to badger people into accepting a vehicle which will be the 21st Century version of the East German Trabant.

At some point, the politically correct campaign to ram this UAW-government produced 'piece of sh##' down everyone's throat will collapse. Someone will dare say "The emperor has no clothes" !


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