Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Immigration: don't you get it?

Don’t you get it?
1. The Marxists flood the country with savages with no
experience in democracy or common decency
2. They enfranchise these savages and seize power.
3. They use these savages to kill millions of Americans to consolidate their power.
This means 50 million people or so: a record genocide! Think: why do you think all the Muslims
that are flooding in are young men of military age? Why do you think the misleading talking point is

The great irony and hypocrisy : the justification given for exterminating millions of white people will be b/c "they are racists"!   But is there any greater racist act than genocide owing to skin color?

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Gun Control & Genocide

The Marxists arrange shooting after shooting and say "Oh, it's Trump's fault! We need gun control to 'do something about the violence' !"  Then on the other hand, the Marxists say "we're going to exterminate all  Trump supporters/white people!" Judging from the record of the Marxists in Russia, Cuba and China, there's no reason to doubt their word.   This does make gun control a hard sell, in spite of the false flag shootings.

It's a shame innocent people are being killed. But it pales in comparison to the 60 million the Marxists want to kill to consolidate their power in the United States once they sweep the elections.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Hegelian Dialectics

Now that the "Russian Collusion" meme has failed, the new one is "white supremacy, white privilege or white nationalism".  All of Judeo-Christian heritage, accomplishments, culture and betterment of mankind over the last two millennia is now being erased by the Marxists and their allies in the Deep State. they are salivating to send millions to the death camps in the Nevada desert to consolidate their power and build utopia.

We need to rise above it! We do not whine "No no, pwease, I'm not a waycist!" and enter into their pseudo reality. We say "racism accusations are the latest BS Marxist antithesis meme that is a lie just like the Russian Collusion" and dismiss it out of hand.

Income Distribution

In an interview with corporate CEO's, Marxist activists delight in embarrassing them with questions like "how can you justify your salary when your entry level single moms can't make ends meet?"

The answer is multi fold:

1. Many entry level jobs are meant to be stepping stones to advancement up the ladder. The ambition-less  are the ones who demand they be paid a "living wage" at the entry level so they don't have to work to enhance their employable skills.

2.  The higher the wage for unskilled labor the more incentive there is to automate it  away.  For example, in Switzerland, there are heinous rules to benefit waiters and waitresses . As  a result, there are few restaurants in Switzerland. Most people go over to one another's homes to meet for dinner. Who can go to a restaurant with a family when a sandwich and a drink can be $45?

3. Today you see more and more restaurants are up to the counter, place your order, and then pick it up when it's ready. This does away with waitstaff jobs, a direct result of minimum wage laws.  Interestingly enough, many studies show that minimum wages do NOT have an effect on employment.  But when you drill down you see the studies are done by  organizations with a vested interest such as Restaurant worker unions or ideologically driven  leftie universities.

4. Another thing for the  American Marxists to think about: what is the income distribution like in Communist countries?  North Korea has a ruling elite that live like kings, with everyone else in concentration camps or squalor.  Fidel Castro's son is a well known international play boy. Fidel was known to have several homes in Cuba. In the Soviet Union, all the party officials had their dachas, drivers, and mistresses. The difference of course is, if any activist tries to point this out, they would find themselves in front of a firing squad for "activities detrimental to the revolution".

The bottom line: minimum wage is good politics but bad economics.

Friday, August 23, 2019

How Red Flag Laws "protect" the Country

We here at the DNC have had our interns comb the Republican voter roles and cross checked them against the gun registration lists. When we find a match, we ear mark this person as "mentally unstable" and assign him to the "medical officer" swat teams to confiscate the guns.   b/c what sane person would support that racist  misogynist President?

By the way, we found that the Sheriff Departments were reluctant to do this task. So since this is a "mental health issue" we have established swat teams of "medical officers", recruited from ANTIFA and BLM who are more than willing to kick in the doors of the mentally unstable "racists"!

We have also determined that it's inappropriate to let mentally unstable people vote. After all, do we want crazy people have a say in the governance of the country?  So the amendment to the Red Flag law is the disenfranchisement of such individuals.

Image result for antifa

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Since the "Russian Collusion" antithesis FAILED, the next Communist Hegelian Dialectic antithesis meant to  erase Trump and his supporters will be "Racism"! We can expect:

  • Everything Trump says and does will be spun to give it a "racist" spin.
  • There will be books, magazine articles, TV specials all on Trump's "racism"! It will be non-stop!  The only subject of late night TV talk show hosts will be Trump's "racism"... NEA Teachers will even have "pictures of Trump the racist" contests at the grammar schools!
  • Everything his followers say and do will be reported the same way, as "racist" in some sense.
  • In fact, to be a white person, to be a Trump supporter will make you BY DEFINITION A RACIST! 
  •  If the left is successful, white people will be afraid to walk the streets for fear of being attacked! And the violence will be justified by saying "well we don't support violence, BUT these racist bigots have caused so much pain and suffering, people just can't help themselves!"
What can be done to counter this?
  • Make it well known exactly what this is: a Hegelian dialectical pseudo-reality manufactured by the CPUSA and their allies!
  • To punish acts of violence severely! And serve notice that  people's right to self-defense is intact!
  • To start prosecuting those who organize violence and those who direct these false campaigns. This is psychological/informational warfare. We do have the right and duty to defend our society! This would include prosecutions for slander and liable.
  • Defense of our society would also include examining the licensing of the media organizations that are owned by our Marxist globalist enemies, and to prosecute the funding of such campaigns by foreign powers.  The ChiCom funding of Liberation Road and their voter registration drives would be a good place to start.
  • To de-emphasize the traditional privilege given to the MSM in the Presidential News Briefings. Move the briefings somewhere else where they have to sit in an auditorium with 400 other news organizations and bloggers. Answer questions only submitted on 3x5 cards! No rants by self-promoting a** hole reporters! No more cutesy "gotcha" questions from the various media morons!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

More on "Fairness in Longevity"

The life expectancy would be determined by Government budgetary officials, not medical personnel. It stands to reason that ultimately people would be "retired" to a hospice to eliminate retirement expenses altogether!

It also stands to reason that if people lose their jobs, "unemployment" would be handled by hospices as well to eliminate unemployment benefits.

The Hospice would become an important institution in the Socialist States of America: we would come to think of it as a "Planned Parenthood for Everyone" where the inconvenient of all ages are expunged from society.  How would they be designed to soothe and deceive those on the "intake"? At Treblinka the offload was disguised as a train station. At Auschwitz they played music and disguised the gas chambers as "showers".  What will they do at modern American Socialist Hospices?


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