Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Resurrection

The  Gospel today was the raising of Lazarus, certainly a tough miracle to accept for the modern secularist.  "Lord he's been dead for four days. By now there is a stench".  The raising of Lazarus prefigured the Passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus himself. But as St Paul says, "If Jesus is not raised, our faith is in vain". So we have faith!

Prosperity Preaching: this is the cruelest aspect of  TV  Evangelests. It has the followers believing that if they "perform", they will be rewarded.  So if things don't work out, you must be doing something wrong!  The book of Job should have laid that to rest millennia ago!

When Jesus told his disciples  that it was difficult for the rich to enter heaven, they marveled, exclaiming "who then can be saved?" Judaism of the day taught that the wealthy were so because they enjoyed divine favor.

Christianity teaches us we must "take up the cross" and follow Jesus. That's a far cry from doing everything according to the law and having a comfortable life on earth. No, it means we're nailed to a cross either figuratively or literally, and we have faith in the resurrection and eternal life.

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