Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Passing of Christian Europe

As the ancient Israelites turned their backs on the Lord and were destroyed, so too is Christian Europe. Without any gratitude or accountability to the Lord for his goodness, European society has basically lost its will to live. Moral relativism is the key.

If all societies are equal, with no appreciation for God's gifts of peace and prosperity, there is no reason to defend yours. Allowing in floods of Jihadists who hate Christian society and Christians is proving suicidal. But the Marxist view is "all people are the same, and motivated economically. So all we have to do is provide money and opportunity for all and we'll all live happily ever after."

The Marxists have either forgotten 1400 years of Islamic theology or are intentionally concealing it for their own purposes. They choose to ignore the concept of Hijra and Jihad.

Though the secularists think to themselves "oh since I don't go to church, the Jihadists won't come after me" they are sadly mistaken. One can be shredded by IED ball bearings or run down by a truck in a public space regardless of church membership.

It's astounding to see the European leaders engage in willful blindness to Islamic Jihad! Attack after attack is dismissed as "the million and thirty second disturbed young Muslim, but Islam has nothing to do with it."  There is a deep seated resignation and passivity to the destruction of the society for which they are responsible. The only concerted government action is against their own citizenry who are beginning to fight back against being led by their suicidal leaders to the Islamic Chopping blocks.

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