Tuesday, July 3, 2018

NAU Globalist Vision

With Communist Mexican President Obrador, we can count on aggressive assistance by the Mexican army to infiltrate tens of millions of invaders over the US border.  The plan is to transfer ALL the wealth of the American middle class to these invaders. They in turn will repatriate  funds home to Mexico which will be taxed and pocketed by the corrupt Mexican political class.

What does this look like? Property taxes going up ten times!  $50,000 a year for your $300,000 house or it escheats to the State (for addition to their Housing Authority). So you're forced out of your home by high taxes, and have illegal aliens move into it while you and your family are in homeless shelters until your number comes up for government housing!  Soon, all houses would be in the State Housing Authority except for the very wealthy and the well connected.

I might add: the political class would continually assure everyone they were working for a low salary. But what they won't mention is the government provided lavish homes, cars and drivers, cooks and gardeners, and personal assistants.   Any reporter with the temerity to speak of such things would be summairly "suicided" or "disappeared" in the Clinton fashion!

These invaders will vote in both countries, turning the United States into a one party country run by Communists, who will transform it into a Venezuela.

Another aspect: our Catholic Church is under the delusion that the flood of illegal aliens from Catholic Latin American countries will strengthen the Church,  But many of the illegal aliens are Muslim Civilizational Jihadists from the Middle East. Such people will eventually destroy the church not strengthen it.

And there's this: it's true that the Parishes will see more attendees, but there's no tradition of tithing. They usually give pocket change only.   Thus, the illegals flooding in overwhelm not only the governmental welfare system (which is the Cloward-Piven intent) but the Catholic welfare agencies at the Diocese level as well.  One remedy has been to order the Anglo Parishes to cross subsidize the Latino Parishes that are flush with the welfare freeloaders.   But there's a limit to that! In fact, I may just have to have solidarity with the new Parishioners from Latin America and contribute only pocket change as well!!!!

The big picture: Canadian raw materials, American capital, and Mexican labor to optimize production and produce massive wealth. But for whom? The same small crust of wealthy elite business owners and their bribee political class.  Everyone else will live in government housing run by gangs and corrupt government housing bureaucrats.  (Want to move up the 7 year waiting list for a 3 BR apartment? Well....$3000 under the table to the housing block manager would do wonders!)

Note also the emotional nature of the Left assault on us: pictures of crying children, and especially appeals to our "Christian Hospitality".  It is part of the Alinsky strategy of "shaming your enemy into living up to his own impossible standards".

Remember: the Left's call for "equality" can only be realized when EVERYONE is living at the subsistence level!
The solution?  Elect conservatives, maintain our 1st and 2nd Amendments, and build that wall!

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