Monday, February 11, 2019

Denver "Rest Law"

For all the Progressives that assert the issues on the border are merely a "figment of the President's mind in order to pander  to his radical right wing ignoramus base":

1. Typhus Epidemic in LA owing to illegals

2. Measles epidemics in areas with concentrations of illegals (screening illegals for diseases labeled as "racist" by progressives).

3. Denver is a Sanctuary City. The Rest Law would expand tent cities to the parks and communities owned by the City of Denver. This would include Evergreen Golf Course and Daniels Park, two I am familiar with.

4. The citizens of  Colorado communities near these sites would be exposed to  third-world diseases including TB, whopping cough, polio and Ebola, diseases that had been otherwise contained in the United States until Obama's immigration policies. These diseases threaten our children and the elderly

5. Judging from the results of similar policies in California, we can expect Colorado communities to now suffer higher crime rates, filth and debris in their now unsafe streets, including human feces, drug needles and garbage.

A message to the young women who are accustomed to going for a run in our community by yourself: this is now a thing of the past. It's treadmill time behind safe walls.  You can thank your Democratically controlled State Legislature.

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