Monday, October 9, 2017

"You Hate Muslims, Don't You?"

"Hate" is the wrong word:  I don't want
  • Muslims to flood in by the millions, to climb on welfare for the rest of their lives, to cost American taxpayers billions annually.
  • Muslims to settle in non-assimilating, ever increasing numbers enclaves that become islands of Islamic State no-go zones where the Shari'ah is implemented.
  • Muslims to call for imposition of their Shari'ah slice by slice on the whole of American society that would soon extinguish our prosperity and liberties. Their current push for blasphemy laws is a case in point!  Violent Jihad, as we see in Europe, follows once the number of Muslims becomes large enough.
  • Muslims to reach demographic plurality, to overthrow our Republic and to impose a government that would implement the Shari'ah Law and enslave us in our own homeland.
This is all part of the plan [1] being implemented against us by the Organization of Islamic Co-operation with the Muslim Brotherhood its executive agent.

It's not that I "hate Muslims", it's that I love America and our Judeo-Christian prosperous civilization.  It's not our charitable "Christian obligation" to let millions of these "civilizational Jihadists" overwhelm and destroy us.


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