Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mosques: Factory for Jihad fighters

For all the decent kind people, caught in wishful thinking, who believe that Mosques are no different than the Methodists down the street.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Home Grown Terror in upper state New York

The mainstream media is consistent in ignoring the Islamist Threat. They tend to worry more about carbon footprints and pollution than the safety of the American people. Eco-Nazis don't seem to realize that a nuclear weapon(s) detonated in an American city (cities?) would wreak ecological havoc, with radio-active debris blowing downwind and seeping into the ground water.

Oddly enough, the hundreds of thousands dead won't bother the ecologists a bit: to them, humanity (including your children) is a blight on the earth that needs exterminating! (But Al Gore doesn't worry: he can load his family onto the private jet and whisk them off to safety!)

In the new DVD "Homegrown Jihad" , the film makers toured the 35 terrorist training camps run and financed by Pakistani Sheik Gilani's "Jamaat ul-Fukra". Their strategy is to recruit young black men in prison and take them to these Islamist communities where they are given military training and Islamist indoctrination.

Recruitment is easy: they tell the men with uncontrollable tempers that "Mohammad was quick to anger", so flying off the handle is "sunnah". They tell the pedophiles that Mohammad consumated a marriage to a 9 year old girl, so pedophilia is "sunnah". They tell the murderers that "killing infidels is a ticket to paradise". So they sign up.

These are willing recruits: the civil rights activists have been telling such black men they are "entitled" to middle class status because "in such a wealthy society, why shouldn't 'da Gumm'int just gimmie?" It confuses "equality with equal opportunity". Presto! alienated black men who hate America and hate white people for not giving them what's theirs!

This alienation is folded into a context of a religious war, which seems absurd to the Progressives. They can't get past the marxist economic causality explanation of violence. They believe that all we have to do is "treat them well and give them a "stake in the system" and they will treat us nicely. But Islam doesn't abide by the "Golden Rule".

Islamist ideology does NOT recognize a common humanity with all men; they divide the world into "believers" and "Kafirs". Each group is treated by a different set of rules. Kafirs are loathed by Allah, and need to be tortured, killed and subdued. Murdering Jews is a religious obligation.

The men arrested in New York were:
  • Immigrants from Pakistan
  • Black men recruited in prison
  • all whom professed their desire to wage "Jihad"

They did mouth a "reason", (ie, our war in Afghanistan), but this is standard camoflage, attempting to "blame the victim" for their actions.

It's high time we named the enemy for what it is: "ISLAMIST JIHAD"! Jihad can be waged by:

  • The mouth, (as we have seen by CAIR and their Islamists as victims diatribes)
  • The Pen (as seen in the mainstream media)
  • The money (Shari'a Compliance Finance)
  • The Sword (the so-called "war on terror")

For our society to defend itself against only one of the four will be fatal.


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