Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Voter Fraud

A flight attendant realized that her trips consisted of plane loads of Muslims coming in from the Carolinas.  She asked one of the passengers what was going on. He said "oh, we're coming in to vote."

An election judge discovered 118 voters registered at the same address. The County Democrat Registrar refused to do anything about it. In fact, for this election, all Republican election judges are not being hired.

Mr President: we cannot out register the voter fraudsters. Something must be done to counter the Democrat crimes or we lose!

Monday, January 6, 2020

Mysterious Deaths Tied to the DNC

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Musings on a Possible Retaliatory Strike in the US By Iran and/or its Proxies

Iran has Hizbullah Sleeper Cells within the United States, more than likely in dozens of cities.   The severity of the attack would hinge on the number of cells activated and the number of people killed.

If they activated hundreds of cells for hundreds of attacks, thousands could be killed.  The Left would try to blame Trump, ignoring the fact that this lethal  Islamic network had been incubating in the country for years.  But the fact that it emerged and was destroyed would be a long term good.

Another scenario might be the smuggling of several nuclear weapons into the country to be ignited simultaneously in so-called "blue state" cities, wiping out several million Trump supporters.  the appalling part would be that globalist elements in our government agencies would willingly help our enemies to smuggle these devices into the country, provided they could blame Trump for the destruction!

So we will see.  What Americans can do is to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to protect themselves and their families. It would be nice if  attackers immediately encountered return fire and were cut down as recently happened in a Texas church.


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