Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Goal of the EU is a Communist State of Europe


Separation of Church and State, Freedom of Religion

The Marxists are using this principle as a justification for not teaching virtue, self-discipline and lives of service to the children in school. Instead they unleash the dark side of human nature: hedonism and self-indulgence. Is the plague of illegitimate births, abortion and drug addiction any surprise?

Marxists have transformed "Freedom of Religion" to "Freedom FROM Religion. Try to bring a Pastor to talk at a school, or start an after school Bible Study, the  ACLU files for an Injunction to stop it!  "Violation of the Principle of the Separation of Church and State" they howl.  Non Christians are uncomfortable and offended, they assert.

Yet if it's "Islam Week" where the children are forced to assume an Islamic name, wear Islamic clothing and are taught Islamic prayers, nothing is said. Any one who objects is labeled "Racist and Bigoted" at this opportunity for "diversity and understanding". It's called hypocrisy and double standard!

Diversity is Our Strength

At no point in history can this be shown to be true! It is in fact part of the Leftist plan to destabilize our society. To flood our society with illegal aliens with low IQ's who will never be able to contribute and support themselves in out society is part of the "Cloward-Piven" plan to overwhelm our welfare services, bankrupt the country and destroy our culture. They push the scenario with appeals to our "Christian Charity". They say things such as "there's no such thing as an "alien illegal" human being! (The usual  leftist emotional approach to entice our societal suicide).

Long Term

If you dig down, you will find this: it is no accident that Chinese Cartels are involved in setting up pipelines to move illegal narcotics into North America. With so much money involved, and with an officialdom with no moral fiber, is the wide-spread corruption any surprise?

 Is it any accident the Chinese have bought up the movie studios who produce films that show Chinese heroes saving the day against American bad guys, or glamorous people indulging in hedonistic lifestyles. Certainly a long term strategy to undermine American society.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Denver "Rest Law"

For all the Progressives that assert the issues on the border are merely a "figment of the President's mind in order to pander  to his radical right wing ignoramus base":

1. Typhus Epidemic in LA owing to illegals

2. Measles epidemics in areas with concentrations of illegals (screening illegals for diseases labeled as "racist" by progressives).

3. Denver is a Sanctuary City. The Rest Law would expand tent cities to the parks and communities owned by the City of Denver. This would include Evergreen Golf Course and Daniels Park, two I am familiar with.

4. The citizens of  Colorado communities near these sites would be exposed to  third-world diseases including TB, whopping cough, polio and Ebola, diseases that had been otherwise contained in the United States until Obama's immigration policies. These diseases threaten our children and the elderly

5. Judging from the results of similar policies in California, we can expect Colorado communities to now suffer higher crime rates, filth and debris in their now unsafe streets, including human feces, drug needles and garbage.

A message to the young women who are accustomed to going for a run in our community by yourself: this is now a thing of the past. It's treadmill time behind safe walls.  You can thank your Democratically controlled State Legislature.


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