Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jamaa't al-Fukra

These people claim that Muslims are now the majority, that the United States is now "their" country, and they will defend it. For one thing, blacks constitute 10% of the population, that there are closer to 2.3 million muslims in the United States, compared to a population of 270 million. These people are hardly a majority.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

War with Islam: unfortunately!

We are at war with Islam. How do we know? The Islamists tell us: from their pulpits, in their literature, on their websites and in their holy books. More precisely, they are waging Jihad against us as unbelievers (the “Kuffar). It is nothing we have done, and there is nothing we can do peaceably to stop it. This will come as a blow to the “Blame America First” adherents, who sincerely believe that if only America would “straighten out”, all the problems in the world would go away.

Jihad is a process of forcing the “Kuffar” to submit to the Shari’ah and to pay a terribly expensive Jizya tax or to die(Qur’an Suras 2:16, 4:89, 9:5, 9:36). It is a process built into the Faith and has been underway for 1400 years, long before there was a United States or its foreign policy, and long before there was an Israel.

The longer we in the West stay in denial of this fact, the more rapidly our society, with its freedoms and prosperity, will disappear! Our attempts to assure the Muslims we mean them no harm and that we are not at war with them is irrelevant. Our wishful thinking that somehow not all Muslims subscribe to Jihad is just that! Wishful thinking! Our mythical construct of “moderate Muslims” that are benign denies the fact that Jihad is an obligation of all believers, by “Scholarly Consensus”! This means a believer is required to believe and to obey on pain of apostasy! (Reliance of the Traveller,o9.1).

An old anti-war sticker asked a rhetorical question “What if somebody gave a war and nobody came?” The answer is clear: you are enslaved very quickly.

We need to understand that Jihad can be waged four ways: with the mouth,with the pen, with money as well as with the sword. Our government’s concentration on Al Qaeda as the only threat is incorrect! The Muslim Brotherhood, and it’s myriad of front organizations, such as ISNA, CAIR, MAS and MPAC, are working right here to subvert our democracy with the other modes of Jihad.

Slowly but surely they are working to force us to submit to the Shari’ah! Their demands, in the guise of “Muslim rights”, are in reality designed to uproot our culture and prepare our society for eventual Islamization. Foot washing stations and prayer rooms in public schools and Universities are a prime example. Such facilities are non-existent even in Muslim countries! Their only purpose is to force the school systems to submit to the Shari’ah Law.

The so called “war on terror” has floundered for 8 years because the strategy is incoherent! Terror is a tactic, not an ideology! We need to construct our strategy for survival against the ideology of Islamic Jihad and nothing else. When we do that, what must be done becomes crystal clear!



Thursday, November 19, 2009

Itmar Marcus address @ Temple Sinai

Itmar Marcus of the Israeli NGO "Palestine Media Watch" (PMW) gave a revealing presentation! He has shown that the Palestinians say one thing in English to their lap dog Western Media, and another to their own people in Arabic on their internal media institutions.

The PMW's thesis is that Peace process has to start with the truth, which is sadly lacking. The continual lies and demonizing of Israel and Jews by the Palestinians to their children is creating another generation in which peace will not be possible. The Palestinians have turned extermination of Israel and its people into a religious obligation that needs to be accomplished before mankind can be redeemed.

Monday, November 16, 2009

NY Trials

16 November 2009

Further thoughts on the New York trials of Islamic terrorists:

The administration and its left wing base have never acknowledged the struggle with Islamic Jihad. The struggle has always been characterized as some sort of evil conspiracy by Vice President Cheney to benefit oil companies.
Now that Obama is in office, he can “correct” this by shutting down the military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and apologizing to Muslims at home and abroad, showing that America is NOT hostile to Islam.
The attack of Sept 11, 2001 is problematic. Even though the administration buys the Islamic assertion that it was America’s fault, it still must do something to affect “closure” and END the confrontation with Islam. The trials will be the answer!
The show trials will please the Islamic world as “Blame America First” is given full coverage. The administration hopes this self-flagellation should be sufficient to purge the nation of its sins and reset America’s moral position.
Unfortunately, such a policy hinges on ignorance of Islamic doctrine, of which there is plenty not only in the administration, but in the nation as well.
In the 1960’s, there was a bumper sticker that read “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?” Presently, it can be interpreted thus: “Suppose the Jihadists declared war on us and we refused to respond?” Not acknowledging the declaration of war does not mean it will go away! The attacks will continue!
Part of this refusal to respond has been a change of lexicon concerning the threat. No longer is it “Islamic Jihad” but “instances of violent extremists”. But there are no markers for violent extremism! We can no longer monitor the Jihadist groups in the Mosques (where they are recruited and trained) lest we cause “hurt and offense” in the Muslim community!
This inability to define the threat as it matches the facts on the ground increases the danger. At some point, the damage will be so severe, that the Islamic apology machine, (which even now incredibly alleges the shootings at Ft Hood had “nothing to do with Islam”) will be unable to keep up! Sadly, hundreds of thousands will have to die before the nation awakens to and acknowledges the threat of Islamic Jihad!

Delta Mike 67

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


In 1993, a secret meeting of the Muslim Brotherhood Palestine Committee—mostly senior Hamas leaders--was held in a Philadelphia Marriott. The group discussed new ways to secretly funnel money to Hamas and of creating a new public relations organization...

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Economic Recovery

The main barrier to economic recovery is the Keynesian philosophy used by the Obama administration. The concept of demand stimulation in the face of rising taxes and unemployment is preposterous! People, if they are sent $500, are going to save it if they feel their job is threatened.

Programs such as new home buyer credit or "Cash for Klunkers" generates an unsustainable bump in home and car sales. But as soon as the government money runs out, all the indicators resume going south.

Naturally, the administration will say "we need another stimulus". But the dilemma here is that as the government continues to borrow money from foreigners or runs the printing presses (the Fed buying its own bonds flooding the economy with more dollars), inflation becomes inevitable and the buyers of government instruments will demand higher and higher interest rates.

When the zero risk interest rate (such as on T-bills) goes to 12% (as it did in 1974 under Carter), other interest rates add to this, meaning that the economy is quashed by increasingly expensive and increasingly unavailable loans. It makes no sense for a business to borrow at 15% if the return on assets is only 6%.

Thus, it is safe to say there will BE NO RECOVERY as long as the present administration is in control.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ft Hood shooting

The shooter shouted "Allau Akbar" and then opened fire on a graduation formation,killing 13 and wounding 30. This is obviously an Islamic Jihad attack!

What's amazing is the contortions the Mainstream Media and the Federal Government are going though so as not to offend the Muslims. According to the "narrative" it is the "hurt and offense" that CAUSES the violence! Therefore, if we hold Muslims responsible for the continual Jihad that is blossoming all around us, it might cause more!

If this "Alice in Wonderland" logic makes any sense to anyone, maybe they could explain it.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

health Care

The idea that health care is a matter of insuring the uninsured is incorrect. In the absence of increasing the supply of health care providers, it only means demand for health care will explode, swamping existing facitities.

A suggestion: remove the choke hold the AMA has on the supply of physicians!
This could be done by certifying many more medical schools in the United States.

Currently, under the guise of "maintaining quality" the AMA chokes off the supply of physicians by refusing to Certify many fine Universities that would like to open medical schools. Granted, no one would like "fly by night medical schools" to sprout up, selling MD degrees for $10,000 and no questions asked. But there are plenty of legitimate Universities that would like to do so, and should not be proscribed from doing so by the AMA.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Health Care Controversy

There are a couple of aspects no one seems to be mentioning. Let me do so now:
1. The real agenda is to create dependency on the Federal Government, and secure the Progressives in power forever.

2. The philosophy for Health Care is the health of the COLLECTIVE body politic. This means the marginalized will be "culled":
a)Old people will be increasingly be denied health care. The Administration has already asserted

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Obama Speaks at Normandy

The President had much to say about the Nazi view of the world: oppression, extermination and their view of people as evil. But The President is blind to the fact that Islamists have the same view:
Master Race and
Jews as Sub-human
Goal of world domination
enslave the world

Believers superior and Jews as "apes and pigs"
No common humanity: division into believers and "kafirs"
Impose the Shari'a law on all mankind
enslave all non-believers

If Naziism was evil 70 years ago, Islamism is evil today. The fashionable appeasement of Islamism must cease if freedom is to survive.


Monday, June 1, 2009

"The New GM"

The speech on MSNBC by the CEO of GM kept talking about "The New GM", and how we're all supposed to forgive and forget, and buy a GM car. Their recovery scenarios include a larger market share than they have now. But will GM be allowed to squander tax payer money on advertising?

The principal unchanging constant is the UAW. They stand, shoulder to shoulder, chins thrust out, arms folded. Their attitude is defiant, and their belief is that Obama "owes them!" There is no incentive here for a change in heart to put the buyers of the cars, whom they ultimately serve, at any higher priority. The company has been optimized to please the Union workers, not the customers.

Also, now that the Marxist progressives are now calling the shots, GM will be told to produce flimsy eco-friendly cars that are "good for the environment". Government entities will buy them, clebrities will buy them, and a program of social-intimidation will commence to badger people into accepting a vehicle which will be the 21st Century version of the East German Trabant.

At some point, the politically correct campaign to ram this UAW-government produced 'piece of sh##' down everyone's throat will collapse. Someone will dare say "The emperor has no clothes" !

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mosques: Factory for Jihad fighters

For all the decent kind people, caught in wishful thinking, who believe that Mosques are no different than the Methodists down the street.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Home Grown Terror in upper state New York

The mainstream media is consistent in ignoring the Islamist Threat. They tend to worry more about carbon footprints and pollution than the safety of the American people. Eco-Nazis don't seem to realize that a nuclear weapon(s) detonated in an American city (cities?) would wreak ecological havoc, with radio-active debris blowing downwind and seeping into the ground water.

Oddly enough, the hundreds of thousands dead won't bother the ecologists a bit: to them, humanity (including your children) is a blight on the earth that needs exterminating! (But Al Gore doesn't worry: he can load his family onto the private jet and whisk them off to safety!)

In the new DVD "Homegrown Jihad" , the film makers toured the 35 terrorist training camps run and financed by Pakistani Sheik Gilani's "Jamaat ul-Fukra". Their strategy is to recruit young black men in prison and take them to these Islamist communities where they are given military training and Islamist indoctrination.

Recruitment is easy: they tell the men with uncontrollable tempers that "Mohammad was quick to anger", so flying off the handle is "sunnah". They tell the pedophiles that Mohammad consumated a marriage to a 9 year old girl, so pedophilia is "sunnah". They tell the murderers that "killing infidels is a ticket to paradise". So they sign up.

These are willing recruits: the civil rights activists have been telling such black men they are "entitled" to middle class status because "in such a wealthy society, why shouldn't 'da Gumm'int just gimmie?" It confuses "equality with equal opportunity". Presto! alienated black men who hate America and hate white people for not giving them what's theirs!

This alienation is folded into a context of a religious war, which seems absurd to the Progressives. They can't get past the marxist economic causality explanation of violence. They believe that all we have to do is "treat them well and give them a "stake in the system" and they will treat us nicely. But Islam doesn't abide by the "Golden Rule".

Islamist ideology does NOT recognize a common humanity with all men; they divide the world into "believers" and "Kafirs". Each group is treated by a different set of rules. Kafirs are loathed by Allah, and need to be tortured, killed and subdued. Murdering Jews is a religious obligation.

The men arrested in New York were:
  • Immigrants from Pakistan
  • Black men recruited in prison
  • all whom professed their desire to wage "Jihad"

They did mouth a "reason", (ie, our war in Afghanistan), but this is standard camoflage, attempting to "blame the victim" for their actions.

It's high time we named the enemy for what it is: "ISLAMIST JIHAD"! Jihad can be waged by:

  • The mouth, (as we have seen by CAIR and their Islamists as victims diatribes)
  • The Pen (as seen in the mainstream media)
  • The money (Shari'a Compliance Finance)
  • The Sword (the so-called "war on terror")

For our society to defend itself against only one of the four will be fatal.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The Pakistani government has turned a significant portion of the country over to the Taliban in order to “restore order …and halt the Taliban advance” (Wall Street Journal April 14, 2009, page 1).

But, according to other accounts,
We'll impose sharia across Pak: Taliban (The Times of India) http://www.investigativeproject.org/ext/3185Radical cleric Sufi Muhammad-led Tehrik Nifaz-I-Shariat-I-Muhammadi (TNSM) and Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan have welcomed imposition of sharia in NWFP's Malakand division, saying the "struggle" would continue to implement Islamic law in other parts of the country.

It’s clear: a “peace treaty” with Islam is like a peace treaty with a cancerous tumor! If it’s not treated, it will continue to grow and kill! What are the implications for US Policy when Pakistan and Afghanistan are united under Taliban rule, as they most certainly will be? Domestically, we face the same problem.

Here, the “Progressives” argue “we’re so strong, we should be able to tolerate a little ‘cancer’!” The trouble is, cancer seldom stays small and benign! Even though the Progressives chant “no operations! They are too painful and expensive”, if the problem isn’t treated, the long term results are certain: life as we know it will be destroyed!

Another aspect: is it a war on terror or resisting Islamic Jihad? This lack of definition is going to be fatal. Jihad can be waged with the mouth, the sword, the pen, and the pocket book. If we restrict resistance to the onslaught of Islamic Jihad only to one of the four, Western Civilization will perish! It makes no sense to send troops to Afghanistan, yet cave in to Jihadist demands here in the United States to accommodate the Shari’a Law! Eliminating pork from school lunch menus, recognizing Muslim holy days in American public schools, Junior College prayer rooms and foot washing stations (which they don’t even have in Syria and Lebanon) are all steps down the road to imposing the Shari’a! How can we be so stupid and suicidal?


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

He is risen! Hallelujah! In reading the letter of Jesus Christ to Sardis (Rev 3:1) , I came across this:

"I see right through your work. You have a reputation for vigor and zest, but you're dead, stone-dead!"

The meaning for us today is clear! Even though some of these massive "Community Churches" may have a large youth groups and a growing fellowship, too often they do so by making compromises with the society at large! They do so to avoid condemnation and persecution! In other words, by turning their back on the Gospel! they tend towards the feel good fast food spirituality to "help people with their lives...God wants you to buy your wife some new lingerie! Lets all hold hands and be at one with nature and sing Kumbayah"!

What else can you call the ordination of practicing homosexuals as Bishops (or even women, some would say) and remain silent on abortion anything but compromises with secular society for the sake of popularity? Or rewriting Scripture to delete the miracles and changing God the Father to "Mother Nature"?

Certainly the church in Sardis avoided persecution as do these massive Community Churches! Satan figured that things were progressing nicely enough he didn't have to bother!

I went to a funeral at one of these churches one time. And over the lectern was the sun disk of the Egyptian god Ra, complete with the emanating winged rays that encompassed the entire worship space! No Gospel here!

I can't help but think that the Islamics who strive to burn down Western Civilization a warning to change our ways. Prior to the destruction of the Temple in 586 BC, the Israelites considered themselves "bullet-proof" owing to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph residing in the Holy of Holies. They ignored the prophets who warned the Israelites this wasn't true! To no avail!

Today, as Islam encroaches on our society, our society ignores the threat as did the Israelites the Assyrian threat. The secular belief assumes that since America won its war in 1945 it will remain invincible forever! This cannot be true!

One can only think that if our society is set ablaze, it will serve to burn away the dross of secularism, leaving the purified gold and silver of the Christianity that is the true foundation of our civilization.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Geert Wilders Speech Omni Shoreham Hotel, Feb 28,2009

Mr Wilders spoke at 6PM in the Blue Room at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. It was a room on the opposite side of the hotel from the rest of CPAC . I suspect that the American Conservative Union, supposedly the bastion of liberty, was fearful of “offending” the Muslims present. We lined up for the talk. The doors were closed and two policemen were standing with metal detector wands.

While we were waiting, a pamphlet was distributed to those of us waiting in line. I have included a scan of it below. I will address the accusations as well as I can:
The first point blames the Dutch government for
“redlining Muslim populations into poverty”
“Muslims held hostage to living in Ghettos
“children receiving little educational resources”
“making 43% less wage.
But let us see what Ayaan Hersi Ali says about this:
“I was beginning to see that Muslims in Holland were being allowed to form their own pillar in Dutch society, with their own schools and their own way of life, just like the Catholics or Jews. They were being left politely alone to live in their own world. The idea was that immigrants needed self-respect, which would come from a strong sense of membership in a community. They should be permitted to set up Quranic schools on Dutch soil. There should be government subsidies for Muslim community groups. To force Muslims to adapt to Dutch values was thought to conflict with those values; people ought to be free to believe and behave as they wish.”[1]

Thus, the “redlining” was the Muslims choosing on their own to live in their own communities. The schools the Muslims set up themselves were Quranic. Memorizing Suras of the Qur’an and learning Jihad aren’t exactly subjects that lead to gainful employment. Yet they blame the Dutch for no earning power!
The second point blames the Dutch for:
not integrating Muslim youth into their society
For leaving the youth to become gang members
For the their violence
For their unemployment

But what does Ayaan Hersi Ali say about this:
“Children weren’t encouraged to ask questions, and their creativity was not stimulated. They were taught to keep their distance from unbelievers and to obey”[2]

The next point makes the following accusations:
Mr. Wilders’ translations of the Qur’an are wrong because he doesn’t speak Arabic
That they are “taken out of context”.

Islamic doctrine holds that the Qur’an is Universal. Therefore, are the Muslims for America saying it can only be read in Arabic? Only a small portion of the world’s Muslims read and write Arabic. The Qur’an is translated effectively into many languages.

As for the Quranic quotes in “Fitna” being out of context, Robert Spencer had a Qur’an Commentary at the meeting!. He looked up the passage referring to “strike the unbeliever in the neck”. The context was “usually causing death”.

The Muslims for America went on to assert they were “moderate” and challenged Mr. Wilders to a debate.
But they are saying the same things that CAIR and the rest of the Muslim Brotherhood front organization say: that the Muslims are “victims” and are taking no responsibility for their situation, blaming everyone in sight except themselves.. In my opinion, this sounds like the same deceptive “cultural Jihad” we see everywhere else. Nothing seems“moderate” here!

Debating Muslims is a non-starter. Their concept of “Taqiyya” permits deceit if it furthers the cause of Islam.[3]

The conclusion is stark: we seem to have Dhimmis[4] running CPAC 2009. Except for William Bennett noting that the assault of Islam on our Civilization has to be faced and discussed, not a single speaker or panel even mentioned the most serious issue we face in the world today.

My suspicion is that the smiling and hand shaking “Muslims for America” could be infiltrating Jihadists who do not have our long term interest at heart. Are they tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and funded by the Saudis like the rest?

Islam divides the world into two halves: the “Dar Al Islam”, and the “Dar Al Harb”. Pious Muslims would NEVER ally themselves with the “Kaffirs” to strengthen a “Kaffir” government devised by unbelievers. Their sacred obligation is to impose on all humanity The Shari’a, which comes straight from Allah himself.

[1] “Infidel”, Ayaan Hersi Ali, Free Press, New York, NY 10020 page 245
[2] Ibid, page 246.
[3] Sahih Muslim, Book 032 Number 6303
[4] Defined as a non-Muslim semi-slave that has submitted to Islam: who is ignorant of Islam and afraid of “offending” Muslims.


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