Monday, November 27, 2017

Black Undertow

I speak of the black undertow that destroys communities, such as Detroit, St Louis, Ferguson MO, and now Chicago and northwest Littleton, Colorado as we speak;

  • First, middle class blacks move in
  • Then the EBT welfare recipients move in
  • Then the “ghetto thug culture ”follows:
    • Robberies
    • Break ins
    • Home invasions
    • Pick out knock outs
    • Muggings
    • Carjackings
    • Armed gang warfare, nightly gunfire and murders
    • "snitches get stitches" ethic makes law enforcement impossible
  • Stores close, owing to the repeated robberies and lootings by “flash mobs” of young blacks
  • A food desert develops: no convenience stores, grocery stores, small businesses, restaurants: box stores all close in the area as in Ferguson, MO.
  • The first whites to sell get most of their money out
  • The last to sell lose everything, because they have to abandon their unsaleable homes that are no longer physically safe for them to live in!
  • Yet whites that flee for their physical safety are labeled “racists”!
  • Federal Fair Housing Laws mandate you ignore these facts! (Illegal for brokers to mention the racial makeup of a neighborhood, illegal for lenders to consider the racial aspect of a neighborhood in making lending decisions (in the face of plunging property values).
  • Communities go bankrupt owing to a shrinking tax base and growing property tax delinquency, forced to resort to fines and traffic tickets on the poorest of the poor  to run the city government
  • Utilities hit financially when a large percentage of residents fail to pay water and power bills

My leftie friends and family are outraged to hear this! “This is hateful and un-Christian, and not ok to say!” I am told.  Really?  Have we come to the point whereby the truth is “hate speech and must be suppressed!” ?

It is my conviction that we MUST talk about this issue of the “Ghetto Thug Culture” if we’re ever going to deal with it as a society. We must talk about it especially to our middle class black friends, because they are the only ones who can do something it!  The solution can only come from within the black community!

Maybe if ADC were awarded only to families with fathers, it would remove the financial incentive for unmarried black teen aged girls to have babies:  the “git mah illegit and git mah gumm’nt check” that is so destructive!  Babies are dumped with grandma and the money is spent elsewhere! Strengthen the churches as community centers  as opposed to public schools: white bureaucrats who come in and lecture  “just say no to gangs” and put up posters in school halls are a joke!

It needs to be made clear that the reason the “police pick on blacks” is the blacks give them the most “business”!   The sad statistics:  18% of the population is responsible for 54% of the felonies, etc.  it isn’t “systemic racism”, it’s black misbehavior!

It’s the same with the schools!  Boys raised in gangs have zero anger management. Thus, the schools become unmanageable!  The slightest bump in a hallway leads to a fist fight. Gang warfare becomes rampant in that the gang is the real family for most of these youngsters. These young men need fathers! They need intact families!  Whites do better because of their more stable family situation and the parental supervision of study habits the black youngsters lack! Again, this is the need. It is NOT “systemic racism” in the schools that cause blacks to do worse than whites!

The trouble with the “victimhood” that the black community dwells on is that victims don’t think they’re doing anything wrong!  And that’s what’s keeping them at the bottom of the heap!  Once the black community looks at what they can do to strengthen the family, clean up their neighborhoods and change the Thug Culture, only then may they make some progress!

Delta Mike 67

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