Sunday, June 4, 2017

"Oh, but not all Muslims are 'that way!' "

Don't we hear this often?  But here's the proper view:
If you see a member of a religious community, say a nun in her habit, you can truthfully point to her and say "not all Catholics are like her"!  But we do know this woman practices the faith to a greater depth than we do. We wouldn't ever say "she's not the real Catholicism".

Same with Jihadis.  May I remind you that the father of the Tsnarev brothers (the Boston Marathon bombers) commented that they were "very religious".  Please understand that Jihad is considered an act of the highest piety! So it's  an intentional deception planted by the Muslim Brotherhood to think there are Moderate Muslims vs. Extremist Muslims: there is only one Islam! And violence and Islam are inextricably linked!

Thus, to say "we need to teach Jihadis Western values" is absurd! Many of the young jihadis were born in the West. If they can't learn Western values in 19 years, they never will.

To say "we need de-radicalization programs" is also ridiculous!  Islam is Islam!  You can't take out a piece of the faith, which Jihad is.  Anwar al -Awlaki once said "America wants Islam to its own taste: with no Shari'a and no Jihad".  He's right!  And you can see how such an approach misunderstands the issue: Islam is the problem, not a perversion thereof!  That's what must be faced!  It would be like saying "we need to de-Catholicize people and get them over this belief in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, because we as secularists think this is absurd!"  The deal is, if a person does lose Faith in the real presence, he ceases to be Catholic. And so with a Muslim who lays aside violent Jihad against the Kuffar!

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