Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Global Islamic Jihad

It’s distressing to see the obduracy of the Security Services in dealing with Global Islamic Jihad. When they make announcements such as

“no links with ISIS have been found” or “Drone attack kills ISIS leader” it’s an indicator that they still treat the jihad organizations as hierarchical and are seeking to dismantle them in the tried and true historical fashion.  This is outdated.

In the book “A terrorists Call to Global Jihad” (Naval Institute Press, 2008), the Islamic Jihad Manifesto of Abu Musab al-Suri is set forth in all clarity.  Al Suri was in the Afghanistan camps when they were struck by US Forces in 2001.  His epiphany was the realization that hierarchical organizations were vulnerable to Security Services and would always be defeated. So he devised a different strategy:

  • Ideology, weapons manufacture, training, and target selection would be handled by anonymous decentralized communications. We see this in slick magazines such as Dabiq, Inspire, Rumiyah and others. And we’ve witnessed the effectiveness in the truck attacks and pressure cooker bombs, both of which were set forth in Inspire Magazine.
  • These publications are in English, by and for Muslims living in the West. After the London attacks, PM Theresa May has singled out the internet as an area that needed further attention. Realistically, there’s little likelihood such moves would be effective: distribution would merely move offline.  
  • Another aspect is the religious justification, and the glorification and praise of past martyrdom (Shaheed) operations.
  • With this guidance and encouragement, it is left to individual Muslims in the West to carry out the Jihad, undetectable and unstoppable by standard methodology.

But the biggest handicap of all is the notion of “terrorism” as opposed to Islamic Jihad.  The Muslim Brotherhood has been very successful in  the deception of separating violence from Islam in the Western mind. But if one actually reads Islamic Doctrine, this notion is totally absurd. Until we actually follow our own doctrine of Intelligence  preparation of the battlefield, which is starting from what’s happening on the ground and working backwards, we will never be successful in defending and preserving our civilization.

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