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Treblinka, Sept 16, 2017

The  road to Treblinka  through the forests. The reason the SS picked this location was its accessibility by rail line, but in the "middle of nowhere".  It was an institutional  premeditated attempt to commit a crime against humanity undetected!  Side note: the cars parked off the road in the forest were people picking wild mushrooms.

This is a map of the camp.  It was reconstructed from the memories of survivors who escaped during the prisoner uprising of August 1943. The camp operated from August 1942 to October 1943 in which an estimated 900,000 human beings were systematically killed.  About 600 prisoners escaped during the uprising, but most were killed or recaptured.  Only 70 made good on their effort.

Walking into where the camp was this monument, one of several in different languages.

There was a model of the camp in the museum. It was under glass, so the overhead florescent lights interfered. But this is the railroad siding that brought the trains of people to the camp. The platform is at the top, along with the buildings where the people were disrobed and dispossessed of everything. 

After the people were stripped, their clothes, jewelry and eyeglasses were sorted into piles, which are depicted in the model as you see here.

Another view of the sorted piles of belongings with the stripping buildings to the left. We can see only one of the two. The "cappos" did this work: young Jewish teen agers who were pressed into slave labor.

As we walked into the site of where the camp was, there was a ribbon strung along the path in the trees, placed by Israeli tourists, upon which the names of relatives who perished here were inscribed.

This is a stylized reconstruction of the location of the rail siding, and where the rails were located. The original ones were demolished in 1943 when the camp was dismantled and the fields plowed to make the area look like it had always been a farm.

This is the stylized rendition of the rail platform onto which the victims were offloaded from the train wagons and herded immediately to the disrobing buildings.  The upended stones on the far left were labeled with the names of the different countries of origin of the helpless people sent here. When people disembarked, there were signs posted to make the platform look like a legitimate train station: signs directing to different lines and different cities.

At the upper right you can see the disrobing buildings where the people were stripped, and in the case of long haired women, their hair was shaved off. Then the Ukrainian guards would drive the people along the corridor made of high fences lined with vines so as to obscure vision of the rest of the camp. You can see that it curves up and to the right, directly into the gas chamber.

At the right is the end of the vined corridor and the short gap to the entrance of the gas chamber. There was a central hall with large doors on each side. People were told to raise their arms so more could be packed into the chambers. They were tiled for easy cleaning with tiles that had stars of David on them. 

The gas was generated by an old Russian tank engine and it took 25 minutes for the process to be completed.  Then, the cappos pulled the bodies out of the chambers and piled them on burning grilles which consisted of railroad tracks placed on concrete stands with wood fires underneath.  Part of the cappo's job was to check the bodies for gold fillings and, if finding any, to knock the teeth out for the gold recovery.  The white we see in the model are the naked bodies on the burning grille.

In the museum was a film clip of the thick, acrid, black smoke billowing out of the camp, taken from a distance,  visible for miles. 

The vine laced corridor was cynically labeled "Himmel Strasse", or way to heaven. The picture above shows its approximate location.  The monument in the distance is the site of the gas chamber itself.
A closer view of the Monument. it is surrounded by 17,000 upended rocks, symbolizing the 17,000 people a day who lost their lives in this camp.

Location of where the burning grille was located.

My Leftist friends say that "this validates the necessity of stopping all the Trump Nazis!" But the reality is, the Soviets liquidated more people than the National Socialists could even laid their hands on! 80 years of gulags and countless millions of deaths!

The key is totalitarianism!  The common thread is the "purification" of the body politic according to the ruling ideology.  The Nazis piled up bodies owing to racial motivations: the Soviets for economic reasons!  And the Muslims for religious reasons: the Fatwa of 1915 that resulted in the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians. The Pakistani Genocide in 1971, and the appalling butchery by ISIS.

And in the genocidal redux, we now hear black leaders saying "White people are subhuman", precisely what was said about the Jews in the 1930's!  We hear the Left  demonize us with accusations of "white privilege" just as the Jews were demonized for profiting from the German loss after World War I.  Every day, young blacks are told that "white people are the ones keeping you down!" (If you're a victim, you can't be blamed for your failures! You can blame it on someone else, in this case "white people"!)

It isn't hard to imagine camps, not unlike Treblinka, being set up for white Americans and staffed by angry blacks, giving white people "what they deserve"!  White people cannot believe such a thing could happen! Nor could the Jews in the 1930's! The community just kept their heads down, hoping things would "blow over".  Jewish veterans of WW I, some decorated with the Iron Cross who fought in the German Army, could not and would not believe their country would turn on them!  A Rabbi in Czechoslovakia remarked "what are they going to do? Kill us all?"  They tried, didn't they?

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