Friday, September 29, 2017


So it's big black professional football players making millions whining that they are oppressed?
1. What other country would these individuals have the same opportunity?
2. Blacks remain at the bottom of the economic ladder owing to their sense of victimhood instead of taking responsibility for their own lives.
3. Progress for black people will come individually as a person works hard, gets an education, starts a career,  saves money, starts a family and builds their life JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!
4. They will not progress as a group marching arm in arm with Jessie Jackson demanding a cash payout from the government. America gives people equal opportunity NOT equality and a free handout!
5. Another regressive aspect is "black culture" the ghetto thug culture that considers good grades in school as "going white"!  Black leaders can't whine about the lack of blacks in the various professions when black culture rejects what they consider "white education"!
5. Let's face it! Look at the cities that blacks control: Detroit! (A shambles)  St Louis (a deteriorating hell hole)  Chicago (where the population is fleeing by the tens of thousands every year!

The thug culture drives out businesses and the tax base shrinks. And a city can't build an economy when most of the population is on EBT cards!  White people flee the muggings, robberies and murders and the press decries them as "racists!"  (Of course all the news executives commute from their gated and guarded communities in armored limousines!)

The solution is to hold the black community accountable for the crime and dysfunctionality, and not to let them off the hook, saying "we don't want to reinforce racial stereotypes!"  These stereotypes need to be faced and changed by the black community itself!

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