Monday, December 10, 2018

"Protecting" Muslims from "Hate Speech"....

Muslim groups assert that "slandering Islam is an abuse of free speech". Sadly politicians in the West are caving in to demands for "hate speech" laws. But here's the reality:

  • Muslims are using the Shari'a definition of "slander" not the Western one, which means "to mention anything to a person that he would dislike...".[1] whether or not what was said is true.
  • Under the Western definition "slander" is defined as " an untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed."[2] In the West, the truth is an absolute defense against a charge of slander. But not so under the Shari'a.
So the bottom line is this: Muslim groups want to criminalize our saying anything about Islam, which is a gross violation of our First Amendment right to free speech. It's not an issue of saying bad things as it is telling the truth. The Muslims want to remove our right to hold them accountable for the killing of apostates, beating wives, calling Jews apes and pigs, calling for Holy War, honor killings, beheadings, rape gangs, the works. Speaking of such things is a public service, especially when what is said is true. 

To reveal such things about Islam is NOT "incitement to hatred and discrimination" per se. But that may be the natural public reaction to the revelations of the atrocities permitted under the Shari'a Law. Such public revulsion may be richly deserved.

[1] "Reliance of the Traveller" Translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller, Amana Publications, Beltsville MD, 1991, r2.2 page 730
[2],  accessed 12/10/2018

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


The church would condemn them, in that it is a short circuitry to family formation. An expensive step beyond masturbation but short of patronizing prostitutes.

The feminists condemn them because "it teaches men to be rapists".  That doesn't follow in my opinion. Men find release without involving real live women. So rape is not involved. A loose definition of rape is men seeking release without a woman's permission. I know there are other aspects: asserting power and dominion and all that. But that's beyond the scope of the discussion here.

But the reality is: there are men who are unable to strike relationships with women that lead to intimacy.  Robots give such men a harmless way to find release. This is certainly better than the abuse of real women stuck in brothels. And robots may be more satisfying than auto eroticism, (though more expensive).

Even in the best of marriages, there is a disparity between appetites.  My observation is that men desire intimacy far more often that the wives are willing to grant it. And today's modern women lay on conditions designed to make the paucity of intimacy the man's fault! "you're not being romantic enough!" is the usual accusation.

Fr. Rippiger remarked that Church doctrine teaches that if a spouse makes a reasonable request, to deny the "marriage debt" is a mortal sin. But this seems to have been swept under the rug in this age of  modernism.

As a young man on the airline, I remember hearing stories of the young married women getting together in their coffee klatches sharing with one another the excuses they used to deny their husbands intimacy and laughing about it!  Cruel! It reduces the marital relation to the man having to beg for intimacy like a little lap dog dancing on his back legs begging for a treat! Humiliating!  Being able to slip out and find  a sex robot would equalize the power situation here. And technically it would not be infidelity.

What women don't realize (or they don't care about) is that when you deny intimacy regularly, (my 2nd wife had us cut back to once every couple of months) the men grow cold and resentful! Then the wives complain their husbands aren't loving and attentive as they used to be and can't understand it: (which engenders the further denial of intimacy!)  It becomes a destructive spiral that destroys the marriage. That the divorce rate is so high is no accident!

There is a Satanic aspect to this: certainly Satan loves nothing better than to destroy Sacramental marriages. The best avenues to do so are in sex, money and children. Engendering coldness and resentment over intimate relations is a classic win for him.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


The Muslims whine and complain about "statements inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims". This is usually after an attack of Jihad that's taken innocent lives. Well, when you kill our citizens we don't like it (hatred?) and we don't want you around (discrimination?)!  This is not a baseless unwarranted "phobia"!  This is common sense! This is people's instinct for self-preservation kicking in!

The appalling aspect of all this is the Muslims NEVER mention the attacks: they play "victim" and say they are the injured party! They and their apologists in the media conjure "grave threats of backlash", few of which materialize, but may in fact be richly deserved!


It is a public service to point out the misdeeds of the Muslim invaders in our midst! Time to hold them accountable!

Added comment: the reason that Islam seems to be the center of all these controversies is they threaten violence! No one bothers about "insults to Christianity" or any other faith!  The cowardly politicians cringe at the threats and basically exempt Muslims from the law.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Totalitarian "Universal Health Care"

When the Democrat Marxist Totalitarians talk of "Universal Health Care", the morons think "oh great! Now the State will pick up the cost of grandma in the nursing home that's costing me $5000 a month!"  No, grandma will be exterminated!

It is the collective health of the body politic that is important now. What it means is the elimination of the marginalized. The National Socialists did it in the nineteen thirties: they cleaned out the nursing homes and the homes of the mentally handicapped as "burdens on the people".  the Democrat Marxists will do the same.

It will also apply to the terminally ill, the mongoloids, and those severely injured in accidents. No more warehousing motorcyclists with long term head injuries: it'll be off to the death camps, which will be in the Southwest deserts run by FEMA.

The wide desert valleys have ample room for trenches 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep and miles long to accommodate the twenty five to fifty million "undesirables" who would resist Marxist rule. The only question is the method: should they have shooters?  But that's long and tedious. Maybe they should adopt the SS gas chambers where the "undesirables" can be processed in batches. No matter: the Soviets have vast experience in such things and will advise the American Marxists when the time comes.

The main requirement will be access by rail head as the people are brought in by the thousands. In Treblinka the SS could kill 1400 a day. Auschwitz was more. I'm sure larger camps with more lines  and chambers could raise that number to ten thousand a day. And with 50 million to "process", they'll need the capacity.

California Fires: Reap What You Sow

The Democrats, who have run California for decades now, have spent their resources on consolidating their power by importing illegal aliens and enfranchising them.One statistic I have heard is the cost of $8000 per American family. As the numbers grow, the cost will grow to the point that all white Christian residents will be bankrupted, (which is the Cloward-Piven plan, by the way). And yes, I said "white Christian residents" since identity politics is dominant these days. This is the identity group that has been targeted for destruction.

The State government has neglected the fire mitigation plans, the upgrading of fire fighting facilities and the continual plowing of the fire break trails, etc. It is a cut that doesn't show until disaster strikes, (which it has!).

Now Governor Brown (Governor Moonbeam) is blaming "global warming". They have to scapegoat something!  I'm surprised it isn't Trump! They need to blame anything and anyone but themselves, who are the real cause.

Interesting is that the residents who are suffering the most are the high roller media and Hollywood elites who had big homes overlooking the ocean. Their unflagging support for the Lefties in Sacramento has been rewarded by having their asses burned out!  Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch!

This is only the beginning!  The 600 million illegal aliens are being brought in to make the United States a one party state.  The fires in Malibu is what the erasure of America will look like as infrastructure is ignored and our capital stock is transferred to the illegals and transformed into sewage..


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