Saturday, June 3, 2017

British Government Jihad Cope Kit

Here's an idea that the British Government might adopt, since it fits well with their behavior: make available to all British citizens affected by attacks of young Muslim men the following:
  • Teddy Bears
  • plastic flowers
  • A candle
  • Sign reading "Love Not Hate!  We are all ____________. "  (The blank space represents a section of white board, such that the location of the most recent attack can be quickly filled in without having to replace the whole sign).
Send out flyers emphasizing if anyone is fearful of being stabbed, run over,  shot, or blown to bits, they may be suffering from the first signs of "Islamophobia" and must report to the nearest Mosque for treatment. (The usual is a choice of either conversion to Islam or a private beheading).

The Independent urges the British to "keep on Keeping on", which means stay in line quietly as you work your way up to the Islamic chopping block!

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