Thursday, March 8, 2018

South Africa Genocide

The South Africans caved in to the "world conscience" to share their society with the blacks, and were promised a "prosperous peaceful multicultural society".  They have been betrayed!  White genocide in South Africa is in the offing.

Article on South African white farmers land confiscated

And as the Globalists urge America to allow our nation to be flooded with non-white immigrants, to appeal to our Christian ethic of "when you do this  for the least of them you do this for me", (and to imply that for white people to EVEN HAVE A WHITE CONSCIOUSNESS IS "RACIST"), is it not apparent that once we are in a minority we will be exterminated?

Let us exchange the welfare blacks in all our inner cities for white South Africans!  Tell them as of a certain date, no more EBT cards, no more section 8, only a ticket to Johannesburg!  After all, blacks have  been whining about the "legacy of slavery" that is keeping them down for generations! What better remedy than to send them to a nation run by blacks in the continent of their origin?

Oh but that's "waycist!' the Lefties will howl! But is not confiscating white owned farms "waycist" also?  Or are they saying "waycism" by blacks is somehow justified, but by whites it's not?  Hypocrisy!

Let us bring the white South Africans to America and let this valuable human capital revitalize America's inner cities!  Revitalize Detroit, Chicago, St Louis, LA !  Let South Africans flourish in freedom and really help America remain the Land of the Free!  And is there any group in the world  more at risk that needs shelter more than white South Africans? Is this not the criterion for immigration?

 And let the blacks build their South African society free of their "legacy of  slavery" and end their five generations of welfare freeloading at our expense!

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