Sunday, October 22, 2017

Taking a Knee "Controversy": Only The First Step!

My my, so much controversy! We will just have to take down the American flag, that symbol of Oppression! Then when things settle down, we'll substitute the UN Flag, a key step to the globalist Caliphate! (The black ISIS flag will come later).  We'll have little children sing a UN anthem or two, and awww, it'll be so cute! (Soros will love it! Although he doesn't know it, at the right time we'll eliminate him and his sons once they've served their purpose....)

The next step will be to have the UN Secretary of Human Rights in as the game's guest of honor, some Mullah from Sudan with blood on his hands (but that's OK with us!)

But what we're really looking forward to is the "enhanced half time activities": we'll start having public executions!  There'll be JEWS, Christians, and "white supremacists" who were caught with American flags on their trucks!  Can't have such bigotry and hate! Right?

So, Mr. & Mrs. America, shut the f**k up and keep buying the season tickets, the $11 beers and watching the games on TV! We need you to just fuhgeddaboudit, go back to the way it's always been and continue to fund the salaries of the kneelers, the main stream media with the anchors that trash your traditions.  We need your money to continue to destroy your country! 

Allahu Akbar you morons!

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