Monday, November 27, 2017

Black Undertow

I speak of the black undertow that destroys communities, such as Detroit, St Louis, Ferguson MO, and now Chicago and northwest Littleton, Colorado as we speak;

  • First, middle class blacks move in
  • Then the EBT welfare recipients move in
  • Then the “ghetto thug culture ”follows:
    • Robberies
    • Break ins
    • Home invasions
    • Pick out knock outs
    • Muggings
    • Carjackings
    • Armed gang warfare, nightly gunfire and murders
    • "snitches get stitches" ethic makes law enforcement impossible
  • Stores close, owing to the repeated robberies and lootings by “flash mobs” of young blacks
  • A food desert develops: no convenience stores, grocery stores, small businesses, restaurants: box stores all close in the area as in Ferguson, MO.
  • The first whites to sell get most of their money out
  • The last to sell lose everything, because they have to abandon their unsaleable homes that are no longer physically safe for them to live in!
  • Yet whites that flee for their physical safety are labeled “racists”!
  • Federal Fair Housing Laws mandate you ignore these facts! (Illegal for brokers to mention the racial makeup of a neighborhood, illegal for lenders to consider the racial aspect of a neighborhood in making lending decisions (in the face of plunging property values).
  • Communities go bankrupt owing to a shrinking tax base and growing property tax delinquency, forced to resort to fines and traffic tickets on the poorest of the poor  to run the city government
  • Utilities hit financially when a large percentage of residents fail to pay water and power bills

My leftie friends and family are outraged to hear this! “This is hateful and un-Christian, and not ok to say!” I am told.  Really?  Have we come to the point whereby the truth is “hate speech and must be suppressed!” ?

It is my conviction that we MUST talk about this issue of the “Ghetto Thug Culture” if we’re ever going to deal with it as a society. We must talk about it especially to our middle class black friends, because they are the only ones who can do something it!  The solution can only come from within the black community!

Maybe if ADC were awarded only to families with fathers, it would remove the financial incentive for unmarried black teen aged girls to have babies:  the “git mah illegit and git mah gumm’nt check” that is so destructive!  Babies are dumped with grandma and the money is spent elsewhere! Strengthen the churches as community centers  as opposed to public schools: white bureaucrats who come in and lecture  “just say no to gangs” and put up posters in school halls are a joke!

It needs to be made clear that the reason the “police pick on blacks” is the blacks give them the most “business”!   The sad statistics:  18% of the population is responsible for 54% of the felonies, etc.  it isn’t “systemic racism”, it’s black misbehavior!

It’s the same with the schools!  Boys raised in gangs have zero anger management. Thus, the schools become unmanageable!  The slightest bump in a hallway leads to a fist fight. Gang warfare becomes rampant in that the gang is the real family for most of these youngsters. These young men need fathers! They need intact families!  Whites do better because of their more stable family situation and the parental supervision of study habits the black youngsters lack! Again, this is the need. It is NOT “systemic racism” in the schools that cause blacks to do worse than whites!

The trouble with the “victimhood” that the black community dwells on is that victims don’t think they’re doing anything wrong!  And that’s what’s keeping them at the bottom of the heap!  Once the black community looks at what they can do to strengthen the family, clean up their neighborhoods and change the Thug Culture, only then may they make some progress!

Delta Mike 67

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


It's unjust when our educated functioning professional middle class black friends get pulled over by the police like the gang bangers and drug dealers. But what's the answer?  Talking to friends in Law Enforcement, I hear anecdotal incidents of car loads of young ghetto toughs from Aurora on their way to Park Meadows Mall to break into cars and play "pick out knock out" with people they can catch alone in the parking lot. It's good to have such intercepted and sent on their way by Sheriff's Deputies.

In Ferguson MO, the initial complaint was "white police oppressing black citizens". But once black Officers were added, these Officers were accused of being "Uncle Toms"! Then when the police force was completely black, law enforcement ceased and the city became ungovernable. The community culture of "snitches get stitches" prevails, leading to lawlessness.

The progression is sad and predictable:
  • Middle class blacks move into a neighborhood. Everyone espouses "diversity" and how it's working.
  • Then more and more blacks move in, including the Section 8 EBT card folks, who bring with them the ghetto thug culture. 
  • Muggings and robberies, home invasions and break ins begin to close shops and stores, and whites flee for the safety of  themselves and for their children, both on the streets and in the schools, which become increasingly violent. (The Progressives, from their gated communities with armed guards accuse the fleeing whites as "racists!")
  • Soon, the community becomes a "food desert" with grocery stores, gas stations, shops, restaurants, boutiques and convenience stores all closed.
  • The solitary remnant of the former community is the white police force and a municipality increasingly financially crippled by the shrinking tax base and growing property tax delinquencies on abandoned and deteriorating unsalable property.
what can be done?  In my opinion, the only solution is to change the ghetto thug culture. The Hollywood Left glorifies this with rap music, videos and movies.  The anger and sense of victimhood with young blacks is stoked and encouraged. But for what purpose?  If destruction of society is the goal, the Left is succeeding. Generation after generation of young blacks are being consumed with gang violence, drugs and lost opportunities.

The mistake the Left makes is thinking that all blacks are like the functional educated blacks they have met in college or working in the NGO's.  They have no concept of the destructive nature of the ghetto thug culture, and consider it merely an "ethnic aspect that's neither good nor bad but merely 'different' ".  But this appears to be incorrect.  All America wants blacks to climb up the socio-economic ladder. But currently the one avenue for progress, education, is being rejected!

Promising black students who do well are ostracized and beaten for "going white".  How toxic is that?  Then Jessie Jackson accuses the tech industry of discriminating against blacks owing to the paucity of blacks writing code. But if learning to write code is "going white" and punished, whose fault is it that there are not more blacks in the tech industry?

Changing the culture would involve strengthening the family, ceasing to glorify the thug culture and changing the model for the young from the gold toothed shotgun toting gang leader in the lowered BMW with tinted windows to a more constructive model like Ben Carson or Colin Powell. Right now there's no hope.

Monday, November 20, 2017


This is an OIC Document on how they plan to silence the truth about Islam in the West. I have made comments and interpretations on what it means for us.






OIC Media Strategy in Countering Islamophobia and its Implementation Mechanisms

The 11th Session of the Islamic Conference of Information Ministers held in Jeddah,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 21 December 2016;

Concerned at the rising intolerance against Islam and Muslims in the West  and in many areas in the world, both in the east and the west, exacerbated to a large extent by widespread reporting, writings, articles, interviews, commentaries, editorials, op-eds in some western print and visual media, including social media that has resulted in negative stereotyping and racial discrimination and victimization directed against Muslims and distortion of the Islamic faith, which is based on the core values of peace tolerance, moderations and peaceful co-habitation with all other religions and beliefs. Noting that the above state of affairs poses a grave threat to global peace and security and endangers communal harmony, hindering the growth of a culture of mutual understanding and tolerance among diverse communities;
Any of the “rising intolerance” and “negative stereotyping” is owing to the increased Jihad attacks in the West (over 31,000 since 9/11//2001 at last count)[1]. Note the OIC ignores this FACT! Any “grave threat to peace and security” is owing to the attacks themselves, not the reporting on them! “Communal harmony” is not maintained by Jihad against the Kuffar as called for in the Qur’an!  (See Q9:5, 29, Q191-193, 216 to name just a few!) Muslims seem to think when we take exception to attacks of Jihad, WE are the ones causing the disharmony! We are supposed to let them kill us without complaint since it’s called for in the Qur’an. After all, we mustn’t interfere with their religious practice, which included killing the Kuffar!

Taking into consideration the emergence of Islamophobia[2] as a “…contemporary form of racism (this is nonsense! What “race” is Islam?) and xenophobia motivated by unfounded fear,(31,000 Jihad attacks is not an “unfounded fear”) mistrust and hatred of Muslims and Islam… it manifested through intolerance, discrimination, hostility and adverse public discourse. (When Muslims kill people in Jihad attacks, they shouldn’t wonder why people don’t like them and don’t want them around!) Differentiating from classical racism and xenophobia, Islamophobia is mainly based on stigmatization of a religion and its followers. As such, Islamophobia is an affront to the human rights and dignity of Muslims”; (When you consider it your human right and dignity to kill unbelievers we are going to take exception to it! )

With reference to paragraph 180 of the Final Communiqué adopted by the 11th Islamic Summit held in Dakar in 2008 which recognized “…the need to further institutionalize cooperation among Member States to effectively combat Islamophobia, [and] requested for the preparation of a draft comprehensive strategy to combat Islamophobia”; (Muslims cannot continue to wage Jihad against people in the West without their objecting!  Your effort to render pushback against Muslim murder, rape and mayhem by rendering it illegal is absurd!)

Noting that paragraph 17 of the 38th Session of the Council of Foreign Minister’s Resolution No. 34/ 38-POL requested “the Secretary General to engage constructively with all stakeholders and influential public opinion makers, particularly in the West, with a view to combating Islamophobia by evolving a comprehensive strategy taking into account the removal of social and economic imbalances in the interest of creating an international environment conducive to interfaith and inter-civilizational harmony”; (the only “imbalance” is Islamic Jihad!  Cease waging Jihad and harmony would be restored!)

Referring to paragraph 6 of Rabat Declaration of 8th Session of the Islamic Conference of Information Ministers which considered that “…efforts to restore the image of Islam in foreign media outlets, display its lofty values, its rich cultural heritage and ancestral civilization, and highlight its contribution in the long course of human history and its creative achievements, can only be fruitful by a wise media interaction with the outer world through adequate message and appropriate communication mechanisms”; 
(the only “rich cultural heritage and creative achievements” by Islam has been Jihad against unbelievers over the last 1400 years and the 270 millions of people murdered and millions more enslaved!)

Noting the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has consistently urged for debate with and within the western media to show responsibility in combating prejudice against Islam and Muslim communities with a view to developing campaigns to foster respect for cultural and religious pluralism and diversity, while raising awareness of the positive contributions of Muslims, in order to promote tolerance and understanding;  (The only “raising awareness of positive contributions of Muslims” has been the persecution of scholars who bring out the real history of conquest, wholesale butchery and  enslavement of millions. Then there’s the bribery of other scholars to write books whitewashing the true nature of Islam!)[3]

Taking note of the work of the OIC Islamophobia Observatory and its annual reports; 

Recalling the establishment of the Contact Group on Muslims in Europe, which was formed during the 43rd session of the Council of Foreign Ministers in Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan;

And taking into consideration the recommendations and proposals made at the workshop on “Media Misrepresentations of Islam and Muslims” held in Brussels on 15-16 February 2012, by several experts representing Muslim communities in Europe and United States; the Conference took note of the above in its deliberations and decided to adopt the Strategy as well as recommendations of the experts meeting of OIC member states and relevant OIC institutions held on 25 October 2016 to review the OIC Media Strategy in Countering Islamophobia and its Implementation Mechanisms based on a conceptual paper on this issue prepared by the Information Department in the General Secretariat, the Conference took note of the above in its proceedings and decided to adopt the following Strategy:

I. Short Term:

1.      To raise funds for media campaigns to prevent and counter intolerance against Islam and discrimination against Muslims. The results of the executed campaigns should continuously be measured in accordance with responses that would generate news, and the social media may be the right tool to quantify/qualify the success of the said campaigns. In this regard, OIC Member States are urged to sustain political and resource commitment for initiating, implementing and following-up these media campaigns.

2.      To increase the interaction with media outlets and professionals, while encouraging accurate and factual/portrayal of Islam. Emphasis should be directed at avoidance of any link or association of Islam with terrorism or the use of Islamophobic rhetoric in the war on terror, such as labeling criminal terrorists as “Islamic” fascists, “Islamic” extremists.   (The entire effort to separate Islamic Doctrine from violence is counter-factual: see Q9:5, 29 to start with! That’s why this whole “Combatting Islamophobia” is a lie!)

3.      To enhance the presence of Muslims on the internet and benefit from the experiences of successful Islamic institutions in this regard, as the success of Islamophobes in the West is the failure of Muslims online. (“Success of Islamophobes” only means the truth about Islamic Doctrine is getting out!) However, extra care should be considered while investing on this enhancement, as there is a need to be aware of unintended consequences of the increased presence of Muslims on the internet. In addition, there is a need to identify and support nonMuslim bloggers and researchers from outside the mainstream media positively disposed towards Islam and Muslims. (Translation: Muslims need to find some Quislings or some fellow travelers they can buy off to do their dirty work!)

4.      To create, in cooperation with an experts committee consisting of scholars, legal experts, psychologists, sociologists and communication experts, powerful, appealing and strong content which is professionally and objectively prepared and unrelated to Islam.(In other words, get some non-Muslims to front for the Jihad groups as they wage Jihad with the mouth and pen against the West!) Muslims should be able to write or produce stories with media impact, however, having nothing to do with Islam.  (When Lee Rigby was beheaded on the Streets of London in May 2013, the Jihadi waved his bloody butcher knife at the video camera and quoted Q 2:191-193 as the justification for the attack. Yet PM David Cameron kept insisting on the BBC that “Islam had nothing to do with it”.
5.      To develop Muslim’s own narrative on daily issues. There should be stories giving the Islamic perspective on daily issues, such as, environment, climate change, social justice, development, poverty, etc. (How about women’s rights (where women can be beaten or honor killed) or the rule of law (where non-believers and women have no rights under the law) or scholarship where the memorization of the Qur’an and hadith is paramount and they come up with findings that the sun revolves around the earth or that Jews are descended from apes and pigs?)

6.      To encourage media outlets and professionals to report stories related to discrimination against Muslims from the victims’ perspective. Such reporting, giving priority to grassroots’ stories, may take into consideration the abuse of Muslims’ human and basic rights, such as, xenophobic and discriminatory practices vis-à-vis Muslims in employment, housing, access to services, and other aspects of social life. (and of course to suppress all stories of Jihad attacks, omitting the fact that the attacker was a Muslim, such as the term “Asian rape gangs” whereby Pakistani men in the UK systematically abused and raped “Kuffar girls that their right hand possessed!”

7.      To engage with professional survey researchers who have sufficient good Islamic awareness. This engagement may be helpful in promoting media content from survey results that would support the media campaign. (OIC phony selective polls at which the Mainstream media specializes in! Remember the polls where Hillary Clinton was up 20 points in 2016?)

8.      To address the “OIC-phobia” a new ramification of Islamophobia, related to OIC efforts in countering this malaise. In this regard, there is a need for a new public relations restructuring in the West with a view to disseminating a modern and moderate image of the OIC.

9.      To devise a mechanism within the OIC Information Department for distributing every morning, news reviews on Islam and Muslims to identified audience in the west. (systematic blowing sunshine up the you know what of people in the West! This coupled with lawsuits against anyone who disputes their facts and figures: called “lawfare”!)

10.   To support publishing of books, memoirs, fictional materials, etc, by Muslims and nonMuslims. Preference may be given to presenting Islam as a religion with values and principles applicable on sciences and other issues of concern to the West: human rights, democracy and good governance. (Finding leftie intellectuals and buying them off with $100,000 honorariums to crank out an apologist book, cherry picking and distorting the facts as necessary to whitewash the Civilizational Jihad that’s taking place right under our noses!)

II. Medium Term:

1.   To implement media literacy programs in schools, particularly at the secondary level, to help develop a discerning and critical approach to news coverage by media consumers. The OIC Member States should devise initiatives to promote media awareness and develop Internet literacy to combat misperceptions, prejudices and hate speech.  (Bribe and intimidate school boards across the country to institute a whitewashed view of Islam in the public school textbooks that omit Jihad and the butchery of millions over the centuries!)

2.   To invite different scholars, academics and media professionals to form a pool of experts to be visible in the media. This group should not be necessarily composed of Muslims. It is also preferable, in order to secure diversity, that messages given on behalf of the OIC be inclusive of other Abrahamic religions, and, even beyond. (Find Pastors and Rabbis that can be bought off or intimidated, institute programs such as “The Abrahamic Initiative” that ignore Jihad and the history or Islam to “keep the dialogue going”! It is almost the Stockholm syndrome, where the drones that run these programs deny the truth and their Faith lest the “friendship” with their soon to be executioners be damaged!)

3.   To cultivate relationships with media professionals and outlets through informal gatherings. These events may be OIC sponsored annual dinners that would be attended by journalists writing in Western media with the objective of building confidence between them and the OIC, as well as for them to be requested to pay unbiased attention to the cultural, intellectual and civilizational achievements of Islam and Muslims. (Bribery, or “zakat” to the Kuffar to affect the “change of hearts”: any questioning or bringing up of unpleasant facts will be met with ad homonym attacks and smears to silence the individuals!)

4.   To use success stories in the Muslim world as a means to show that the interests of Muslims are similar to the rest of the world when it comes to democracy, good governance and human rights. (As if being a slave under the “good governance” of Allah is Democracy, and as if butchering non-believers is an observance of “human rights”!)

5.   To develop a rapid media response project for Muslims to react to serious manifestations and incidents of Islamophobia. This mechanism may also be responsible in disseminating articles on importance of Islamic occasions, including Ramadan and Hajj when appropriate. (Thus, after every attack we get the same Imams insisting “Islam doesn’t condone the killing of innocent women and children” and that the attacker wasn’t “a real Muslim”. But we know the false Muslim Brotherhood narrative: we know that Jihad is an act of the Highest piety, and that unless you accept Muhammad as the final prophet of Allah, you are NOT INNOCENT!  Therefore, your blood is licit!)

6.   To promote, through media coverage, Muslim students’ activities in western countries’ campuses. The Islamic Awareness Week, being held annually in several US and UK campuses, may be one of those events to be highly promoted, as the diversity of themes would help displaying the real image of Muslims therein. In addition, there is a need to support websites run by students to counter Islamophobia. (Though Muslim students march to protest “Islamophobia” they turn around and snarl at, intimidate and beat Jewish students! Not exactly an expression of “tolerance and diversity”. Tolerance and diversity is only one way: toward Muslims! They in turn do not reciprocate!)

7.   To invite Muslim celebrities, and non-Muslims celebrities who are sympathetic to Islam and its followers, to be the face of media campaigns. These campaigns should be well designed providing a true picture about the different aspects of Islam and dispel any misconceptions and misinformation. In this regard, the heads of states and governments should play an important role accordingly. (It should be easy to bribe some Leftie Mayor or governor to fulfill this role of Islamic apologist! Sufficient zakat will easily change the hearts of these traitorous whores!)

8.   To include other OIC institutions. Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
(ISESCO), Research Center For Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA), Islamic Conference
Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYFDC), International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA), International Islamic News Agency (IINA), Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation (ISSF) or Islamic Union of Muslim Scouts (IUMS) may be among those initiating media campaigns on their own targeting their areas of activities. (Most of these groups are Muslim Brotherhood front organizations and are all on the same Civilizational Jihad page to help Islamize the West!)

9.   To launch awards for excellence in unbiased journalism, reporting, photographing and publishing. The prize may be awarded to articles, documentaries, series, photographic exhibition, and books on Islam and its followers. (With sufficient petro-dollars to bribe these lackeys, anything is possible!)

10.   To establish academic fellowships at communication faculties of major world universities to study this phenomenon and means to combat it. (See the answer to #9)

III. Long Term:

1.  To call media professionals to develop, articulate and implement voluntary codes of conduct to counter Islamophobia. The OIC and its Member States should be vocal in calling media professionals to use the power they have with responsibly through accurate reporting.  (more enforcement of political correctness to suppress the truth of Islamic Doctrine and Jihad violence!)

2.  To assess successful media campaigns with a view to understanding the strong factors to be replicated and review the unsuccessful ones for avoiding the weak contents and procedures.  (if opposition is too strong, or some critics too knowledgeable, some of them may have to be killed to smooth the way of Islamization!)

3.  To engage with western governments in creating awareness against the dangers of Islamophobia by addressing the responsibility of media on the issue. (The “danger of Islamophobia” meaning the personal danger for the individual(s) who speak out!  In other words, tell the truth about Islamic Doctrine or history, and your life is in danger!)

4.  To encourage scholarship programs for westerners to study in the Muslim world and disseminate this information throughout media outlets. The scholarships should focus on Islamic education, and it is advisable that the same subject is funded in western universities. (the same “scholarship” that whitewashes Islam in the “Islamic Studies” centers at all the major Universities. Such curricula, vetted by the Saudis, omits any study of Jihad or the Medinan Suras.  All the professorships are selected and funded by the Saudis as well.)

5.  To encourage reporter-exchange programs between the Muslim world and the West. (We’ve seen how this works when reporters in Gaza were forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint, told what they could photograph, whose stories were censored and approved by Muslim authorities. Remember: a free press is “not Islamic”!)

6.  To encourage training programs to help Muslim civil societies in the West to understand journalistic critical international issues – particularly in those fields where politics and religion intersect – and enhance their capacity to inform the public accurately and in a balanced way. (Translation: to justify the non-separation of church and state that is the tradition in the West!)

7.  To take into consideration the following proposals on media highlighted in the High Level Group Report on Alliance of Civilizations[4]: 

 A collaborative and reciprocal initiative for monitoring media coverage of Islamic-western relations should be started to provide a comprehensive review of media outlets and to reward efforts that aim to improve coverage of relations between Muslim and western societies. Critical reciprocal reviews and awards presented by a broadly representative coalition of monitoring agencies – such as those run by the European Union, the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation and select civil society organizations - would generate a higher public profile and greater legitimacy than individual efforts that focus on only one community’s media.  (Monitoring and rewarding: translation, suppressing and punishing journalists who dare tell the truth about Islamic societies and paying off those who go along with the myths!)
 Developing training programs for foreign journalists for capacity-building on mechanisms to deal with the phenomenon of hatred and defamation of the Islamic religion. (the phenomenon of “hatred and defamation” caused by the outrageous attacks on innocent people in the West, such as in Niece or Paris in 2015!  It’s incredible that the OIC would have anyone believe that the attacks should not affect people’s attitude toward Islam and Muslims!)
 Preparing a guide for world media on most important issues and terms which are usually misunderstood. The experience of Dar Al-Iftaa Al Masriyah in Egypt could be beneficial in this regard. (These Institutes have to do with the anticipated imposition of Islamic Law in the West).
Mechanisms to Implement the OIC Media Strategy in Countering Islamophobia

1- Project Background

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which represents the Muslim world, has frequently expressed its true worries about the rising tide of Islamophobia across North America and Europe. In fact, the OIC has called since 2005 for taking concrete measures to deal with the phenomena of Islamophobia in different fields, including in the field of foreign media. Several Summits and Ministerial Resolutions were adopted since then.  (Everything except dealing with the root cause of “Islamophobia”, which is Jihad!  Again, when the Muslims kill people in the name of Allah in accordance with Qur’anic mandates, concern over the floods of Muslim Jihad settlers invading the West is NOT a “phobia” but an instinct for self-preservation!)

Underscoring the urgent necessity of developing a proactive short and long-term media and public relations campaigns to correct the image of Islam and Muslims in the West, the Information Department at the General Secretariat of the OIC, with assistance from prestigious public relations companies such as UNITAS Communications which is based in London, UK and Golden Cap based in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, developed a comprehensive mechanisms directed at dealing with the symptoms and the root causes of misunderstanding of Islam that exist across many parts of the western world.  (The “symptoms and root causes” of Islam’s bad image is Jihad, not “misunderstanding”. The more attacks, the stronger the “symptoms”.)

This campaign proposes that the OIC plays a leading role in fostering effective antiIslamophobia initiatives across the western world and achieve through a range of interlinked actions designed to accomplish both short-term and long term-targets. These include seeding a proactive anti-Islamophobia grassroots media network in the United States and specific European countries, overseen by OIC – appointed regional public relations offices (PR); researching and identifying the key misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, and refuting these through a comprehensive online resource supported with social media; building alliances with scholarly, journalistic and media communities, and civil societies.  (None of this can make any difference as long as the attacks continue! As the saying attributed to Abraham Lincoln says, “you can fool some of the people all the time (the Lefties) and all the people some of the time (most RINO’s) but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” This is what the awakening signified by the election of Donald Trump means to the Global Islamic Movement (GIM)! People are waking up to the reality of Islamic Jihad and the brutality of the Shari’a Law the GIM strives to impose upon the West!)

In addition, the project would seek to develop an “Ambassadors’ Programme” or “OIC Friends Program” to recruit local public figures and celebrities to support the initiative; organize key engagements between western delegates and figures from the Muslim world; create a fund to support local anti-Islamophobia initiatives; media monitoring and high impact media positioning to place commentary and news stories in key western publications; arranging a high profile advertising campaign to leverage this work through mass market publicity, and developing broadcast quality documentaries to explore how Islamophobia has affected Muslim communities and western societies alike.  (Translation: to keep the victimhood narrative going! After each attack, these outlets will howl “backlash” and how the “innocent moderate Muslims are the real victims” here!  Again, this has been done for years, and people aren’t fooled anymore!)

2- Project Objectives

           Identify key misconceptions and stereotypes concerning Islam and Muslims that require urgent refutation. (quick suppression and whitewashing after a Jihad attack in which dozens are killed!)
           Develop an ongoing campaign to tackle Islamophobic discourse in the US, UK, and European media. (Lawsuits, threats, and Charlie Hebdo style attacks to intimidate those who tell the truth about Islamic Doctrine and Jihad!)
           Develop partnership with western academic and civil society institutions to counter Islamophobic discourses.
(Find lackeys they can buy off to keep the false narrative going, no matter what the cost!)

Forge better working relations between the OIC and non-political western institutions to facilitate mutual understanding between Muslim communities and others. (more Zakat to change the hearts: ie, continue to buy off whomever they can!)

           Foster a network of high profile western public figures supporting efforts to combat Islamophobia in politics, journalism and civil society. (though it will get harder and harder as the bodies pile up!)

3- Project Actions

           Establishment of a Consultative Council to be comprised of voluntary Member States, the OIC relevant institutions and the General Secretariat along with representatives of press and media institutions, to assume the follow-up of the implementation of the OIC Media Strategy and its implementation Mechanisms against Islamophobia and to submit periodical reports thereon.  (Build a vast bureaucracy and have the jobs thus created become a vested interest in keeping the charade going!)

           The Member States and the OIC subsidiary organs should designate focal points in their Information Ministries or in their institutional structures and Information Departments to facilitate contact and coordination regarding the strategy and its implementation mechanisms.  (Translation: make sure who the key figures are that they need to buy off in the West!)

           Benefiting from modern information technologies, including social media, in view of their efficiency and speed in conveying messages and information, all within the framework of the mechanisms for the Strategy’s implementation to counter Islamophobia.  (See what they can to buy off Facebook, twitter and others to suppress the truth about Islamic attacks and other outrages).

           Inviting the Member States’ ambassadorial groups to consult and coordinate among themselves on ways to counter the discourse of hatred and extremism and the spread of Islamophobia in the West.  (In other words, everyone get their stories straight on how they are going to spin the latest attack: the “million and first disturbed young man” or “a video in the West was the cause” or “the attacker was given a traffic ticket 6 months before, and Jihad had nothing to do with it”.)

           Involve civil society and Muslim academia and youth in the West in the elaboration of plans and programs to counter Islamophobia.  (Translation: order the MSA to tear up the campus if someone like Robert Spencer is invited to speak!)

           Launching a Web Portal to offer content and programs provided by the Member States and OIC institutions on their efforts and activities in countering Islamophobia, with a view to ensure wider benefit among the Member States, OIC institutions, researchers and interested parties.  (A reporting mechanism where Muslims can document their victimhood, where white supremacists snatch off a hajib or scrawl hate speech on Mosque walls! [and forget about the ones where the police determine the falsity of the claims or that it was Muslims themselves that committed the acts!])

           Inviting relevant institutions to consider having the scientific researches on Islamophobia translated into the OIC official languages for posting in the above-mentioned Web Portal.  (when you measure a turd with a micrometer, it’s still a turd! Elaborate analysis of lies does not make them the truth!)

           Benefiting of the help of the OIC satellite channel, once it has been launched, in countering Islamophobia.  (may it go the same route as al Jazeera! Labeled terrorist TV, it fooled no one!)

4- Responsibilities of the Consultative Council

           To meet twice every year to assess implementation of the OIC Media Strategy and its Implementation Mechanisms. (more opportunities for Arab officials to drink and screw in the West away from the prying eyes of the mutawwi!)

           To devise a media plan and public relations and to determine the implementing parties which can be public relations companies, governments or civil society institutions. (figuring out who the big enough whores are in the West that they can buy off!)

           To choose the public relations companies which will implement the OIC Media Strategy and follow up on their performance. (see above)

To launch a pioneering project (pilot project) which can be chosen from the proposed projects in the Strategy and to explore ways to finance it in consultation with the Member States and the institutions willing to provide funding for the project. (See who in the West they can con to pay for their own destruction!)

           To provide regular media monitoring of Islamophobic media content for each country. The

OIC Islamophobia Observatory will also send out regular updates to the members of the Consultative Council.

           Identify Ambassadors or OIC Friends who are vocal against Islamophobia and who can cooperate with. (see who the whores and traitors are!)

           To propose ways of developing required resources to implement the OIC Media Strategy and its Implementation Mechanisms and support efforts in this regard. (see who in the West they can shake down )

5- Anti-Islamophobia Ambassadors or OIC Friends Network

           Identify and recruit leaders, opinion-formers and public figures in western politics, media and the art for the anti-Islamophobia "ambassadors" network. (find the whores they can buy and the traitors who will work with them, like John McCain!)

           Apply "ambassadors" network to other aspects of internal OIC anti-Islamophobia work. (Get the whores and traitors to spread their lies and poison to other circles of influence!)

           Engage with specific projects, events, and other publicity generating activities elsewhere that are suitable for ambassadors. (same as point above!)

6- Anti-Islamophobia Independent Projects Fund (all the Leftie traitors and whores are already salivating!)

           Determine scope and potential recipients for anti-Islamophobia fund.

           Create application materials, determine application process, and solicit projects.

           Determine methodology for assessing projects and selecting recipients.

           Disburse grants on the basis of assessments and determine criteria for delivery.

           Institute review / monitoring and evaluative mechanism of the process of media campaign and apply to recipients to ensure delivery of results within deadline.

7- Examples of Mass Media Campaigns and public relations

           A two-week television campaign and a two-week advertising campaign targeting public transport (bus and metro), famous newspapers and magazines for each country two times in one year.

           Produce and/or commission and television and transport media campaigns.

           Promote media campaigns through social media, ambassadors, and through secondary or internal networks. 

           Reporters Exchange program (ten reporters and journalists per year)

           Arranging three talk shows per year in key TV channels in US and Europe about Islam, with the participation of selected members from the Muslim countries.

           Holding ten lectures per year in each country (universities, unions and suggested important centers) about Islamic role in building cultures and connect between religions.

Visits to schools and universities and educational search by specialist team from our side.

           Arranging 100 Guest programs per year to be organized through the OIC with the Cooperation of its Member Countries to host a 100 – western activist from various fields in selected Muslim countries where they can interact with intellectuals, politicians, media figures, and religious scholars.

8- Documentary Productions

           Produce a broadcast quality one-hour documentary examining the growth of Islamophobia in the West and its impact on Muslims around the world and interfaith relations.

           Facilitate broadcast on mainstream networks such as Britain's BBC and Channel 4 or America's PBS.

           Promote documentary through social media, conventional advertising, ambassadors, and through secondary or internal networks.


This shows how our open society allows our enemies to operate openly to destroy us! If anyone responds in kind, they are smothered with threats and lawsuits. If the government responds, the Lefties howl “free speech”. (Of course they turn around and demand that Islamophobes and bigots be silenced!)

The key here is the petro dollars the OIC needs to continually buy off more and more people to keep their program going. Shut off the money, and it all comes down like a house of cards.

[2] In the 4th Annual Report of the OIC Islamophobia Observatory available online in: 
[3] “The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise” Dario Fernandez-Morera, ISI Books , Wilmington DE 19807, 29
[4] The document was adopted at the United Nations General Assembly in November 2006 and is available online in: 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Mass Shooting Pattern

Step 1:
Mass shooting. Note that the shooter is always found dead. Paddock and now this Texas shooter. On queue, the Mainstream Media and the Democrats commence a full-court press for "something to be done about gun control!!!"

Step 2:
Local Sheriff  announces heroic intention to assemble investigative resources to get to the bottom of the incident.

Step 3:
FBI takes over the case. The next time you see the Sheriff, he's quaking in his boots  mouthing the FBI party line of  "deranged solitary shooter, nothing to see here, move along!" And we note the stone faced intimidating FBI Official standing behind the Sheriff  making sure the Sheriff is saying what he as been told to say!

Step 4:
FBI gathers and destroys all evidence: videos, photos, gag orders, documents, (like hotel records, maids disappearing, witnesses mysteriously dying, confiscating and wiping cell phones, etc.)

Step 5:
The incident disappears from the public eye. Gone! Who hears anything about the Las Vegas shooting anymore?  the assumption is: the public has no memory and is stupid.....

Why would this be?  To speculate:

  • The real purpose of these shootings might to precipitate public sentiment for GUN CONTROL LEGISLATION!  
  • Why? Because the Globalist Muslim alliance desperately needs to disarm the American people to execute their take-down of us!
  • Who's doing it?  The Republicrat deep state and the Muslim groups who still have control of most of the government agencies and vast resources.
  • My prediction is there will be consecutive shootings, growing in ferocity, until the Globalists finally get their legislation or the American people finally figure out what the Globalists and their Muslim allies are doing and stop them!

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