Thursday, September 14, 2017

OSCE Conference, Warsaw PL, Sept 14, 2017

The fighters for freedom, Americans for America, Pax Europa, Act for America Minneapolis, Center for Security Policy,  Henrik's NGO, and my Sea Jay Foundation all gave a total of 13 interventions today.
After each one, the moderator "reminded" us to stick by the OSCE Standards.  Turns out, their "Standard" was  "not to link violence to any religion".  Of course, that's a lie! All you have to do is look at the ample references to Jihad in the Qur'an. It shows the reference point of the European Left and their emotional response to Islam.

The other OSCE moderator we talked to was a huge black Muslim.  He told us "we saw your application, we know what you believe, but we let you come anyway."  In other words, they would like nothing better than to kick us out of the Conference. We are disturbing their leftie "tolerance and non-discrimination" narrative that whitewashes Islam. 

And since we are disrupting the narrative, they are pissed! My guess this is our last trip to the Conference. The Muslims have enough money to get them to keep us out!

France, Germany, Austria, the UK and Canada all expressed "disappointment" that there were those who were "not moving forward with the OSCE agenda" of the multiculturalism inclusive path to security. But all you have to do is  look at Europe and see that it is a lie.

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