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Bilderberg Group

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who is capable?

Who is capable of engineering a mass shooting, terror event or assassination, and all types of false flag events.
1. Who would have access to mentally ill patients or religious fanatics around the world?
2. Who would be able to track all mentally ill patients or fanatics around the world?
3. Who would be able to assess which patient or fanatics was suitable from around the world to be used as a patsy or killer?
4. Who would use powerful drugs like Scopolamine that allows them to take over the person completely for hours and then the person has no memory of that timeframe when the drug wears off? (You will do anything they tell you to do on that drug.)
4. Who would be able to get weapons and explosives to patient or fanatic or fanatics any place in the world?
5. Who would be able to plant evidence any place in the world?
6. Who would be able to access a person's social media to plant evidence on anyone in the world?
7. Who would be able to convince the patient or fanatic or fanatics that he or they were doing the right thing?
8. Who would be able to direct and attack on a certain place or person and offer training anywhere in the world?
9. Who is capable of controlling most electronic devices on earth including computers, cars and planes?
10. Who would be able to control the narrative in the press anywhere in the world?
11. Who is involved before, during or after the attacks?
12. Who takes control of video surveillance cameras footage and cell phone footage?
13. Who controls the evidence after an attack?
14. Who can manipulate evidence before and after the attack and capable of generating all types of documentation?
15. Who can take care of non-cooperative witnesses and does kill them?
16. Who has experimented with and researched mind control using drugs, radio waves, electric shock, trauma etc. for years?
17. Who has patented mind control devices of all kinds?
18. Who has worked with and funded, armed and trained terrorist around the world?
19. Who hides behind secrecy or national security to keep it away from the public?
20. Who benefits from these attacks?
21. Who is not worried about committing treason, sedition, assassinations, etc. etc.?
22. Who is and has used blackmail and is using blackmail to control people and politicians?
23. Who is capable of setting up blackmail schemes and does and has for years?
24. Who is capable of using kids for their blackmail schemes and does use them?
25. Who is capable of selling men women and children around the world into slavery or body parts or for sacrifices?
26. Who is capable of moving and selling drugs around the world and does?
27. Who is capable of getting and selling body parts from around the world and does?
28. Who is capable of distracting or manipulating the public's view of the world and does?
29. Who is capable of buying access to just about anything available on earth?
30. Who is capable of selling and moving radioactive resources around the world and does?
31. Who wants to control the media around the world and the Internet?
32. Who wants complete control over every human on earth and all resources?
33. Who hates freedom of speech and the right to bear arms or any other freedom?
34. Who wants to be able to manipulate your thoughts and mind?
35. Who benefits from the public being kept in the dark through disinformation and lies?
36. Who demonizes the whistleblowers and kills people that are exposing their criminal activities?
37. Who has absolutely no morals or ethics and puts no value on human life and behaves like a group of deadly psychopaths?
38. Who has destroyed buildings, passenger jets, participated in genocide, mass murder, and has never been held accountable for any of their crimes?
39. Who has started major conflicts or wars around the world through false flag events?
40. Who uses false flag events for propaganda, distraction, murder, start wars, scare the public, produce new laws to take away citizens rights, justify higher taxes, and to enrich themselves and their friends etc. etc.
41. Who very likely controls and protects the pharmaceutical industry along with controls what cures remain hidden from the public? Because there is very little profits in cures. Keeping people sick is very profitable.
42. Who benefits from false flag events or terrorist events and gets extra funding?
43. Which three letter agencies are the biggest and most corrupt and dangerous in the history of the world?
Basically the only answer to the above questions is simply the CIA/FBI. The FBI is a part of the CIA.
The only people that can stop this criminal organization is Donald J Trump and the military plus the awakened population of the USA and the world.

 dee6b8 No.453454
The propaganda wing = the lying lame stream media and print media. Corrupt politicians and scientists that are all bought and paid for.
Scare tactics = OverPopulation, global warming, shortage of potable water, Islamic terrorist, Anti-Fa terrorist, BLM terrorist, promote open borders to destroy any country through mass invasion. promoting civil wars. Using race, religion, sex, color, politics, money or anything they can think of to keep the sheep fighting each other. Militarize the police and then demonize them. false flag events = Every war America has been involved with since Pearl Harbor was started with a false flag event or a variation of the false flag event, like prior knowledge of an event kept secret.
Monsanto through GMO's + Round-Up = All types of sicknesses in the digestive track, cancer, sterilization, death.
global warming = carbon tax to steal from the gullible sheep so the criminal politicians can live like kings.
vaccines = cancer, retardation, disease, lower IQs,sterilization, death. worth billions to the corrupt pharmaceutical industry.
drugs = side effects seem limitless all the way to death. worth billions to the corrupt pharmaceutical industry.
fluoride = lowering IQ, causing brittle bone disease, cancer, death.
pollution = all types of sicknesses to death.
radiation = cancer, death.
Antibiotics = becoming ineffective since the 1960s like magic.
HIV / AIDS = purposely designed to kill undesirables.
Lyme disease = purposely designed at Plum Island by military lab to cripple and kill populations.
Ebola = painful death spread by touch – but don't worry I'm sure they're trying to weaponize it.
Zika Virus = wicked birth defects. Rockefeller just happens to have a patent on the Zika Virus from 1945
Super AIDS = doesn't respond to any treatment. death within three years. just like magic.
Super Malaria = doesn't respond to any treatment. death. just like magic
War = long-term injuries, lots of deaths. Weapons sales worth trillions and what better way to steal resources.
Abortion = get rid of undesirables.
Death penalty = get rid of undesirables.
Famines = get rid of undesirables.
Euthanasia = get rid of undesirables. like the old, depressed or has mental issues, sick, mentally handicapped, or anyone they decide is unfit etc. etc.
Chem trails = To poison land and people with toxins and or viruses.
Schooling = promoting deviant lifestyles and the dumbing down of the kids.
Universities and colleges = Marxist, communist, socialist propaganda, force-fed to the simpleminded to destroy their country.
Promoting homosexuality = no reproduction.
Promoting sex change = no reproduction.
Make religion the enemy = no morals or ethics, the state will dictate what is right and wrong you are not to have an opinion.
Weather control = To weaponize weather to control population. Or enemy.
Satellite energy weapons from lasers to microwave. To control population or enemy.
Ground based high-energy lasers = to modify the weather.
Planes with high-energy lasers = take out missiles and great at starting fires.
Illegal drugs = easy money for government criminals and other criminals and gets rid of undesirables.
Legal drugs = easy money for pharmaceutical industry. Some work great and some can kill you.
Demonize anyone that tries to expose the lies and corruption. = Kill free speech and control the Internet. Through censorship and lots of disinformation.
Demonize whistleblowers that try to report corruption. The Patriot act has been used to silence witnesses and whistleblowers.
Spy on everyone = control and blackmail.
The truth is dangerous to the superrich and the corrupt ones in government. It must be controlled at all cost through censorship, disinformation, propaganda and force if needed.
Control all information is the key.
They create countless useless regulations and laws that they aren't required to adhere to and seem to benefit them and their friends.
As automation and robots start replacing humans in the workplace it will continue to devalue human life allowing for justification to eliminate more people.
Welcome to your New World Order sheep


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