Saturday, June 30, 2018

Constitutional Integrity?

The Left constantly accuses the President of violating the Constitution and making himself a dictator. Yet let's look at the facts as to who is violating the Constitution!
  • The "Resist" movement which refuses to accept the results of a legal election tears at our Constitutional Republic
  • Abridging the First Amendment with speech codes and persecution of those who tell the truth that is detrimental to their agenda
  • Continual staging of False Flag (FF) school shootings to justify violation of our 2nd Amendment: massive gun grabs "for the children!" 
  • Committing violence and harassment of political opponents, which violates the traditional "we agree to disagree in mutual respect, a hallmark of a civil society.
Apparently the Left seeks to impose its agenda by violence and assumes the American people will be passive and sheep-like, allowing them to succeed.  A key ingredient is disarming the American people. The Left sponsored groups like the Soros funded ANTIFA cannot succeed unless they are the only ones with guns.

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