Thursday, December 7, 2017

Moving American Embassy to Jerusalem

1. There's always been an American Consulate in Jerusalem:  "moving the Embassy" is only an exchange of signs between the Embassy in Tel Aviv and the existing Consulate!

2. To those who bemoan the effect on "peace process negotiations", understand the following: the Muslim position has always been the destruction of Israel!

3. No PA Official could make any compromise of any sort with the Israelis and remain alive!

4. So how do the Israelis negotiate with someone who wants them dead?  The Arab position basically is this: "unless the Israelis liquidate Israel and all commit suicide, you're not serious about peace!" No Arab official can accept anything less!

5. Of course, this would be fine with the European Union and the American Left!  They think that if the Israelis can be arm twisted into committing suicide (the two state solution) then peace will be achieved. The trouble with this is the Islamic Doctrine of Hijra!  The flood of millions of Muslim Jihadi settlers into Western Europe herald the Islamization of Europe and the eventual beheading of millions of Western Europeans, not peace.

Western Democracies have always been appeasers of totalitarianism and in denial of the struggle to remain alive.  Maybe this time Western Europe will perish.  Western European leaders want their citizenry to line up quietly in front of the Islamic chopping blocks.

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