Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Let the Venezuela-izing of Colorado Begin!

Election 2018! Elections have consequences!

  • This will mean massive tax increases in Colorado, both income and property.
  • The oil and gas industry will be crippled. The failure of Proposition 112 to shut down the industry will have only delayed its closure by only a matter of months. This eliminates a $24 billion industry and a billion in tax revenue, which will be replaced by a staggering increase in property and income taxes.
  • We can count on sweeping gun confiscation legislation. Sadly, there will be a Deep State false flag school shooting to justify it, sacrificing the lives of innocent youngsters.
  • We can count on hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens being brought in, which will make the Democrat majority permanent.  The Muslims especially will infiltrate city councils, police departments, legislatures.
  • Along with this will come hate speech legislation and the shutting down of alternative media. It will pattern itself after Europe whereby anyone who comments on the coming  outrages will be prosecuted. This includes immigrant crime, Jihad attacks and  Muslim grooming gangs who systematically rape teen aged girls.
  • The sight of young women running on the streets alone as a workout will be a thing of the past.
  • The Exodus of Jews to Israel will include increasing numbers from Colorado as attacks on their community increase.
  • With President Trump unable to fund the wall, millions of illegals will flood in between now and 2020 sealing the doom of the Republican Party nationally..
  •  The "16 Year Plan" will recommence. 600 million illegal aliens flooded in will destroy our culture and infrastructure and bankrupt the American middle class. 
  • All the leftie soccer moms who voted with compassion for the "immigrants in need" will find themselves and their families reduced to the same subsistence level as these illegal aliens!They find husbands laid off,  their daughters raped, their homes foreclosed upon owing to the crippling rise property taxes.  IRAs and 401k's will confiscated to provide for the illegal aliens.  This is what transferring middle class wealth to the illegals looks like.
  • I've always speculated that a 5 to 10 fold increase in property taxes would lead to massive foreclosures.  A family paying $5000 a year in property taxes,is bad enough: but $50,000 a year? Impossible!
  • With massive numbers of foreclosures,it would make sense that the local  "housing authorities" would take title and modify the properties to house multi-families. The two story homes we see in middle class neighborhoods will house one family per floor, three families in each. And with no one owning the property,most neighborhoods will become trashed third world, complete with crime and gang violence. The pristine neighborhoods with lawns, well maintained homes and clean streets will be a distant memory. 
  • The only well appointed homes will be the most expensive, having been confiscated and assigned to house local officials. Cooks, maintenance inside and out, cars and drivers and concubines all provided by the government.
  • Housing Authorities will provide a massive opportunity for graft and patronage. Local politicians will scramble and kill to have appointive power of the managers. They in turn will be in a position to take lucrative bribes from residents who wish to move higher on the 7 year waiting list for a bigger apartment.
Fr Ripperger was asked about all this, and his comment was that he thought God was setting us up to "be spanked".  Certainly looks like it.  When I looked at all the middle class homes in our neighborhood with yard signs supporting Democrats, I couldn't help but wonder if these people really understood that they were voting for their own destruction.

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