Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Free speech rallies by ACT for America scheduled for Sept 9th were cancelled. This, owing to the intimidation of ANTIFA.  The leadership whimpered about it "being a difficult decision".... No, folding in the face of threats is the EASY decision. To stand for Liberty when you're at risk is the difficult decision.

Usually, there is mumbling about "the safety of our members is paramount".   No, standing up for Liberty is paramount!  What do you think our forefathers felt standing in the skirmish line at Concord bridge with loaded muskets, facing a column of approaching heavily armed British troops?  What do you think the first line of raw recruit Blue Coats felt as they stepped off towards Confederate positions at the Battle of Bull Run?   Or what do you think the Marines felt who were in the first wave landing craft to hit the Island of Iwo Jima?

Here's what I propose: at the next Freedom Rally, real men [1] show up that are willing to stand for liberty in the tradition of those who have gone before us!  I recommend we wear our armor and helmets, carry our pistols and clubs, yet with the full intention of marching peacefully.

If Law Enforcement fulfills their Oath of Office to "uphold and protect the Constitution" and keeps violent groups like ANTIFA and BLM away from us as we exercise our Constitutional rights, that's good!  But chances are, they will deny us a permit, citing "the threat of violence, and they cannot guarantee our safety."   But since when has standing for Liberty ever been "safe"?

Are we going to allow the threat of violence by Left Wing groups nullify our Constitutional Right to free speech and peaceful assembly?  Are we going to allow the spineless City Officials cave in to ANTIFA intimidation and surrender our rights?  These Officials need to remember that their duty is to "uphold the Constitution" not just "keep the peace".

[1] Yes, ladies, I said "real men"!  That doesn't mean the ladies can't show. But we're expecting fists, kicks,  clubs, brickbats, urine, feces and worse!  We're not talking rational relational dialogue here!  ANTIFA has young females doing their worst. Are you ready to help us take them on if need be?

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